What makes alpha males fall in love? Proven ways to win an alpha

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You find this guy attractive and endearing. He has the charms to make every girl swoon.

 This man you’re eyeing has found success in his endeavors. He has everything you want in a man. He’s educated, courageous, confident, and assertive.

 He can start a conversation with any woman. Physically, he’s strong as a bull, tall, and handsome.

If those characteristics describe the man that you like, then you are interested in an alpha male.

How do you make him fall for you? Read more in this article and find out.

What makes a man “Alpha”?

The term alpha male has been regularly tossed around in the media, but many people still have a vague idea as to what it is.

 Scientist Dr. L. David Mech popularized the term. He once wrote that the alpha male is at the top of the hierarchy in animals like gorillas. He described it as aggressive and superior in intelligence and strength.

Alpha males are guys who are at the top of the social hierarchy. They are strong and successful.

Women desire them. These men succeed through their physical prowess, intelligence, hard work, and in some instances, intimidation. 

 In short, the alpha male is the dominant one in his class. They are achievers and leaders.

Senior executives can be considered as alpha men because they are always in control, wealthy, intelligent, confident, and powerful.

But not all alphas dominate the business or corporate worlds. They can also be making waves outside the boardroom. They’re the guys who know what they want in life, and often, have enjoyed success for a prolonged period.

Alpha men are also present in other fields, like sports. And most of the time, they excel in their chosen endeavors.

Think of names like Michael Jordan, Messi, and Floyd Mayweather; They are true-blue alpha men. 

Physically, alphas stand out from the rest of the field. Not all of them are as gorgeous as say, George Clooney. But they are generally well-groomed. They always look and smell good. Women are attracted to them.

In short, we can define Alphas as real men and the anti-thesis of the beta guys who are weak and submissive.

They are the type of partners women like you want to have sex with.

What is the alpha male personality? 

Now that we have defined what an alpha guy is, it’s time to take a look at the characteristics that make guys alpha.

 In a lot of ways, these traits are also the same qualities that make alpha guys endearing to women. These are the qualities in men that women like you most likely love.

 Alpha males are cool under pressure. They are as suave as James Bond when facing a crisis, even one that can mean life and death.

We can attribute this remarkable trait to the ability of alpha males to adapt to changes. They can act immediately and decisively in times of crisis.

Alpha males can quickly think on their feet. They use their unique quick thinking ability, along with their inherent charms, to capture anyone’s attention.

 There’s a notion that alpha males are overly severe individuals. A guy has to be intimidating or a bully to be at the top of the food chain. This is a common misconception.

On the contrary, alpha men can be the smiling and welcoming guy who’ll approach you in a bar. It seems that they can sport a pleasant and relaxed smile even when they are under duress.  

This accommodating nature can be attributed to the utmost confidence that alphas have in themselves. They may not be the best-looking individual in a room, but they know they can converse and hang out with anyone. 

Alphas have this fantastic ability to take control of whatever social situation they are in. They can easily make themselves the center of the conversation. They know how or what to say, whether in a large group or a handful of people.

Alpha men are often the life of the party, holding court over a large group of individuals that include women. You’ll notice one leading a conversation when you are out in a club or a meeting.

 He can keep the conversation going with this arsenal of exciting tales, the breadth of his personal experiences, and his humor.

He’s also aware of the latest news and scientific breakthroughs. He knows how to converse with anyone, no matter the age group he is with.

At the same time, these men are humble. They know how and when to compliment other people, especially women.

And they won’t seek outside approval so they would be proud of themselves. They are aware of their capabilities and achievements, and that’s all that matters to them.

To make the long story short, the alpha male is the ideal guy—the one you’d want to fall in love with and the person you would want to introduce to your parents.

How do you win the alpha male heart? 

Every girl wants to be noticed by an alpha guy. Thus, you’ll have to work hard to make an alpha notice you. 

Most alphas don’t get turned on by women with incredible haircuts, styles, and hue. Women who like to wear make up also don’t appeal to alphas. For the alpha guy, girls should be naturally beautiful.

So, how do you do so? You can start by being fresh-faced. It pays to have a radiant complexion. You don’t want to have tired and puffy eyes. Go to the gym and work out. Read more on other ways to be naturally beautiful.

Once you have gained his attention, you won’t have to wait long for him to ask you out. It may not be on a fancy dinner yet, but the fact that he’s interested in you should get your hopes up. 

According to author Christelyn Karazin, male alphas love feminine women. They want to be with a woman whom they can treat like a queen or a princess.

What does this mean? When you hang out with a male alpha, you should let him open the door for you. He should be the one to order when you are dating. And you should allow him to pay for dinner.

You should be ready to listen when dating an alpha. It should be him who’s controlling the conversation most of the time.

Allow him to feel that you are all ears on him. This would make him feel good about you.

Alphas love being with women who are submissive, passive, and nurturing. The aggressive and confident man wants to be with a woman who won’t mind being in the passenger seat.

Karazin also makes a critical point if you want to continue dating with an alpha guy– you should never be an alpha yourself.

Dating an alpha can be disastrous if you’re also the type of person who’s driven and ambitious. There will likely be a competition. One would eventually leave the relationship.

Another dating expert, Evan Marc Katz, notes that alpha males love to be with women who won’t challenge their decisions.

If you get into a relationship with an alpha guy, you must never question his choices. Instead, you should always be supportive of his preferences.

A masculine guy will also want to be with a positive-minded woman. An alpha guy can be stressed out most of the time because of his intense drive to succeed. Therefore, he would rather be with a woman who has a happy disposition in life.

You should be the partner to make him feel relaxed during times when he’s tired or burned out. You must not be a negative, clingy, or negative woman if you want to get far in your relationship with an alpha.

Lastly, you should learn how to adapt if you are to have a happy relationship with an alpha. This type of person can be too aggressive that he may want to move places or change jobs in pursuit of a career goal.

Thus, you may have to sacrifice some of your personal goals if you’re going to be the right woman for him.

What does it mean when a man is vulnerable?

Psychologist Randy Flood says that in the past, society dictated that men are not vulnerable. There are set norms for masculinity in most patriarchal societies, like being active, independent, and stoic.

But he adds that today’s society has given men the green light to show their vulnerability. Nowadays, a guy can reveal his vulnerable side to people close to him, especially the woman in his life.

Researcher and author Dr. Brene Brown, meanwhile, suggests that a vulnerable man is helping strengthen his relationship with his woman. And yes, this applies even to an alpha.

According to her, there can be no love, intimacy, or trust without vulnerability. Therefore, a man who reveals his weakness to a woman is being comfortable with the relationship.

In short, an alpha who shows any sign of vulnerability is merely being comfortable with his partner. If this happens to you, it means there is already a strong bond or connection in your relationship.

It won’t be a stretch of the imagination to say that your alpha may never leave you at all, for he has found true love, a real home in you.

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