14 Signs He Is Trying To Impress You

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If you’ve ever watched a rom-com or know anything about how most men are raised, you won’t be surprised that it can be difficult for them just to come out and say, hey, I like you.

So, as women, we have to learn to read between the lines a lot – which is only fair, I suppose since we are even more confusing to men.

So, how do you know he is trying to impress you?

  1. Demonstrates physical strength
  2. Acts fearless
  3. Uses eye contact to convey interest
  4. Talks with a low and deep voice 
  5. Takes up extra space
  6. Dominates conversations
  7. Shows how funny he is (even if he isn’t)
  8. Talks about himself
  9. Takes care of his appearance
  10. Shows interest in your hobbies
  11. Laughs at your jokes (even when you’re not funny)
  12. Offers to help 
  13. Changes his body language
  14. Genuinely listens to you

Not only are men raised to keep their feelings to themselves, telling someone you like them is just plain scary. It is much easier to communicate through actions and hopes that the girl he has his sights on can spot the signs.

What Are The Obvious Signs That A Guy Likes You?

Below, you can read more about the signs mentioned above to know exactly when a guy is trying to impress you.

1. Flexes His Muscles

Ever have a man ‘accidentally’ show of his washboard abs or more subtly, flex his biceps for you to see? Girl, that man was trying to impress you!

Most women will instantly melt into the arms of a strong man – and it’s not just because they can help you open that jar of pickles you’re so badly craving. Women want to feel protected, and who better to do it than the guy who just won the arm-wrestling match?

2. Shows You He Is Fearless

Isn’t it just super sexy when a man has adrenaline pumping through his body, and he is willing to step into the face of danger to impress you?

Men know most women like risk-takers a lot, and they will use this to their advantage to get your attention.

Speed-freaks and extreme sports fanatics aside, men will do what they can to show you they are fearless, even if it means ending up in the hospital with a concussion or some broken bones. Now, if that isn’t true love, what is?

3. It’s In His Eyes

Eye contact is one sure way to see if a guy is trying to impress you. It’s so obvious; you will know in your gut that this man is subtly trying to make a lasting impression.

There are different degrees of looks, but if he holds it a second longer and stares at you as if he is trying to gaze into your soul, consider yourself lucky – he’s interested in you.

Of course, the meaning behind what his eyes are saying can vary greatly; it can be a look of full-blown sexual attraction or a stare of curiosity and fascination.

No matter what the secondary motive of the look is, if you’re on the receiving end of a stare that feels a little longer than usual, he wants to make an impact on you.

4. His Voice Will Drop

Testosterone has an invisible power over women – the higher, the better – and a low and deep voice indicates that the guy has bucket-loads of this hormone.

Men subconsciously know that testosterone is the driving force behind real-life attraction, so they use it to their advantage.

When a guy drops his voice an octave or two, he likes you. This sign is very subtle, and you may not even notice it, but don’t worry, slow and deliberate speech is also a clue that he is attracted to you and aims to impress.

If you like him too, put in some effort to show him. Who knows, maybe you will end up in a relationship!

5. He Will Take Up More Physical Space

Okay, that sounds weird. It makes you think of a peacock opening its feathers, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

When a guy is interested in you, his body language will be exaggerated and ‘loud.’

He will move his hands and arms excessively when talking to a girl he has his sights set on – taking up more space than he would while chatting to friends.

Chimpanzees display the same behavior. We’re still pretty primitive in some ways, aren’t we?

6. He Will Try To Dominate Group Conversation

This can leave a girl unimpressed when done wrong – no one likes it if someone HAS to be the center of attention. But, some men can do it and walk away with the girl in the end.

Much like those guys who take up more physical space to impress a girl, these men will use their voice and words to do the same.

Yes, it can come across as arrogant and rude, but I suppose you can still take it as a compliment – he wants you to notice him.

7. He Turns Into A Comedian

Think back to when you were a teen (if you’re not one now). Remember how immature guys acted when they wanted your attention in those days?

Well, welcome back to high school because when a grown-up man likes a woman, he somehow turns into a pre-pubescent teen.

Guys aren’t good at communicating directly, we’ve covered that. But the unfortunate result is that attraction will now somehow turn into fart jokes, teasing, and just general silliness.

When a guy turns into a goofball around you, he almost certainly finds you attractive and wants your attention. Pay attention to the poor dude. The guy likes you! Let’s hope he doesn’t quit his day job.

8. He Will Tells You More About Himself

Even the most modest guy you know will turn into a show-off if he likes you. It’s not always a deliberate move on his part; sometimes, he will subconsciously feel now is the time to talk about his skills and everything he has accomplished.

Coming across as a knight in shining armor is a very effective way to catch someone’s attention even if he does sound a little arrogant.

Guys wouldn’t continue using this strategy – even on a subconscious level- if it didn’t work.

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9. He Takes Extra Care Of His Appearance

As soon as you see a guy making an effort to look nice around you, you can be sure he’s trying to impress you.

It means he deliberately chose to wear those jeans because he knows it makes him look hot, or he consciously decided to buy some new aftershave to smell extra careful.

He may also change his fashion choices to fit in with yours; do you wear a lot of black, and now suddenly he is wearing more black?

This could be his way of indirectly trying to impress you because he is dressing the way he thinks you would want him to.

10. He Will Show An Interest In Your Hobbies

What better way to show that he is interested than by making you think that you like the same stuff and have the same hobbies? Uhm, okay, this may come across as a little stalker-ish, but he means well.

It’s a sign that a guy is interested when he suddenly is curious about your hobbies and interests and even goes as far as to take up one of your hobbies himself!

That’s some next-level dedication. But it is cute. It gives you something to talk about, and he gets to know you better at the same time.

Please don’t see this type of behavior as clinginess – it’s just his way of showing you that he likes you. He deserves an A for effort.

11. He’ll Laugh At Your Jokes

Don’t you think you’re funny? Well, get ready for a surprise because if a guy likes you, he will make you believe you are the next Amy Schumer.

Giggling – even when it comes to guys – is a sign that he’s into you. So, if you find yourself making awful dad jokes and he seems to be getting an ab workout form all the laughing, it is his way of communicating his interest.

This is one of the easiest ways to check if a guy likes you. Do your worst; dig deep for a joke that’s not even remotely funny. If he reacts by laughing so hard, it turns into a snort; he may be in love.

12. He Will Offer To Help

No need to even ask, if you have a problem to be solved, he will come to your rescue just like Superman.

As they say, actions speak louder than words and a guy that will go out of his way to help you or do something beautiful for you, that dude is a keeper.

Although these actions may, at first, be outside of his control because he is so infatuated with you, as the relationship grows, it will become more genuine.

Being on the receiving end of such kind and selfless acts sure feel beautiful, don’t you think?

Pay attention to the signs; maybe it’s time to take things to the next level and stop being ‘just friends’?

13. His Body Language Will Change

When you are just getting to know each other and are friends, his body language will be completely different than when he is interested. Again, men struggle to be direct, so they let their bodies do the talking.

Some changes you can look for include:

  • Intentionally faces you.
  • Points his feet towards you.
  • Leans when he is talking to you.
  • Touches your arm or shoulder lightly.

This behavior is not conscious – when you’re attracted to someone, your brain just knows what to do to make someone else feel special and wanted.

So, keep an eye out for changes in his body language; he may be trying to communicate that he wants to be more than friends.

14. He Genuinely Listens When You Talk

In this world, we have a lot of talkers and not so many listeners. A million things are competing for our attention, so, when a guy actually listens to you when you talk, it is a clear sign that he likes you.

The longer you can keep his full attention, the more he is trying to impress you.

The amount of attention a person pays to their partner in a relationship is paramount for success.

It is also the best way to measure their interest level – if he pays close attention to you and can keep his eyes off of any technological distractions, it is a sign that he values you and what you have to say.

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How To Tell He Is Not Into You

Now that you know what signs to look for to see if he is interested in you and trying to impress you, it’s a good idea to share some clear signs that he doesn’t like you.

It’s never nice to check your phone every 15 minutes to check if he messaged you only to find nothing, and two weeks later, your self-esteem is down in the dumps, and he is nowhere to be seen.

I’ll keep it short and sweet – just like you should when you say goodbye to a guy that’s just not that into you.

  1. He doesn’t call on sends you messages first. This is probably the reddest of red flags and one that should not be ignored.

  2. He flirts with the whole world. Flirting does not equal interest. Some guys are just flirtatious by nature, and that’s okay. It’s up to you to figure out if he is flirting because he likes you, or because that’s just how he is.

  3. He doesn’t get jealous. A guy that likes you will pay attention when you are with or mention another guy. If he could care less – you should too.

  4. He doesn’t try to spend time with you. This goes hand-in-hand with him, not calling or texting first. If he likes you, he will want to talk to you and be around you because it feels good.

  5. He talks about other women in his life. If he talks about and especially asks advice about other women, he has friend-zoned you.

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Don’t waste time on guys that clearly aren’t into you – block him on social media, delete his number, forget his email address – just move on. It’s a sign that there’s someone a lot better out there waiting for you.

So, now you know what to look for to see if a guy likes you or not. In time, reading these signs will become second nature, and you’ll be able to tell if he’s worth your time or not.

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