Mature dating: Must-know Tips for Dating a Divorced Man in His 50s

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So, your circumstances have led you to be sassy, single and middle-aged! As daunting as this may seem you don’t need to fret, as dating for 50s is now just as normal as dating for 20s. Read on and learn more about dating a divorced man in his 50s.

It’s normal to find the dating world overwhelming but don’t put away your dating shoes just yet. Never let your age, past relationship disasters or the fact you come with added extras such as children, stop you from finding love.

With age comes valuable life skills that can’t be bought. As for children, well, most men in their 50’s will have them too, so being a single parent shouldn’t deter you from rejoining the dating world.

What do men in their 50s want in a woman?

Most men in their 50s are looking for companionship. They want someone to take out for meals, to go for walks with and to build a relationship with.

Being divorced means that they’ve learned from their past mistakes and they now want a relaxed relationship with a like-minded soul.

There are plenty of divorced men in their 50s eager to find love, so don’t give up on trying to find the right one for you.


With age comes change, so it’s understandable that older men aren’t looking for the same traits in a partner as their younger selves were.

Although an initial attraction is still important, older men have come to the realization that an honest, kind and trustworthy person is far more sought after than an unpredictable supermodel.

They’re likely to be just as afraid of online dating as you are. Chances are they were married for a long while, therefore this new online dating world is just as alien to them as it is to you.

They don’t want game-players, liars, cheaters or women who don’t know what they want. Instead, they just want a woman they can be themselves with. Kindness and honesty go along way…which we’re glad to hear!


At the end of the day, men in their 50s just want to be loved. They want to find someone to share new adventures with, go on dates with and develop feelings for. They want a real relationship.

Yes, sex is important but for most older men this isn’t the most crucial factor. Intimacy is great and all, but so is going out to nice restaurants and cuddling up and watching films together.

Once you’ve reached middle-age, you’re likely to be pretty content in your own skin. You know what you want from relationships and you aren’t afraid to say it.

Older men feel this way too, which means that strong bonds can be developed without any falseness. You both want companionship, to be excepted and to share your time with someone you care about.


The foundations of a good relationship, are finding common ground. You don’t have to be exactly the same, after all, having some differences is also good, as you don’t want a clone of yourself.

However, you do want to form a relationship with someone who has the same key values as you. If family time is important to you then it needs to be important to the man in your life too.

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How to flirt with a man over 50?

When dating an older man it’s important to compliment them. Dating at 50 may seem daunting but at the end of the day all everyone wants is to find someone to spend their lives with.

Whether you’ve been through a divorce, have children or have just taken a long break from dating, you’re allowed to follow your heart and seek out the partner of your dreams.

We know that dating isn’t always easy and that the idea of flirting can be terrifying! Flirting may seem like hard work, but it isn’t as scary as it seems.

Follow the simple dating tips below to go from dating novice to a flirt expert in no time at all.

Smile and make eye contact

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most effective. When on a date all you need to do is smile at them and keep eye contact.

A warm and friendly person who doesn’t look away comes across as approachable and confident. These are seen as attractive traits and will help your date get off to a good start.

Look at him while you talk to him, don’t shy away from your feelings and also be honest.

So what if you’re divorced and have kids? If you have a warm smile and a dazzling personality then you’re likely to be one for his tick list.

Be proud of who you are

So okay, it’s the first date, so it would be a lot to take in if you started telling him your life story, but being open about love, life and a standout past relationship experience (if the need arises for you to mention it) will show that you’re comfortable being you.

Never be ashamed of past relationships, the fact you’re divorced, have kids or anything else. Your past makes you, you. Your soulmate will value your honesty, while someone who is judgmental clearly isn’t your match.

Let your past shape who you are but never let it define you. So what if you went through a divorce or have children. Never be anything less than proud of the way in which you’ve lived out your life.

Don’t be put off by bad dates as your future man is worth the search. Always remain proud of who you are and don’t give up, as the guy for you is out there somewhere, and he knows that confidence is sexy!

Laughter is the best medicine

Making someone laugh is far better than being in a relationship with some hunk with the personality of a stone. Looks fade but the ability to make someone smile and chuckle is a skill that should never be overlooked.

Yes, you want a man who is financially secure and who will support you, but if this man also bores you senseless then it will never work.

It’s not the best idea to start reading your kids joke book before you go on a date. Keep it natural, if the laughter flows without you even having to try, then he may be the man for you.

If he makes you laugh and you manage to make him laugh in return, then don’t discount him. Truth be told, life is hard at times and laughter can go along way.

What do men in their 50s expect in bed?

Don’t run for the hills just yet. Yes, there are probably some divorced men out there that are just after one thing, just as some divorced women are.

Yes, intimacy is important but we all know that there is more to a relationship than sex. If you’ve been on a few dates with a man and it’s going well, then chances are he’s after something real and ongoing just like you are.

Most divorced men in their 50s just want to find a person to spend time with. It’s unlikely that they’ll bother taking the time and effort to date someone, just to ditch them after a hookup.

These men aren’t 20 somethings anymore, most of them are past the game-playing stage. Still, expectations of what they want you to be like in bed are probably buzzing around your head.


So what if you don’t look like Jennifer Lopez?! as long as you work with what you’ve got and are happy being you, then the right match for you will see this!

By 50, most divorced men have come to the realization a woman who is confident, happy in her own skin, and knows exactly what she wants in and out of the bedroom is attractive.

You might have wrinkles, stretch marks and not be a size 8 anymore, but they don’t look like they did when they were 20 anymore either.

Working with what you’ve got and being confident in yourself is all that’s needed to make the bed sheets sizzle.

To satisfying you

A divorced man of a certain age is past the selfish stage. Instead, they get the most satisfaction from pleasing their partner.

Don’t be afraid to tell them what you like, as he will want to make you happy. Knowing that he has satisfied you in the bedroom is the best way to please a man in his 50s.

Forget about the selfish guys you dated in their 20s, divorced men in their 50s aren’t all about themselves. They want to feel emotionally connected to you, and they take great delight in making sure that you’re fully satisfied.

Older men know that many bad relationships happen because one or both the partners are selfish. For a relationship to truly work you need to be open with each other and take into account what each of you needs and desires!

Not being in a rush

What’s the hurry?! divorced men realize that it isn’t all about speed. Some things are best served over time, and being intimate is definitely one of these things.

They aren’t in some frenzied hurry for the “main event,” instead, they want to spend time showing you affection. They are far more likely to give you an unexpected kiss or want to cuddle on the sofa.

They’ve reached the age where they have learned that it’s quality over quantity. The finer things in life don’t need to be rushed!

They want love, an emotional relationship, and honesty. Being a man of a certain age they’re content in their own skin and want to find a woman who is content in hers.

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An Overview of Dating a 50 year old man

So what if he’s divorced, has children and has previously failed relationships? We all have a past, the best thing we can do is learn from it and use this information to help guide us in our future.

A man in his 50s is likely to be looking for the real deal. They say wisdom comes with age which means he’s learned from his past mistakes and he wants to find a meaningful relationship and meet a woman that will lead to love and happiness for his future.

You may have a lot of fears and reservations but try to put them aside. The road to love might not always be smooth but it’s worth the risk.

Now, all that’s left to do is go in search of the 50 plus man of your dreams. Get ready, set and date!

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