Best Hinge Answers to the Must-Know Questions

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So, you’re doing your best to try and find a meaningful relationship with someone special. There’s an instant attraction, you exchange messages, you fantasize about this being the real deal, then they ruin it all by suggesting a hook up!!!

Searching for “the one” but only finding a series of people after “just one thing,” is frustrating!!!

Why are people after hook ups on dating apps in the first place? Can’t they go on specific hook up sites and leave the online dating apps for just that…dating!

So, what makes Hinge different from all the other dating apps out there? On paper it may look very similar to Tinder, you create a profile and match with potential love interests.

Both apps have similarities but don’t confuse Hinge with the hook up fueled Tinder.

Unlike Tinder, Hinge doesn’t inundate you with endless matches but instead it takes note of your specifications: age, sex, location.

As well as these, it also relies heavily on using your Facebook data to match you with “dates” you have friends in common with.

This clever feature means you can ask the friend/s you have in common what your “new match” is like?

You’re probably wondering what the best Hinge answers are to all those app questions you have? Wonder no more, instead, read on for the answers to your must know questions.

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How many questions can you answer on Hinge?

With over 80 questions for you to choose from, Hinge has plenty of options to suit your every “questions” mood.

Some of the questions you can choose are:

The worst idea I’ve ever had..? My last meal would be…? Where to find me at a party…? I got detention for…? Favorite Disney movie…? My dream dinner date would be…?

Answering these questions is important- you may well look like a model and be a dream height, but if you give lame answers then you’ll instantly lose your shine!

Don’t do yourself a disfavor and lose potential matches because the answers to your questions suck!

There are A LOT of question choices- and you’re only allowed to answer 3!!! So, how do you work out which ones to pick, and then work out how best to answer them?

Solve your tricky question dilemmas- read on for my best Hinge answers.

Pick questions that you’re excited to answer

You’re scrolling through the question options and some jump out at you- go with your gut and answer these.

The question “fact or fiction? may draw you in. Or maybe “what I wanted to be when I grew up?” has gaged your attention? Don’t overthink it, instead, answer those standout questions. They caught your attention for a reason!

When you’re looking through other people’s profiles which questions excite you to read? Perhaps answer these questions on your profile too.

Don’t be an over-thinker!!! Just go with the flow to come up with the best Hinge answers.

Allow your potential dates to learn what type of person you are- don’t linger too much on what you think you should be putting, and instead jot down what you want to say.

Picking a question you think is boring just for the sake of it, will most likely lead to a boring answer!!!

Take note of the character limit

So, 150 characters may sound like a lot- but remember that this is characters, not words.

When faced with a pretty small character limit like this, then it’s advisable to keep it simple. The aim of the game is to make it catchy, sound interesting and engage the woman/man’s interest.

Hinge is a good app for being creative- I mean, who doesn’t love scrolling through fun questions? So make sure that your Hinge profile stands out from the crowd by making it interesting.

Also, bear in mind that humor is seen as an attractive thing to posses. Looks fade and all, but the ability to make potential dates laugh- well this is a skill that can’t be bought.

If you’re naturally funny then show this through your answers.

If you aren’t a natural born Jim Carrey then don’t panic, you don’t have to be comical- just make sure that your answers aren’t too serious and you’ll be fine.

Keep it simple

When in doubt, then keep it simple. For instance, the question “my last meal would be…?” doesn’t need much thought to answer but can give a pretty good insight into you as a person.

As a general rule most people love food, so this fail-safe Hinge question is likely to catch their attention. If you like crazy foods then say so- but don’t tell fibs!

Pretending you love squid is all well and good until your first date ends up in that new seafood restaurant and you’re faced with a plateful of the stuff!

Here’s an example: My last meal would be cheesygarlic bread for my starter, bacon pizza for main- the cheesier the better! and a giant slice of my mom’s lemon cheesecake for dessert- cheese, yum!

This gets across that you’re a foodie who likes cheese and is close to your mom- also, if they take you on a first date to a pizza parlor after reading it then that’s an extra bonus!

Double-check your answers

Hinge is all about getting to know your potential matches- so give yourself a better chance by remembering to double-check your profile and answers.

Don’t look effortless and sloppy! Avoid grammar mistakes! So, spelling isn’t your forte? Then how about asking your friend to scan-through your Hinge profile?

Hinge doesn’t stick your answers underneath your pictures- unlike other online dating apps.

Your answers will pop up in-between your pics- so potential matches can read them as they scroll down.

When you join Hinge, it will prompt you to upload 6 picture. To all the photo-phobics out there this will sound like a lot! There’s no skipping this one, so get pic snappy!

Double-check and in some cases triple-check your answers, as the best Hinge answers aren’t plagued by typos.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Lighthearted answers are far more eye-catching than serious ones, as these run the risk of coming across as dull!!! and trust me, no one wants to date a bore!!!

The key is to reveal your personality in your answers. The more fun you come across the more responses you’re likely to get.

Why not treat the question answering section like a fun challenge? your mission is to give answers that tell information about you, while sticking to the point and not going on a meaningless tangent.

Even if this seems like an impossible task- remember that it isn’t.

Have fun

Dating can be scary but perhaps it shouldn’t be.

Meeting someone new is exciting, so treat the place where you could potentially meet this “someone new” as a great adventure.

Yes, Hinge is an app, but this doesn’t mean you can’t treat it like a swell virtual “place” to hang out. It allows you meet new people that you probably would never meet otherwise.

We lead busy lives and we’re always in a hurry. Who knows, you could walk past your dream partner on the way to work everyday and not even realize it.

So, when it comes to Hinge, don’t view it as this scary place where you have to talk to people. Instead, treat it as a door to new a new path in your life- one hopefully filled with fun and romance.

Keep a positive mindset and remember to have fun!

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How many likes do you get on Hinge?

You get 10 likes on Hinge per day- unless you choose to go premium, in which case you’ll receive more.

As a dating app, Hinge is a great way to find people you have a connection with.

Once you match with a person, you can message them as much as you want. This is a great way to get to know them- hopefully it will lead to a first date!

Unlike Tinder, you can’t go swipe happy as you get a select daily amount of potential “match” options. So, take your time, check out their Hinge profile carefully and really consider if you want to get to know this person or not?

If you like them then press the heart- if they press the heart on you too then it’s a match and you can both message each other.

If they don’t float your boat, then press the “X.”

“The one” for you is out there somewhere, so even if it takes you more than one or two Hinge profile scroll-through’s to find a potential then keep at it, it’s likely to be worth the wait!

How to upgrade your “likes” amount?

So, you want more “likes” on Hinge? Okay, in that case you may need to upgrade.

The price of this varies depending on if you pay for it on a month-by-month basis, or if you opt for a 6 month deal (in which case it works out a bit cheaper per month).

As an upgraded member of Hinge you’ll get unlimited “likes.” This is probably the most appealing feature to upgrading your membership, as being restricted by your daily “likes” amount can be frustrating.

Another feature that you’ll also like is that you’ll now be able to see who “likes” your profile before you “like” theirs.

You’ll get advanced preferences, so if education, family plans and politics are important to you, you can put these filters into action.

Upgrading isn’t always the answer, for instance, if you live in the middle of nowhere then upgrading won’t magically make more matches appear.

My advise is to see how you get on with the standard “free” Hinge first- this way you can work out if upgrading will be a great way for you to meet more potential dates, or if it will be a waste of money.

After-all, if you aren’t getting those “matches” on the standard Hinge, then it’s unlikely they’ll appear when you upgrade.

Why does no one “like” me?

You join Hinge to meet the woman/man of your dreams. You take your time in filling in your Hinge profile, answering your chosen questions and you use your favorite pictures. So, why has no one matched with you?

Online dating can be a great way to meet people- but when the “matches” don’t appear it can be a frustrating, soul-destroying experience.

You ask yourself: what’s wrong with me and why does no one like me?

When the matches aren’t coming in it’s normal to feel like the most unappealing person ever!!! Don’t despair just yet.

Have you given Hinge time? if you only created your Hinge profile a day-or-two again, then it’s usual for it to take a few days to begin collecting those matches.

You appear in other people’s potential match lists at different times to when they appear in yours- also, because it isn’t a scroll-fest like Tinder then it may take slightly longer for it all to process- if you catch my drift!

If it’s been weeks and you’ve had NO matches then chances are something needs to change.

Check your Hinge profile pictures and make sure you’re using the best possible pics- happy, smiling, exciting ones are good shouts! Also, black and white pictures are appealing, as they give out artsy vibes!

Hinge makes you use 6 pictures, which can seem like a lot- you want all 6 pics to be good, so even if you think 2 good pics and 4 stick in to fill up the number pics will be fine, chances are the last 4 pics will put potential matches off your first 2.

Don’t be too smart with your questions- keep it real, people want an authentic partner, not someone who tries far too hard!

Lastly, it’s important not to give up. Okay, so it hasn’t worked out so far but what’s to say “the one” won’t pop up in your potentials list tomorrow or the day after?

If you give up now then you’ll never know, but if you persevere then it might just be the best thing you ever do!

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My photos are boring!

Attractive photos get likes! By attractive, I don’t mean film star looks.

Instead, attractive photos are pics that show you for you.

You want 6 amazing photos that each showcase something about you. This could be a profile picture of you smiling and wearing your favorite t-shirt. A pic of you at the beach with your best friends, and one of you cuddling your beloved cat.

The answers to your chosen questions give insight into you, but so do your photos.

A Hinge profile with great pics, info and insightful answers to your selected questions is far more likely to get you likes than a profile that looks like you set it up in a dark room after a few too many wines.

Don’t be a photo bore- even if it seems like the easiest thing to do.

If in doubt, grab your friends and go somewhere fun- this is a good excuse to hang out with your friends, while taking some amazing snaps to put the wow-factor into your Hinge profile.

Can you tell if someone is active on Hinge?

This dating app doesn’t have a green dot by your name to show if you’re an active members– so, how do you know if that potential match is an avid Hinge user or if they haven’t been online in months?

Hinge isn’t about hook ups, instead it promotes itself as one of the best places to meet like-minded folk who’re after something real.

Hinge takes active members seriously, so the more active you are the more likely you are to end up in someone’s matches.

Don’t worry about active members and so forth. If you like someone then press the heart- if they like you too then great, if not then there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

Maybe they met someone else and stopped using the app or maybe you’re simply not their cup of tea?

Don’t worry about what could have been- instead focus on what could be.

Concentrate on filling your profile with the best Hinge answers and awesome pictures.

Remember that Hinge was made to be deleted

Hinge wants you to find “the one” and they want you to do this by creating the best profile for yourself that you can.

This really is an app intent on showcasing its users in the best light. From the profile layout to the question options, Hinge is designed for single people to get creative, use the prompts and send out messages to potential love interests.

They want you to get next level in your relationship status- remember that Hinge isn’t a hook up site, it’s a serious dating site that goes out of its way to help you find that someone special.

There’s something really special about an app that’s on your side and wants the best for you. Give your best Hinge answers, jazz up your profile and start up a conversation with your latest “match.”

When you join Hinge it’s best to remember that it was made to be deleted.

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Best Hinge answers: An Overview

So, you want to meet the guy or woman of your dreams? You want to find that special someone to be in your life forever!

Is Hinge the answer? well, I guess your answers to the Hinge questions will pay a big part in the answer to this. When it comes to an app like Hinge you’re more likely to get back what you put in.

Yes, there’s always a few jammy people that put next to no effort into their profiles and end up with dozens of matches.

Don’t worry about them, concentrate on yourself. Give the best answers you can give and go for it.

I hope that you now know everything you need to about Hinge- now, all that’s left to do is join up and begin your search for your perfect match.

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