Get a Girl on Plenty of Fish Using the Best Copy and Paste Messages for POF

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Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the most popular online dating sites today. If you’re already a POF member or in the process of signing up, it’s likely that you’re hoping to meet a girl on POF.

In this article, we’ll help you get closer to that goal by sharing some of the best copy and paste messages for POF,

Since its launch in 2003, POF has grown to more than 90 million users. Yet many people fail to use it properly. Some ll find the online dating website confusing, and this affects their chances of meeting someone online.

Familiarizing yourself with the dating site should help you maximize your chances of meeting someone on Plenty of Fish.

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What is a flirt button on POF?

The flirt button on Plenty of Fish is an alternative way for members of the online dating site to encourage a conversation with other people. You can use it to trigger a discussion with a chic who captures your attention.

When you hit this button on a POF member’s profile, you’re virtually flirting with her. It means you want that POF member to notice you and get her to send a message.

In short, you can use the flirt button when you’re not yet ready to write a message. It’s a subtle hint that you are interested in a Plenty of Fish member.

What’s “will respond” on POF?

The “will respond” feature is pretty much what its name suggests—it shows you the people who are most likely to respond to your messages. You use this button to determine which POF member to chat with.

POF determines who will likely respond to your messages by taking into consideration several factors like the online status of its members. POF members online, most of the time, are likely to respond to your messages.

Moreover, POF uses age group, proximity, and preferences in determining who will most likely respond to your messages.

Other factors that may affect the ‘will respond’ function are the history and the number of emails received and responded to by POF members.

However, you can’t just rely on POF’s algorithm to find a date for you, right? The truth is that the chances of getting a date on POF really boils down to your message.

Therefore, you should focus on sending a good first message on POF.

How do I send messages on POF?

The good news is that unlike in other dating sites, there’s an unlimited number of first messages that you can exchange with other members in POF. You can send unlimited POF messages even if you don’t get the premium membership.

Sending messages on the online dating app is pretty much straightforward. You’ll have to log in to your Plenty of Fish and then browse for members that interest you.

Click on the profile of the member that interests you and then click the “Send Message” button.

Keep in mind, though, that POF members who have profile pictures are more likely to get responses. Therefore, make sure that your account has a profile photo so that you can get more replies.

Of course, it pays to send funny POF messages. If you can tickle her funny bone, then she might reply to you right away!

How do you make a good first message online dating?

But let’s face it– not all of us are gifted with a good sense of humor. Some people don’t know how to make other people laugh.

They’re the serious type of individuals who would rather look around and say nothing instead of going around and connecting with other gals in a room.

If you’re that type of person, then don’t worry as we’ll give you funny first message online dating examples that you can try on POF.

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The first thing to remember when you write messages on Plenty of Fish is that you must mention something from her profile. You want to show her that you have tried to get to know her.

Girls hate to receive a generic copy and paste message because it shows that the sender is too lazy to read their profiles.

Hence, you should first read the profile of the girl you are interested in before you use or send a copy and paste message.

Get to know her by taking note of her interests, profile description, and photos. This way, you will be able to customize the message to the woman that you want to communicate with.

Here’s an example: let us say that there’s a chic named Kassandra whom you want to send a message to.

You might want to tell her if you remove the letter D from her name, it is an anagram for your home state Arkansas. And that you would love to meet her in real life.

This is a great way to show that you exerted time and effort to think of a pick-up line. And most girls love that.

However, here’s one thing to remember when thinking of a joke: it should never poke fun at her name, or else, you would never hear a response from her.

If you can’t think of a joke to catch her attention, you can always ask a question. Ask her: ________ or _________?

Asking a question is one of the best POF conversation starters and one of the best ways to show that you are genuinely interested in her.

In order to increase the chances of her responding to your question, ask about something she’s interested in. For instance, if her profile indicates that she’s into Game of Thrones, you can ask her: “House Stark” or “House Lannister?”

You don’t always have to ask a question to elicit a response from the girl. You can try sending her a message that reads: “I am intrigued by your ___________” This is one of the best opening lines on POF.

Again, you will have to go back to her profile and look for something that you have in common.

You may also think of something unusual that the chic may want to do, and ask her if she has done it before. Pose a question like: “Have you ever ______?

For instance, the girl wrote in her profile that she’s a big Lakers fan. You can ask her is she has been to Lakers playoff game before. It shows that you have read her profile and also teasing for a future outing or meet-up with her.

Aside from asking a question, you can also send a message that would show your knowledge about something that she is fond of. Let’s say that the girl you like on POF loves cats.

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Why don’t you tell her that: “I love ‘cat breed name.’ I hear that they ‘cat breed fact.’ This accomplishes two things: first, it shows that you share mutual interests and second, that you seem like a knowledgeable dude. This should get you a reply in no time at all.

You can also challenge her. Try this tried and tested online dating pick-up line: “I’m currently on team ___, but I’m thinking of switching sides. Do you think you can persuade me?”

This is one effective first message that you can try on any online dating website because it makes her think about your question, and that would be enough to pique her interest. But just make sure that your challenge isn’t difficult, or else you may never hear from her at all.

It’s likely that you have something in common with the girl that you interested in.

Again, read her profile to find out that thing you are both interested in. Let’s say that you both love pizza. Now, ask her: “pineapple is better in a pizza– yes or no?”

This is one of the best questions that you can use and throw at her. It can get her to respond because one, you are bringing up a topic that’s close to her heart and two, you are making her choose.

It is also important that you keep your messages clean and respectful. Never assume that the girl you like is up for sleazy messages. As the Plenty of Fish dating coach Sarah Gooding puts it, you must be respectful and casual.

She notes, though, that you should write your first message the way you would speak in real life. Being casual means sounding fun to be around. The last thing girls want to get and read on their inbox is a message that sounds like a thesis paper.

In conclusion, your first message is critical if you want to get a date on Plenty of Fish. You better have your pick-up lines ready if you want to make a splash on online dating.

It’s always a good idea to customize your first message. You should show the chic that you took the time and effort to read her profile.

Posing a question is also a good first message. You can try assuming something and checking her thoughts about it. Your first message may also be a challenge to her.

Feel free to read and use the examples in this article. Or better yet, copy and paste them on Plenty of Fish. You’ll be surprised by the results.

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