Become a Text Talking Master and Find Out If She’s Into you

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There’s this girl you like, and you want to get to know her more. 

The text messages are flowing, and you think it’s going well. The problem is that it’s hard to tell how someone really feels from a text. 

What exactly do all those emoji symbols mean? Should you message her straight back or give it a while? Could she be the one?

The road to love isn’t easy – and the introduction of the text message only makes it all-the-trickier. 

So, how can you tell from a text message if she’s into you? Read on to find out how you can decipher the meanings in her messages to find out if she sees you as potential dating material. 

The Meaning Behind Her Texts

Texting is quick, easy, and doesn’t take much thought. 

At times this is great – as it’s a fast and efficient way to check in on someone without wasting time on a long-winded phone call. 

At other times texting isn’t so great, as not only does it lose the personal touch, but it’s not always easy to gauge emotions from them. 

So, the girl you like has sent you a message – but what does her ‘Hi, how are you? 🙂’ message actually mean?

The Checking-in On You Message

So, the ‘hi, how are you?’ messages aren’t the most thought given. But they do show that she’s thinking of you.

Perhaps she’s keeping it simple to gauge how you feel about her? She may not want to send you a more personal message as if you don’t reply, it’s more likely to sting. 

Or maybe you have literally just popped into her head, so she decided to send you a quick ‘check-in’ message?

The Reply

Keep your reply brief by friendly texts, such as: ‘Hey, I’m great thank. Do you have much planned today?’ 

It’s best to follow a short message with a simple answer. But ending with a question makes it easier for her to reply. 

Trust me, girls don’t like messages that don’t allow room for a response or that try to be too clever. 

This is a text message, so going into politics, finances, or 10-year plans can wait for face-to-face meets. 

You’re On Her Mind

If she sent you the first message, then this is a good sign that she likes you. 

We all lead busy lives, so why would you waste time messaging someone you thought was a bore?!

Okay, so if she sends you the first message, then it looks like there’s dating potential there. Now, all you need to do is wait for the right amount of time before you message her back. 

Timings – they’re a minefield. You don’t want to be too quick as you run the risk of looking like an eager beaver. But you also don’t want to wait too long and risk looking like you’re not interested. 

Leave it a couple of minutes minimum. But don’t keep her waiting too long, especially if you’re using a messaging app where she can see that you’ve recently been online.

Text Talk:
Signs That She Likes You

So, does she like you? If that cute girl does any of the following via text, then chances are that she’s into you. 

  1. She often sends the first message – initiating the messages shows you’re on her mind.

  2. Her reply times are fast – quick response times means she’s eager to continue the conversation. 

  3. She keeps the conversation going – if the messages continue to flow long after they could have politely ended, then it looks like sparks are flying between you guys.

  4. Emojis, pictures, and funny memes – girls use these to come across as cute and funny. 

  5. She wants to learn more about you – from what your favorite color is your ideal date night…if the questions keep on coming, then she wants to get to know you more. 

  6. She hints that she wants to meet up – This could be subtle mentions of how she loves going out for coffee and cake and so on…take the hint and ask her out!

Beyond the Flirting:
Text Signs She’s Serious

A bit of harmless flirting is a great way to get to know someone better.

With texting, we can’t see their expressions or hear their tone of voice, so other signs to look for becoming all-the-more important.

As the messages continue, the funny memes and emojis fill your thread, and there’s definite flirting going on – how do you work out if she like likes you, or is just teasing you?

  1. Her messages feel natural – it can be tricky to message someone at first when we don’t properly know them. So, when your conversation flows easily, take this as a positive sign.

  2. You’re more than a booty call – We all flirt, but there’s a big difference between flirting to discover if there’s a spark and flirting because they’re just after the fun

  3. She messages you at night – If she keeps on doing this then take it as a sign she’s serious. Trust me, girls don’t want their late-night messages to be with someone who fails to make their heart flutter. 

  4. You have your own in-jokes and code – If she calls you her lion and sends you the relevant emoji for a reason, 🦁 then congrats, you’ve reached the personal message stage. 

  5. If she doesn’t reply ASAP, she gives you a solid reason as to why – Whether this is work or that family thing, she wants you to be aware she’s not ignoring you. 

  6. She remembers what you told her – Whether it be your favorite food or your childhood dog’s name, it’s important to you, so it’s now stored in her head. 

Red Flags to Watch Out For

As much as you may like that girl, if she does any of the below, then chances are she doesn’t like you quite as much as you like her. 

I get it, rejection sucks – but continuing to waste your time with someone who’s not interested will only suck more in the long run. 

She takes ages to reply

So okay, if this happens once or twice, then chances are she’s just busy. 

Although, if she really was away from her phone and she likes you, then she’ll give you a reason for her slow reply. 

However, if the slow response times are a regular thing, then this isn’t a great sign. 

She’s either being slow to tease you (which is just annoying), or she’s just not that interested. 

One word messages

The occasional one-word message is fine. Say, for instance, you’ve been texting for ages, then she sends a ‘night’ followed by an ‘x’ or 😴. 

However much we like someone, we still all need to end the messages for the day eventually and catch some zzzzs. 

It’s when the one-word messages are a regular thing that you should take heed. Think about it, if you had a genuine interest in a girl, would you send her a string of one-word messages?

No, you wouldn’t. As let’s face it, ‘hey,’ ‘yes,’ and ‘no’ replies aren’t impressing anybody. 

She drops the ‘friend’ bomb

If a girl calls you a ‘great friend,’ then this is a massive hint that she doesn’t want to date you. 

Girls don’t drop the word ‘friend’ in meaninglessly. As no girl wants the guy, she likes thinking he’s been friend-zoned. 

Unless she’s the biggest tease around, then her describing you as a ‘friend’ is a bad sign. 

And if she is teasing you – well, who has time for mind games? 

Hot and cold

She ignores you for days – then she sends you a load of messages.

It sounds like she’s feeling lonely, and you’re filling a void. 

You deserve better than being used to curb someone’s loneliness. 

The whole hot and cold behavior is confusing, energy-consuming, and seriously frustrating. Think about it, do you really want to end up with someone like this over the real deal?

She mentions her ex A LOT

We all have exes – but the key is to learn from them and grow. 

If they mention the bad things their ex did, the good things they did with their ex, their exes’ family, friends…cat, then it sounds like they aren’t over their ex. 

You don’t want to counsel her; you want to date her. But if all she can do is go on about her ex, it sounds like she isn’t in the right headspace to get into something serious. 

After-all, you deserve someone’s full attention, not to live in the shadow of their ex. 

Emoji talk:
The Meaning Behind Them?

Over time the world of the instant message has developed ways of showing emotion in a place where spoken words and expressions are redundant. 

The answer is emojis – but like with everything, these go beyond the simple 🙂 and ❤️. So, what do those smiley-faced flashes of color actually mean?

What does 😘 mean from a girl?

This face blowing a kiss emoji is not only cute, but it’s also a great sign she’s into you. 

This can represent a kiss, goodbye, good night, or just show a general sign of affection. 

As emojis go, receiving this one from that girl you like is a good sign – now all you need to do is decipher if she’s sending it to you because she has a crush on you, or if she’s just friendly. 

What does 😍 mean in texting?

The smiling face with heart eye emojis represents being lovestruck.

Okay, so that girl may just think it looks cute, but it’s likely she won’t use it for the sake of it. 

Have you complimented her appearance, said something sweet, or shown her a picture of a cute bunny?

These are all viable reasons for her to reply with a 😍.

This emoji is a positive sign that your messages are being well-received.

Keep up the good work, and who knows, it might lead to the real lovestruck deal 😍😍😍. 

The Kiss Affect: The Meaning Behind 3 Kisses

The meaning behind kisses can be somewhat complicated. 

For instance, that girl might just be into putting them at the end of messages. If they always put 3 kisses, then this might just be their thing

But, if they started with 1 kiss and now send you 3, well, this is a great sign that their feelings for you have grown. 

At the same time, if they’re still sending you no kisses, then this might just be because they’re shy. Send them a kiss at the end of your message and see if they send one back. 

The only time you should worry is if she goes from 3 kisses to zero, and she does it repeatedly. Girls are likely to only do this if you’ve made them mad. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a girl like you over text?

Be yourself as girls like the real deal. Keep it positive – no one likes negativity. 

Show her you like her with emojis, but don’t go overboard. 

Don’t play mind games such as going hot and cold on her and taking forever to reply. Chances are she can see when you’ve read her message – so once you’ve read it, then quit stalling and reply. 

Keep it flirty and fun – but at the same time, ask her questions to get to know her more. 

When’s the right time to ask to meet up?

Look out for the dropped hints, such as places she likes to go, and if she mentions having no plans at the weekend. 

Yeah, I know that rejection is no fun for anyone, but it beats never taking a risk. A dent to your pride is better than living in fear of said dent to pride and failing to take a chance. 

Girls like confident guys, so don’t be afraid to ask her out – messages are great and all, but if you’re going to progress your relationship, then you need to meet face-to-face.

Besides, if you stall asking her out, then she might take this as a sign that you’re not interested. Follow your instincts and ask her out – if you don’t ask, then you’ll never know. 

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