Girlfriend doesn’t text back but is on Facebook? Learn the Ways To Handle and Make Her Text Back!

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There are few things comparable to being in a relationship where there’s constant communication between you and your partner.

On the other hand, having a girlfriend or boyfriend who doesn’t text you or even reply to your messages can be heartbreaking. It’s even more hurtful when your partner is online but doesn’t care to talk to you.

When someone doesn’t reply to your text, likely, they’re not interested in talking with you or that they are simply busy.

When this is consistent, it can begin to raise suspicion about what your partner is up to. No one wants to feel ignored or lonely in a relationship.

The disturbing feeling that your girlfriend is ignoring you is normal. These days, there are several ways to keep up with each other such as text messages, Whatsapp chats, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messaging (DM), and Twitter DMs.

With just a click, you can reach the other party on the phone. So you’re likely to feel very worried when your girlfriend isn’t responding to your messages.

If you’re asking, “why is she ignoring me?”, there are several ways to find out. The first thing, however, is to calm yourself down. Giving your girlfriend the benefit of the doubt is an important step.

What does it mean if your girlfriend won’t text back?

“Is it rude not to reply to a text message?” The answer to that will depend on the circumstances. When your girlfriend doesn’t text back, there are a variety of reasons that could be responsible.

I know how frustrating how it can be when the woman doesn’t get back. It can be confusing, frustrating, and annoying. It makes absolutely no sense on the surface when your girlfriend isn’t replying to your text messages.

You might ask, “What have I done wrong?” What is she doing?” “Is she cheating on me?” It can be tricky figuring out precisely what no response to text means.

You may begin to feel like everything has gone wrong with your relationship. Women can be complicated sometimes, and their actions may be unpredictable. Here are possible reasons why women don’t reply to you immediately:

1. She’s Very Busy

I know lots of people will argue that if you genuinely love someone, you’d find time for them.

However, there’s a chance she’s not picking the phone or texting because she’s swamped.

You should know if your partner is a very busy person, with a lot in her hands. That way, you’d understand when she doesn’t have enough time for messaging.

Some women are so busy they hardly find time to check their phones throughout work hours. They put off every calling and texting till the close of work.

If you have a lover with such a busy schedule, you should be prepared to have many unanswered messages.

Mark and Theresa had an enviable relationship. There was no doubt they were going to up together as a happily married couple. At the start of the love story, Theresa had a job that gave her enough time.

She got an appointment with a Fortune 500 company, and everything changed. She no longer had much free time on her schedule and could go a day without her smartphone.

The messages and instant replies began to fizzle out. Mark started to feel he was being ignored, but she was actually swamped. It didn’t take long for the love story to turn sour. That’s an excellent result of hurried actions.

2. She’s Not Good at Texting

She might keep many of your messages simply because she’s not good at texting. Maybe she prefers phone calls or date conversations.

When you understand she’s that kind of person, you don’t get paranoid when she doesn’t reply to you. Instead, you will find a way to talk about it, and where compromises need to be made.

It could even be that she’s not one who believes constant chatting is really important in a relationship.

If you are of the opposite opinion, you have to let her know, and how important it is to you. If you’re dating an introverted woman, you should expect this.

3. She’s No Longer Interested in You:

People change, and life happens. One of the earliest signs of a dwindling relationship is lack of communication. If your girlfriend doesn’t text you back for days, even when she can do so, then there’s a problem.

For example, you send her a message on Messenger, and she doesn’t also reply though you can see she’s online. A few minutes later, she uploads her picture on Facebook, and you message her again, but she ignores it. There’s reason to worry.

Women love to spend as much time as possible with the man they love. When they begin to intentionally avoid communication with a man, the feelings must have depleted.

So your partner is probably not replying to your messages because she’s no longer interested in you. You might have to pick up your phone and call her or find a way to meet face-to-face so you both can sort things out.

4. She’s Mad at You

Many men would want their women to be expressive with feelings, and tell them when hurt. But most women want you to figure it out yourself. To them, knowing when they are mad at you shows how much you care about their feelings.

Your girlfriend can deliberately ignore your calls and text messages to make you realize how much you’ve hurt them.

So instead of getting mad that she’s not texting back, you might want to look at the recent events and conversations. The clue you need might just be there.

5. She Wants You to Live Your Life

It’s not out of place to want to wholly involved in your partner’s life. Some women, however, are quite reserved about that. They know you have a lot of stuff in your hand, and don’t want to breathe down your neck.

Extremely feminine women want their men to be purpose-driven and hardworking. They don’t want to get in the way of that for any reason.

It’s imperative to understand when your partner doesn’t reply back immediately because she wants to give you enough space and time to achieve your dreams. You should appreciate her for that.

6. She’s Talking to Other Guys

As mentioned earlier, when your girlfriend doesn’t text you back, there’s a likelihood she’s done with you.

When there’s another guy in the picture, you become second fiddle. Her time would be devoted to the other guy, and there’s very little you can do about it.

Once a woman starts having feelings for another guy, it’s completely pointless trying to win her heart over. It’s advisable to just move on.

Several other reasons exist, and some can be very personal and complicated. So what do you do when your girlfriend seems to be ignoring you?

What Do You Do If Your Girlfriend is Ignoring You?

So what do you do when your girlfriend is ignoring you? You already know this can be due to several reasons. Understanding the reason behind her ghosting is very fundamental in finding a solution.

However, here are tips that can help:

1. Calm Down:

You have to understand that women are different from men. Most women are less likely to ask, “what to do if he doesn’t text you back” because they are built to ‘wait.’

Men, on the flip side, want to get stuff done as soon as possible. While a woman can wait forever for your call, a man can’t.

So your partner can be online on Facebook, and still ignore your chats, but nothing is going wrong.

The best way to handle it is to calm down and not overthink the situation. Even if your relationship is actually hitting rocks, but will anxiety really solve anything?

Moreover, she could be busy, or too damn tired to reply. So relax, and give her some benefit of the doubt.

I’ve seen many beautiful relationships with lots of potential end in shambles just because of unfounded suspicions. It takes only one day of impatience to ruin all the love and friendship you’ve built with your partner for years.

Remember the story of Mark and Theresa shared earlier. Their beautiful relationship could have been salvaged if Mark hadn’t rushed assumptions about her new behavior.

While feeling the way Mark felt is absolutely normal, it’s imperative still not to fall for mendacious conclusions.

2. Give Her Some Time

Sometimes, we can avoid escalating issues if we just let time pass. If you send your partner a message and she doesn’t reply immediately, you should simply wait for her reply.

There could be something hindering her from getting back to you immediately. There’s no need to be overly disturbed, except, of course, it’s consistent behavior. If she’s still attracted to you, she’ll make out time to reply to you eventually.

When we are too impatient, we begin to think so much, and that messes us up. We can become erratic and say what we aren’t supposed to say. So calm your nerves down and ensure you don’t make hasty decisions.

Much of what we call distrust in a relationship comes from making assumptions out of our partner’s actions and inactions.

Imagine thinking your girlfriend is busy texting other guys when all she’s doing is giving you some space. To keep your love going strong, you have to make room for trust. You have to resolve to never make assumptions out of nothing.

3. Call Her

If you have something very important to tell her, or she’s gone for days without replying to you, pick up your phone and call her. Maybe she’s going through some rough times. Maybe she’s depressed, or even mad at you. But you may never know if you don’t give her a call.

On the phone with her, you should listen to whatever she wants to say. Be gentle and courteous so she can open up to you. Don’t let her think you’re out to reprimand her for not replying to your messages.

Most of the conversation should be around how she’s doing and why she is not replying to your messages.

If the conversation goes well, you’ll get to know the reason for the lack of replies. But the issues might even get complicated.

Regardless of the outcome of the call, if you’re really serious about your relationship, you should find a way to meet up.

You love this woman. You want to spend the rest of your life with her. If you’re really going to pull it through, there’s a need to pay attention to any ill-feeling that could ruin everything.

Communication is indispensable in any successful relationship. Actually, most marriages that end in divorce had a communication gap. While you must do everything in your power to talk with your partner all the time, don’t go overboard with it.

Understand when she’s too busy to reply to you, and when she just needs her space. Understand when she’s just mad at you and wants to keep you ‘waiting’ to test how much you love her.

It can be difficult, but you’ve to make it work. It’s also important to realize when she’s no longer interested you and allow it rest. It can be futile trying to get her to love you when her heart is for another already.

As a final word, never forget to take a deep breath, relax, and wait when it seems she’s ignoring you. At the end of it all, you can’t tell what’s wrong from assumptions.

If it’s taking too long, find a way to meet with her and talk about the issues. There may be no cause for alarm just yet, or ever.

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