OkCupid Self Summary Example: Catch Their Eye and Keep Them Interested!

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So, you’re single and ready to get out there and mingle! Only, the dating game has changed a lot over the last few years.

Out are the days of finding your soulmate in the frozen yogurt section of the grocery store- instead, you’re better off downloading a dating app.

Online dating means you have to write a profile!!! Yes, this is a terrifying prospect. Don’t panic! 

OkCupid (all rights reserved) is one of the leading online dating sites out there. Unlike other dating sites, OkCupid has separate profile sections to fill in, such as- about me, aspirations, talent, needs, and hobbies. There’s also a compatibility feature.

This makes the dating process easier because you can learn more about your potential dates and what makes them tick. The only scary bit about it is that you have to come up with an amazing profile too. Don’t worry, as I’m here to help.

So, read on to find out how to create a unique, eye-grabbing OkCupid profile that will have your inbox flooded with potential suitors in no time!

How do you write an introduction on OkCupid?

Someone’s profile has caught your eye on OkCupid, and you want to send them an introduction message. As tempting as it is to message them, “hey,” please refrain from doing so.

Think about all the times you’ve received a “hey” message. Did it excite you? No! does that person stand out in your mind? No! Did it tell you anything about why they messaged you? No!

Don’t make your first introduction to this person be “hey.” Instead, read on for my top tips on writing the perfect introduction.

No essays

There’s no need for a long, rambling message. They don’t want to know what you had for dinner or your views on the weather.

Long, boring essays will not catch their eye. Instead, your message will probably only be half-read then ignored.

Keep it short and to the point- a few lines should do. Write enough to show that you’re interested in them but leave enough room for them to get to know you more.

Mention likes or common interests

It’s a good idea to mention in your introduction message something you like about their pictures, profile, or what common interests you have.

If they have a picture of them standing next to a geyser in Iceland and you’ve been there too, then tell them this. If you both have a shared love for classical music, then perhaps mention your favorite composer.

This will show that you’ve paid attention to their profile and that you have things in common. Sometimes, a little goes a long way. A few well-worded lines can tell your potential date what you like and are about.

People are searching for someone they have things in common with. Life is far too short to be stuck with someone, not on your wavelength!

So, read their profile first and send a catchy message that proves that you’ve paid attention and that you like some of the same things!

Double check your message

Typos are a big turn-off. They’re sloppy, distracting, and they stand-out like a bruise. Don’t mess up your OkCupid dating chances by failing to double-check your messages.

Try reading your message out loud to check that they first make sense. Incoherent sentences are a sure-fire way to confuse the receiver, as they’ll struggle to understand what you’re trying to say.

A message that flows well is more likely to make people stop and smile. Remember, double-check and then check again, as the first message is an important one.

Don’t just go on about their looks

Yes, they may look like a Greek Adonis- but don’t just send them a message going on about how attractive they are.

Attraction is great and all, but an overall connection is also important. Look through their OkCupid page and find common ground to talk about that doesn’t involve just telling them how ridiculously good-looking they are.

Don’t tell a white lie

The dating game can be a frustrating one- after a string of time-wasters and no-repliers, it can be tempting to tell white lies in messages to grab their attention- this is not the answer!

Imagine you tell them that you’re massively into tennis when you hate it! Once you’ve put the lie out there, you have to roll with it.

Not only will this become confusing, but the more you communicate, the deeper the lie will have to spread for you to keep it up.

Do you want to end up in a relationship with someone who thinks you’re into something that you secretly hate?

If they find out that you lied, then this will put doubts in their head. To them, if you lied about this, then what else are you lying about?

Always keep it real, people don’t like being lied to, regardless of how good your intentions are!

How do you write an amazing self-summary on OkCupid?

So, how do you write a killer OkCupid self-summary? For many people, trying to sum ourselves up in a couple of paragraphs is a daunting prospect.

It’s natural for us to want to present ourselves in the best light, but at the same time, we don’t want to sound pretentious, over-eager, or even worse… Dull!

So, how do you write a catchy OkCupid self-summary that’ll make you stand out from the crowd? Read on for top tips, handy pointers, and OkCupid profile examples.

Be clever with your words

The key is to keep your OkCupid self-summary short and snappy. Don’t bombard your reader with facts… Yawn! Instead, tell them how you feel and give them an idea of what makes you tick.

For instance, this is an example of facts over feelings summary: “I’m a stay at home mom who doesn’t get out much, this doesn’t bother me as my main focus is my child. I also like arts and crafts, word puzzles, and losing myself in fantasy books- when I find the time!”

Instead, you want to keep your summary fresh and exciting, for example: “I’m a proud mommy to my cheeky and adorable 4-year-old boy. I’m a creative person, who’s currently quilting a patchwork blanket. This loyal Hufflepuff is looking for a fellow wizard to share magical adventures with!”

Don’t do yourself disfavor with lousy wording. By making your words pop off the page, you’re showcasing yourself in the best light and drawing in people with similar interests to you.

Fill in as many of the features as possible

OkCupid has A LOT of features, but don’t be afraid of these. This is a good thing, as it allows you to showcase yourself to potential dates.

This is your life, and it stands to reason you want to find someone to have a real relationship with. The more information you put out there about yourself, the more likely it is you’ll find “the one.”

Stuff the time-wasters, anyone who takes the time to fill in an extensive self-summary is looking for a relationship.

Don’t be put off by the endless features, instead, grab a coffee (or a glass of wine) and spend a free afternoon or evening filling it in.

You could even invite a friend around and get them to help you- after-all, friends are great at reminding us what makes us so great!

How do you answer questions on OkCupid?

OkCupid is different from the rest, as it allows you to answer lots of questions about yourself. OkCupid profiles are great to look through, as they allow you to see what someone’s about.

Questions, questions everywhere! But how do you go about answering them in the best way?

It’s normal to want to have a strong online dating profile, but how do you make it the best that it can be without sounding dull, boring, or being a rambler?

Trust me, it’s a lot simpler than you think. Read on to discover how you can smoothly go from online dating dud to an online dating pro in no time!

Don’t be afraid to answer questions

OkCupid stands out from the rest, as it allows you to express what you’re about. Don’t freak out at the idea of going wild with the questions.

Although you don’t need to answer every single question up there, you should at least pick a handful that will compliment your overall self-summary.

The “I’m good at?” and “you should message me if?” questions may make you shake in your boots- don’t panic!

If you’re a comedian, then make your answers lighthearted and funny. If you’re a sensitive soul, then don’t be afraid to show this.

Don’t ramble on. Keep it short and catchy, but be true to yourself. Here’s an example:

I’m good at lifting my friends out of their hangry moods with my delicious homemade cookies.”

Be creative with your wording, and never be afraid to answer as many questions as possible.

How can I see what my OkCupid profile looks like?

As online dating sites go, OkCupid is easy to get the hang of.

Once your profile is complete, it’s reasonable to want to view it the way other people will see it. Luckily for you, this is super easy to do.

Read on to find out how you can become an OkCupid profile viewing pro in no time!

A “how-to” guide

Firstly, log into your OkCupid profile.

Click on the thumbnail of your profile- which is in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Via the drop-down box, click on “Find a user” and type in your username. Voila, you’ll be transported to your profile page in no time!

Top tips for finding love on OkCupid

We get it, online dating can feel like a minefield. However good the app is, it doesn’t weed out all of the time-wasters and sex pests.

So, how to do you sift your way through the sea of driftwood idiots and find potential relationship-bound matches?

Below are my top tips for helping you to find “the one” on OkCupid.

Fill in the compatibility questions properly

Very few dating sites have a compatibility feature, so the fact OkCupid does is awesome.

Don’t rush- take the time to fill it in properly. Once done, OkCupid will do the hard work for you by calculating your results alongside your prospective matches.

You’ll be able to see your match percentage, so you’ll know if you’re a 97% match made in heaven, a worth-a-shot 65% or a doesn’t look rosy 15%.

Once you click on their page, it will tell you what values you have in common- handy!

Take some time out to complete the quiz, as this shows that you’re the type of person that likes to get things done, as well as being serious about looking for a life partner.

OkCupid could lead to relationship bliss, so don’t delay, fill in the compatible questions today.

Like away

OkCupid has a great “like” feature, so if you’re perusing through a cute profile and you want them to know you’re interested without sending them a message, then you can like them instead.

If they like you too, then it’s the equivalent of a Tinder match- only with added extras, as this site has loads more features than that notorious dating app.

For instance, if you like someone, then you later change your mind, don’t worry, as you can pass on them. This person won’t come up in your matches again for awhile.

If this OkCupid user turns out to be clingy, then don’t worry, as you can easily block them.

Make your intentions clear

You know what type of people you’re looking to meet, so make sure that you make this clear in your profile.

Yes, you want to be creative with your words, but make sure that you still make sense.

Sometimes, it’s easy to miss the point and end up attracting unsuitable people because your profile fails to give a clear presentation of who you are as a person.

You’re looking for “the one, not the “wrong one,” so keep things clear!

Use recent pictures

However good you look in a photo from 10-years ago, it was 10-YEARS AGO! You might think that this old pic is the best representation of you, and you may feel that you don’t look much different- but the fact remains, this picture is a decade old!

It’s best to use a recent picture on OkCupid, as this will show the present you.

Ten years ago, I went through a moody-photo phase and had an addiction to skull print- me a decade ago isn’t me now. People change, so use a recent picture so that your potential dates can see you for you. 

If you’re true to yourself, then you’re more likely to save yourself from the mean comments.

No one wants to go on a date where they’re given odd looks and have to endure comments such as “oh, you look slimmer in your picture,” and “I didn’t get the impression you were a floral-dress kinda girl from your photo”…ouch!

Is OkCupid a good dating site?

OkCupid has over 1 million active users. Now, that’s impressive! This free dating site knows that people want the best features to help them try and find “the one.”

OkCupid has some great features, such as the self-summary feature and the compatibility feature. You can look through the profiles, see your match percentage, and find out the answers to some out-there questions.

Dating can be hard work, and trying to find a potential life partner can seem almost impossible at times. OkCupid puts the fun back in dating and gives you the best possible chance of finding a keeper!

We’re all looking for something and someone, we just need to make sure that we’re looking in the right place.

Take time out to make the most of the site

OkCupid is a great site, but you’re likely to receive the best results if you take your time. It’s not a site that can be rushed!

First things first, check out some OkCupid profile examples for an idea of what will make people notice you.

OkCupid is a great site to find what you’re looking for. You deserve to find the best, so take the time to explore all the features this site has to offer.

You never know, the life partner of your dreams could be a profile search away!

An OkCupid Self-Summary Example Overview

OkCupid is a great dating site to join. The self-summary feature is an amazing way to allow people to get to know you.

As far as the dating world goes, if you join OkCupid, then you’re looking in the right place.

There are plenty of like-minded people who’ve taken the time to fill in their profile and take the compatibility quiz.

There are plenty of OkCupid profiles out there, so grab a drink and maybe some cookies and have fun reading through other peoples’ self-summaries.

You never know, the love of your life could only be a click away!

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