Discover What Girls Like the Most and How to Attract Them

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Dating is often a roller coaster. It goes back and forth between being fun, adventurous, wonderful, fulfilling, and frustrating, depressing, and disappointing.

Everyone wants to find an amazing partner and have a solid relationship. We all crave companionship, but finding it is a huge challenge at times. 

Men and women are so different and require different things in a relationship. They will also have different priorities, most of the time.

Navigating is one of the most frustrating parts of dating. Simply figuring out what they like and what makes them happy is a mystery.

Things That Girls Like

If you can enter the dating game with a good idea of what girls like, you’ll already have a headstart. Below are a few things that can give you a general idea of what you’re working with. 


First, they like to be pursued. Often, they want you to chase them a little. This might come in the form of playing a little hard to get.

If she seems really interested in you but starts to pull away after a little while, this is a sign she wants you to do some chasing

It makes them feel desired and important. If you play your cards right, her desire for you can skyrocket. 

Social Media 

Most girls love being present on social media. This largely includes Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

There’s no denying it’s become a huge part of our world and lifestyle, so there’s no use in fighting it, especially when it comes to the girl you like. 

Interact with her on Facebook – perhaps even do a little flirting there. It’s a good way to increase your presence and make sure she knows you’re there. 

Good Looks

Yes, it’s true. Girls appreciate men who look good. But, this doesn’t always make them shallow. You don’t have to be naturally or conventionally “attractive” to look good to a girl. 

All this means is that she appreciates when a man puts in a little effort and cares about how he looks. This isn’t difficult. If you’re not happy about your appearance, you can do something about it. 

Grow a beard – a lot of them love it. Cut your hair differently, make an effort to match your clothes, and wear something flattering that fits properly.

Also – take care of your skin. Clean, healthy skin goes a long way. 


Similar to their desire to be chased, they love it when you flirt with them. It means all your attention is on her, and you’re making a real, solid effort to see her smile and laugh. This means a lot to them, and it can go a long way. 

What They Like to Talk About

We’ve all heard it a million times – communication is key. However, this adage is common and overused because it’s true.

A relationship is nothing without solid communication, and this goes for both serious and casual conversations. 

Familiarize yourself with what girls like to talk about, and you’ll be the best and most successful conversationalist in the room. They’ll find you fun, interesting, and they’ll want nothing more than to engage with you. 


This includes things like music, movies, and even books. No one is going to open right up and have deep, revealing conversations early in a relationship.

But, the type of music a girl listens to can say a lot about her personality and interests. 

The way she feels about certain movies can tell you a lot about her too. It can hint at what she wants in life and how she feels about certain topics.

These are great things to bring up as it’s something they’ll love to gush about, it’s easy to keep the conversation moving, and you’ll learn about each other in the process. 

Her Passions and Goals

This is another way to keep her engaged without having to get too deep. Find out what she likes, what she loves to do, and talk about it. Ask her questions about it, what her plans are, and how she is developing it. 

Ask a girl about her goals in life, and she can talk to you for hours. It also tells her that you’re interested in her life and may hint to her that you’re going to be very helpful and supportive.


Lastly, talk about experiences. This includes hers and yours.

Have you traveled to an exotic country? Has she been on vacation lately? When was the last time you got lost? What crazy things have her friends done? 

Swapping fun, interesting, and wildlife stories will keep the conversation moving naturally as you both have a lifetime of material to work with.

Chances are you’ll have some good laughs, hear something shocking, and eventually, you’ll both be able to relate to a certain situation. 

What do Girls Like to See in a Guy? 

Interacting with a girl is only the first step. If you’re going to see it blossom into a relationship, you have to have the qualities she’s looking for.

This doesn’t mean you need to change every little thing about yourself. This would not be authentic, and it won’t last. 

What it does mean is that you should be aware of some general qualities most women look for in good, decent, relationship-ready men.

They won’t involve changing who you are, these are just a guide for qualities and behaviors that are attractive and desirable. 


Girls love it when a guy can make her laugh. Be careful not to force it too much, though. Be yourself and let the jokes come naturally. 

Smelling Good

There is actually science behind the attraction of scent. It goes both ways, but girls will be especially drawn to you if you smell good. This includes wearing a nice cologne as well as taking care of yourself and wearing clean clothes.


This seems like a no-brainer, but it surprisingly lacks in the dating world these days. Girls want a guy who is willing to commit to them and remain only with them.

Loyalty also extends to friendships and other relationships. If she sees you’re a loyal person in general, she’ll be attracted to that.


Nothing is less attractive than someone who lies. If you’re interested in finding a relationship, you need to be prepared, to be honest.

Lying never works out in the long run. Be yourself, don’t hide anything, and tell the truth. 


Being thoughtful in your words and actions is extremely attractive. Listen to what she says, what she likes, and what she wants, and remember it. Something as small as showing up with her favorite snack tells her that you’re thinking about her.

Good Listener

Whether a girl is one to talk a lot or very little, it’s important to be a good listener. If this doesn’t come naturally to you, you can become better at it through deliberate effort and practice. 

Animal Lover

Not everyone is a natural animal lover, but there’s no denying that it’s a trait girls love.

If animals aren’t something, you adore, at least ensure you’re respectful towards them and treat them well. How you treat animals will stand out and say a lot about your character. 


Girls find confidence extremely attractive. If you feel your confidence level is low, make an effort to work on it. But – pay attention to your ego and don’t let confidence become arrogance. 

Having Goals

Girls will feel more comfortable with a guy when they have goals. Especially in the context of a relationship, they need to know you’ll be able to support her and help pay the bills in the future.

Even the most independent girls need a partner who pulls their weight and isn’t lazy. 


Being generous doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money on her. You can be generous with your time, attention, affection, and much more. Although, taking her out for dinner and footing the bill is still a nice gesture. 


Girls will always appreciate it when you’re present and on time. If you’re always canceling plans or showing up late, they’ll lose interest in you fast.

Quality Time

Girls want someone who will spend a lot of quality time with them. The keyword here is quality. You can spend all day with each other, but if you’re not paying attention to her, then it won’t mean anything. When you’re with her, really be with her. Give her your undivided attention and get creative. Plan something fun, or have a really meaningful conversation. Make the time you spend with her fulfilling. 

Making Her a Priority

Especially as you grow closer to a relationship, she will want to feel like a priority in your life. This doesn’t mean throwing everything else away, but it does mean you need to consider her.

Spending quality time together should be a priority. Major, life-changing events or decisions should be discussed together, and you shouldn’t be in the habit of blowing her off for other things. 


Lastly, girls appreciate intelligence. Intelligence comes in many forms, so don’t worry if you’re not super book smart.

Contribute to the conversation, offer your opinion, respect her opinion, and throw some interesting facts in there. 

Understanding Girls is the First Step

Until you understand what girls like and what they want, you’ll likely struggle a great deal to attract them and keep their interest. However, the information shared here can help you get a headstart with the ladies. 

Of course, nothing is a one-size-fits-all solution, and you still need to get to know each girl as an individual and adjust your efforts accordingly. That being said, the fundamentals will always be the same.

Girls look for certain basic traits in a guy, and you’ll have much better chances when you make an effort to embody the traits they want. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are the common qualities a girl looks for in a guy?

Every girl is different and will seek different qualities based on her needs, interests, and lifestyle.

However, there are some common qualities that all girls will be looking for in potential partners. These usually include intelligence, confidence, respect, loyalty, honesty, and maturity. 

Do girls like beards?

Everyone has different preferences, but in general, women tend to find beards more attractive.

Many studies and experiments have been done on the subject that confirms this. It’s important that you maintain the beard, though. Just because beards are attractive doesn’t mean you can slack off and look like Gandalf. 

What causes the attraction between men and women?

What actually causes the physical attraction between men and women comes down to science and biology.

Pheromones and hormones have been proven to play a role in attracting the opposite gender, as well as other physical qualities like smell, voice, and appearance. 

What gifts do girls like?

When it comes to getting girls a gift, it can largely come down to them, their personality, and what they currently like/want/need.

However, there are some general ideas that are good for most women. If you’re stuck on ideas, try thinking about these: 

  • Something personalized or inscribed. 
  • Something that relates specifically to her interests. 
  • Makeup (find out what style and colors she likes). 
  • Something specific she has told you she wants. For example if she drinks a few cups of coffee during the day and travels a lot, you can give her a travel coffee maker and maybe even engrave her initials on it.
  • A gift card for her favorite coffee shop (best for a more casual occasion). 
  • Something that relates to her hobbies. 
  • Something she has that is close to running out. 

What does a girl want in a relationship?

At the end of the day, a girl wants to be in a relationship with someone who makes her feel wanted, respected, loved, and special.

She wants a man who can be loyal, committed, honest, and loving. She wants a true partner to support her and be there for her to share her life with. 

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