Signs the girl you are messaging isn’t into you!

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So it’s been a while you guys have been texting but you still can’t tell if she likes you or not. You’re not alone. Plenty of guys these days are confused because some women are happy to casually chat with strangers over the Internet without intending to take things further. You shouldn’t be letting this lack of clarity sap your time and energy though. 
Women can instinctively sense when a guy is into them even if he isn’t flirting outright. Luckily most women who aren’t interested in a romantic liaison will politely mention a boyfriend or a partner (imaginary or real). Some girls however have no qualms stringing guys along with no intentions of ever dating them. You don’t need to go down that rabbit hole. Learn to read the signs and move on taking help from the top experts in dating for men
Here are a few ways to help you gauge if this girl isn’t into you:
Does she leave your message on Unread for a few days and replies later with a lame apology/excuse about how busy she was, or how your message was lost in a pile. Chances are she has already read your message through the Notification preview on her phone and doesn’t want to click to “read” it because you’ll know she has read it and will expect an answer. So she’s leaving you hanging on Unread – for a few days, perhaps a week. She’ll get back when she’s bored or hasn’t heard from you in a while. It’s your cue to run when she does reply! 
She reads your message and blatantly ignores it. You wait a few days, even a week until you decide to message back again. This time around she might reply if she’s bored or worried you might give up and lose interest if she repeatedly ignores you. You’ll need to cut the cord with this girl too and keep your dignity intact – you’re no stray pup who’ll settle for the occasional scraps she throws at you!
She replies but very shortly, it’s almost monosyllabic. So, on the one hand, there’s you messaging her in detail about your day at the beach with your grandparents, and all you get from her is a “Cool.” There’s nothing cool about a girl who can respond so callously to a long heartfelt message. Again, run!

Are you the one constantly initiating contact while all she does is respond? This is a sure-fire sign the girl’s not interested. Try not to contact her for a few weeks and watch her come back to check up on you. She isn’t doing so because she misses you – what she misses is the validation and admiration, and if she has stopped getting it from you, she will check in. Don’t get too excited and respond as if nothing has happened. She will disappear again having ascertained that you’re still into her. Move on.
Now this one’s a bit different. The girl seems to enjoy chatting with you, and will even initiate contact. She might have even met up with you in person. You think there might be a chance BUT you notice that she isn’t responding to your flirtatious emoticons. All your attempts at initiating intimacy whether, through red hearts, xx, or kissing faces are being met with a Thumbs Up emoji, or a plain “Goodnight”. This means she isn’t interested romantically. You’ll need to either move on or ask her directly what she feels about you.
You send her songs you would love for her to discover but she responds with a “Thanks, I’ll listen later” or just ignores it. Again, this girl isn’t even emotionally invested in you, and romance is the last thing on her mind.
Her replies to all of your questions are cryptic and lacking actual information. They go something along these lines:
How was your day?Okay.So whatcha doin’?Nothing much…Had dinner?Yep.What did you eat?The usual.
Does this seem familiar? She isn’t a “woman of few words”. She has chosen not to engage or invest time answering you fully because getting to know you better is not on her list of priorities.
Now that you’ve learned to read the signs in a disinterested woman, focus your energies on someone who is. Keep in mind though that some women don’t enjoy texting and they would rather call or meet in person. Ask to meet up and if she seems reluctant or comes up with different excuses each time, it’s time to call it quits and find love with someone who feels the same.

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