How to Spot the Signs She Wants to be More than Friends

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She’s your friend, you hang out, laugh at each other’s jokes, and chat about hobbies and stuff.

She likes you; you like her, but you’re just friends, right?!

It can be great having friends that are girls, but it can also make things complicated! 

So, how do you tell if that girl likes you or if she’s just, well, nice?!

There are signs you should try and spot.

If you see her doing any of these things, then chances are, she really likes you…

Signs that Prove She Likes You

You know the score, feelings can change.

What was once a strong ‘just friends and nothing more’ friendship is now, well, a little on the complicated side due to your developed feelings for her?

Understandably you want to know if she feels the same way about you.

But you don’t just want to ramble out the words, “I really like you,” as this could result in the dreaded rejection…shudder! And let’s face it, no one wants to go through that.

So, scroll down and take note…

It’s in Her Body Language

If a girl likes you, then her body will do the talking.

She’s more likely to blush a lot, at pretty much everything you say.

She will fiddle with her hair constantly, whether this is by twisting a strand around her finger, tossing it behind her back, or just touching it.

She’s always looking at you and making eye contact. That means all her attention is on you! Eye contact is the most common female body language.

In fact, even if you aren’t near her, but you’re still in spotting view, then she won’t be able to resist peeking a look in your direction.

Don’t expect her to make eye contact on these occasions, though, as chances are she’ll be too embarrassed too, so she will quickly glance away, or feign looking out of the window.

And then there’s the smiling – think about it, when you’re happy, you smile. And when you’re nervous, you smile too.

So, it makes sense that when you admire someone and you’re happy you’re near them, but you’re also nervous because you like them, well this results in a lot of smiling.

She Asks You a Bunch of Questions

Okay, so it’s normal for friends to show interest in each other…

But a big sign that she likes you is if she constantly wants to know where you’re going, who you’re hanging out with, and what score you got in that math test?

When we have a crush on someone, we want to know everything about them, however menial it may seem.

So, if it feels as if your friend is questioning you all the time, then chances are she’s into you.

Green-Eyed Monster

Yep, I’m talking about jealously!

This is an easy one – simply mention another girl’s name and see how she reacts.

If she gets jealous and starts raging on about how this girl isn’t good enough for you – then yeah, it appears she likes you.

Okay, so not everyone’s this dramatic, so check for the subtler signs that she’s jealous.

These could be blushing, awkward looks, turning her gaze away from you, or simply staying completely silent.

Silence is deadly and all that jazz, so this is a big sign that she’s trying to look chilled, while inside, she’s secretly fuming!!!

She’s Always Teasing You

From your colorful sneakers to the time you fell over with that tray of food.

If there’s an opportunity for her to tease you about it, then she’ll make sure she does.

Okay, so friends tease friends regardless of if they have a crush on them or not.

But…when a girl teases you all the time, then chances are this is to try and reflect the fact she thinks you’re out-of-this-world amazing.

Signs that Prove She Doesn’t Like You

Yeah, I know…ouch!

But no one said the road to love was an easy one.

Be brave and read on, as surely, it’s better to realize now that she’s not into you, isn’t it?

So, what are the signs she wants to stay friends, but nothing more?

Read on to see if love is in the air or if you’re well and truly friend-zoned!

She’s Easily Distracted

You’re talking about the amazing movie you saw last night, and she’s more interested in her phone.

Maybe she got an important message through, right?!

Um, perhaps, but would you act that way if she was talking?

Usually, when someone is crushing on you, they are pretty much smitten by everything you say, however boring the subject matter is.

If they aren’t even trying to feign interest in what you’re saying, then they probably don’t want to be more than friends with you.

She Encourages You to Date Other Girls

Okay, so I suppose she might be in denial about her feelings toward you.

Or maybe she wants to hide her true feelings from you, so she’s pretending to act cool about you dating other girls… Um, unlikely, but I guess it’s possible!

If your friend likes you, then let’s face it, she won’t want you hanging around with other girls who are outside the realms of your friendship group.

So, if she’s encouraging you to go on that date, then ask yourself, why is she doing this?

Also, it’s important to pay attention to how she reacts to your date stories. If you say it went well, does she look genuinely pleased for you, or is she gritting her teeth?

Although it’s not wise to use another girl to try to figure out if your friend likes you or not, if you talk about other girls and she gets jealous, then this is one of the big signs she wants you.

But, if she continues to encourage you to hang around with that cute girl, and goes out of her way to get you talking to her, then yeah, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I think she just wants to be your friend.

She’s Always Too Busy to Hang Out

Movie night – Nah, she’s out at that family thang!

Drinks round at your place…oh wait, she’s out with the girls.

Any sort of meet up ever…she’s most likely washing her hair.

If it’s a group meetup, then she’ll probably be there, but if it’s just you and her…well, then she always seems to have other plans!

Okay, so sometimes people are just busy.

But if she really does have something she can’t get out of, and she really likes you, then she’ll make it clear to you that she’s gutted she can’t make that day, and she wants to meet up soon.

If she keeps on making excuses not to meet just you and her, then this isn’t a good sign!

How Do You Tell that Girl You Like Her?

So, the signs are in, and you think that girl likes you and wants to be more than just friends.

Yay, this is great, but what now?

I know this can be tricky, she’s your friend, and you don’t want to ruin your friendship.

But if you don’t admit how you feel to her, then you run the risk of letting her think you don’t like her in that way.

So, be brave and follow my tips on how to talk to a girl who likes you.

Ask a Friend

Yes, this means admitting to someone else how you feel about this girl, but third-party advice can be crucial.

Confiding in a mutual friend means they may know something that she doesn’t – such as this girl’s true feelings for you.

Getting advice from a friend may help you find the best approach to gently come clean to that girl on how you feel about her, without risking the mess up of your friendship.

Hint It Out

You might not want to just come and tell her you admire her…

so, why not drop a hint or two.

If you know pizza is her favorite food; then you could mention the amazing pizza place she just has to go to.

Or get her opinion on what signs she thinks girls give off if they like a guy – if she laughs or blushes at this, then chances are, she feels awkward.

This might be a sign that she likes you!!!

When in doubt, then hint it out – this is the best way to suss out her feelings for you without coming straight out and saying it.

Tell Her Somewhere Private

There comes a time where you’re just going to have to tell your friend how you feel about her.

When you do this, make sure it’s away from other people – else this could make it awkward for both of you.

I get that this is a nervous time for you, so just do your best to stay calm and start off by telling her how much you value her friendship and don’t want what you’re about to say to change that.

If she says she feels the same, then you don’t need to rush into becoming a couple.

Start dating and take it slowly so that your other friends don’t end up being weirded out.

If it doesn’t go so well, then maybe give her a couple of days to work this out in her head.

Yes, it may be a little awkward at first, but true friendship never dies, so just give it time.

Signs She Wants to be More than Friends: An Overview

There’s no denying that falling for a friend can make things tricky.

But it could also be the beginning of something magical.

When it comes to growing feelings among friends, then yeah, it gets awkward.

But if you don’t admit to her how you feel, then you’ll never know if she feels the same way about you. 

Follow the signs, be brave, and then go for it…

Because let’s face it, life’s too short not to tell your friend how much you actually admire her!

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