Best Online Dating Tips: Unique Ways to Find Your Perfect Online Match

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How can I be good at online dating?

The online dating world may seem like a minefield but it isn’t as scary as you may think. Later in this article, you will know the best online dating tips to find your match.

Yes, there are timewasters, catfishes and the damn right awful…but that doesn’t mean that once you’ve waded your way through all the undesirables that there won’t be a couple of potential candidates out there.

The best way to attract authentic matches is by creating a strong profile that showcases what you’re all about.

Are you wondering how to create a strong bio? which photo is best to use? and how best to make your profile stand out? If so then read on for top online dating tips and relationship advice that’s sure to get you your dream partner in no time.

A bio that bites

For many people, writing a bio is the one part of online dating that is most likely to install them with overwhelming dread.

We all know what we like and don’t like and generally what makes us tick, but trying to condense this into a paragraph or two, while trying to sound as down-to-earth and interesting as possible… now, there’s a challenge!

Before you come up with your profile write down five key hobbies and likes about yourself.

These can be anything, from keen gardener, an avid reader, family orientated, sports fanatic to eager explorer.

Now all you need to do is try and weave the hobbies and likes that make you, you, into an eye-grabbing sentence. If you’re struggling them there are some great websites out there that can help, such as this one.

Strike a pose

The photo is the first thing your potential online love interests will see, therefore it’s important that you use a profile picture that will showcase you in the best possible light (literally!)

Using a blurry photo, one where you look miserable (unless that’s the look you’re going for) or a profile picture where you’re with other people isn’t advisable.

You definitely don’t want to be one of those people that uses their dog or car as their profile picture. As much as people may like pets and modes of transport they DON’T want to date them!

Make sure it’s a recent photo (you may love that picture of you in Spain in 2009 but it’s not the best idea to use it). Smile and look into the camera. Oh, and the more pictures the merrier as this gives possible love interests more insight into the real you.

Sending that first crucial message

Don’t be one of those boring folk who just sends out a “hi, how are you?’ message.

Even if you’re not fortunate enough to look like Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johansson, this basic message will make you appear dull.

Here’s one of the main online dating tips for you: no one wants to date someone BORING!!!

If someone has caught your eye then reread their dating profile and note the things that make them sound interesting, or that you have in common. Now, send them a text message about this.

It may be that they share the same favourite author as you, or you both have the same taste in films. If so, then you should tailor the message just to them, in which this is detailed, as this will help you grab their attention.

Tips on How to be Successful at Dating

So, you’ve come up with a catchy bio, you’re happy with your profile picture and you’ve plucked up the courage to message that diamond that caught your eye…and they’ve replied.

The conversation is flowing nicely, you have loads of things in common and you both seem to have hit it off like a house on fire. So, what next?

As much as you like someone you can’t conduct a relationship via the means of technology forever.

For any potential relationship to progress and go anywhere all this online talk is leading up to the inevitable…a face-to-face meet!!! It’s time to meet this person and see if you can be more than just a friend to them.

How to suggest a date?

You’ve been talking online for a week-or-two now, the conversation is flowing nicely and you’re eager to meet up with this person.

They haven’t asked to meet up with you yet, so you know that you need to be brave and do the asking.

It may seem scary to ask this person on a date, but the likelihood is that if they’ve been happily chatting to you for a couple of days or weeks, then they want to meet up with you too.

Don’t make a big deal out of it, instead keep the message friendly and casual. You like their pictures, their personality and they as a person so follow your heart and move this relationship on a notch from just being on the dating app.

No pressure, just two people that seem to get on meeting up to work out if their chemistry fizzes up or fizzles out when they actually meet for real.

Tips on where to meet?

Walking up a mountain or spending the day at a theme park may seem like exciting dates but in reality, it’s best to keep the first date simple.

It’s usually apparent within the first 10-minutes of the meeting if you have a lot in common or not.

So meet up somewhere simple like a coffee shop and have a non-pressured chat over a cappuccino.

Your safety is important, so make sure that you tell a friend the time and place that you’re meeting your date. It’s very unlikely that they’ll turn out to be a lunatic, but it’s always best to heed with caution.

Which are the best dating sites?

Before you can even think about creating an out-of-this-world dating profile, you need to get yourself online and join a dating site.

There are loads of different online dating sites out there and most of them have phone app versions, so you can peruse for possible love interests while you’re on-the-go…handy!

Below are some of the best online dating apps to help take you from single to loved up in no time.


Love it or hate it, when it comes to online dating then there is one overwhelming ruler and that’s Tinder. This dating site is free to use and all you need to do is upload some great pics and create a short bio.

You can set your preferences for possible partners, by choosing age and location. Faced with countless possible matches, now all that’s left to do is swipe!

If you don’t like them then swipe left and they’re gone from your virtual world (although sometimes their photos reappear again). If they catch your eye then swipe right and if they swipe right on you too then it’s a match!

Once you match then you can start talking. Tinder doesn’t always get the best rep, but to be honest with you I believe this is unfair. On all dating sites, there are timewasters, but there are also many people on there who’re longing to find the one.


Your true love is out there somewhere and one of the online sites you might find them on is eHarmony. This is a great dating site to go from a member of the singles club to sickeningly in love.

This dating site doesn’t rely purely on looks, which is ultimately the main focus on swipe-sites. Instead, you’ll complete a compatibility quiz, which is part of the sign-up process.

The quiz delves deep and also takes a lot of time and thought to complete. This instantly weeds out the serious dates from the ones just seeking a quick hookup.

There is a membership fee that can be off-putting for some, but if all the dodgy messages on Tinder are getting you down, then this may be one to consider investing in.

Other sites to visit

For busy bees out their try LoveStruck, if you’re nervous and unsure then will put you in safe hands, Hinge is for those fussy millennials and OkCupid is great for those with a long and specific checklist.

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Dating Overview

Remember that online dating isn’t as frightening as it may seem. In fact, it’s a great way to meet potential partners.

Don’t be put off by a few bad eggs, as wherever you go in life there’s always someone to put a dampener on things, so naturally, this applies to the online dating world too.

Everyone deserves to find their perfect match and online dating is a great way to do this. It opens up new opportunities to meet people that you’d never normally encounter due to factors including work and location.

Take a deep breath, create a catchy bio highlighting what makes you, you. Add some great photos, talk in a friendly easy-going tone, stay safe and most importantly of all follow your heart.

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