14 Common Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings For You

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She likes you; she likes you not!

On the surface, figuring out if that girl’s into you should be easy, right?! Wrong!

Instead, spotting the signs that she’s secretly hiding her true feelings for you can be on the tricky side.

Some girls hide away their true emotions as they’re afraid of rejection.

Come on, let’s face it – no one wants to feel like they’re not good enough!

So, how do you spot the signs she is hiding her feelings for you?

Signs She Likes You

Okay, so does she secretly want to be your girlfriend, or is she happy just being friends?

How on earth are you meant to figure this one out?

Yeah, I get it. At times it seems like women can be seriously difficult to figure out.

When it concerns the matter of the heart, then girls tend to be more subdued.

Putting her feelings out there means, well, they’re out there! And once that happens, there’s no going back.

So, if you secretly like her and believe she feels the same way about you, then start playing detective…

It’s time to spot the signs to prove this.

1. She goes out of her way to be around you

Let’s face it, would you want to spend lots of time with someone you didn’t like? Erm, no!

So, if she’s choosing to hang out with you when she doesn’t have too then, this is probably a sign that she likes you.

Okay, so we don’t have romantic feelings for every friend we hang around with. So, how do you tell if she’s just hanging out as friends or if there’s more to it?

Does she go out of her way to be around you and just you?

Or is she always there cheering you on and supporting you?

These are big signs that she could be hiding her real feelings for you.

Time is precious so if she’s choosing to spend her free time with you, take this as a big compliment!

2. Body language

Her mind might be hiding her real feelings toward you, but body language doesn’t lie.

Does she smile when she’s around you?

Does she make eye contact then immediately blush or look away?

How about playing with her hair, giggling at things you say, and edging closer to you?!

Also, if she seems to be extra nervous around you of late, then this is a sign she likes you.

I know the score – being around someone you like means word stutter and laughing at the dumb things they say.

Basically, the nerve-monster takes over!!!

So, if she seems super nervy around you, then take this as a big fat yet shiny sign that she may be into you.

3. She knows everything about you

She mentions how you wore that emerald green shirt you’re wearing last Thursday too.

She knows what your favorite movie is and that you have a distant uncle living in Australia.

She also knows whenever you seem down or if something is troubling you.

One of the biggest signs she’s covering her true feelings for you is when she seems to knows pretty much everything about you…and even senses when you’re not feeling yourself.

Even you probably don’t remember what you wore last Thursday, but she does – now what does that tell you?

When people are crushing on someone, then they take note of the little things about them.

You know, the kind that’s otherwise overlooked.

Every little detail and change matters to them because you matter to them!

4. She listens to you

Even if you’re talking about the most boring subject, ever her attention’s fixed on your every word.

Why did you ask? Well, this is simple!

If we have feelings for someone, then it doesn’t matter what they’re talking about, whether this is the weather or a math equation.

They just like listening to you!

So, if she makes the time to listen to you, then she likes you. And if she goes out of her way to help you feel better about stuff, then she clearly values your friendship…

And it sounds to me like she may well be hiding her feelings for you too.

5. She tries to impress you

There’s a world full of potential love interests out there, so naturally, she wants you to notice her above anyone else.

Maybe she’s styled her hair differently or bought a new blouse?

Has she subtly mentioned to you how she’s in line for a job promotion?

Maybe she started ice-skating? (when she knows it’s a passion of yours).

Or she bought your favorite candy bar for you.

If she’s subtly going out of her way to impress you, then it sounds to me like she more than likes you!

6. The green-eyed monster

So, you innocently liked a photo of a girl you know on social media, and now your crush clearly in a mood with you.

What did you do wrong? Well, nothing really!

You’re a single guy, so you can like away.

BUT… you wanted to know some of the signs she secretly wants you. Well, this is a biggie!

People don’t get jealous for no reason.

If she acts annoyed when you mention other girls, then ask yourself why she’s doing this?

This behavior seems kinda suspect…so it sounds to me like she has secret feelings for you.

Think about it. If that girl likes you, then it stands to reason that she doesn’t want to watch you hanging out with other girls.

And she certainly won’t want you commenting on their social media… Not when you could be commenting on hers!

7. Your advice matters

If she comes to you for advice, then this is proof that she values your opinion.

Even though she’s hiding her feelings for you, she still wants validation from you.

Do you think that decision she made is right? She wants to know what you think because if she really likes you, then your words matter to her.

8. Your mutual friends notice it

If that girl likes you and you like her, well, you might be able to hide your feelings from each other, but it’s harder to hide the truth from your friends.

It’s a well-known fact that friends notice things!

And they’re likely to make hints, jokes, and remarks about it.

If your friend jokingly tells you both to “get a room” or to “admit your feelings already!” then take this as a good sign.

Your friends can see sparks flying...

So, it sounds like one of you needs to take the plunge and admit your feelings for each other before your friends lose the will to live!

9. She worries about you

So, you left home in a rush and ended up leaving your phone at home!

She couldn’t get hold of you and began to panic…

When you return home and see her worried messages, you explain to her that you weren’t hit by a bus.

Okay, so she’s obviously relieved.

But more than this…

She asks you if you’re eating enough, makes a fuss of you if work is stressing you out, and when you seem sad, she does too.

If she worries about you, even if it’s over the littlest of things, then she clearly cares about you.

10. I’ll be there for you

If that girl likes you, then chances are if you have a problem, then she’ll drop everything to be with you.

If she goes out of her way to comfort you when you need it the most, then not only does she sound like an awesome friend, but there could be more to it…

This may well be a sign she more than just likes you.

11. Laughter is the best medicine

One of the big signs she likes you is if she laughs at pretty much everything you say. 

Even if your joke sucked and none of your other friends get it, she finds it hilarious.

Maybe she just likes your style of humor…

Or perhaps she just really likes you, in which case she’s likely to laugh at all your jokes, however lame they may be.

Think about it. We want to impress the people we find attractive while we’re far more likely to tease our friends if they say something so not funny.

12. She messages you a lot

Basically, she doesn’t keep you waiting long for a response.

There’s no way she would put her phone down and forget to message you for a day.

Nope! she wants to message you back.

The only pause in this process is while she thinks up something cute to message back.

It could be that she’s super shy around you but chatty via messages or phone calls.

Being face-to-face with someone we’re crushing on is tricky. No one wants to mess up and say something lame.

Hiding behind the comfort of technology allows for some freedom and less stress.

So, having an amazing conversion via messenger is a good sign she may like you.

13. Sorry!

Why’s she apologizing when she’s done nothing wrong?!

People apologize more when they’re around someone they like – as odd as this sounds, it’s true.

If they really like you, then they don’t want to make you mad.

So, if there’s even the tiniest chance that what they said might upset you, they’ll likely to apologize for it.

Heck, they’ll probably apologize if you look at them funny.

She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so she’s subconsciously covering herself.

If “sorry” seems to be a common word in her vocabulary, then take this as a good sign that she has a crush on you!!!

14. No excuses

If she likes you, then why would she bother coming up with excuses not to meet up with you?

So, if you ask her out for coffee, then she’ll jump at the chance to say yes!

Even if you’re only hanging out as friends, she’ll want to be there as just being around you makes her happy.

When it comes to matters of the heart, then excuses aren’t necessary.

She just wants to hang out with you one-on-one without your other friends tagging along!

If she more than likes you, then she’ll totally be vibing your time alone together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you know if a girl is hiding her feelings for you?

She’s acting nervy around you.

She goes out of her way to spend time alone with you.

Even if your jokes suck, she laughs.

And she’ll want to get close to you.

2. Signs she loves you but is scared?

Rejection isn’t fun for anyone, least of all if it means the risk of messing up a friendship in the process.

Some signs she likes you but has ‘the fear’ are:

She gets jealous of you hanging around with other girls.

She messages you on a daily basis.

On occasions, she may seem offish/awkward with you for no reason.

3. How do you tell if you hurt a girl’s feelings?

Is she ignoring your messages?

Does she seem distant and offish with you?

If there’s a chance you could have hurt her feelings, then you should just come out and ask her what’s up.

Sometimes people are hard to read, especially with emotions involved…

So, if you’re getting frosty vibes off her, then take the time out to ask her what’s up?

Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings For You: An Overview

I get it, you like her, but you need to be sure she likes you too before taking the plunge and confessing your feelings. 

The road to love isn’t always easy…especially when it involves crushing on friends and the fear of losing them because of it!

Luckily there are the above signs to spot to work out if she might like you back.

If the odds are in your favor and you’re almost certain she likes you, then it might be time to tell her how you feel.

Don’t miss out on something amazing because you’ll too afraid of rejection.

Yes, she could say no, and it may be awkward for a while…

But she could also say yes, and it could lead to something magical!

Life’s too short to live in fear and waste your time – so, if the signs are there, then you may as well quit stalling and take a risk!

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