Best Tinder Icebreakers: Everything You Need to Up Your Dating Game

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Everyone knows that first impressions are critical. If you mess up your opening, it’s going to be pretty much impossible to save face. You might as well stop talking to girls entirely and find the nearest monastery to begin your life as a celibate monk.

Or, you can keep reading for some killer ways to break the ice and kick up a conversation.

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Find out how to come across as funny, engaging, intelligent, and witty. Trust me, good tinder icebreakers will help you put across your best self and turn your chat into a date.

How do you break the ice on tinder?

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It’s hard. With so many people on tinder firing messages at each other, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.

Plus, when you start out, you’re terrible.

Everyone sucks at flirting when they start. That’s because it takes practice.

Like anything else in the world, flirting is a skill you get better at over time.

When it comes to tinder icebreakers, you’re playing a numbers game. This isn’t the place to send one message out at a time and wait patiently for a reply before moving on.

Most messages, or at least a good many, won’t even get a reply, let alone lead to a face-to-face date. This is especially true if your tinder icebreaker sucks.

It’s tough, but the best thing to do is try, try, and try again. The more attempts you make, the higher your chances of landing a good line.

Don’t just use the same opening over and over again, though, hoping that it will eventually work. Try to improve your game along the way.

This means noticing what works and what doesn’t. If a girl replies, you can keep that icebreaker. If none reply after three or four attempts, you can probably ditch that line and move onto another.

So, don’t just message one girl and wait. Send out a bunch of different icebreakers to your matches and see what happens.

What to say to a girl to break the ice?

We’ll get into specific advice for tinder pickup lines in a second, but first of all, let’s go over the basics for breaking the ice with a girl.

Confidence is king when it comes to chatting up girls and the perfect tinder icebreaker. It’s also one of the hardest parts about talking to women. It’s easy to get tongue-tied and jelly-legged when up against the face of rejection.

If you’re not naturally confident, pretend to be. It’s amazing how pretend-confidence comes across as the real thing. Imagine you’re Don Draper if you need to.

Next up, bring exciting conversation topics to the table. If you’re boring, she’ll walk away (or in our case swipe away) to someone with something more interesting to say. If your opener is about the weather, you might want to try something different.

Humor is always a good shout. If you can get her laugh, you’re ahead of the competition.

You don’t have to craft a Seinfeld-level joke, but we tend to like the people who make us laugh and want to spend more time with them.

What makes you laugh? It’s a good idea to start there. Sharing a similar sense of humor is a great way to break through the ice and get into serious flirting.

Try to show her she’s special. No one likes being ignored or treated like a number. Even though you sent out a hundred messages, you don’t want to leave her feeling like one of the hundred.

Your aim here is to make her feel like one in a million. Get to know her individual personality by asking tons of interesting questions.

When you’re breaking the ice with a tinder icebreaker, try to show her you’re interested in getting to know her.

So get to know her. Ask lots of questions. Try not to overwhelm her with one word, yes or no questions. Keep them open and interesting. You can also follow up on her answers.

Asking a question off the back of something she says shows you’re listening and thinking about what she said, not just waiting for your turn to talk. The more you get to know her, the better your tinder icebreaker will be.

Shower her with compliments. One way to make her feel special is to give her plenty of compliments. Don’t be fake or creepy, though. Saying she’s got a great body right out of the gate is complimentary, but can give the impression you’re all about looks.

Tease her, but don’t be mean. Everyone likes a little friendly banter. Keep it lighthearted and funny.

Teasing is a great way to break the ice and start flirting. Still, you’re always in danger of tipping over into being cruel and laughing at something the person has no control over.

Don’t be afraid to do the fun of yourself. Self-deprecating humor is a good way of showing you don’t take yourself too seriously.

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Don’t dominate the conversation. If you talk for 10 minutes without asking her a question, you’re talking too much.

How will you get to know her if she never says anything? Give her over half of the conversation. You can do this by asking plenty of questions and follow up questions off the back of her answers.

Good topics for breaking the ice are lighthearted things that no one is willing to die over.

Good ice-breaking topics include pets, sports, hobbies, movies, books, weekend plans, places you’ve been or want to go.

Topic you should avoid include war, politics, religion, and anything else you think might easily lead to awkward moments or even an argument.

How do you break the ice in online dating?

Say something. Anything. If you don’t send any messages, you have no chance. So the first thing you want to do is start sending messages. You will get rejections. Don’t worry. Shake them off, learn from your mistakes, and move on.

Here’s a fun fact – nearly half of men on tinder start their chat with some version of Hi, Hello, or Hey. Think about how you can stand out from the crowd. Even if you do start with a simple, friendly Hey, what are you going to follow it up with?

While plenty of people use tinder for casual hookups, it’s not a good idea to start by talking about sex. Leave that for after the icebreakers and flirting.

Jumping straight to the point is a great way to scare a match away in online dating. Try not to be generic, either. You want to infuse some originality into your match’s messages.

Reference something personal. Check out her profile so you can use specifics. Saying you like her haircut, glasses, tattoos, or style is a great way to compliment her taste.

Complementing her body, on the other and, is a good way to come across as a creep. Admiring her physique is creepy as an icebreaker. Compliments are good, but complimenting a woman’s appearance can be a dealbreaker.

Be funny or die. We’ve mentioned this already, but it’s worth repeating. Women love men who make them laugh.

If your fist message gets her laughing, you’re in with a good chance of getting stuck into a good conversation. One other basic rule to remember is to check your spelling. You don’t need to write an academic essay, but sloppy writing is a turn-off.

Most importantly, don’t be a ‘Me Monster.’ A Me Monster is someone who only talks about themselves.

You’re trying to learn more about your match to find out if they are a good match. Your job isn’t to dump a bunch of facts about yourself onto them. Also, it’s not your job to wait for them to come over.

The most natural tinder icebreaker with a high percentage of success is to ask a simple question.

Instead of spending hours crafting a perfect one-liner, ask her how her day’s going. It’s an easy, natural way to start an easygoing chat where you can both be yourselves.

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What are good pick up lines for tinder?

If you want to use a tinder pick up lines, there are a few classics you should know about. They’re overused, corny, repetitive, and can ruin your chances of breaking the ice.

On the other hand, they’re funny, endearing, friendly, and can get you that all-important reply. It’s up to you how and when to use them.

First of all, there are puns. The most popular form of pun on tinder is a pun with the girl’s name.

A classic example is with the name Kat: I don’t know about you, but I’m more of a Kat person. Oof. Try to use an original pun that they won’t have heard ten million times before. Instead of being endearing, she’ll roll her eyes and move on.

Asking ‘Would you rather?’ questions is another classic pickup line. Again, you want to be original, funny, and interesting. Try not to be gross or over-sexual. You can go super weird, like would you rather have hair all over your face or no hair at all.

Or you can ask her something to find out more about her, like would you rather go to the movies or out for dinner on a first date?

You can ask rhetorical questions as tinder icebreakers and pickup lines. You get extra points for original and funny questions.

For example, if Cinderella worked for Pizza Hut instead of her stepmother, would she be called Mozzarella?

One classic, but more labor-intensive pickup line is to tell her what you’d do on a fantastic first date. Go into excessive detail about where you’d go and what you’d do. Or you can be ironic with your tinder icebreaker.

Describe the worst possible date you can think of. The worse you make it, the funnier it (might) be.

If you can’t think of anything, you can always ask her for her best pickup line. You’re already asking her questions, and it gives your match an opportunity to school you.

What should I ask a girl on tinder?

There are times where everything seems to fail. You check her dating app profile, but there are no interesting personal details.

Her name isn’t any good for puns. You can’t think of any good jokes or would you rather questions. You’re stuck with nothing to say and no way to break the ice. What do you do?

Ask her how her day is going. It’s as simple as that. It might sound lame and corny, and it’s tempting to scratch out a terrible one-liner before resorting to such a lame pickup line.

But it’s surprisingly effective at getting a reply. You can make it more specific by simply adding one or two details.

How’s your Saturday going? How was work today? What’s your Wednesday night look like? By tailoring it to a specific time, you’re showing her you’re not just sending the same generic opening line to every tinder match you can find.

Everybody likes feeling special. Nailing that perfect icebreaker can appear like plenty of hard work, imagination, and confidence.

In fact, being natural, low-key, and personable is way more effective than honing a joke for four hours that has nothing to do with who you’re talking to.

Put yourself in their shoes. We like people who make us laugh, think, and feel special. If you aim in that direction, your tinder game will undoubtedly improve, and you find your perfect date in no time.

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