If You Want To Get Noticed On Tinder You Have To Try These Great Tinder Openers

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There are so many ways to get attention on various dating apps, but it’s hard to know where to start. Use these tips and tricks to find an excellent Tinder opener that is sure to get you noticed.

Once you have perfected your bio and uploaded the best looking pictures that you could find, it’s time to find a Tinder match.

Finding a Match on Tinder

It is as easy as looking at a person’s photo and swiping right if you’re interested, or left if you are uninterested.

There are a limited number of swipes that you can make per day unless you purchase the Tinder Plus access.

Great Tinder Openers

A match happens when the person in the picture who you are interested in also swipes right on your image. Once the two of you have been matched, it is time to get to messaging each other.

Messaging cannot happen unless you have both swiped right. If only one of you swipes right and the other swipes left, then the chat function is kept in disabled mode.

When you do match with someone on Tinder, you will only have one chance to make a great first impression.

Your opening line should be fun and gain the other person’s interest. You don’t want to use openers on Tinder that will make the other person cringe and turn away.

The most successful Tinder openers are ones that lead to great conversation and open the door to online dating versus only online flirting, or worse… Ghosting!

The two primary goals to any Tinder opener are to get that hottie’s attention and make them want to respond to you, that is if you decide to message first.

Who Should Message First On Tinder?

Often women will think that they have to wait for the man to make the first move. This is an old fashioned way of thinking about things, but some guys (and gals) prefer when a man strikes up the conversation.

That’s why it can be hard for women to come up with good Tinder openers.

It is important to note that in the era of social media, dating apps, and technology, no one person should be the first to message.

Some men like it when a woman takes the initiative to strike up the first opening message.

Unlike Bumble, there is no hard-fast rule on who can send the first message. Tinder allows its users, men, or women, to start a conversation regardless of who was the first to make the match unless a woman has adjusted her settings.

Tinder does allow women to change their settings so that women can control the conversation by being the first to initiate the conversation. This feature reduces the risk of a man sexting a woman right after they make a match.

No matter what your preference is, once the first match has been made, it’s crucial to have a good Tinder opener and break the ice, even if you aren’t the first to message.

How Do You Break The Ice On Tinder?

The best way to break the ice and initiate a good Tinder conversation is to have the perfect opening line. An excellent ice breaker will make the person whom you are messaging want to respond to you.

Some people prefer to use Tinder openers that are funny. In contrast, others like to use profile information to help with a great line.

It can be challenging to gauge a person’s sense of humor, but if you’re creative, you can find funny openers without telling a cheesy knock-knock joke.

Memes and GIFs are great ice breakers, they can be funny, and you will learn more about the person by their response.

Perfect Memes and GIFs to Use On Tinder

It can be challenging to find the ideal words to get noticed on Tinder. But one-way users have started to introduce themselves is by using a meme or GIF.

You can make a meme of yourself for free using any number of free apps, or you can search the internet for one.

Try to keep the other person’s interests in mind while searching for the meme you like best. Does the other person mention a favorite celebrity, TV show, or hobby in their bio?

Use an image of their favorite celebrity to set yourself up. Maybe it’s an image of Jimmy Fallon with your image Photoshop-ed next to him, “welcoming” you as his next guest.

Pick an image from their favorite TV show or movie and let them know the only thing that’s going to be “spoiled” in your relationship is them. Yes, it can be a little cheesy, but it will also let them know that you’re interested.

If you’re familiar with their hobby, use a picture of yourself playing/doing that activity.

If you have no experience with their hobby, find a funny meme about the activity. It could be about how many books a reader reads, how to use a lacrosse stick, or trying to learn about cosplay.

Once you have selected or made an image that you think will peak their interest, you can send it to them with or without a message.

Most people will like a picture, but if you say nothing with the image, they may not know how to respond.

Did they like your funny intro, or do they seem more serious? Opening lines can lead to good responses that will help you know if your match is ready for online dating or is just window shopping on the app.

If a meme, GIF, or something funny isn’t your style, use the other person’s profile to help you strike up that conversation.

Things That You Can Learn From A Person’s Profile

People can choose how much or how little information they want to share on their Tinder profile.

Some people will decide not to put anything down, so you will have to learn about them from their pictures, but some people write excellent bio’s.

If you’re wondering how your Tinder profile stacks up, you may want to see if any of this information is lacking on your profile. If you don’t like the idea of other Tinder users being able to see this information, then make sure that it’s not listed on your bio.

Typically people will always have their name, at the very least. After that, it’s a toss-up as to what information you can find. Here are a few other things that you may be able to learn from a person’s Tinder profile:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Pets
  • Place of Employment/Career Field
  • What they’re looking for
  • And so much more

More often than not, users are more likely to read a bio that is shorter in length versus reading a novel.

Someone who catches your eye will be funny, honest, and tell what they are looking for. Some people are on Tinder for a real, long-lasting relationship. In contrast, other people are merely looking for a quick and easy hookup.

After taking a peek at their profile, you should strike up a conversation with them by messaging them through Tinder. Don’t go looking for them on other social media platforms, at least until you get to know each other a little more.

How Should I Start A Tinder Conversation?

One of the best Tinder openers is one where you use information from the other person’s profile (see above) to strike up a conversation.

After looking at their profile, you will have better information on what the other person likes, what their hobbies are, and what makes them attractive to you.

Are their animals in any of the profile pictures? Start your opening lines by asking if the animal in the picture is their pet. If they’re a dog lover and you have a dog, the two of you could opt to meet at a dog park,

no animals in sight, no worries. Tinder will let you look at the other person’s profile, and most of the time, people will talk about interests and hobbies. Do you have something in common with your match? Strike up a conversation and include that you two have matching hobbies or interests.

Even if it seems like you do not have even one thing in common, you can always strike up a conversation about their interests or hobbies that you are new to or have no experience with.

Avoid starting a conversation with openers that do not need a response, such as “hey,” “how are you today,” or “what’s going on.”

These Tinder openers are the least likely openers to get a response. Always remember, be yourself, be creative, and use humor if you’re only comfortable.

If you need help writing messages on Tinder, check out these great ideas:

  • Don’t be afraid to use emojis; they will make the conversation light and colorful

  • Ask if they know what is so exciting about their bio or pictures, just make sure you have a follow up if (when) they say, “no, what?”

  • Send an “oops” message – of course; my elbow hurt after doing that…followed by “oops, wrong chat” – it doesn’t have to be about your elbow, just something funny that you would not usually send as a first message

  • Be honest – tell them you’ve been really thinking *forever* about what your first message should be, but you don’t want to ruin your chances

  • Talk about the distance between the two of you – oh, wow you’re so close/far, where’s your favorite place to grab a bite to eat around here/there?

  • Play a game of “would you rather” – would you rather eat pizza every day for a year, or never eat pizza again?

  • Don’t message “hi” or “hey” then wait for a response; you might really not get one

  • One more of the best Tinder opening lines is to use a compliment. Some people say it works like a charm every time.

Do Compliments Work On Tinder?

Contrary to some people’s beliefs that starting a message with a compliment is detrimental to the conversation, a good Tinder opening can begin with one nice compliment.

Tinder openers that begin with too many compliments can come across as creepy.

What can you compliment? Compliment their outfit, a cool picture that’s on their Tinder profile, their hair color or style, and even how they wrote their profile.

Make sure that the compliment that you give is one that is genuine and leads into a conversation.

Compliments that are sure to get you two talking:

  • Wow! I love your hair color, do you think it would look good on me?
  • Those shoes are really intense! Do you have an extensive collection?
  • Your name is pretty/unique, what’s the origin/meaning?
  • Do you know how many left swipes it took to find you?
  • That vacation picture is amazing! Where was it taken?

Notice that each of these compliments was simple, did not comment on physical appearance, was not overtly sexual, and ended with a question? Finishing your first line with a question will increase the chances that you will get a response.

It’s also important that you don’t get stuck in a compliment spiral that you cannot control. In the case of compliments on Tinder, the old saying is true – too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Bombarding another person with compliments is sure to scare them off. A good rule of thumb is to stick to just one compliment per conversation.

You receive a response that you are not expecting, so you should be prepared for responses. Some people will be open to your compliment, whereas others may be a bit short with their response.

Some people will respond to compliments with a quick, “thanks, I know,” but don’t let their confidence deter you. Mention that you like a person with confidence and move on.

The best way to do this is, is to move on to the next message. Get to know them a little more before asking if they’d like to stick to online dating or meet in person. Keep your messages casual, and don’t overwhelm the other person.

If their profile or bio doesn’t mention their hobbies, that is always a great place to get to know someone. If their profile does suggest those things buy, you can’t think of a way to talk about them then try other interests.

Find out what they like and see if you have any common interests. Food, animals, vacations, careers, and family are typically safe places to start.

Stay away from politics and religion in the beginning, unless you really know for sure that you have mutual feelings on the subject.

Once you have opened up to someone and sent that first message, wait for a response. It can be hard to wait to see if someone is interested in you after you have gone out of your comfort zone to initiate the conversation. However, waiting for them to make the next move is best.

If you feel like they’re not really interested or they didn’t respond to messages that you sent them over a period of different days, it may be time to move on.

You’ll know that they are really interested if they respond, like your jokes, or compliment you back.

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