Tinder Bios for Guys: Grab Her Attention with These Top Bio Tips

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I get the score; you’re sick of being single. All of your friends are loved up and talking homes, marriage, and babies. Yet, you’re still very much a singleton!

Finding love seems easy for everyone else! They only ever seem to be single for about 5-minutes before they walk into the girl of their dreams and boom! Love happens.

Well, lucky them. But, for the majority of us regular folk, finding “the one” isn’t so easy.

Life’s hectic- in this day and age, there’s no time to dress up after a busy day at work and go out in search of potential partners. Cue the world of online dating.

Gone are the days of online dating being seen as a joke! Instead, it’s a logical way to meet people.

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When it comes to online dating apps, there’s a clear winner: Tinder (all rights reserved). It’s easy to join, fun, free (mostly), and fast- very fast!

Using Tinder is a great way to meet potential dates- and you don’t even have to leave your couch.

So, what’s the snag! One word- bio!!!! 

Yeah, I get it. Creating a catchy bio about yourself is the hardest thing ever! When faced with a blank bio box to fill in, all hobbies, interests, and ideas that define you suddenly seem one big blur of meh!

So, how do you come up with a great bio to grab that cute girl’s attention? Read on for top tips and handy pointers to go from a Tinder bio novice to an expert in no time!

What should guys put in their Tinder bio?

So. you’re doing the whole Tinder thing! You just need to get past the tricky bio stage. The problem is that Tinder bios for guys can be hard to get right.

You’ve been staring at a blank screen for ages now! Why are bios so notoriously hard to write?

No matter what you say about yourself, it somehow comes across as lame, pretentious, or boring!

You want girls to see your bio and think yeah, he seems like a cool guy. Why is this such a difficult thing to achieve? cue *internal screaming.*

Don’t throw your phone out of the window just yet. Instead, breathe in, then out…and relax. Now, follow the below points to Tinder bio success.

Keep it short

Bios should be short, and a paragraph should do it. No one wants to read an essay!

Never leave your bio blank, women want a man who says something. The key is to put some effort into your Tinder profile without making it look like you’ve struggled for hours to think up what to say.

If you’re going for the whole man of mystery vibe, then why not come up with a single comment?

Here are some “single comment” Tinder bio examples:

Chocolate, travel, and films that surprise me- I’m open to sharing all three!

Let’s go on an adventure, you can bring the glamour, and I’ll bring the charm (and gluten-free snacks). 

Bios that keep it short and catchy are far more readable than ones that drag on. Just make sure that in trying to come up with a quick bio, you don’t lose sight of getting your personality out there.

Make it funny

Okay, so I get that not everyone is a comedian. Still, if you’re fortunate enough to be blessed with the funny gene, then use your Tinder profile to showcase this- they’ll swipe right in no time!

Humor is viewed as one of the most attractive traits in a man, so if you have it, then flaunt it. Funny Tinder bios are a sure-fire hit. For the record, women want a guy who will make then laugh.

Stuff looking like Brad Pitt looks fade, but humor wins out. Funny Tinder bios will stick in people’s minds far more than a picture of some sun-kissed model- boring!

So, funny bios for Tinder are great and all, but don’t panic if comedy isn’t your thing! If everyone were a comedy genius, then laughter would lose all meaning- and that’d be terrible!

By day, by night

There are 2 sides to every coin- no one is just one thing, so showcase this in your Tinder bio.

Just listing your job is boring! Yes, your role is important, but so is what you do for fun.

The best Tinder bios give a clear insight into that person’s personality. Be word clever and make your Tinder bio pop out from the crowd with a simple by day, by night bio.

Here are some “by day, by night” Tinder bio examples:

Secretary by day, fine arts enthusiast by night.

Lab researcher by day, foodie, gig-goer, and avid cyclist by night.

To create the best Tinder bio, you can keep it short. The important thing is that you get across to people what your personality is like.

Don’t let yourself get carried away with being word perfect. At times, it’s usually best not to overthink things- just go with the flow and let your words do the talking.

When in doubt list it up

If the ability to make coherent sentences has left your mind, then don’t fret. It’s time for the fallback Tinder profile plan: when all else fails, make a list.

As Tinder bios go, lists might not be the most exciting ones, but they do highlight what you’re into.

I think there’s something quite satisfying about a list- people love to read through them and mentally tick off each item they agree within their head. Not only is list-making therapeutic, but it’s also quick and easy to do.

If you’re in a hurry or struggling to come up with a good Tinder bio, then jot down a list of your favorite things. You can always change it up at a later date, but it will work for now- while also giving the reader an insight into what you’re about.

Sometimes the best Tinder bios are the simplest, here are some “list” Tinder bio examples:

Colorful tattoos, punk-pop tunes, lounging in the sun with The Goblet of Fire: Ravenclaw all the way, cuddling my cat Whiskers and dancing in the rain. 

Soulful music, scented candles, films that make me think, exploring historic towns, hiking up mountains, cozy nights in by the fire, and treat day pizza with extra cheese.

A list is a simple way to show people what you’re into, without being too wordy. The best Tinder bios don’t have to be overthought. Instead, the best bios tend just to come naturally, while giving a clear insight into what someone is about.

How do I make my Tinder profile better?

Creating a catchy- eye-grabbing bio isn’t the only scary bit about online dating.

To create the best Tinder profile, you also need to add photos- the more, the merrier!

People need to see you- else there’s no chance they’ll swipe right!

Take note- for those of you out there that use a picture of your car as your profile picture…would you swipe right on a profile picture of a car!!! No, so don’t use one as your profile picture!

Show yourself in the best light, so pack your profile full of smiley, happy pictures of yourself. Ones of you on holiday, out-and-about and generally enjoying yourself are always a good shout.

Make sure your main Tinder profile picture is just of you, but feel free to have pictures with your friends or cuddling your dog in your other pictures. People want to see you for you in the main picture, but showcase yourself having fun in the others.

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If your main picture is of you with 5 of your friends, then they won’t know which one you are, which will leave them confused.

Think about it, would you message a woman if you had no idea which of the five people in the photo she was? Lucky dips are great and all, but not when it comes to dating!

It’s a 5 in 1 chance she’s the quirky brunette that’s caught your eye- the odds aren’t good!

It’s also a good idea to put a full-length picture in. So what if you don’t have a six-pack!

No one cares. But, it’s best to be honest, so showing a recent, full-length picture means you won’t be stressing about any “white lies” you’ve told before you go on a date.

Keep it real

She’s attractive, funny, an animal lover, and adores the outdoors. You’re desperate for her to swipe right. So you may have told a tiny lie about being vegan when you’re not.

Don’t do this! White lies lead to bigger lies than before you know it you’re in a whirlpool of lies that you can’t get out of!

If you feel the need to lie to someone to make them like you, then it sounds like things aren’t destined to work out for you both in the first place.

Even if there’s a massive attraction there, would you want to date a liar? Be honest, even if you think it’ll be a deal-breaker.

We’re all human, and we all have bad habits. You don’t need to mention that your favorite pastime is lounging in your underwear with a huge tub of mint choc ice cream.

There’s a big difference between opting not to say something and lying.

Keep your Tinder profile real else things could get complicated. Oh, also let her know what your real age is.

Knocking a few years off your age is a big no! Even if you look like your “lied about” age, the fact remains that you’re not it, so don’t say you are.

Use recent pictures, be honest about yourself, oh, and if you’re 5 foot 8 inches tall, then don’t make out you’re 6 foot 1.

Use the Tinder smart photo feature

This clever app switches your main photos up. It records how many swipe rights you get per the main picture, then it automatically orders them by popularity.

This handy Tinder feature is free to use. To switch it on, just tap the profile icon, tap edit info, scroll down until you reach photo options, then turn the smart photos toggle on.

Smart photos is a handy, free feature that’s worth a shot! Besides, if you don’t like how it switches up your photos, then you can easily turn it off by turning off the toggle- easy peasy!

Ask your friends for help

The search for love is, at times, a slow and frustrating one. You want to show potential love interests what you’re all about- but your Tinder bio is a disaster!

Don’t delete your dating profile just yet. Call your friends round and get them to help you out.

The best Tinder bios are fun, natural, and catchy- your friends can help you out with this.

Our friends may tease us and wind up, but they only do this because they care. Get your friends onboard and run your favorite photos past them.

If they think all your pictures suck, then get them to make some new ones of you.

Go out into the world and take some fresh group pictures. Make sure your main picture is just of you, but feel free to use group shots in your other pics.

These show your potential love interests that you have friends (always a plus), that you like having fun, and that you aren’t a hermit.

Women value their friends’ opinions, so value yours too- don’t be afraid to ask your friends to help make your Tinder profile great.

If things go well, then your inbox should be overflowing with messages in no time- result!

How many likes do you get on Tinder?

Swiping is great fun and all. In fact, there’s no feeling quite as satisfying as having a succession of swipe rights- bliss!

Even better, is when it comes up with it’s a match. 

Alas, gone are the days of unlimited swipe rights. Rumor had it many guys used to swipe right on all women then only message the matches they liked. Whether this was true or not is another matter, but it’s also rumored that women are far fussier about choosing the men they swipe right on.

Only having 100 likes per 12 hour period means that whom we swipe right on isn’t so broad.

Take your time to decide if you like that woman or not. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing the woman of your dreams, swiping right on them, and then being told that you’re out of likes!!! Ahhh!

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A super like explained

For when liking someone isn’t enough, you can super like them. These are limited, so you can save them for that girl who really catches your eye.

To super like someone, you swipe up instead of right- snazzy!

A blue banner will highlight you to them, so they’ll know that you picked them out.

When it comes to the dating game, then letting a woman who caught your eye know that you’re into her is only a good thing, right?

People want to fall in love with someone who likes them, so a super like, well, that’s the next level.

You only get a handful of super likes, so read their Tinder profiles before you super like away.

Is Tinder free to use?

Yes, it is.

Download the app, create your Tinder profile, then swipe away.

You don’t need to put your email address in, as you can sign up with Facebook.

However, if you’re willing to pay for extra features, then you can go premium with Tinder Plus, or push the boat out with Tinder Gold.

Read on to find out all the things you need to know about Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

Tinder Plus

If a restricted amount of likes is holding you back, then you can solve this problem by paying for Tinder Plus.

So, is it worth the money? Well, you’ll get unlimited likes, which can be handy! You can rewind your last swipe- which is great for those accidental swipe rights.

You can show your favorites how much you like them with five super likes a day.

You’ll get one boost per day (which allows 10 x more women to see your profile for 30 minutes). You also won’t have to put up with any pesky ads. Oh, and you’ll get passport access, meaning you can swipe on people anywhere in the world.

To subscribe, tap your profile icon, go to settings, and press the get Tinder Plus option.

Tinder Gold

With Tinder Gold, you’ll get all the features of Tinder Plus and a few extras.

You’ll be able to: see who likes you before you swipe right on them.

The best part of Tinder Gold is that it gives you access to top picks- standard members get 1 top pick a day. Still, like a Tinder Gold subscriber,, you’ll be shown a set of potential top matches every day.

It’s a match!

You swiped right on a girl who caught your eye, and she swiped right on you too- yay, it’s a match!

Um, now what? Great bios are good and all, but now you’ve got to come up with a message to send her.

Don’t just say “hey,” or flood her inbox with a load of emojis. Think about it, would you be impressed with a “hi,” message? Boring! show her that you have a personality.

Read through her Tinder profile and send her a message about that TV show you both watch, your mutual favorite season (autumn all the way!).

You could also bring up the location in her pictures and talk about how you love it there/want to go there (this works if she’s somewhere scenic, not if she’s in her living room…creepy!)

Tinder Bios for Guys: An Overview

When it comes to dating sites, then Tinder is probably the most notorious app out there. Everyone knows someone who has a Tinder horror story.

The thing is, “the one” for you is out there somewhere, and if you don’t look, then you’ll never find her. So, Tinder or not, why not give it a go? For every bad Tinder date story, there are far more success stories.

These people found love by downloading the Tinder app, creating their Tinder profile, and getting swipe happy.

Whether you’re going down the funny Tinder bios route or you’re keeping things simple, Tinder is a great place to show yourself to potential dates and find someone special.

The best Tinder bios for guys should be short and catchy with a touch of humor.

Come on, guys! Stop the delay. Sort your Tinder profile out right this minute then get swiping. You’re only a few minutes away from coming up with the best Tinder bio that is sure to make your Tinder profile shine.

Remember, bios aren’t as scary to come up with as you think- when in doubt, just get list happy and write up a list of your likes. Easy!

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