How to Tell A Girl You Like Her Over Text

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You have the hots for this girl, but you can’t muster the strength to tell this in person. Or you may likely have been conversing with her on dating apps and websites.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that you want to get the answer to the question: “how to tell a girl you like her over text?”

And let’s face it: online dating has become the norm, especially during the so-called new normal. Singles are looking for prospective matches online, whether on Tinder or other dating apps.

Therefore, most of your conversation with a woman would be through text message, whether the traditional SMS or through messenger applications.

Why is Texting So Important?

It doesn’t matter if you like sending short messages. Or if your replies are too long compared to other guys. Exchanging text message remains the most likely means of communicating with a girl, especially during the getting-to-know stage.

When you do it right, you’ll likely be getting a date soon. If not, then let’s say you’ll remain in the hunting game.

Please continue reading to learn how to text girls and convey your feelings for them.

How to Tell A Girl You Like Her

So, how to tell a girl you like her over text? As the adage goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Below are some ways to tell a girl that you like her.

Compliment her

Most guys think that being gracious with praises can be a turn-off, mostly if they text something flattering to a girl.

On the contrary, most girls won’t mind receiving compliments even on messaging platforms. This is something you probably don’t know.

But as much as possible, compliment her beyond her physical appearance. This means no messages like “you’re hot!” You also don’t to compliment her eyes, cheekbones, hair, or whatever.

Reserve those praises when you really know her well. But if you’re still in the getting-to-know-you stage, think of other ways to flatter her.

It’s better to praise her for something she has control over. For example, tell her that you like her tattoo. Or that she looked good with her hat in her profile photo.

Complementing her for something she chose also opens up more conversation. You can ask more about the meaning of the tattoo, for instance.

However, here’s something to keep in mind: don’t praise her too much! Doing so sounds fake and unbelievable. As in most things, timing is everything. You must find the right time to praise her.

Be a teaser

Dating consultant Nick Notas says that being a teaser is a crucial part of flirting with ladies. When you execute it well, you’ll be able to create mutual attraction. Moreover, you can take your conversation with a girl to the next level.

Teasing is lighthearted and playful, according to Dr. Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist. She argues that it is also a healthy and effective way to get to know someone.

But teasing doesn’t mean making fun of a girl. If you do that, then you will not only fail to get a date, but you may even get into some trouble.

When you ‘tease’ a girl, you give her a bit of what she desires. You then take it away from her in order for her to want more of it.

In short, you’d want the girl you like to be attracted to you.

So, how do you do it? One way is to assume that you’ve misinterpreted her text messages.

Let’s say that you have been exchanging text messages and that you can feel she’s getting comfortable with you. Flip the script to make it appear that she’s the one flirting. It’s one effective and fun way to start a playful conversation.

Case in point: she mentions that she’s too tired today. “I would hit the shower and fall right into sleep.”

Instead of replying, “oh, that’s great!” why don’t you leave a reply something like: “I’m sure it won’t be me you’re thinking about while you are in the shower.” This is not only a funny reply. It can also cause her to think about you once she steps in the shower.

Make her laugh

It’s no secret that women love being around funny men. When you make a girl laugh, you’re not only putting her into a joyful mood. It can also be a way to send clues to a girl that you like her.

You don’t even need to be as funny as Jim Carrey to be able to pull it off. You can use memes to keep the conversation light and playful, especially if you’re talking on a dating app.

Often, memes can convey what you exactly want to tell a girl. It also spares you from the trouble of having to think of something witty or funny. Moreover, you can always send a meme out of the blue to brighten up her day.

The key is being creative and playful. No girl would like to be in the middle of boring or dry conversations. But make sure to avoid touching on sensitive topics like sexual orientation, race, and religion.

Be casual

You can’t expect any girl to know your intention if you’re sending a Shakespearean text.

Avoid sending vague messages. Be casual in telling her that you like her. Keep it cool. You can write: “I find you funny. I believe we can get along.” Or even: “You’re a lot like me. I want to know more about you.”

Being casual will let you express your feelings without sounding too aggressive.

…but don’t tell her you like her out of the blue

You should be casual in telling her that you like her. But this does not mean that you should be texting, “I think I like you” out of the blue.

Sending random, flirty text messages does not feel natural. It would make you look like a weirdo. Can you imagine how she’d look like when you text her: “I think we should meet up soon” in the middle of the night?

As in most things in life, timing is everything. Ideally, you’d want to tell her that she’s interesting when you are actually in the middle of a conversation.

Tell her you like her right after meeting her.

Now let’s say that you’ve actually met the girl you like, and you were fortunate enough to get her digits or social media account. Still, the question “how to tell a girl you like her over text?” needs an answer.

The best time to text a gal you really like is on the same night that you met her. For example, if you met the girl you like at a party, you should text her just before you hit the sack.

Introduce yourself and tell her that you found her interesting. Find a way to keep the conversation going so that you’ll have an edge, so to speak.

But what if you went home a bit late? Should you still text her? Yes, sure. This would show her that she’s on your mind even after the party was over.

However, don’t send multiple messages without her replying. This would lead you to look like a total loser.

Remind her of something funny or important during your first meeting

How to text a girl and make her remember you? Tell her something funny or remarkable during your first meeting.

It may be about someone getting embarrassingly drunk. Or perhaps a beer pong game has gone wrong. These things can be excellent starting points for a conversation.

Avoid sending dull messages.

You may have reminded her of something fun and memorable during your first meeting. But if you follow this up with dull messages like “what’s up?” and “how are you doing?” then you’re wasting your momentum. You don’t want this to happen.

Super dull and casual text messages won’t bring you far. These messages would reveal that you’re a boring guy. You’ll be killing your chances of getting a date with her.

Make her warm up to you.

After you’ve established contact with the girl you like, do you simply text a girl to say that you like her? This may not be the wisest move.

After all, you don’t know if she’s already warmed up to you.

If she’s not attracted to you, you can be certain she won’t leave a reply in the affirmative.

Your primary focus is for the girl you like to get interested in you.

One way to do so is for her to get to know you better. Establish a texting relationship with her.

Find out the things that you have in common. Once you have built a rapport with her, then that’s the time that you can admit your intentions.

Ask her out

Now, this may be the toughest thing to do, especially if you’re the shy type of person.

However, some girls prefer hearing a guy’s admission in person. Other dating experts even say that confessing to a girl that you like her is a ridiculous idea.

And it’s not hard to argue against them. After all, texting is another means to reach the goal, which is to make her yours, right?

Therefore, you need to ask her out. It’s a sure-fire admission that you have the hots for her.

When you ask her out, you must be clear about it. Tell a girl where you want to bring her. The last thing you want to happen is to sound confusing to her after mustering up all of your courage.

Thus, ensure that your message is loud and clear. Online dating coach Erika Ettin suggests being straightforward. According to her, it’s advisable to text: “I want to go out with you.”

Be specific with your plans

In inviting a girl you like, you must tell her your plans. Your invitation should be specific, particularly the time and date. You’d want to sound confident.

Tell a girl you like that you want to take her out to dinner this Friday. Then make sure that she knows the time and place.

If she’s interested in you, she’ll accept your invitation. But what if she can’t make it? Then you might have to employ the so-called Brad Pitt Rule.

This states that if a girl likes you, she’ll suggest an alternative plan in case she can’t make it to the date you initially proposed. If she does not, then you’ll have to accept the fact that she’s likely not into you.

Finally, keep the date simple and short. You don’t have to bring the girl you like to a fancy restaurant. Trust us, inviting her to a fancy dinner would likely lead her to reject your invitation.

A simple lunch or coffee date should suffice. The whole point of the meeting is to find out if she’s the type of person you’d like to have a relationship with. A simple date should be enough.

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How to Tell a Girl You Like Her Over Text: An Overview

There’s no single answer to the question “how to tell a girl you like her over text.” If you want to learn how to tell a girl you like her over a text, you need first to establish a texting relationship with her.

From there, you have to find the right time to text to a girl that you have the hots for her. And then one way or another, you have to find the courage and time to invite her out.

So, the next time you find an attractive and charming woman, keep in mind the tips shared in this article. When you know how to text to girls properly, then you’ve already won half the battle.

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