What Men in Their 50s Want in a Woman

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Are you attracted to older men, and want to find how to get one? Knowing what men in their 50s look out for is a good start. So it’s normal to ask the question, “What do men in their 50s want?”

Men in their 50s lookout for things they probably didn’t bother with when they were much younger.

They may have been married before, and know what loving relationships are. With their experience in romantic relationships, they have dating habits different from that of even a 40 year old man.

There are several ways to get an older guy to fall in love with you, all you need to do is genuinely master them. You can choose to ask close friends or just random folks on the street for their opinions.

This article, however, offers tested tips on how to start a relationship with that gorgeous 50 year old man. Here are ways to get a man in his 50s to fall head over heels in love with you:


When men are in their 20s, they are attracted to women who are sexy, social, and fun to be with. In their 50s, they have their hearts set on entirely different priorities.

Of course, they still want ladies who are confident and sexy, but they’ve lived long enough to know values like honesty are much more important.

The ability to be honest about things – even the most personal ones – is a trait a typical older guy wants in a woman.

A person who is simply not afraid of expressing how she feels is a must-have for men in their 50s. So, what do men in their 50s want?

They want you to be honest. They want to be able to share everything with you, without feeling you’re cheating them or holding some truths back.

No one likes to be used or lied to – especially older men who’ve lived through many such experiences. They don’t get used to it, instead, they abhor it.

Confidence and Independence

Older men prefer ladies that are emotionally and financially stable, with a healthy dose of confidence.

The last thing a 50 years old man wants is drama, and so would prefer relationships where the woman’s emotional insecurity is not causing issues.

Confidence is a great appeal to everyone, but this is heightened in older men who’ve had their fair share of women with self-doubt and distrust. So older men desire confidence but a respectful woman.

Also, financial independence is another quality older men seek in their ladies. They need women are coming simply for the sake of love and companionship, and not financial gain.

Love and Commitment

Some ladies want to date older men for different reasons, but the latter need ladies that truly love them and are ready to commit to a relationship as a partner.

Men who are in their 50s need all the love they can get, and when they notice someone with the wrong intentions trying to get cozy with them, they quickly refrain.

They need ladies that can genuinely care for them and their children if any. They need committed women who they wouldn’t worry about leaving them at the slightest of offenses.

So if you’re looking to dating an older guy, you have to be ready to love him sincerely, and not use him for any selfish games.

Trust me, some of these men can read your intents a thousand miles away. Every man is attracted to a loving woman, and this is even truer for older men.


It’s common for men in their 50s to look for honest ladies they can lead a happy and enjoyable life with as their partner. They need ladies that can satisfy their sexual urges – of course, they still have them.

On top of these, these men need ladies they can have meaningful conversations with, they desire intelligent women.

Men around age 50 no longer enjoy trivial talks as much as they did when they were younger.

So a relative intelligence is an attraction. They don’t need you to be a genius, they just want to be able to spend time with you and talk about a variety of topics every day.

So if you’re looking to date men in their 50s, you have to work on your intelligence. Remember, these men have a lot of experience, should be able to hold them to a conversation.


A man in his 50s is likely to have gone through episodes of pain and sadness in their previous relationships. It’s even worse if he lost his wife.

What such a man wants in a woman is pure happiness, and would go for anyone that can give him just that.

He would want a woman who is full of life and laughter, not one that would make his life hard. He would want someone that can rekindle the happiness his children might have lost from the demise of their mother.

So when next the question, ‘what does a man in his 50s want?’ pop up in your head, remember happiness.

Older men are definitely sound enough to handle any problems you might have, but they sure don’t want someone that’ll weigh them down with emotional baggage.

What older guys want is happiness that is real; that gets them up every single day and gives them true satisfaction every time.

Good Sex

Yes, we are not going to leave that out. Older men, just like every one of us want a romantic partner.

Men in their 50s are still sexually active, and they want a partner that can fan the embers of that sexual flame. Men in their advanced years still search for women that can have it good with.

That’s why a lot of older men are open to dating sexually attractive women of all ages.


In a particular dating site, men in their 50s were asked what they desired in a woman, and most said fun.

Older men have a strong affinity for ladies who aren’t afraid to step outside and have all the fun they can get.

Many people associate older men with redundancy, but what they want is to feel as youthful as ever. When they find that in you, they are hooked for good.

Attracting an Older Man

If you’re ready to make your dream of dating an older guy happens, then you should hone those traits they are attracted to. Men in their 50s want intelligent, emotionally-secure, and loving women they can date.

For many, what they want if beyond a flick, they want a serious commitment that can lead to marriage.

They are attracted to women of all ages that can make them laugh, play, and feel alive every day. What men in their 50s want is a woman with a large heart and a mature mind, irrespective of her age.

Older guys don’t want so much in a woman. They just have a preference for more valuable traits that can guarantee them a happy, and fulfilling life. If you think you are up to the task, why not give it a try?

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