Learn How To Respond To Hey When She Messages

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So, you finally downloaded that dating app that your friend recommended.

You scrolled through some profiles and stumbled upon a few girls you like the look of.

You took a deep breath then decided to be brave. Yep, that’s right. You sent them a message…

And they replied with ‘hey’ or ‘hey, how are you?’

Okay, so first off, they replied…I mean, it might not be the most thrilling of messages, but a replies a reply, right?!

Don’t give up on them just yet, perhaps they’re just nervous and aren’t sure how to start the conversation.

It looks like it’s down to you to get the conversation flowing. So, what’s the best way to do this? I mean, how exactly do you respond to hey?

Don’t worry, as I have you covered – read on to find out just what you should say to respond to hey?

How To Handle That ‘Hey’ Message

Um, yeah, receiving a ‘hey’ message can feel like a bit of a blow, especially if you sent a more thought out message and got that back as a reply.

Whether it’s in reply to your message, or the start of a conversation, the main thing to note is she messaged you.

Everyone deserves a chance, so it’s only fair you give this ‘hey’ girl one.

Perhaps you really like her and want to stimulate the conversation, but how on earth are you meant to respond to ‘hey?’

Fear not, as there are ways…

Reply With A Question

You could just reply with a simple ‘hey,’ or ‘hello,’ to play them at their own game. However, if you actually want them to respond then, this is ill-advised.

Nah, you don’t have to send them an essay – but by asking them a question, even it’s as simple as, “Hey, how are you?” or, ” hi there, what ya up to?” then you’re opening the floor up for them to reply.

Hopefully, this will lead the way for a more riveting line of conversation.

If not, well, you can’t win them all.

Let’s face it, as cute as that girl might be no amount of good looks can make up for being a bore!

Send Them A GIF

Are you lost for words?

Don’t sweat it. I understand that responding to that ‘hey’ message isn’t the easiest. So why not send her a picture, (preferably a cute one).

Cue a waving bear, fluffy cat, or I don’t know, something thoughtful that’s sure to catch her attention.

The fact you’ve put the effort in to find a suitable GIF is more likely to impress her than sending a dull message back.

If she doesn’t reply, then hey, at least you tried.

Maybe she’s the rare exception who just doesn’t like cute images, in which case it sounds like you’ve had a lucky escape!

She Texts You ‘hey!’ Now What?

She made an effort to text you first, but she doesn’t sound overly creative.

Okay, so a text message from that cute girl can be terrifying at the best of times, let alone when it’s extra hard to think up the right kind of response.

Don’t panic, let’s work this out – is she bored? Lonely? Or on the shy side?

Let’s go back to the fact that she sent you that text; therefore, you’re on her mind.

You could simply reply, “how are you doing?” I mean, this pretty much worked for Joey from Friends so it could work for you too.

Or you could say something like. “hey, it’s good to hear from you :).”

Okay, so no one said, figuring out how to respond to ‘hey’ messages was easy.

But if you don’t try to start a more riveting conversation, then you’ll never know if there’s something there between you both or not.

Ask Her About Her Day

Yes, this pretty much falls into the same category as discussing the weather with someone.

But it’s a pretty safe conversation starter…

And will hopefully get things rolling.

Which should then lead to more interesting topics such as favorite movies, hobbies, and things that make them happy?

Responding to ‘Hey’ on Bumble?

Ah, Bumble!

The dating app where women message first.

So, if all she can manage to say is ‘hey,’ you’re probably left wondering what you’re meant to say now?

Check their profile and decide if you want to give them a chance or not…

I mean, they could just be nervous?

Find Common Ground

Do they live close to you?

Do you share a love of books?

Is pizza their favorite food too?

You don’t have to send them an essay – in fact, to begin with, then the simpler, the better, else you run the risk of sending them into information overload and scaring them off.

Send them a friendly message and stick in a smiley emoji face or something.

Hopefully, this will lead to more than a one-word response.

If they continue to keep it short and sweet, well, maybe they’re just busy? Maybe they have considerably large fingers that make typing out messages hard? Or they like to remain mysterious?

Personally, if this person continues with the cryptic messages, then I’d call it a day. But hey, you may think they’re worth pursuing, in which case it’s your call.

Proceed As Though You’re Messaging Her First

So, they’ve made the first move, and now you’re free to message them back.

Yes, their opening message was boring! But you want to see where this could go.

So, why not continue as if you’re on Tinder or a similar app, and you’re sending out the first message?

Whether this is a brief outline of what sums you up, a line of emojis, or a comment about your dog – if it’s what you feel comfortable sending as an opening line, then send it.

The best possible outcome is this person replies, and it’s the start of a blossoming relationship…

While the worst scenario is…she doesn’t reply.

If this happens, then don’t stress about it, as at least you tried.

And maybe she really is as mundane as her initial ‘hey’ message would lead you to believe, in which case sounds to me like you’ve had a lucky escape.

What Does ‘heyyy’ Mean?

We know that those “hey, how are you?” messages are everywhere.

Come on! We’ve all been guilty of sending them at some point. You know, on those occasions when words seem to escape us and that’s the only good thing we can come up with to say.

But hang on, anything with ‘hey’ in it generally means someone is short on time, though struck, or generally tongue-tied.

But what does ‘heyyy’ mean?

Yes, apparently, those extras ‘y’s’ make all the difference.

Forget about the friendzone as this is serious!

They want you, and they want you now!

Well, either that or it’s a typo.

Maybe They’re Just Friendly?

Okay, so don’t declare your love for them just yet.

It might be that their “heyyy,” message is just them being friendly.

Maybe they’re interested in you, or maybe they just want someone to chat with?

Who knows – either way, if you like them, then why not hint at this by continuing the conversation?

How To Respond To Hey – An Overview

The dating world is a minefield.

It’s full of dating apps, awkward to get right profiles, nervous approaches, cryptic messages, and hard to come up with responses.

This is all made ever-the-more difficult when that cute girl sends you that ‘hey,’ message.

Dissect it all you want, but this doesn’t change anything.

Whether you simply say hey back, let her sweat it out and take a while to respond, or you let her know that her boring message sucked – well, the choice is yours to make.

Yeah, maybe she is wasting your time, or perhaps she’s an amazing girl who’s simply having a tongue-tied, nervous moment…

This happens to the best of us.

Either way, what have you got to lose from messaging her back?

Yep, that’s right, nothing!

So however you choose to reply to that ‘hey’ message, my advice is to respond to it, and then sit back and see what happens.

You never know, you may be a simple ‘hey’ away from dating success.

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