All The Signs A Woman Wants For You to Make a Move on Her

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There are many signs that the woman across from you may want you to make a move on her. But how do you know for sure? Read further and check out a lot of ways on how to tell if she wants you to make a move.

Believe it or not, there are steadfast ways to tell that she’s interested in more.

When a woman is interested in a guy, she will use everything from eye contact to body language to physical contact. That is to let him know that she wants him to approach her.

Keep in mind that these signs will range from subtle to obvious and will not only be because women want guys to make the first move and approach them…

They also want them to make the first move on other things. Making the first move can also mean it’s time for the first kiss, dating, having sex, and more.

While not all people are the same, girls may want you to make the first move for one reason or another. Her reason for this is that she could be a shy girl, lack confidence, or hold more old fashioned relationship views.

Take a look at these cues to know when and how she wants you to go from a stranger or in the friend zone to something more.

Eye Contact

Say you’re sitting at a bar, coffee shop, club, or other places you might pick up a woman. If a girl keeps catching your eye it might just be a sign that she’s interested in getting to know you more.

A woman will not only try to catch your eye if she’s interested, but she may even maintain strong eye contact, too.

Once your eyes have met look to see if she gives you a smile. Even if it’s a small side smile she most definitely is flirting with you. If you catch her eye, she smiles then looks down, that’s a good sign that she likes you, too.

She may also bat her eyelashes. When a female bats her eyelashes at you then she ensures that you are looking at her eyes and that you notice her.

Eye contact is not the only thing to look for when trying to tell if a woman wants you to engage her. Take a look at her body language and appearance, too.

Body Language and Appearance

If a woman is open to being approached by you she will not only tell you with eye contact, but she will use her body language to tell you that it’s time for you to make a move on her.

If she absorbed in her phone, working on something personal, or in deep conversation with her girl friends her body language will be more closed off.

Closed off body language is exactly what it sounds like. Her arms may be crossed, across her chest, her legs may be crossed in the opposite directions from you, or she may even be leaning away from you.

These are examples of different signs that it’s not time to make that move for one reason or another.

So how do you know what to look for? Body language that you want to look for is an open body. This means that her arms are not crossed.

Her hand may be twirling her hair or playing with a straw in her drink. She may try to catch your interest by opening her shoulders towards your direction. Her legs may be crossed, but they’ll be crossed towards you.

Take a look at what she’s doing with her mouth and head. Is she frowning? Or is she smiling? Is she playfully biting her lips? A woman who is smiling or biting her lip definitely feels ready for you to make a move.

While talking with her girl friends is she laughing and having fun? Does she toss her hair or lean her head back when something funny happens? This girl likes to have fun and may want you to approach her.

Don’t forget to notice what she’s wearing. If there is not a ring on “that finger” it’s a good sign that she’s not engaged or married.

\Many single women want to be noticed and might wear tighter articles of clothing, low cut tops, or short skirts. Her makeup may be more noticeable.

Women may also use lip gloss or lipstick to draw attention to their lips. Watch the way it is applied. Is it slow and sexy, or does it get brushed on quickly with little importance?

The slower the application, the more likely it is that it’s a sign from her for you to pay attention and approach her.

Women might be even less subtle and give you a more direct sign that she wants you to make a move on her.

If a girl uses physical touch to get close to you or gain your attention, this is one of the best times for you to start a conversation with her.

Physical Touch

Sometimes women aren’t willing to make the first move, but they are certain that they want you to make a move on them.

One way they can do this is to make physical contact with you. She might move away from her friend and simply brush past you in a subtle way.

If the area is crowded she may feel or touch your shoulder or arm as she squeezes past you. You will know that she is purposefully touching you if she makes eye contact once she’s moved past you.

Another way she may sign that she wants you to make a move on her is if she gets close enough to for the two of you to touch. =

If she’s sitting next to you and she is comfortable she may brush her hand close to yours, or “accidentally” bump you as she talks with her hand.

The “accidental” bump or run in should almost never be discounted or assumed to be truly “accidental.” This type of maneuver is typically very purposeful and opens the door for you.

How can you be certain that a girl wants you to make a pass at her? Simple. If she breaks away from her girl friends to have some alone time with you then rest assured that she wants to get to know you more.

What if you two run into each other and she goes immediately back to her girl friends? It may be a sign that she’s not wanting you to make that move.

If you are close enough to return the touch, try to gauge how comfortable she is with your touch.

Ways that you can do this are to brush her hair off of her shoulder, hold her hand while complimenting a ring or bracelet, lend her your sweater if she’s cold, or hold the small of her back as you hold a door that you are both going through.

If a girl turns away from any of these personal and physical touches she may not be ready for you to make a move.

Remember to keep these interactions innocent and low key. You don’t want to overwhelm her.

However, if her response is a positive one, she may feel comfortable enough to start talking to you and getting to know you.


After you have decided that she wants you to make a move on her, how do you know what to talk about?

A girl will often talk about things she likes and will be interested in knowing about the things that you like.

She may talk about her life, hobbies, interests, or her favorite shows and movies. Be able to share about yourself without going overboard.

You don’t want to scare a girl away by telling her your life story. Begin with simple topics. What do you like to do for fun? What is your idea of the best first date? Do you have any pets, if so how many? Where did you attend school?

One way to ruin a discussion or first date is to bring up politics unless you are at a political function.

Other topics that you should avoid include religion, money, and previous relationships. These topics should be saved for a later date once you know a little bit more about each other. Try your best not to be pushy or intrusive.

Once you’ve determined that she did, in fact, want you to make a move on her how do you know when to take it to the next level?

Sometimes the next step differs. Some girls will want to go on a date or two before opening up, others will be open to kissing. How do you know she wants a kiss from you?

Signs She’s Dying For A Kiss

Now that you know that a woman is interested in you, make sure to take that next step and get to know her.

As mentioned before, keep the small talk light and don’t overshare too much too soon. If a woman likes what she hears and is interested in more she will often give signs that she’s ready and open for a kiss.

Women have a tell that they want more and are ready for a kiss that guys often miss or misinterpret.

Anytime she draws attention to her lips it is a sign that she is thinking about more. If she’s playfully touching, biting, or licking her lips it means she wants you to notice them.

Break the ice and tell her how attractive her lips are and you are another step closer to that kiss. If the compliment is returned, even better!

Not only will she tell you that she wants you to make a move by using her lips, but she may also stare at yours. If you feel like she keeps looking at your lips it could be a sign that she’s ready for you to make that move.

She may also want to hold your hand. The reason you will know it’s time for a kiss when she gets close to you and is comfortable with the two of you touching each other.

Kissing may come before or after dating, but there are some signs to look for to know that a girl thinks it’s time to go on dates.

Signs She Wants To Start Dating

Just because you’ve read the signs and made the first move doesn’t mean she will start making the next advances towards you. Some women prefer and even enjoy for their guy to make all of the first moves.

How do you know that she is looking to move past being friends? Has she asked you if you have a girl friend?

Women will often ask this question to see if a guy is available. If there is not another girl in the picture she may be telling you that she is interested in dating.

If a guy is dating another girl, some women may try to stay in the friend zone until the relationship is over or become uninterested altogether.

Other women may be a little more upfront that she wants more from a guy and want to be his girlfriend.

If she feels comfortable enough she may talk to the guys’ friends, or she may send other signs that she wants a relationship.

Ensure that there is no one else in her life, at least romantically speaking. Some people are uncomfortable asking this because they may not want to hear the answer or put the other person on the spot.

You need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Does she want a monogamous relationship or does she want to date around with multiple people at one time? Make sure you are comfortable with the answer.

If both people are single, women will use signs to show how they feel about dating. If she likes him enough to get into that relationship, she may tell him that she likes him, hold his hand, or use a lot of physical touching.

Some girls are not ready to tell a guy that they want more. Which is why it is important for guys to look for those signs that it’s time to start dating.

If a girl wants to introduce you to her friends, or even family, you have a sure sign that she likes you and she feels ready for the next step. What’s next?

If women are ready to have sex, she may give you some signs that she feels like she’s ready for more than just kissing.

Signs She’s Ready For Sex

Women can be so confusing, how do you know when she wants to have sex? Women may also want you to make the first move when they want to go from girl friend or acquaintance to something more.

The two of you may or may not be dating, but look for these cues to know that she feels ready to take things into the bedroom.

When women change their posture to tuck their tummies in and push their boobs out they are definitely trying to get you to notice their “assets.”

When your girl is trying to get you to notice her body, gets touchy-feely, or wants you to touch her it may be time for you to make the next move.

If you’re dropping her off from a date and a girl asks you to come in she may just want the night to continue a little longer, or this might be a sign she wants to have sex.

How else do you know that she wants you? Another way she may show you is that she’ll ask to come over or even show up at your door.

Her actions will often speak louder than her words. If she gets closer to you when you touch her or if she constantly touches you, puts her head on your shoulder, or lays one of her legs over yours, you will feel the attraction.

If she wants to move to a quieter area or asks to go somewhere private with you, then you will know she likes you.

Once you are somewhere private, how can you be sure that a girl wants to hook up?

Check to see if she’s touching you, tugging at your clothes, making out with you, or breathing heavy. These are all good signs that a girl is ready for more than just small talk, dating, and kissing.

Remember to show her some respect and let her know that she can trust you. Sometimes it takes a while for a woman to get to this stage. Other times the feeling can happen pretty quickly.

Learn what she likes and enjoys and your moment will be even more special.

How Do You Know When To Make The Next Move If You’re Internet Dating?

Sometimes with Internet dating, you are only using a chat function on your computer or phone.

There are signs that it might be time to step up to the next level. She may want to talk on the phone, but may not know how to ask you.

One way that she might signal to you that she wants a more personal way to talk to you is to say that she has too much to type.

If a girl is telling you that she has too much and that it cannot be typed out, this is the perfect time to suggest exchanging phone numbers and making a few phone calls.

Flirting over chat, email, and phone calls can be fun, but eventually, you will want to know how to go from phone calls to meeting in person.

How will you know when it’s time to give up only phone and computer talk? You will be able to gauge when she is interested in meeting from the tone of her voice and what she says.

If she talks about different events in the area that she might want to take part in you should ask her if she wants to meet you there.

You can offer to make it a casual thing or you can make it a date and take her to the event.

It can be difficult to ask her out on a date so remember to take her interests into consideration.

If something she suggests sounds fun, go with that. Other good places that you could take her are a concert, a food festival, a movie, or a new restaurant in town.

How To Make A Move On Your “Friend”

You may already know the person that you are interested in but haven’t found the courage to make your move.

One easy way to know if she shares the same interest is to say a funny joke. If you were to joke about the two of you going on a date and she responds positively you will know that the feelings are mutual.

Increase the times you touch her. Sometimes we may touch our friend to get their attention, but it doesn’t mean anything to either person.

A simple touch could make all the difference in how a friend responds to you.

Try using touches mentioned above, like wipe her hair off her shoulder, put your hand on her knee for a brief moment while chatting, or simply hold the small of her back while you hold the door and exit an establishment putting her first.

Figure out how you can get more alone time with her. Many times guys and girls stay friends and don’t make any moves is because they are always together with many friends.

If you are able to ditch the friends and have someone on one time you will be able to get a better understanding of her true feelings for you.

Try watching a movie together at home. You will be able to find out for sure if she wants you to make a move by her actions. Does she sit close to you or lean on you? Do the two of you share a blanket?

Cuddling could mean that a woman is trying to signal that she likes you and wants to be more than just friends with you.

Another way that a friend may signal that she has an interest in you is if her pals ask you questions like, “do you like her?” or “are you interested in her?” It might be hard to answer honestly, but hey, what do you have to lose if the feeling is mutual?

Once you know that the feeling is mutual, how do you make the next move? Go slow, begin with some casual dates for just the two of you.

Remember to leave your pals out of it so that you can get to know each other without the pressure from a group setting. Most importantly, have fun!

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