How To Get More Matches With The Best Tinder Bio – Examples Included

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With so many options for dating online, it is important to have the best bio. Bios typically included pictures as well as short descriptions of yourself.

If you are new to online dating or stuck with how to write your bio you should check out these Tinder bio examples. This will ensure that you rock your biography.

Goals When Writing A Tinder Bio

Your Tinder bio should have three main goals. Your first goal should be to inform other people about who you are and what you like. The second goal should be to gain interest from other users.

Finally, the third goal should be to entice other users to swipe right and begin messaging you. The easiest way to edit your Tinder profile is through the app. It’s super simple, too.

Simply go to your profile and select “edit info.” From here you can not only edit your bio, but you can edit your pictures, too.

The whole point of being on Tinder is to make matches, have fun, and potentially find your next relationship.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to first write your bio on Tinder, then make it better.

Of course, there are things that both guys and gals should include on their Tinder profile. If you include these in your bio then you’ll have the best chances of making a match.

How Do You Write A Bio On Tinder

To write a Tinder bio there are things that you can do to stand out. The best Tinder bios are limited in length.

They are also somewhat funny, tell exactly what you’re looking for, are honest, and have good grammar.

Limit Your Bio’s Length

Bio’s do not need to be lengthy. In fact, they should be about the length of two twitter posts, or under 500 characters.

No one wants to take the time out of their day to read a full autobiography on someone who they might be interested in.

Your best bet is to write a bio that is short, sweet, and to the point. There is no need for a lengthy bio. You should definitely put your personality into your Tinder profile.

Add Humor To Your Bio

Many Tinder users try to add humor in their bio. This lets other users know that they are down to earth and have a sense of humor.

There’s no need to be a class clown, but just the right amount of humor can go a long way. The best way to add humor to your bio is to focus on the first sentence.

The first line of your bio should not only be a little funny or catchy, but it should want the reader to learn more about you. Funny tinder bios are more likely to get matches than ones that aren’t funny.

Once they have decided to continue reading, you should be specific about what you’re interested in.

Say What You’re Looking For

Even if your Tinder bio is one of the best Tinder bios, you might not have successful dates after you’ve made a match. The best way to have successful dates is to say what you’re looking for ahead of time.

Funny bios for Tinder are great, but the best dating profile is one that tells what others should expect from you and what you expect from others

Some people are looking for a fling while out of town, while others are looking for something more meaningful.

Are you looking for something casual, romantic, short term, long term?

These are the things that the best Tinder bio tells the reader. It will let the reader know if they should swipe right because they want the same things, or swipe left.

No matter what you’re looking for, Tinder is able to cover it all. Just be upfront about what you want. If you cannot tell other users what you are looking for then you may get mismatches. As always, honesty is the best policy.

In addition to being honest, it is always helpful to be a tad on the funny side. This lets other users know that you aren’t uptight and that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Cheesy pickup lines are always accepted in funny Tinder bios. In fact, they can mark the beginning of the best Tinder bio.

Funny Tinder bios start off with something that makes the reader chuckle, not cringe. This might mean revisiting your bio after you have had it up for a while.

How Do I Make My Tinder Profile Better

If you want to improve your Tinder profile you should revisit and edit your bio. Make sure that you would want to swipe right if you were on the other end of the app.

Do you seem honest? Is your grammar correct? Many people will swipe left if they think that the other person is dishonest or has a lot of grammatical errors.

If you want to improve your Tinder bio, make sure that you put your profile into a word processor or grammar checker. This will help to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward.

Additionally, there are things that guys and gals can do to make sure that their profile is the best Tinder bio that it can be.

What Guys Should Put In Their Tinder Bio

Guys should have good photos, be genuine, and tell what they are looking for in their profile. Girls will like funny Tinder bios, but they will examine your photos, so be sure to follow these profile pic examples.

  1. Make sure the pics look like you. You don’t want to make it all the way to the meetup stage if she’s not going to like the way you’ve presented yourself in photos.

  2. Ensure that you look similar in each of your photos. You don’t want her guessing who you are based on the different profile pictures that you have provided.

  3. Use clear pictures that show your eyes. Eliminate anything that shows you in sunglasses, is dark, grainy, or blurry. No one wants to meet the guy with bad pictures.

In addition to things that guys should put into their Tinder bios, there are some great examples of things that girls should include in their dating profile as well.

What Girls Should Put In Their Tinder Bio

Girls have started to up their game with great dating profiles. If you are looking to increase the chances for a match, check out the following Tinder bio examples for girls.

  1. Make a list of what you think is greater than or less than. Do you like dogs more than cats? Ice cream more than snow cones? Pizza less than pasta?

    Include these fun facts on your profile to see if the next guy who matches you likes the same thing.

  2. Play the game “Never Would I Ever.” Give examples of things that you would never, ever do.

    If your profile says that you will never go skydiving with a guy then you are less likely to end up dating a guy who loves bungee jumping or sky diving.

  3. Have an “about you” section. Your profile is sure to tell the guy what you like and what will make a good date, but will it tell him what you are looking for in a date or relationship?

    Tell something about you, then tell something, a characteristic or hobby, that you will want him to have.

A good profile will be one that tells him what you love, what you like, and what you want to avoid.

Bio Examples

In addition to the above Tinder guidelines, look at these bio examples that we love:

  • Call Me” This profile starts with a list of different things the writer can be called, it’s a good list of things they like and love. The last line says, “Call me <user’s name>”

    It’s great because it talks about things that the two users may have in common and cause the other person to swipe right.

  • Be super honest, for example, “I have a house, I have a dog, I don’t want sex pics from you.”

    This can not only fall into the category of funny but also honest. You can also use other things that describe you to better paint the picture of who you are.

  • Talk about something that you like to do, but could not live without. Long hikes in the mountains? Sorry girls, I’m only looking for someone who loves nature as much as she loves her daddy…could go a long way.

These bio examples aren’t just for women who like men, or men who like women. They also apply to the other genders. What other genders?

Tinder allows all users to pick their gender. Their gender can be male, female, transsexual, trans woman, or trans man. The best advice to give to anyone is to make sure that you are very clear who and what you are looking for.

If you are transsexual and do not have a preference, there is no shame in hiding that fact. Also, If you are a woman seeking another woman, again, there is no shame in listing that in your profile.

If you are not honest with who you are looking for then you may spend your time weeding through profiles of people who you know for certain you are not looking for.

The best advice here is to let others know what you like so that you can make yourself happy.

If you definitely do not like something, let others know that by putting it in your profile, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Likes On Tinder

Likes on Tinder are when someone who might be interested in you swipes right.

If you also swipe right on their picture then you have made a match.

If one person swipes right and the other swipes left it means that one person is not interested in getting to know the person who swiped right.

There are a limited number of swipes, or likes, that users can make when they’re using the free version of Tinder. If users upgrade to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold then they can make unlimited swipes or likes.

What Are Super Likes on Tinder

Super likes on Tinder are special designations that users can give to each other when they are super interested in another user.

The person who has been super liked will know that they have been super liked because of a special profile designation.

The special designation is that the profile will show up with a blue border and star.

If the person who has been super liked also swipes right there will be an immediate match. Making an immediate match will allow both users to message each other right away.

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