Best Opening Lines for Online Dating: Catchy, Snappy, Funny Lines to Get You Noticed

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The online dating world is, at times, a complex place full of multi-layers, challenges, and catfish.

You navigate your way across one hurdle, only to face another: creating a profile, choosing a profile picture, writing a catchy bio, etc.

While you’re browsing through your dating app, someone catches your eye. You want to write them a message, but you find yourself staring at a blank screen- you’ve been hit with first message fright!

Don’t panic! It’s not as scary as you think!

Sending the first message is the hard part, but there are tips and tricks you can follow to let your first message stand out.

Continue reading on for some of the best opening lines for online dating. Follow my top tips to help you get a response from that intriguing guy/girl in no time.

What are Opening Lines?

When someone cute catches your eye on a dating app, the only way you can tell if they like you back is by sending them the first message.

The problem is that it’s notoriously hard to come up with a good opening line. When facing a blank white box, all coherent wording abilities seem to dissolve out of our heads- this is highly irritating yet completely normal.

Sending the first message to someone is awkward! That opening line is far trickier to write than you envisaged. What do you say to sound keen- but not appear over-clingy? ahhh! It’s a minefield.

So, what exactly are opening lines, and how can you use them in a way which will get you noticed?

Opening lines- the facts?

Opening lines are a nightmare! An important nightmare! No date will happen unless a first message is sent- but sending the first message is hard.

The fact is that avoiding opening lines won’t work- how will that sweet guy/girl know you like them if you don’t send them a message first?

Hiding away and waiting for them to message you isn’t advisable. Test the waters, be brave, and send them the first message!

Think about it- the worst thing they can do is not reply.

No replies show they aren’t interested, which is better than being left wondering if it could have led to date if you hadn’t let first message nerves get in the way!

Keep it simple

A simple first message is great- no one wants to read an essay. Keeping it simple is a good idea- but not too simple!

Sending a “hey, how are you?” message is boring, dull, and bland! Don’t do it- ever!

The dating app Bumble (rights reserved) tries to steer you away from boring “hey, how’s it going?” messages, by pop up prompts for you to answer.

Nearly any message is better than a boring “hi”- well, except for weird messages, as they remain weird!

When you answer prompts such as “my go-to karaoke song is…” and “we’ll get along if…?” keep it simple, fun, and not too wacky.

The best opening lines for online dating keep it brief, avoid sending out “weirdo” vibes, and help you sound like the catch you are.

How do you start a conversation- examples?

The opening line is a great way to make an impression. It’s daunting to start a conversation with that woman/man who’s caught your eye.

Naturally, we want others to like us- but how do you use the opening line to get your personality across?

With dating apps comes a new chance of interacting with people- but how we act to these can be, at times, perplexing.

How we engage with someone in a bar or on the street is different as we can’t delete it and start again. The conversation flows naturally, without the time to overthink it.

There’s also the added bonus of them being able to read our reactions and interactions.

With dating apps comes a sea of potential dates, endless expectations, and first message challenges. Their first insight into you as a person is your choice of an opening line.

They won’t know from your lip-biting that you’re nervous and your hair pulling won’t show them that you like them- as they won’t be able to see these.

An opening message relies on words alone- so make them count!

Don’t panic! Read on for some void-filling conversation starter examples that will stand out in their inbox.

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Include common interests

When you read through their profile, note down any common interests you both have. Now, weave at least one of these in your opening message.

Dating someone with shared interests is far more appealing than dating someone you have zero in common with.

If cooking is important to you both, then mention this.

Sports addicts? Then say so.

The opening message is your chance to stand out to this person.

Messing it up by missing out on your crucial common grounds is an opening line fail- avoid the trap by reading their profile carefully and making them aware that you’ve paid attention and have shared hobbies.

Here are some examples of common interest opening lines:

“Hey, so I see that you like baking. Me too, I can’t say no to salted caramel cheesecake with white chocolate sauce. What’s your ‘can’t refuse’ dessert?

Hi, there fellow sports fanatic. Here’s a conundrum for you, would you rather play tennis with a racket made from jelly or take on an electrifying ball in a game of basketball?

Including a question is a great way of prompting them to message you back. Chances are they struggle with opening messages as much as you do, so asking them a question makes messaging you back far easier.

Make it humorous

No one wants to date a bore, so help your messages stand out by keeping them light-hearted, witty, and funny.

For most people, the ability for the banter to free-flow is super important. Banter puts us at ease, shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously, and sticks in someone’s head.

People want a partner who can make them laugh– the word can be draining and stressful at times, so a little humor can go a long way.

The best opening lines show someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Dating someone humorous means no being bored senseless or awkward, dull moments. Therefore the ability to showcase your funny side is a massive turn-on.

Get their attention with these best opening lines that inject in some much-needed humor.

Hi Emily, which would you rather I rescued you from a pit of snakes with garlic-breath or a cave of cuddly kittens with poisoned whiskers? (note- if you pick the kittens, you’ll have to rescue me, whiskers freak me out!)

Hey Jed, you look like someone fun. Hit me with a joke to see if we’re compatible? I’ll score your efforts out of ten- full marks get you a sticker of your choice!

Compliment them- without being creepy

We all love a compliment– as it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Knowing that the cute guy/girl finds your appealing is more likely to make you reply to them. It works both ways, so in your opening message, add a compliment.

These don’t have to be appearance orientated- personality, their profile, or how cute the puppy they’re cuddly is are all classed as compliments.

Don’t fall into the creepy trap, as there’s a fine line between a genuine, kind compliment and looking like a borderline stalker.

Compliment them on something they like, not necessarily what they look like. “Wow, you’re so hot!” messages come across superficial- after-all, a good profile gives an insight into that person.

Expect far more dating successes if you take time out to solve the clues- and go about sending a non-creepy, complimenting message that shows you’re paying attention.

Hey Anna, I love your dress in your third picture- sunset orange is my all-time favorite color. 

Hi Geoff, your pet rabbit is just too cute, my ears aren’t fluffy enough to compete, but I’m willing to settle for second place. 

How do you start a conversation with a girl online for the first time?

It’s normal for women to receive lots of messages- especially when it comes to dating apps like Tinder.

Most women have a Tinder pick up lines horror story. Telling her how stunning you think she is and detailing the things you’d like to do to her is a bad idea!

Regardless of which dating app you’re using, give off the right vibes.

Be positive, self-sure, confident, light-hearted, fun, and easy-going.

Avoid coming across as a pervert- this isn’t a good look!

Try connecting with the girl you like on shared interests instead of over her physical attributes.

Be yourself

If you’re funny, then show this.

Make sure your message shows that you’re a caring, kind, loving guy- if you are one!

Basically, you want to get the best traits you have across to her. The best way to online dating success is to get across who you are as a person, as this is the key to your online dating success.

Trying to find “the one” can be tricky, but if you’re yourself from the start, then they’re far more likely to like you for you.

In an online world full of exaggerators and catfish, most women will find a man just being himself refreshing.

How do you tackle Tinder opening lines?

Tinder is the dominant app when it comes to online dating. The thought of coming up with pick up lines for Tinder can be terrifying, but don’t stress out just yet.

Keep your Tinder pickup lines brief, easy-going, and memorable.

Memes are a great shout- as who doesn’t love a waving bear or a jumping kitty?

When it comes to Tinder, it’s all about breaking the ice.

This swipe-right crazy site means you need to work hard to stand out as more than just a pretty face.

Keep your opening message short, as Tinder is all about the fast-paced view of the fast life.

Being witty is also a plus, as on an app like Tinder humor can go along way.

What should I say in my first Bumble message?

Strong, independent women are always welcome on Bumble. This app gives women the power to message their matches first.

Don’t let your message time run out with that cute guy because nerves have got the better of you.

Make sure your opening message is the best it can be- so, what should you say to get their attention?

Read on to find out what will make that intriguing guy messaging you back.

Keep it cool

Start with a hey, then put his name to add the personal touch.

If they love Harry Potter, then ask them what house they belong too?

Is traveling a shared interest? Then ask them where they last visited?

Mentioning common interests shows that you’ve made an effort to read their profile. Asking them a question sparks a chat and makes it easy for them to reply.

Keep it brief, friendly, and catchy, and your inbox should be pinging in no time!

Be random

Puppies or kittens?

Spring, summer, fall, or winter?

Pizza- tomato base or BBQ?

Would you rather have five extra fingers on each hand or five extra toes?

Name the one film that changed your life?

In a world of mundane, boring routines, a random question can brighten up their day.

If they reply, it also shows that they don’t take themselves to seriously. If they don’t reply no great loss, it sounds like they’re a bore anyway!

The Best Opening Lines: An Overview

The best online dating lines are snappy, catchy, and fun.

Don’t overthink it. Keep it short and get across your personality.

It’s stressful waiting around for responses– relax!!! Online dating is a learning curve, so as long as you put effort into your opening lines and you’re happy with what you sent, then don’t worry too much if that person you like doesn’t reply.

Your waving otter meme may not work on everyone- but it’s bound to work on some!

Send a message to that guy/girl you like- roll with it, it may just lead to a date!

Messages are the best way to see if you have a connection or not, so don’t freak out.

Your dating journey starts today- so type out that message right now and don’t chicken out on sending it.

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