Top Five Dating Tips from Steve Jabba

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Going on a date can be a nerve-wracking experience for most guys like you. How can you do well on a date?

Reading and learning from pick-up artists like Steve Jabba can help you get rid of those butterflies in your stomach, and more importantly, impress your date.

Who is Steve Jabba?

Before we get into the top dating tips from Steve Jabba, let’s get to know him first and see his accomplishments in the dating game.

Jabba is one of the more recognizable pick-up artists (PUA) today. He’s known for his spontaneous, aggressive, and natural style with women.

While he was in the seduction industry years ago, it was only in 2013 when he did join the PUA coaching industry. He runs his own website,, which also features an active online forum.

Like most guys, Jabba was once ugly, unattractive, and insecure. Back in the day, he went through stages of depression and anxiety before he learned how to get success with women in college.

While attending Essex University, he gained a reputation for being a woman’s man. 

Although he has been turned down by lots of women before, Jabba says that he was able to learn from his mistakes and failures.

He then developed a cold and aggressive approach in which he takes the first step in approaching women instead of waiting for them to do so.

Today, Jabba manages an online forum where he shares his insights and tips on how to pick up women.

The online forum has a robust and supportive community. Many guys like you join it. You can join that forum and learn a lot of things about dating and approaching women.

He sells a product titled Primal Seduction. According to him, this e-book teaches guys how to build up their confidence and attract the best looking women.

Jabba is also the man behind the video, “Secret Society.” This video series is also available for download for a fee on Jabba’s website.

The Secret Society shares the secrets of men who have the mindset, confidence, and knowledge to get the girls they like. The Secret Society video series teaches, among other things, how to approach women correctly and how to create sexual tension.

After watching the Secret Society video series, you will also learn how to spot and take advantage of the signs that a woman likes you. This video will teach you simple and brand new techniques in approaching women.

The Secret Society gives practical and brand new exercises to create and nourish an assumptive mindset. According to Steve Jabba, this mindset can help you take any girl to bed any time any day.

The pick-up video likewise teaches men the best way to approach attractive women by correctly reading social cues. It also gives tips on how to make any woman feel at home with you.

And it shares a systematic plan for enhancing your outlook in life so that you will still be able to pick up girls no matter how bad things are going in your personal life.

Top Dating Tips from Steve Jabba

As you can see, Steve Jabba has the credentials to share dating tips. He knows how to pick up girls at any time of the month or of the year.

Below are five dating tips that he shares on his own online forum:

1. Take charge

According to the Primal Seduction author, men should take the lead during a date. It means that you should be the pursuer. You must be the one to ask the girl out. You should be the one to tell where you are dining, and which movie or concert you’d be watching.

Moreover, he adds that men should see to it that they are physical early on– meaning if they can get the chance to have sex, then they should grab it right away. He argues that men who fail to take the lead on the first date not only lose their value; they also lose the chance to get a second date.

2. Choose a good location

Related to the first tip is picking a good place for the date. Steve Jabba suggests that you pick a spot that’s close to you where you are.

The logic behind this tip is merely practical– you should have an easier time taking her home once all’s been said and done.

Think about how difficult it would be for you to take your girl home when you have to stand around, waiting for a taxi or a bus. She will definitely find lining up inconvenient and a waste of energy and effort

And even if the time waiting for an Uber means you have enough time to be with her, this can still backfire on you. Instead of lining up, you should have been bringing her home, right?

Moreover, Steve Jabba explains that choosing a place that’s near your home stacks the odds in your favor. After a great night with her, it would be easier for you to bring her to your place instead of taking her home.

3. Act as if she’s already your girlfriend

Steve Jabba says that girls like to follow a man who has a strong identity. He says that if men act in a particular way, then their women will gladly follow suit.

Therefore, if you act like the girl you are dating is your girlfriend, you can make her follow your lead. She will likely feel comfortable with you.

So, don’t be timid on the first day. Build up your confidence by following these tips.

Smile and look her in the eye. Touch her right away like giving her a little hug. See to it that she feels special. By treating her like your girlfriend, you are stepping up your primal seduction.

If you’re hesitant to follow this piece of advice, then you should realize that a girl who agrees to go on a date with you is already interested in you. As Steve Jabba points out, girls won’t go on a date with guys whom they don’t like. Being on a date means she wants to know you better.

4. Try somewhere intimate.

The Secret Society author says that intimate places are best for first dates. The Secret Society creator believes that intimate places such as restaurants can give men and women the most conducive atmosphere to getting to know each other.

5. Avoid specific topics and talk about interesting subjects

The Secret Society creator lists down three topics that you should avoid on your first date. These are religion, politics, and lengthy conversations about careers.

He says that discussions about these subjects could reveal differences in viewpoints and personalities, which could affect a guy’s chance of having a relationship with the girl.

Surprisingly, he does not discourage you from talking about relationships on your first date. The Secret Society author adds that you can talk about topics such as travel, pets, books, fitness, and live events during your first date.

Steve Jabba says that generally speaking, good conversations with attractive women should be lighthearted and fun.

Men should avoid getting into logical debates during the first date. Instead, they should have discussions that can transition into feelings and emotions.

Here are some samples of first date conversation starters that you can also consider. This article also shares some things you should never do on your first date.

The Secret Society video creator believes that by following the tips discussed above, any guy will have a good shot at having a romantic relationship with any attractive woman.


Follow these tips when the day comes that you will be meeting a girl that you really dig.

Jabba has had a lot of success with women, and he’s been sharing it through his creations like the Secret Society and Primal Seduction. You can get your love life going by heeding Jabba’s pieces of advice.

Alternatively, you can also join his online forum to see and read other dating tips. You can view other videos, read additional insights, and take your knowledge of dating and other girls to the next level.

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