The Price of Online Dating: Do You Have to Pay for Bumble?

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Welcome to the new age where you can access almost everything on your phone from potential dates to grocery deliveries.

That’s right! You can choose to avoid the awkward flirtatious moments at the gym and grocery stores. And instead, look for matches on your phone. This convenience is all thanks to Bumble, which is like many dating apps.

Bumble vs. Other Dating Apps

However, Bumble has an exciting twist to it that is unlike what is available in competing dating sites. A good example of such a twist is the Bumble boost which allows users to score potential dates with ease.

Dating apps in the market follow a similar pattern when it comes to matching user profiles. Bumble is no different in this regard, as indicated in the inc all rights reserved.

You can use Bumble to get potential matches from your area or other places as you wish. Bumble allows users to be selective in their criteria.

That means that users can narrow their choices based on things such as careers and hobbies.

When you see someone who would be a good fit, a swipe right is a way to go. But where a match would not work, swipe left.

For a profile that catches your eye more than others, using a super swipe is a great idea. That means that you can plan for a Friday night date while juggling files at the office. How convenient is that? 

Like I said earlier, Bumble is different from other dating apps in the market. With other apps, any of the sexes can start a conversation. That is possible as long as you both swipe right on each other.

In Bumble dating, women get to make the first move. They can start a conversation with suitable user-profiles and this communication can lead to a meet-up or otherwise.

This mode of communication makes Bumble a more suitable choice for anyone looking for a relationship. Other dating sites seem to lean more on hookups, and Bumble offers an opportunity to get more than that first meetup.

How does this relationship-oriented mode work out for the users? Well, it is more of a double-edged sword. For women, there is a large selection of potential dates. And this allows them to be more selective in their swipes.

But for men, it is more of a hot seat. You have to prove you are worth it by offering a little extra compared to your competitors.

Users of this dating app have a high probability of starting long-term relationships and getting past that first date.

Having an open mind is the best way to approach Bumble as the relationship can be romantic, friendly or business-focused.

It all sounds good up to this point. But you are probably wondering how much it will cost to use Bumble. With online dating, the likelihood of better matches increases if you part with some cash.

The situation is not all that different when it comes to this app. But before getting into payments on Bumble, let us focus on how it works.

Messaging on Bumble Dating Modes

Online dating can be tricky. On some sites, users set up profiles, and this paves the way for communication from both ends. This feature can be pretty annoying. It is especially so when you have some criteria you would like met before engaging with users.

With Bumble, you can enjoy control over who you talk to. Communication only takes place when both users have swiped right. This Bumble feature is both a plus and a disadvantage.

On the one hand, you can avoid texts from people who are not a good match. On the other hand, you have to make your profile stand out or else you will not get those right swipes.

There are varying modes in Bumble messaging, and they work under different rules. In the Bumble date mode, people with first move privileges send the messages.

Note that you should send a message within 24 hours from the time of matching. The recipient also has 24 hours to respond to the message for the connection to take place.

However, there are features such as the Daily Extend, which can help you extend the period. This extension helps when you feel anxious about what to say and are unsure of what will land you that first date.

In the Bumble BFF mode, anyone can send the first message as long as you match with each other. Like is the case with people who are keen on dating, the window of communication is 24 hours.

Finally, there is the Bizz mode, which is more about networking. Here, the time lapses after seven days, so you have more time to think about what you want to say.

With Bumble, the first message can make or break your chances of landing that first date. The 24 hours may seem few.

However, note that the longer you take before responding, the less interested you will seem. Also, you do not want to appear too eager to land a date. It may come off as nagging and it serves as a turn-off to most people.

Must you pay to use Bumble?

Bumble, like other dating apps, is a business and there is a need for developers to generate revenues. While it is a free dating app, you cannot access all the features if you do not part with some cash.

After all, how convenient would it be to use this app for free? The beauty of online dating is that you get to meet people that you otherwise would not have. And parting with some dimes to make this happen is a natural part of the process. 

To access added features that will make your profile stand out more, you will need to buy Bumble coins.

This is a Bumble currency that is obtainable in the dating app. These Bumble coins allow you to super swipe as well as to spotlight.

This information is available under Bumble rights reserved. These Bumble features go a long way in helping you increase your chances of landing a date.

When you come across someone who is a good match, using the Bumble super swipe is a great idea.

It communicates that you really would like to get to know this person and it makes you stand out. The other option is spotlighting your Bumble profile such that you become more visible to other users.

The trick here is to highlight your profile when most users are using the app. In most regions, many of the profiles are active as from six in the evening. Find out when many users are online and use this information to your advantage.

While having the opportunity to pay for more visibility is a great feature, you should be careful with this. It is quite easy to get lost in the world of swiping that you forget what you wanted in the first place.

Also, you could end up spending more Bumble coins than is necessary for this process.

When should you pay to use this app?

The free version of this app works just as well. However, there are times where you may have to part with some dimes to get better matches. An example would be when you wish to use the Super Swipe feature.

This option appears in the form of a yellow heart on women’s profiles. Using it shows that you would like to get to know a person. And it significantly increases your chances of a swipe right.

Buying a super swipe should cost you about two dollars, but you can save money by purchasing the swipes in bulk.

The question is, should you use this feature? The answer is yes, and no. On the upside, you will declare a keen interest in a user’s Bumble profile, and this will increase your chances of engagement.

A user will feel elated that someone would use virtual money on a stranger to prove his interest. On the downside, you have shown your cards.

From the onset, the woman will already know that you are willing to go over and beyond what is standard. She will thus expect more of you, given that she now has leverage in this situation.

However, this decision should come down to how big a risk you are willing to take.

The other option is to spotlight your Bumble profile. In this way, users accessing the dating app are likely to come across your profile. The highlighting lasts half an hour.

You’d better hope that the girl of your dreams logs in when your profile is under the spotlight. The best time to do so would be from six in the evening when most people are online.

The average cost of a spotlight is two and a half dollars through to three-point six dollars.

Using Bumble Boost

You have the option of using Bumble Boost, which helps you get better matches in less time. For one, it allows you access to people who have swiped right on you.

Going through this list can aid you in narrowing your search as you swipe right on potential dates. It also reduces the time spent going through your feed in search of suitable matches.

Secondly, you have the option of a rematch when using the Bumble Boost. Do you remember when I stated that you have 24 hours to lock down that connection?

Well, with Bumble Boost, you can extend this period. That means you can match with a user who did not initiate contact within the required time.

Note that a lack of reaching out could also indicate a lack of interest from your potential match. But again, online dating is all about taking a leap of faith and is not for the faint-hearted.

When using this app at no fee, you can only extend one match per day. But when you go premium, you can extend as many matches as you deem fit.

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Getting the most out of the Bumble free version

Sure, you could always pay to get more matches and make your Bumble profile stand out from the rest.

However, there is no need to do this and you can avoid it by being strategic in your approaches. Start by creating a Bumble profile that stands out to the users on the app.

Do this by using an attractive photo and coming up with an impressive bio. Keep it short, light, and simple; after all, it is not an autobiography.

Finish up by linking your Bumble profile to your social media sites such that women can verify your information. It helps to note that being too choosy might not be the best approach with online dating.

You might think that the road to happiness lies in finding an adventurous woman only to find that your interest lies in dating nerds. Open your mind to new possibilities, and you can avoid parting with money for a date.

Using Bumble is as simple as that, and with some practice, you should meet someone that you will like. Good luck!

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