Goth dating: The Top Sites to Lead to a Love-Struck Gothic Fairy Tale Ending

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Do you like your music heavy, have a unique style, and your lifestyle is somewhat different from the standard ‘Tom’ and ‘Jane’s’ of the world? (Yes, I’m aware that Tom and Jane’s can still be goths).

If you answered yes to the above then chances are, you’re looking to meet people who you share interests with.

The goth dating scene is huge

Whether it be online, at a rock concert, or in an alternative bar – there are plenty of goth dread-locked beauties and tattooed hunks to find. 

So, if you’re in search of your goth prince or princess, then there are plenty of sites you can join to help you find them. 

Gothic dating isn’t all dress code black and having a pet raven (as many non-alternative people may believe).

I get that you’re simply looking to meet people who like what you like.

After all, if you’re a massive Slipknot or Rammstein fan, being stuck with a Justin Bieber fanatic probably won’t stand the test of time!

The Best Goth Dating Sites

Whether you view yourself as an alternative, a punk, more goth, or a full-blown metalhead – there are many dating sites out there where you can chat with like-minded people.

Yeah, I get it. Just because you like your music loud, your clothes dark and your hair bright doesn’t mean that you’re a demon intent on creating havoc on the world.

So, dating someone with similar hobbies and interests to you makes sense – as great as that girl/boy next door type is, being dragged to watch the latest teen rom-com might not be your idea of fun!

So, which are the best alternative dating sites to meet like-minded new people? 

Keep on scrolling for my top picks.


If the whole goth thing is your…ahem…scene, then is a great site for you to join.

This free goth dating site doesn’t have zillions of members, but this doesn’t mean you should rule it out. 

There are still plenty of goths to search through- but you might not necessarily find the perfect partner in your neighborhood. 

You can browse through profiles, and send that cute goth guy/girl a message.

Team members will verify your photos and profiles– this weeds out the fakes!

This niche site is a great addition to the goth dating scene, and it’s definitely worth a browse – who knows, it may lead to a new goth scene match. 


Unless you’ve been hiding away in a coffin in a cellar somewhere, then chances are you’ve already heard of

Whatever your music vibes, style, and general interests are, this site is sure to have heaps of people who share similar hobbies. 

Not only is this site completely free to use, but it’s packed full of users from all over the world. 

It’s easy to join, so what’re you waiting for? 

The fact it’s free means you have nothing to lose, so there’s no harm in uploading that smokin’ hot photo of yourself – who knows, it may lead to the perfect gothic date?


The first of its kind, (all rights reserved), is still going strong. 

This goth dating site is free to join, although if you want unlimited upgrades, you’ll need to upgrade. 

It’s got many loyal followers – also, the fact this much-loved gothic dating site has been going so long shows that it’s format works.

For many, the alternative scene is not just a phase. Instead, it’s far more than that. 

It’s the music you enjoy, the hobbies you’re passionate about, the atmosphere you vibe off, and the lifestyle buzz that sparks your interest. 

GothicMatch gets that – it’s a free goth dating site where goths can try and find the one, without any judgment or misconceptions. 

And if your search doesn’t lead you to find that person you want to live out your gothic fairy-tale dream with, you may at least make some pretty awesome friends.

So, headbanging and mosh pits excite you – and you want to find a partner who you can share this enjoyment with?!

If sweaty concerts and fast beats are your things, then check out 

This is the largest metal dating site in the world, and it’s free, so it’s worth a look into.

You can log-in via Facebook, so no faffing about with your email address and password every time you want to check your messages.

Although you can also log in via your email address if you so wish to. 

Goth Dating: An Overview

There are plenty of gothic dating sites out there – but as with every niche, it’s not always easy to meet a like-minded person who lives close to you. 

In a world of inactive users and people who can’t make up their minds – online dating via a niche community can make things trickier to meet the one

You should definitely give a goth dating site or two a go – after-all, if you don’t try then you’ll never know!

If, however, you’re struggling to find your match and you’re beginning to feel like you’re doomed to stay single forever – then perhaps you could try other dating sites too?

Join that goth dating site, as the more you’re on, the more chance you have of finding people you click with and potentially meeting the one. 

In this day-and-age, the online dating world is stronger than ever – but niche communities of people do feel the strain in their search for new love.

Unless you live in a big city, then it’s not always easy to meet fellow goth scene people – it’s unlikely you’ll just bump into your gothic prince/princess in your local grocery store. 

So, join some free goth dating sites, send out some messages and who knows – you might just bag yourself some great new friends, and perhaps even find your goth scene soulmate.

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