Learn How to Get a Girlfriend in College

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High schools out, which means…

No more fun-ruining curfews.

No more awkwardly lingering about while some kids chat in front of your locker.

No more being nagged at by your parents at what to do and when to do it.

You’re a college student now, so bring on independence like never before.

As well as having the knowledge that you’re now free to do what you want when you want (well, within reason). You also have the freedom to find a girlfriend.

As exciting as this may sound – to some, it may also seem terrifying!!!

Girls can be scary. I mean, they don’t make getting to know them easy, do they?

They walk around in groups, laugh at things that aren’t even funny, and are always fiddling with their hair.

At times it’s like they’re an alien species, and you’re left feeling like you’ll never understand their language.

Worry no more, as this article is here to give you the insight into college girls, and how to make one your girlfriend.

So, scroll on to learn how to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn the skills you need to speak to girls.

The Quick Way to Get a Girlfriend in College

Meeting new people can be hard, especially when you’re a duck out of the water on the somewhat introverted, awkward side.

You have to learn how to wash your own socks and cook noodles – now, you have the added pressure of impressing girls.

Worse still, there’s always that one guy who just seems to attract girls like a magnet. It might be that he’s already had three girlfriends, and it’s only the first semester!

Okay, so firstly, STOP comparing yourself to that guy.

So, you’re not a girl magnet – so what!

Moping about it won’t get you the girl. It’s most likely to make girls run away from you.

Why, you ask?!

This is simple – girls love confidence, so if they see a nervous, ‘uncomfortable in his own skin’ kind of guy, then the likelihood is he’s going to get ‘friend-zoned.’

And no one wants to be friend-zoned. Shudder!

Inner Confidence

Yeah, I know, channeling your inner Matt Damon is far easier when you actually are Matt Damon.

Okay, so you might not have film star good looks, and expert social skills but stop focusing on what you don’t have.

Instead, focus on what you do have.

Are you smart? Funny? Kind? Adventuress? Romantic?

If you want to find a girlfriend, you need to first recognize the good points about yourself.

You’re a catch, and that girl will be lucky to have you as her boyfriend.

So, give yourself a good talking to and remind yourself of the reasons why you’re pretty darn great.

All Study and No Play

Is not going to get you a girlfriend.

Yes, studying is important. So I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this.

My point is, you shouldn’t use non-stop studying as an excuse not to meet new people.

Okay, so being an introvert is hard.

And trying to find the middle ground between the right amount of study and socializing is also tricky.

But how can you expect to get a girlfriend in college if you turn into a study worm?

So, make a schedule, so you have plenty of time for studying and exploring new places and opening up to the possibilities of meeting cute girls.

Get social

Oh no, not the ‘S’ word.

Don’t run for the hills just yet – yes, I know, socializing may seem scary, but it’s the best way to meet a girl.

From parties to student nights, college life means there’s loadsssssssss of opportunities to meet girls. So, grab your friend and go to that bar, club, party.

Putting yourself out into the college world means far more options to get to know new people.

And by people, I mean cute college girls.

So, maybe parties aren’t your thing. That’s okay, and there are other ways to meet new people.

There are heaps of college clubs to choose from, so why not join a couple?

This is a great way to build on your confidence and make a few new friends, but who knows, you may meet a cute girl there. Bonus, as this means she’s into the same things as you.

The Difficulty of Getting a Girlfriend in College

School’s over – so this is your chance for a fresh start with fresh faces.

I know the score, you love your family but let’s face it, your embarrassing mom and super loud little sister aren’t helpful when it comes to impressing girls.

Now, you’re free to talk to who you want, go where you want and be the person you want to be.

So, what’s stopping you?

Um, yeah, this means you actually have to talk to a girl!!!

I get it. This is a daunting prospect.

But dating doesn’t have to be terrifying. Instead, it can be exciting.

Even if you’ve never had a girlfriend before, college is full of bright lights and even brighter opportunities for meeting new people.

Girls Are New Here, Too

Remember that you’re not the only one who’s far away from their family and friends. That cute girl is new here too.

So, don’t view girls at these magical creatures who don’t feel afraid. As this isn’t true, the likelihood is that the cute new girl you’ve seen around the place is just as lonely and apprehensive about things as you are.

Just as you’re figuring things out and learning the ropes, so is that girl.

So, why not build up the courage to ask that lonely looking girl from one of your lectures out for coffee.

The great thing about this is because you’re both new, this is a good way for you both to meet up, and not feel quite so lonely.

You don’t even need to treat this as a date; instead, start off as friends.

Many relationships start through friendship first. So instead of pressuring yourself to find a girlfriend instantly, why not first set your sights on finding some friends who are girls, then building up the foundations from there.

Online Dating

In the fast-paced world of college, getting a girlfriend might not always be that simple.

If you find yourself wondering: ‘why can’t I get a girlfriend in college?’ then perhaps you need to take a different route to find love.

There’s always an online dating app. These are great ways to meet local girls, and it’s good for nervous guys, as you can get to know a girl via messages before you take the plunge and ask her on a date.

Impressing a Girl in College Without Talking to Her

So, there’s a cute girl at your college, BUT you want to get her attention without having to jump into the deep end and actually talk to her!

How do you make her notice you without actually having to do the talking?

There are ways to do this, so keep on scrolling down to be in the know.

Eye Contact

No, I don’t mean continuous staring, as that’s just creepy!

Instead, look over at her (every so often), and if your eyes lock, then smile at her.

Okay, so it’s vital you don’t overdo it.

But it’s also important that if you do catch her eye, that you don’t suddenly look away to try and hide this fact. This will make you look on the creepy side, and that’s not attractive.

Show Her You Have the Self-Belief

Girls like confidence – no, I don’t mean a guy whose completely self-obsessed and loves himself so much he has no time to love someone else.

Instead, show her you’re the right amount of confidence.

Do this by standing tall, walking proud, and not stuttering over your words when you speak out in class.

Okay, so for someone on the nervous side, this may take practice, but it won’t just help you find a girlfriend. Instead, it will go a long way in helping you forward in many more aspects of your life.

Hangout Where She Does

Again, don’t end up being a creep about this. Instead, make it look like you were in the library by coincidence.

No, don’t be a stalker – but, if you know she often visits the park, then perhaps you could detour through there on your walk home.

Or if she often visits the coffee house at college, then why not grab a friend and spend a rainy afternoon there?

This not only increases your chances of seeing her out-and-about, but it also gets you out too.

If you do happen to see her, then why not smile over at her, and if the opportunity arises, pluck up the confidence to approach her and say, “Hey, I recognize you from (such-and-such-a-place).”

Is It Necessary to Have a Girlfriend in College?

No, of course, it isn’t!

I get it. You want to have a girlfriend.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy college life without having one.

Make sure you make the most of college and the opportunities it opens, instead of being so set on finding a girlfriend that you forget to enjoy yourself.

The idea of having a cute girl around seems like an appealing one, but getting a girlfriend isn’t the be-all-and-end-all. Don’t feel like it’s necessary to make love blossom, and forget to live.

Okay, so there are certain things you can do to improve your chances of finding a girlfriend, such as:

  • Being confidence
  • Socializing
  • Looking approachable

But the important thing to remember is you’re at college, so have fun.

Yes, getting a girlfriend during college would be cool – but if it happens then it happens, if not, then don’t beat yourself up about it.

Explore Your Campus

It’s important you take yourself out of your comfort zone and explore your new surroundings – whether this leads to love or not doesn’t matter.

When it comes to increasing your chances of finding the love of your life, then the answer is simple – put yourself out there and take a chance.

No, having a girlfriend at college is not a necessity… BUT this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun enjoying new opportunities.

Dating Days

So, exploring your new surroundings has led to a surprise encounter with a cute girl – and now you’re going on a date.

If this happens, then result! But now the dating anxiety has probably set in.

Stop worrying. It will all go swimmingly, as long as you don’t let the panic set in. So, I repeat, stop worrying.

Girls love romance, so be creative with your date – no, you don’t need to spend a fortune.

How about stargazing in the park? Now that’s not only romantic but also a truly memorable first date. Who knows, if it all goes well you could end up naming your firstborn after a star! Now, Luna has a nice ring to it.

If this isn’t your thing, then other options are having a movie marathon, take her for a picnic, cook a themed dinner for her (this can either be an Italian extravaganza or movie-themed dishes) or simply order takeout and get talking.

There’s More to Life Than Just Looking Cool

The main reason most guys want a girlfriend during college is for appearance’s sake.

The truth is that as appealing as this sounds, going out with any random girl isn’t going to bring you joy. In fact, in most cases, it’s most likely to drive you insane.

There’s a reason why going out with just anyone isn’t a good idea. Not everyone clicks!

So, when you see loved up couples walking through campus, remember that the reality might be that they aren’t as happy together as they look.

Relationships aren’t all happy days. They mean silly disagreements, mind-draining squabbles, and having to plan events around your significant other.

If you happen to have a genuine connection with them, then great, but if not, well, then being single at college isn’t so bad.

Make sure you get out there and enjoy yourself, and who knows, you might just stumble into your soul mate along the way.

Put Yourself First

Yes, you should get out there and experience everything college has to offer. This just doesn’t mean you have to have a girlfriend to do this.

You might look at your loved up friend and feel envious but think about it. It might be that he missed that awesome party because his girlfriend made him go out for a family meal instead.

Being single means, you can go to the party, and you don’t have to answer to anyone. Now, that’s pretty neat, huh?

My point is, you should worry about yourself and enjoying yourself. Instead of driving yourself crazy worrying about finding ‘the one.’

You’re young, free and single, so make the most of it.

How to Get a Girlfriend in College: An Overview

Yeah, having date nights and someone to confide in sounds great, but not everything is shiny 24/7, and this includes relationships.

Yes, you might find a girlfriend during college, but you might not. So what, there’s pros and cons for both, so just follow your heart and, most importantly, enjoy yourself.

The important thing to remember is not to put pressure on yourself. A new girlfriend or not, college is meant to be a fun, once-in-lifetime experience.

Stop with all the ‘why can’t I get a girlfriend?’ and ‘why do girls hate me?’ questions. Not only are these thoughts unhelpful, but they’re also pointless.

So you can’t get a girl at the minute, so what? This doesn’t mean the girl of your dreams won’t come into your life at some point – usually when you’re least expecting it.

You’re at college. You have the freedom of being away from home, without the full-responsibility that being a fully-fledged adult comes with.

You’re in the land of in-between, and this only lasts for a couple of years, then BOOM! It’s all work, bills, and trying to maintain the facade that you know what you’re doing.

So, girlfriend magnet or not, enjoy college and all the experiences it brings while you can, and make sure you make the most of it.

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