Sexy Usernames To Make You Instagram Famous

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What’s in a name? Well, everything. Especially online. Your Instagram username is the very first piece of information someone will have about you.

It’s the online version of a first impression and will set the stage for future interactions.

It’s highly likely that you’ll judge someone by their username and base your efforts to get to know them (or not) on that.

You most probably won’t be interested in building a long-term friendship with MurderousJake2020.

Usernames also depend a lot on what you want to achieve online. Are you looking for a date? Do you want to be an Instagram model and want your username to be sexy yet classy?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself to come up with the perfect online name.

But face it, almost everyone wants a little sexy sprinkled into their usernames.

On the other hand, why is your online name so important?

We’ve already mentioned that your username will be one of the first things the online world will see.

In a sense, your username defines you and your online identity. This is specifically important if you are turning yourself into a brand of sorts.

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How To Create Sexy Usernames

Creating your online persona can be time-consuming. If you’re a very busy person, you probably won’t have a lot of time to spend on coming up with a sexy, yet classy username.

Of course, not everyone wants to go the sexy route, but let’s assume you do!

Maybe you’re online looking for love, or perhaps it’s some casual fun you’re after, or friendship even.

Whatever your reason for a sexy username may be, there are some things you have to keep in mind. For one, you don’t want to come across as a pervert.

You may think that creative usernames aren’t that important – why can’t you just use your name, right?

Well, I suppose you could. But, why not use your online username as a tool for people to get to know you without you having to make a move?

Take, for example, someone with the username RomanticCEO. Without even having to talk to the person, you already know two things: they’re romantic, and they make a lot of money. Much better than Jennifer679, am I wrong?

It doesn’t just take an exciting profile pic and attention-grabbing bio to get people to notice you. So, let’s get you on your way to wooing the internet with the best sexy Instagram username!

You can’t really go without an Instagram account anymore. But it also doesn’t help if you have one, but your username is so boring no one notices you.

We won’t beat around the bush, coming up with a unique, cute, sexy, and unique Instagram username is very difficult.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about what online name to use:

  1. KISS – keep it simple stupid. Memorable usernames are best.
  2. Take your time to choose a perfect and unique name. You don’t want to change it over and over again but want a good one you can stick with.
  3. It is best to be yourself; also with your username. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot and use a name that could mislead people.
  4. If your ideal username is taken, switch things up a little and find something to add like an underscore, for example. But try and avoid just adding random numbers.Also, identify the purpose of your Instagram Account. The three main categories of accounts are business, personal, and influencer.

If you’re creating a business profile, sexy usernames aren’t a good idea. Unless, of course, you’re selling lingerie or similar.

When it comes to personal profiles, you can go as sexy or as cute as you’re comfortable with. Most personal profiles have a form of the person’s name or nickname for friends and family to identify them.

Influencer accounts need a lot of creativity. The type of username you select if you’re an influencer also depends on your industry.

For example, you get fitness influencers, beauty influencers, motivational speakers, etc. As we mentioned before, your username needs to speak to your profile.

One way to come up with the correct words for your niche is through the keyword research method.

You can research popular keywords on websites like From there, you can check the competitiveness of the keywords you selected by doing a quick search on Instagram to see who shows up.

If the people that show up have a high follower account and very engaged users, it’s most likely not a word you should use in your username.

We don’t want you to get drowned out by hashtags that are too competitive.

What Kind of Instagram Usernames Do People Find Attractive?

It depends on who your target market is. See your username as a catchphrase of sorts; there to appeal to the type of person you would like it to.

So, ask yourself how the person reading the username will interpret it. For example, GamerGirl will catch the interest of fellow gamers out there. Also, use alliteration where possible, like GinaTheGamerGirl. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

You also want your username to be cool and catchy. It should be a name that a person can recall off the top of their heads to find you in a search. We don’t want an accidental scroll or refresh to make you disappear from their lives forever.

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One sure-fire way to make your Instagram username memorable is by incorporating rhyme where possible – something like TameJane, BadBrad, etc.

There really are an infinite number of combinations; you just have to use your imagination and creativity!

The biggest mistake that most people make is being lazy, using names like Jack5987, Karen9230, and so on.

Surely you can do better than that? And even if the number has some value to you, no one else will know what it means. To them, it will just feel like they’re talking to a robot-like C-3PO.

Another slip-up to avoid is bunching a lot of words together to form names without using capitalization.

Imurdreamgal. Come again? When seeing a name like this for the first time, most people will be very confused. Only when they look closer will they see that you’re saying, ‘I’m your dream gal.’

On Instagram, scrolling, and scanning happen more frequently than stopping and reading. There is no way you can expect people to stop and try to figure out what you’re saying.

If you have the perfect words to string together into a username, go for it. Just make sure to capitalize where necessary. Oh, and incorrect spelling may save you some characters, but it’s not always cute.

Applying the above, you’ve gone from someone who may want to murder a gal too, ImYourDreamGal.

Let’s look at various other types of Instagram names. You may want to give a try.

Cool Cat Instagram Names

Unless you’re a well-known celebrity like Brad Pitt or Kristen Steward, using your own name won’t get you anywhere. Their fame has already turned them into a brand – us common folk aren’t so lucky.

We are, unfortunately, forced to wrack our brains to come up with something cool.

Some examples include:

  • IAmUnicorn
  • SplittingBananas
  • SocialWallFlower

Unique names like these are sure to attract followers because your Instagram username will draw their attention.

Cute Instagram Usernames

Cute usernames are eye-catching and usually easy to remember. If you’re creating a persona that focuses on being darling and very lovable, then a cute online name is the way to go.

While these usernames are usually associated with young girls and boys, don’t be fooled – cuteness has no age limit!

Examples of cutesy online names:

  • Flowerbean
  • Moonjuice
  • GirlWithGoodies
  • PinjataPower

Online names for Men

Are you the macho type or more sensitive? Do you like to express yourself through fashion, or do you show your personality in other ways? If you’re a guy, your Instagram username needs to depict your character. You want the world to know that you’re funny, passionate, caring, or maybe something as simple as you like going to the gym!

To grab some attention, try to come up with a username like:

  • GusTheGymGuy
  • BicepBen
  • WillWylde
  • MotorbikeMike

Instagram Usernames for Girls

If you’re a millennial, one of your dream jobs may be becoming an influencer. But to get internet famous enough to influence anyone, you need the proper approach.

It’s not just about the photos or videos you post, but your username too.

For one, you want your audience to easily recall your username when they’re telling all their friends to go like you.

In fact, even if being a famous influencer is not your dream job, the same rules apply!

Some examples of unique Instagram usernames that are catchy and easy to remember:

  • BritneyFit
  • BeautyBoxer
  • MaxoutGirl
  • GirlWithSecret

Funny Instagram Usernames

We all need a laugh every now and again. If humor is your thing, then you want your online name to tickle funny bones all over the internet. Of course, keep in mind that it is always a good idea to match your online name with your profile. It doesn’t make sense to have a funny Instagram name, but your posts are mainly about food or fashion.

So, for the comedians around you, aim to come up with something like:

  • IntelligentZombie
  • SofaKing
  • GoogleMe
  • NameAlreadyInUse
  • CerealKiller

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Clever Instagram Usernames

Intelligence is sexy and makes the heart go boom – not just in real life but online too. If you fancy yourself an intellectual and want to share your brainpower with the world, then a clever online name is a must.

Clever online names include something like:

  • SmartEnthusiast
  • ReadingRebel
  • LessonInStars
  • KnowledgeStorm.

Good & Classy Instagram Names

If you want your Instagram account to show you as a classy gal or guy, your online name has to reflect that. This is primarily a good idea if you have a job where your employer may frown upon more sexy or naughty Instagram names.

Indeed, clients sometimes stalk people they do business with on social media, so keep that in mind.

Instagram names that will make a good impression:

  • HelpfulJoe
  • Tigeratti
  • CopyrightWrite
  • NaturesCEO

Naughty Instagram Names

If you find yourself more on the naughty than a nice side, don’t worry, Instagram understands.

You’re not alone, and finding an utterly mischievous online name is sure to grab attention.

The only thing to keep in mind is that what goes up on the internet, stays on the internet.

As mentioned under good and classy Instagram names, keep your employer and clients in mind when creating a username.

Even if you make your profile private, they will still be able to read that you call yourself SluttySusan on Instagram.

Some naughty names include

  • BestInBad
  • TalentedNaughty
  • WinningEx
  • ExtraLoud. 

Is My Instagram Username Good Enough?

The best way to answer that is to phone a friend! The people closest to you know you best and will be able to say if your online name is honest to who you are.

And, of course, if it is sexy, funny, catchy, and everything else you want it to be.

To the men reading this, if you selected something like MuscleMan, sorry to say, it is not going to help you with the ladies.

A study done in 2010 shows that women find usernames linked with higher intelligence sexier than body-based online names.

So, grab a friend and ask them if your selected username has the following key ingredients:

  1. It’s appealing to your chosen audience.
  2. It is associated with something positive.
  3. It’s unique, to the point and simple to remember.

If your friends tick yes on the above, then you’re good to go!

Or try a username generator! There are various sites you can use to get yourself the perfect online name.

What makes username generators a real option is a fact that you select the best words you feel could represent you online. After doing that, the username generator mixes and matches these words in different formations for you to choose from.

The generator may even add a few words you didn’t even think of!

Another perk if you use a username generator is that most do an on-the-spot availability check on the platform you want to use it on.

That saves you a lot of time and gives you the option to try other variations of names or adding characters, etc. immediately.

Username generators, unfortunately, don’t have the ability to apply puns or wordplay.

However, if you enter some cool words and the generator adds some other trendy words, you’re on your way to online fame.

Although no algorithm can match your own creativity, it can give you a bit of a push towards your perfect online name.

Now that you’re armed with all the knowledge to create sexy, classy, funny, or cute Instagram names, but still don’t feel confident – have a scroll through Instagram.

Nothing is stopping you from choosing a few aspects of various names you like and meshing them together for your online name. Get creative!

Just keep in mind to do some research on the popularity of the words used in your online name.

These words could be so common that it could lead to you getting drowned out in any searches on Instagram. That’s not going to help at all on your journey to Instagram fame!

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