The Reality of Dating a Successful Woman

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Modern life dating brings with it many different ways of finding love…

Gone are the days of a woman’s place only being in the kitchen!!! – instead, nowadays, women have opportunities to be extremely successful.

A woman who knows what she wants and works hard to get it can be attractive, but it can also be somewhat scary!

Does that successful woman get your heart racing but also make you feel inadequate?

Now, there’s a dilemma!

No one said dating successful women would be easy – it’s up to you to figure out if you can cope being in a relationship with a career-focused female or if your male pride can’t take the hit?

Successful at Everything?

Yes, that woman is smart, funny, attractive, and successful, very successful.

For many men dating successful women can be as appealing as it is intimidating.

It’s easy for men to think that her life’s life is just perfect, while their life sucks!

This may lead to bitterness, which leads to snide comments such as: “You spend so much time in your office might as well just move in there!” and, “So, your new dress costs more than a month’s rent…very mature.”

Yeah, this kind of behavior is immature and kinda annoying. When a woman works hard for what she’s earned then she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with some envious guy.

Success feeds from success – so if you want to start dating that successful woman, you first need to believe in yourself.

Even if you don’t own a sports car and have a six-figure salary job, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t ambitious.

The last thing she wants is some moody, jealous guy who dislikes his life but does nothing to change it…

Instead, she’s far more likely to want someone with ambition and drive like her.

Don’t hide in their shadow.

As amazing as that successful woman might be, dating them isn’t always rosy.

It’s easy to watch on as they juggle their work, home life, friends, and family and leave little time for their love life…

This could prove problematic for their relationships, and dating them may, at times, make you feel like you’re invisible.

The only way to combat this is to make sure they notice you – no, don’t jump out in front of them and start yelling.

Instead, you could calmly tell them that you find their ambitious nature attractive, but you’re feeling a little neglected.

When lost in the shadow of your partner’s success, the tricky part is trying to explain this to them without them thinking you’re criticizing their success, and without letting your annoyance make you bitter.

Do Men Like Emotionally Strong Women?

Emotionally strong women work hard, play hard, and date hard…

Only, they often meet problems when it comes to dating – as a lot of men out there find strong, successful women intimidating.

All this dealing with sulking men and rejection may lead many of them to put their barriers up – therefore, they aren’t always the easiest to get to know.

But then when has anything easy ever been worthwhile?

So yes, men do like strong women – or at least they should do. As a woman who knows what she wants and goes out of her way to get it…well, she’s sexy!

Value their mind over matter

Fed up of being judged on the way you look, your career, your life goals?

Well, so is that successful lady.

She’s worked hard to succeed in life to get where she has, yet all some people seem to do is judge her on the parts of her life she isn’t fully happy with.

Her family, friends, and work colleagues are no doubt bombarding her with questions such as: “When are you going to find a man?” “Are you planning on having kids as time’s ticking?” and, “No man wants a woman who puts work first!”

Yawn! These comments, however well-meaning, are extremely annoying!

What’s the rush? Why can’t they date at their own time without feeling like they have a countdown above their heads?

So, the point is that she’s heard it all before – she doesn’t want some egotistical guy to add to the snide comments.

Instead, she wants a guy who will, above all else, value her mind.

Do Girls Like Smart Guys?

The short answer is…yes!!!

Who doesn’t like intelligence?

It’s a trait you can’t buy, you either have brains, or you don’t.

So… if you’re fortunate to have a high IQ, then show it off with pride.

But don’t brag about it, as no one wants to date a big-head.

If you’re a smart guy, then own it…you should never feel like you have to hide intelligence from a woman, as many women find smart guys sexy.

I get it. Smart guys have had a hard time over the years…especially from when it comes to finding a potential partner.

It’s best not to focus on the past as you don’t want it to hinder your future.

If you’re lucky enough to be born a genius, then don’t try and dumb yourself down in front of that cute girl.

Instead, scroll down to find out why many women love smart men.

School is over


Yeah, for a lot of us, school wasn’t much fun.

The chances are that if you’re a smart guy, then your school days involved being teased, tormented, and generally laughed at by your classmates.

Smart kids weren’t usually considered cool… which sucks!

But this isn’t school anymore, thankfully!

You’re an adult, so gone are the days of feeling lame. Instead, your brains can lead you to that awesome job, amazing home, and in bagging that attractive woman.

As long as you realize that as an adult, it’s cool to be smart, then there’s no reason why you can’t put yourself out there and look for love.

No mind games

Smart guys aren’t into playing mind games and messing girls about…

They want something real, and women know this.

Most girls go through a phase of liking a bad-boy, but after this relationship ends (usually in tears), they realize that they don’t want to spend the rest of their lives chasing some jerk.

No…instead they want a guy who they can just be themselves around without the worry that he’s going to go hot and cold on them.

Intelligent conversation

Okay, so that bad boy might have a chiseled jawline and a six-pack but yawn!

Most women are soooooo over good-looking but lame acting guys.

They want a man they can sit down and properly talk to – a guy who they can not only hold a decent conversation but who they know will actually take time out to listen to them.

How to Be Successful with Women?

So, you want to date a successful woman? Well, the likelihood is successful women also prefer dating successful men.

Come on, think about it. What successful woman wants to be stuck with some bitter guy, who envies her success but doesn’t do anything to change the fact he still lives at home with his parents?!

Success is a mindset – so, if you want to bag that successful woman then stop being bitter about your work, love, life, and home situation and do something about it.

A man with life goals and an air of confidence is attractive to women.

So, even if you haven’t quite reached career success just yet if you have an unbeatable drive to get there, then your date will see this.

Being successful with women is well difficult. Sweaty palms and word stutter is no fun for anyone!

Relax…she’s not going to bite you (at least not in this social situation). If you come across as an ‘in control of your life kinda guy,’ then this will put her at ease too.

Also, it always helps to dress to impress – don’t overdo it, but an ironed shirt and a dabbing of your fave aftershave can go along way.

Don’t overdo the money thing

Yes, offering to pay for the first date is gentlemanly…but if she wants to go halves, well, then this is okay too.

However, what isn’t cool is sitting back and letting her foot the bill without so much as an offer to pay….fail!

If your date earns more than you, then you might feel an overwhelming pressure to pay for posh meals and expensive days out, even if they’re beyond your means.

If she’s truly ‘the one’ for you, then she won’t want you getting in debt just so you can take her out.

When it comes to money, then be polite, pay your share but don’t overdo it as she won’t thank you for this.

Don’t be clingy

Think about it…who wants to date a limpet? Yeah, no one!

Cool, calm and collected guys, perhaps with an air of mystery to them, are far more likely to impress.

While a guy who sends wayyy to many messages in a row and who basically comes across as a smother monster…yeah, this isn’t going to do much for their sex appeal.


When it comes to relationships, then successful women want what every other woman wants – to fall in love with a man who respects them and who they can have a strong relationship with.

So, if you have a date tonight, then take pride in your appearance, stay calm, be polite, and don’t undermine her.

If you feel like you’re not worthy of her, then shake this thought out of your head right now! As this isn’t going to impress her at all.

To get the best out of your date, then be the best version of yourself you can be.

Basically, quit the self-doubt, as this isn’t going to impress anyone! Be confident, proud, and make your goals for the future clear.

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