Four Things You Should Look Out For By the Fifth Date

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You’ve gone on four dates with that person, and now you’re on the fifth date. You’ve made it through the air of awkwardness and uncomfortable feeling common in the first few dates.

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It should be pretty clear now that you’re both into each other and should be looking forward to starting a relationship. It doesn’t matter if it started as online dating or not, it’s time to move ahead.

During your conversation on the 5th date, there are certain things you should look out for.

What is a Fifth Date?

Date five is typically the date where you are at the crossroads. Although it’s not a guarantee of the start of a relationship, it often sets in motion an exclusive relationship where you both decide not to see someone else. It is when you both decide if you want to give love a try or not.

The following questions usually arise during such dates: “Is he the right one for me?” “Should I make a commitment to this relationship?” “Should we take things to the next level, or leave them the way they are?”

The answers to these questions could be the deciding factor for your happiness.

After the fifth date, you can tell is there’s a potential for exclusive dating, and start to take things beyond the current level.

The Ten Date Rule

The Ten Date Rule simply states that men are likely to start relationships with women after 10 dates with them.

Men, generally, are slow in connecting with the opposite sex. The rule is based on the belief that if a man asks you out up ten times, then he is really interested in you.

But as a woman, do you have to wait for the tenth date before you start to take things seriously? There are several opinions on this. There are some people who even believe the first date is enough to get things rolling.

However, it’s essential not to rush things so you can observe if he’s really into you or just wants to sleep with you.

After your first five dates, you should be pretty aware of the directions things are headed. While you can wait for the tenth date to be absolutely sure of things, there’s still no guarantee you’d live happily ever after.

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What’s important is paying attention to every detail along the way, and you can make your decision soon enough.

What You Should Be Looking Out For

You met John in January, and you’ve gone on four dates since then. You have feelings for him, and you hope what you share would lead to marriage.

Now you’re going on another date with him, how do you tell he’s the right one for you? Here are four things you should look out for to tell if you’d make a great couple:

1. You Share Common Values

Before you even start dating a person, you should have an idea of what his or values are. This is particularly easier if you’ve known each other for a while.

Shared values are vital in all relationships, as conflicting values can cause disharmony in the relationship. In your conversations with the guy, you should look out for shared values.

Partners don’t necessarily have to share common interests (although that is recommended) if their values have a commonplace. A relationship where both partners can see eye-to-eye on values is definitely worth it.

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2. You Enjoy Their Company

By the time you decide to go into dating exclusively, you should be sure you have fun with the person without being pretentious.

Good couples don’t have to impress each other, and that’s an important sign you should look out for. You can be yourself around the person, enjoy the talk, and freely express yourself

When you find yourself constantly bored around the person, with no spark, or even the tiniest bit of a comfortable feeling, that’s a red flag.

Even if you are a completely introverted individual, you still should enjoy the company of the one you love, and would probably spend the rest of your life with.

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3. Meaningful Conversations

If nothing happens during a date, there must be talk. Conversations during this date are different from the ones of the first few dates. You don’t have to go stark naked with your past and emotions to hold a meaningful conversation.

You might have met John in January, and talked about nothing more than the weather ever since.

Now, it’s more about discussions that revolve around your personal interests, dreams, and future. The conversation highlights your interest in each other, and a potential life together as a couple.

4. Neither of You is Coming On Too Strong

Emotions can be hard to keep in check, and there’s always this desire to know everything about someone you might be interested in.

However, it’s not yet time to reveal all there is about you. Indeed, your communication has gone to another level, and the chemistry is building. But you still have to take things slow.

While you’re leaving petty talks behind, it’s dangerous to start talking about your deepest fears and hurts.

Doing so could expose your budding friendship to harm. If you both truly care deeply about each other, you won’t be afraid to take things slow and allow them to work organically.

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