What to Do When a Man Opens Up to You Emotionally

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The road to love is often a complicated one. Once we begin to develop feelings for someone, then boom! We’re in a vulnerable whirlwind that’s basically an emotionally draining rollercoaster.

Your emotions will go up, down, spin the loop-the-loop, then go from side-to-side: you get the idea!

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Women are known as the more emotional of the sexes. Although we don’t want to be branded as emotional wrecks, we tend to be more open about our feelings than perhaps most men are.

This is a good thing, as it shows that we care. The problem is that lots of men struggle to portray how they’re truly feeling, as they’ve grown up with the misconception that saying how they feel shows weakness.

The whole ’emotionally strong man’ routine may be alluring at times. Still, it can soon become an annoying guessing game, as you desperately try to figure out if that man’s into you or not.

So, how can you figure out if he’s genuinely into you or if he’s just messing you about? Read on to find out what signs to spot to tell if your dream man is ready to open up to you emotionally.

He’s totally into you

So, you’re dating this man- every time he looks at you, your heart flutters… Swoon!

He’s the silent and brooding type, which makes you want him even more. The problem is that all his silent and brooding-ness is confusing!

You feel sparks fly between you, but does he feel them too? Basically, you want to know if he has a thing for you or not? But you don’t want to have to come out and ask him this. You want him to tell you, or at least to show you!

Positive Body Language

Our bodies don’t lie. Instead, they give away tell-tale signs about how we feel during a situation, even if we don’t realize it.

He smiles at you, mimics your movements, and keeps his eyes firmly on you- if so, then it sounds like he’s really into you.

On the other hand, he folds his arms, seldom smiles, and closes off his body- then it sounds like he’s not that interested.

Add nerves to the scenario, and things get even more complicated: we fidget more than usual, laugh in random places and struggle to hold eye-contact.

Beyond the nerves, if someone is into you, then the signs will be there. In fact, being nervous is actually a good sign that they like you.

The more we like someone, the more we don’t want to mess it up, which in hand can make us extra nervous.

You have the power to work that man out, so tune into your intuition to solve their body language clues and figure out if they’re into you or not.

He makes an effort to spend time with you

However, much of a silent and mysterious type he is, the truth remains that if he’s into you, then he will go out of his way to be around you.

Think about it, when you really like a guy, then you want to spend time with him. So, if that man likes you, then it makes sense that he’ll want to spend even more time with you too.

He’ll take you along to that family party- not make excuses not to see you. For sure, he’ll tell his friends all about you- not keep you a secret. He’ll arrange to meet you after a long day at work- not make out he’s too tired.

Basically, if he’s into you, then he’ll want to do things with you, and no lame excuses will get in the way!

He wants to know everything about you

Is he the potential “one” or not? Well, let’s see?! Life isn’t always that predictable, and as for love, that can be a minefield.

Whether he is “the one” or not remains unknown, at least for now. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you, though.

In fact, if he asks you loads of questions about yourself, this is a great sign that he’s totally into you and wants to see where things will go!

Yes, when you’re dating, he’ll ask questions to be polite- but there’s a difference in asking questions. After all, he thinks he’s filling an awkward silence, as opposed to asking them because he’s genuinely interested in you.

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How do you emotionally connect with a man?

So, how do guys get emotionally attached to a woman?

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Okay, so you might not be able to magic up a love spell. What other things can you do to make the man of your dreams connect with you on an emotional level?

Men are tricky to work out at times, as they don’t always wear their feelings on their sleeves. Sparks may fly with him, but you’re confused- does he love you, or love you not?

How exactly do you emotionally connect with the man of your dreams? Read on for my top tips to get you one step closer to an emotionally amazing connection!

Listen to him

All men want to fall for a woman who they can open up with. Let men confide in you and be understanding.

Trust is a massive thing in every relationship- it’s also the way to a strong emotional connection.

We all want someone in our lives who we can be ourselves with, so it makes sense that men want this trait in that woman who caught their eye too.

Listen to him, be there for him, and don’t judge him. Never throw anything he tells you in confidence back at him in an argument. This is a massive no go, as it will make him feel vulnerable, and he can’t open up to you again.

Let your bond develop naturally

Basically, this means going with the flow. This can be easier said than done, as when you care for someone, it’s natural to want the bond between you both to develop at an ultra-fast pace.

Sit back and relax- the best things in life come at a normal pace. If he really is “the one,” then he isn’t going anywhere. So get to know him and give your bond time to grow.

Spend time together, learn about each other, share intimate moments, tell each other secrets, and genuinely get to know what makes him tick.

If the spark’s there, then so is the ability to connect with him emotionally. Things will just fall into place.

You just have to let your life plan out and see where things go with this man. Perhaps time will tell you that he is the man of your dreams, or maybe you grew further apart- if so, don’t beat yourself up about it, at least you gave it a go!

There are plenty of great men out there, never give up your search for the right one for you.

Be yourself

You want someone to love you for you

Life is far too short to compare yourself to another woman, or long to be someone else.

There is only one you, and that’s awesome. If you laugh when you’re nervous, then don’t be embarrassed about this. If you don’t want the taste of fish, then don’t be afraid to politely tell him this (before he takes you that that posh seafood restaurant).

Developing an emotionally strong connection with a man is far easier to do when you’re honest with them and with yourself.

Don’t be afraid to let him get to know you, as this will make him far more likely to open up about himself to you too.

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Signs he is confused about his feelings?

You’re attracted to a man, but his mixed signals are driving you crazy! I feel ya; it’s the most frustrating thing EVER! 

You might wonder, why is he fighting his feelings for me? Does he actually care about me at all? Is there something wrong with me?

Sometimes, men can be confusing. One day, he wants to learn everything about you. Then he’s messaging you loads and seems eager to make plans with you. The next day, he’s changed into a completely different person.

He makes excuses not to message and more reasons not to meet up.

What are the main signs that show that this man does like you, he’s just confused about his feelings for you?

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He has something or someone else on his mind

This could be a new job worry or a controlling ex issue.

If you guys are still in the early dating stages and a big thing in his life pops up, then this could be distracting for him. He might be crazy about you, but his focus is currently on this problem in his life that he knows he needs to deal with.

Yes, it would make life far easier if he was just honest with you. But maybe he’s embarrassed or finds it hard to open up about things- also, he might be afraid of scaring you off.

If he has a genuine interest in emotionally connecting with you, then give him time.

You could send him a polite message asking him how he is? If he replies with a sweet note saying he has a lot going on, but he really wants to see you soon, this is a positive sign.

He’s scared of being heartbroken again

Heartbreak is no fun for anyone- When someone we love and care about breaks our heart, it can take a lot of time and patience to move on from this.

Even though you’re a different woman who isn’t his ex (thankfully), you’re still capable of hurting him, and this will make him feel vulnerable.

It might be that he just needs a little time, patience, and reassurance. Love is a risk, but if we don’t take it, then we’ll never find “the one.”

If you have a soft spot for him, then it seems a shame to give up on him because he’s cautious.

Take it slow, be understanding and be there for him, and see if it turns into something more.

Emotionally connecting with your man: an overview

You care about him, and when you’re around him, you genuinely believe this could lead to love. He’s the man of your dreams, and you hope that you’re the woman of his dreams too.

Don’t overthink it. Instead, the best way to connect with him on an emotional level is to follow your heart and not put unneeded pressure on yourself.

Spend time with him, get to know him, and always be yourself around him. If something special comes from this, then great! If not, never give up, love will find you eventually- love usually happens when you least expect it!

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