Funny Dating Headlines and Increasing Your Matches

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Online dating has changed the way we meet people, but what do you do when you feel like you are not attracting anyone online? One of the best ways to catch someone’s attention is to use funny dating headlines.

Headlines that are funny, catchy, or make someone laugh are more likely to catch someone’s attention.

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What Is A Profile Headline In Internet Dating?

Online dating profiles continue to evolve. Some dating sites, such as Plenty of Fish and Match, have users set up a profile headline. Like a profile picture is the first thing others see, a profile headline is the first thing that they read about you.

Online dating has changed the way we meet people. Reports state that around 40 million Americans are using dating sites, but what do you do when you feel like you are not attracting anyone online? One of the best ways to catch someone’s attention is to use funny dating headlines.

Having a dating headline that catches someone’s attention will increase the likelihood that they will want to learn more about you.

There are different types of headlines that you can use for your online dating profile.

Deciding which headline type to use depends on what you want. No matter which style you choose, make sure it’s a good headline.

What Is A Good Dating Headline?

Headlines can be funny, intriguing, use action, be a list, or use a quote. Good headlines are those that get people to click on your profile to get to know you more. The best headlines are those that lead to connections.

Be yourself while writing your dating headline and your dating profile. It may be tempting to use something that someone else has used. Chances are if it’s been used, other people have seen it and will pass on checking out your dating profile.

Good dating headlines use humor, wit, and can be sarcastic. They can be a mixture of fun and excitement. They can pose questions or give answers.

Whichever you choose, be true to yourself. Women who laugh at a headline are more likely to check out your dating profile.

The following headline categories can help you to write an eye-catching headline.

Funny Online Dating Headlines

Use your sense of humor to engage others and attract your next mate. Here are a few examples of funny dating headlines:

  • If You’re Team Jimmy (Fallon) or Team Jimmy Kimmel…You’re Still Team Jimmy

  • Works For Snuggles

  • I’m My Own Boss – At Home

  • Cat Person With A Cat Allergy, Now A Dog Person

  • Street Smart? Book Smart? We’ll Just Say I’m Smart.

Sometimes it can be hard to write a funny headline. Not all headlines have to be funny. They do, however, need to attract other user’s attention.

Intriguing Profile Headlines

Make your reader want to learn more about you by using an intriguing headline. One way to be intriguing is to use a “Greater Than or Less Than” headline. Check these out:

  • Dogs > Wolfs

  • Reese’s <Reese’s Pieces

  • Trucks > Convertible

  • Mountains < Oceans

  • Netflix > Going To The Movies

Pro versus con is similar to the “Greater Than or Less Than” technique. For example:

USC Grad
I’m Irish
Pants Are Too Short
Student Loans
There Might Be A Kilt In My Closet
No Space In My Fridge
Can’t Reach Top Shelf – Of Anything

Another way to make your profile intriguing is to ask a question, like this:

  • If You Could Travel Anywhere Right Now, Where Would It Be?

  • Who Is Your Favorite Super Hero?

  • If You Had To Give Up Pizza or Eat Pizza Every Day For A Year, What Do You Do?

  • Television Shows or Movies, What’s Your Pick?

  • Breakfast, Lunch, or Brunch?

Can’t think of an original question to ask? Try using some action in your headline.

Use Action

By using action in your headlines, you are sure to project your excitement and tell that you are fun-loving. Try one of these action-packed headlines:

  • I Came To Check Out Pics And Eat Ice Cream

  • You’ll Never Guess What Happened When I Left…

  • Biking or Hiking, It’s Up To You

  • I’ll Never Do THIS Again…

  • Can I Tell You A Secret?

Still, trying to find the best headline style for you? Make a list of your interests, hobbies, or characteristics.

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Make A List

Telling others things about you can be hard to do, but to make it easy to use your headlines to list your interests.

When you’re online dating, people will want to know more about you and your interests. An easy way to get started is to mention your interests in your headline, like one of these:

  • Basketball Fan, Love Ice Hockey, Terrible At Sports

  • Foodie, Karaoke Star, Night Owl

  • Dog Lover, Enjoys Afternoon Naps, College Student

  • Science Nerd, Beer Enthusiast, Hates Coffee

  • Gamer, Reader, Ex-workaholic

These can be funny, serious, or a mixture of both…it’s up to you!

Use Your Favorite Quote

Using quotes from your favorite book, movie, TV series, or even a meme will help others get to know you, too. It will convey a message about what you like to read or watch as well as get their attention.

When using a quote, try to make sure it’s a recognizable one, like one of these:

  • “There’s No Crying In Baseball!” – A League Of Their Own

  • “Inconceivable!” – The Princess Bride

  • “You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls.” – The Sandlot

  • “May The Force Be With You.” – Star Wars

  • “Houston, We Have A Problem.” – Apollo 13

What Is A Catchy Headline?

Online dating is all about getting someone’s attention and making a connection. If you’re single and trying out online dating, you will want to present yourself in a catchy way. How can you be catchy?

First, start off with a clear profile picture. Do not hide your eyes, be in a dim lit room, or use a bathroom selfie. Choose a photo with just you in it – at least for your main picture.

Next, you will want a catchy headline. The best way to make sure your profile headline is catchy is to choose from one of the categories above. Whichever you decide to tailor it to who you are. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

The goal of the profile picture and a catchy headline is to attract someone so that they will want to see more. Using catchy headlines is one way to capture the attention of others.

If you feel like your profile isn’t getting the attention it deserves, try changing your headline. By changing headlines, you will be able to see if you can get more matches.

Finally, you need to write a good profile. Dating profiles that work the best talk about things you like as well as things you are looking for in a partner.

What Are Some Good Headlines For POF?

Plenty of Fish, or POF for short, is one of the few dating sites that still use dating headlines.

The community guidelines are less than helpful with coming up with good POF headlines. The only suggestion given is to “be real.” With that in mind, there are ways to come up with good POF headlines.

Search The Internet

A quick internet search will give you hundreds of POF headlines. So many, in fact that you may get lost looking for the right one. It’s easy to look at examples of dating profiles and pof headlines.

You will want to use your pof headline and dating profile to tell about yourself, not someone else.

Be Reflective Of Yourself

Good pof headlines will represent yourself. One way to do this is to make a list, or try the “Greater Than or Less Than” technique. You can ask thought-provoking questions or ask silly questions.

By using one of these pof headlines, you will be able to let the reader know a little about you.

Share Something Personal

Feel free to use your pof headline to share your hidden or secret talent. Other things to mention include goals, dreams, or other things that most people don’t know about you. Talk about what you are looking for.

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Funny & Catchy Are Best

Pof headlines that get women to look at your dating profile won’t be sleazy or cheesy. Women prefer funny and catchy over dark and grim, too. If you’re looking for love, make sure you put that in your dating profile.

Say What You’re Looking For

If your online dating goal is to find a casual relationship, you will want to start with that right from the start.

You can do this by mentioning how serious you want to be in your pof headlines.

Be Creative

In addition to this, remember that people love pof headlines that have correct spelling, proper grammar, and good use of punctuation. You can always choose to be creative with your punctuation and capitalization.

For example, try one of these pof headlines:

  • Single? Fun? Looking For Me?

  • Cuddles Wanted…Inquire Here

  • Twister -OR- Cards Against Humanity?

  • Begin, To Begin

  • Looking For My ‘Chrissy Teigen’

Other good pof headlines will stay away from the typical online dating “no-no’s.”

Headlines To Stay Away From

Use your headline to tell what you’re looking for, but don’t be too forward. It doesn’t matter if you have been single for a little while, or a long time, make sure you do not come across as desperate.

Stay away from anything over-sexualized, religious, and political. The goal of your headline is to attract your next love, not create confrontation. Also, limit the amount of profane language that you have on your headline.

Some of the worst headlines are too simple and just say “hi” or “hey.” Stay away from these short headlines that do nothing to tell about yourself.

Make sure that your dating profile reflects your dating headline. If they are disconnected, you may come across as disingenuous.

The best way to do this is to write your profile in the same style as your headline. Funny headline? Have some humor in your bio, too.

Refrain from messaging or writing with certain emojis. Women don’t reply to waving or clapping hands, heart eyes or winking eyes, biceps or fist bumps, or the eggplant.

Men don’t respond to engagement rings or roses, smirking face or heart eyes face, or the poop emoji.

Do your best to monitor the amount of emojis not just in your online dating profile, but in the messages that you send, too.

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