How Much Does Christian Mingle Cost: Find your Dream Match and let sparks fly!

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So, you’re on the lookout for a like-minded individual who holds the same Christian values as you do. 

There are many dating sites out there, but let’s face it, most of them are full of people after a good time, not a long time!

I get it, you want the real deal – forget the time-wasters and online fibbers, and cue the dating sites that attract honest singles in search of their soulmate. is an online dating site that helps its Christian members potentially find the one. 

Created by Spark Networks back in 2001, this long-running dating site is all about helping Christian people find partners who share their faith. 

Christian singles deserve a positive online dating experience too. Without having to trudge through hundreds of time-wasting profiles!!!

How much does Christian Mingle cost?

Let’s get down to business – usually, the best things in life come with a cost!

So, how much does it cost to use

Actually, it’s free to join this dating site – so you can set up an account and profile without having to pay a cent. All you need to do is set up an account via your email or Facebook. 

It’s also free to download the mobile app, so you can search for potential love matches on your lunch break.

However, some features, such as sending messages, come with a fee.

Become a member

So, you’ve set up your profile, and you’ve begun your search for potential singles – there’s a sweet, caring man or woman who’s caught your attention. 

The problem is that with the restrictions on, you can’t message them unless you become a member. 

So, how much will it cost you, and is it worth it?

Spark Networks knew what they were doing when they created this Christian site. They understand that finding someone who shares the same religious beliefs as you is important. 

So yes, gaining access to all the features on will cost you – but it’ll also allow you to communicate with people in or around your area who share the same beliefs as you. 

The cost?

At $29.99 a month, the price is pretty reasonable – or you can join up to a 6-month plan, which lowers the payment. 

 Joining a site like Christian Mingle allows you to chat with people who you know value their faith as much as you do. 

Stuff the time-wasters and people searching for a good time – you want something true that could lead to a strong bond and a long-lasting relationship.

Sometimes, in our search for ‘the one,’ first, we need to invest our time and money into it.

Also, with your full members’ account, you can search through all the profiles that catch your eye, with the knowledge that you can message whoever you like.

Is Christian Mingle a good site?

It’s not easy to find like-minded people to chat to on dating sites. 

Spark Networks knows this, which is why they created this Christian dating site. 

Faith is important, so why waste time on other dating sites full of people who don’t share your views and values?

On Christian Mingle, you know that any member who is able to send out messages is invested enough into finding someone as they’re paying to do so. 

Not only that, but they chose to join a Christian dating site – which proves that their faith is important to them. 

Finding a deep connection with someone

Okay, so I can’t predict the future, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth a risk. 

When it comes to dating, Christian Mingle is a great site for connecting Christian singles. It’s an amazing platform to potentiality find ‘the one’ on. 

Failing that you’ll more than likely come away with a few new friends – and having friends that share similar values and beliefs are you, means that they give the best advice! 

Christian Mingle or eHarmony:
Which to Pick?

Like Christian Mingle, eHarmony is all about helping singe users find their match.

In fact, eHarmony matches you up with potential matches on aspects of your life, such as personality, habits, and interests, so know that who you’re chatting to shares your views. 

This compatibility test is a great way to find people you share the same religious beliefs, interests, and life values with.

eHarmony is free to join, but to get the best from its features, you will need to become a member. At $29.90 for a month’s membership, the price is similar to Christian Mingle. 

Both dating sites are great platforms to meet singles who are serious about dating. 

Both have great features and usability, so pick the one that you feel you will get the best results from. 

Christian Mingle Cost: An Overview

Knowing what you’re looking for in a potential life partner is a good thing – as there are so many people out there who don’t know what or who they want.

When it comes to online dating, knowing that you’re looking for Christian singles who value their family, friends, and faith means that you aren’t wasting anyone’s time. 

It’s good to know what you want – so now all you need is to find members on a site who also know what they’re looking for. 

This sounds so easy – okay, so life usually throws in a few curve-balls to keep us on our toes.

But there are plenty of Christian singles out there who value their religious beliefs as much as you do.

Spark Networks created Christian Mingle, so you have a great chance of meeting the one.

The fact this dating site is still going and has had many happy members and lifelong love matches over almost 20 years on, is a positive sign.  

So, what’re you waiting for? Go and set up your free profile right now and start searching for potential partners. 

The only way to find love is to open up your heart to it. 

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