Alone on a Friday Night: Boredom-Busting Tips for the Perfect Evening

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It’s Friday night, and you’re home alone and BORED!!!

The start of the weekend isn’t meant to be a drag – so don’t let being stuck inside put you on a downer. 

Taking time out after a longgggg week can be a positive thing. Besides, staying in on a Friday night will not only save you dollars but allows you to grab some ‘refresh’ time. 

Read on to discover how you can have the best Friday night, without having to venture out of your home. 

The top 14 things to do when you’re alone on a Friday night

Don’t let alone time freak you out – instead, take on the challenge and follow my to-do-list:

Treat yourself to something delicious.

This may be by cooking yourself a steak just the way you like it, having cheesecake for dessert, then relaxing on the couch with a glass (or two) of fizz. 

Or, perhaps cooking isn’t your forte – in which case you could treat yourself to take-out such as pizza/Chinese/Thai.

Okay, so you aren’t eating out – but eating nice food alone has major advantages. 

You can eat as much as you want without being judged as greedy, you don’t have to try and cut that pizza slice up with a knife and fork, and there are no worries if you get sauce on your chin. 

Pamper yourself

I’m talking about a bath full of bubbles, a scented candle, relaxing tunes, and an exfoliating face mask. 

You’re home alone, so make the most of it and spend the evening refreshing yourself, with no fear of interruption. 

Who needs an overcrowded bar, queue-jumpers, and slurring drunk folk when you could avoid the commotion and refresh yourself at home.

See, staying in on a Friday night isn’t so bad – being a pampered princess/prince has some good points. Plus, by the end of it, you’ll be glowing!

Have a movie marathon

You know that movie that’s been on your to-watch list for ageeees?

Well, now’s the time to grab some popcorn and settle down to watch it.

Or, perhaps there’s a binge-worthy series on Netflix you want to make a start on. Well, what’s stopping you?

It’s Friday night, and there’s no one here to moan about your film/series choice.

So get your ‘binge-watch’ on…

Get organized 

Okay, so spending your Friday night getting organized isn’t the most exciting thing ever! But think about how rewarding it’ll feel to wake up on Saturday hangover-free, to a tidy home?

Getting organized can be anything from sorting out your kitchen, cleaning up, or rifling through your wardrobe, work bag, or makeup cupboard.

Our surroundings reflect our mood, so if we surround ourselves with clutter, then this is likely to unsync us and leave us feeling meh!

So, make use of your free time by sticking the tunes on and getting organized. 

Catch up on zzzzs

You may be thinking that sleeping sounds like the most boring Friday night plan ever!

But think about it. Once home, you can change into your favorite PJs and curl up in your comfy bed.

A busy week can lead to interrupted sleep, which can make even the chirpiest of people grumpy – so take this alone time to catch up on your zzzs. 


Always being on the go may sound fun, but it can be draining, especially on our minds. 

So, when you find yourself home alone, then why not do some self-reflecting? This can be by thinking of your week – the highs, the lows, the in-betweens.

Set yourself achievable goals for the week ahead, such as sending out emails first thing each day and saying ‘hi’ to your new work colleague.

This is your time, so use it to refuel – why not give meditation a go? This is a great way to be kind to your mind and focus on the positives.

Video call friends or family

Our busy life schedules can make keeping in touch with friends and family difficult.

Drop them a message and see if they’re home alone too – if so, then give them a video call and have a good old catch up. 

See, it’s possible to socialize without even having to leave your home. 

Maybe there’s a cute guy/girl you’ve been messaging? Well, then why not give them a call and have a chat with them? 

Remember that you’re not the only person inside alone on a Friday night.

Organize a virtual quiz

Not everyone is a social butterfly 24/7, so seek out other lonely folks, and why not suggest a virtual quiz

Not only is this a great way to keep busy, but it also helps you stay in touch with friends and family.

Perhaps you could invite work colleagues and friends-of-friends to join you, that way you can get to know new people too? And by being the host, you don’t actually have to brush up on your quiz knowledge. 

Also, you can be creative, especially when it comes to the prizes. These can be your special homemade chocolate cake or that cuddly penguin you once bought from a thrift store.


Exercising is great for your mind as well as your body – so if you find yourself with free time on your hands, then why not feel the burn?

From pilates to clubbercise, YouTube has plenty of tutorials for you to follow. 

Better still, it doesn’t matter if you get sweaty or fall over during a move, as no one else can see you. 

Who needs a busy gym full of toned fitness addicts, when instead, you can workout at your own pace in the comfort of your living room.

Read a book

Put on your favorite loungewear, pour yourself a glass of wine, and curl up on the couch with a good book.

After a stressful day, escaping your own head and entering someone else’s world can be blissful. 

From a good romance story to a cookbook – whatever your interest, reading is a great way to wind down after a busy day. 

Start that project

Whether it be drawing a masterpiece or writing a novel – everybody has that ‘project’ they want to start but haven’t got round to yet.

You’re home alone, you have free time, so what’s stopping you.

Think about how accomplished you’ll feel when you reflect back on your night and think about how productive you were?

How do you know you aren’t destined to be the next Banksy or J.K. Rowling if you don’t at least give it a try?

Go for a late-night walk

If staying in and staring at your own four walls is sending you loopy, then wrap up warm and venture out into the world. A late-night walk can be a great way to clear your head. 

The world at night is a very different place to that of the day – at night, you have more freedom to wander aimlessly without the worry of being late to work. 

There aren’t as many people about to dodge. Unless you’re out walking in a particularly busy area, there’s usually a certain calmness to the night.

It’s best to stick to routes you know well, and stay aware. But don’t be afraid of late-night walks, as I find they can be a great way to think through thoughts and clear your head. 

Garden party for one

If you’re fortunate enough to have your own garden (however small this may be), then why not make the most of it?

Provided it’s not raining or snowing, then why not put on your fluffy dressing gown or cozy jacket, grab yourself a drink, and sit outside?

Breathing in fresh air is a great way to clear your head – and when it gets too cold, you can go inside and relax with a hot chocolate – yum! 

Plan a future adventure

We all have a list of places we want to visit – so why not use your time alone to start planning one?

This could be a weekend spa trip with your mom or a month backpacking in Thailand.

So get out your laptop and start your adventure research. 

Even better, all the money you’ve saved by not going out can go in your adventure fund. 

When going out is a must

So, you’ve thought about it, but you just can’t do it – for your own sanity, you don’t want to stay alone on a Friday night. 

Well, in that case, (current lockdown rules permitting), then don’t!

If you want to go out that badly, then make it happen!

Plan a last-minute get-together

Everyone knows that the best nights out are usually the spontaneous, planned last-minute ones. 

Maybe the lack of planning leads to fewer stresses and anxieties about the night? Who knows, either way, random, unexpected nights out just have a tendency to be the best.

So, instead of sitting in alone moping about how lonely you are – send your friend a message and see if they fancy meeting for a drink. 

Whether it be 1 drink or 5 – take it as it comes and let the night lead you.

Go on a date

One way to quit sitting in every Friday moaning about how you’re alone – is to put yourself out there and find a partner. 

So, what’re you waiting for? Why not take a risk and ask that cute guy/girl you’ve been messaging for the last few weeks if they want to go on a date?

Yeah, so it’s last minute, and they might be busy, but they also might be just as bored as you.

Who knows, by sending them one little message, you could soon find yourself in a blossoming romance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do on a Friday night when you have no friends?

Friends are great and all, but you can still have a good Friday night without them. Eat tasty food, watch your favorite show, and relax.

If the no friends thing is getting you down, then there are apps out specifically for making new friends, such as Bumble BFF. 

So, you can pour yourself a vodka and cola and spend your evening meeting new people (without even having to dress up and go out!)

2. What is there to do on a Friday night in college?

As great as Friday nights in can be – if you’re at college, then chances are you won’t be short on invites out. 

Whether it be parties, date nights, group outings, or a night in watching movies with your housemates – college life doesn’t usually consist of being alone. 

If, however, you do find yourself with a rare Friday night alone, then make the most of it. 

Complete that due-in soon assignment, phone your parents, and play your favorite cheesy pop tunes without the fear of being judged by your fellow housemates.


Staying in alone on a Friday night isn’t so bad – after all, you don’t have to venture out to treat yourself.

Being home alone means you’re in charge. So, no compromising with a partner/friends/family about what you eat/watch/do.

You can stretch out on the entire couch, eat your favorite flavor of ice cream out of the tub, and take delight in the fact you don’t have to talk to anyone. 

Going out and socializing is great and all – but you can’t be on the go all the time. 

You mustn’t fear your alone time, instead view it as a way to power up your energy bar and save some dollars. 

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