Types of Dating – Answers to all Your Relationship Questions

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Dating can be a minefield. When we’re looking for that perfect partner, the stakes can feel so high that every decision feels like the most important one in the world.

Do they like me? Am I talking too much? Do they think I’m funny? Do we want the same things? Are they looking for a serious relationship or just one night of fun?

All these different questions can buzz through your head and completely ruin your date. It can help to figure a few of these things out before you go on the date.

If you’re clear about what both of you want, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the date.

First of all, you’re going to have to find someone to go on a date with you. Then you have to figure out what kind of date it is. If you’re on the same page as your date, there’s a way higher chance of sparks flying and one date turning into two.

So, what are the different types of relationships out there? From speed dating to one-night-stands to dating for marriage, and online dating, here are all the types of dating you need to know about.

What kinds of relationships are there?

There are billions of people on this planet. That means there are almost as many relationships. From family to friends, lovers to friends with benefits, relationships vary as much as people do.

When you’re first setting out, it can help identify the type of relationship you’re seeking. Are you looking for one night of fun or a lifelong partner to have kids with? Maybe you’re seeking a soul mate or perhaps just a friendly acquaintance.

Regardless of what kind of relationship you’re trying to cultivate, it helps to get to terms with the available types of dating. With the combination of real-world dating and internet dating, the possibilities are almost endless.

Different Types of Dating

To make sure you end up with the right person on your date, it’s worth spending some time figuring out what type of dating would be best for you.

There are many different types, and it helps determine which one suits your specific wants and needs.

Online dating

First off, you’ve probably heard of online dating, which has taken the world by storm over the last couple of decades. From Bumble to Tinder to Ashley Madison, there are thousands of sites and apps out there to help you find the perfect one.

Some online dating sites are open to everyone. These can help increase your dating pool.

However, they can also be intimidating because of their size and competitiveness. Swiping right can be soul-destroying, though online dating is responsible for two-thirds of all relationships.

If dating online sounds right for you, spend some time figuring out which platform is the right one for you. There are dating sites specifically built for fans of Harry Potter, for example, or Star Trek.

Other dating apps are specifically designed for sexual preference or the kind of relationship you’re looking for.

If you want to give online dating a try, I suggest you head over to Dating Inspector, a blog that reviews the best online dating websites.

Speed dating

While speed dating might sound a little 90s, it’s still a popular way for singles to meet. Speed dating is perfect for those seeking organized, high-turnaround dating opportunities.

A speed dating event is often held in a community center, gym, or other large space. During the event, people have the opportunity to have a short conversation with numerous potential partners.

You might have guessed that this type of dating is all about speed. For many people, dating is a numbers game, and speed dating is a great way to meet plenty of people and increase your chances of meeting that special person.

Blind dates

Another classic type of dating is blind dating. Blind dates are often set up by a friend or someone you know. It’s called blind dating because you don’t know the person before you meet them.

While blind dates can sometimes be pretty awkward, as you might know, nothing about each other, they can also be fun, low-pressure situations that lead to plenty of laughter.

Blind dates can turn out to be the best kind as you end up on a date with someone you might not have chosen yourself.

When it comes to dating, we often sabotage ourselves by asking people who we think we should date instead of who we want to date.

Blind dates give the opportunity to meet someone you’d never normally ask out, and this can sometimes lead to pleasant surprises.

Double dates

A double date is where two couples go on a date together. Double dates are great ways to take the pressure off a first date, have fun, and show your best side as you’re there with a friend who knows you.

If you’re worried about stepping into the dating game, then double dating can be a perfect first entry. Sitting opposite each other at a candlelit table can be a high-pressure situation.

So, why not do yourself a favor and take someone else along for the night?

If everything goes right and both couples hit it off, then why not split off at the end of the night for a solo cocktail or two? Just because you start the night on a double date, you don’t have to finish the night together.

Double dates can be great ways of getting out of awful dates. If everything goes wrong and the date turns into a nightmare, just have fun with your friend and laugh about it in the morning.

Casual dating

Casual dating is by far the most common. Many different styles incorporate casual dating, and you’ll see it on plenty of people’s profiles. Essentially, casual dating is what someone does when they’re figuring out who they want to date long term.

If someone’s dating casually, it often means they’re dating another person or more. It’s a kind of low-key, low-commitment style of dating where you keep your options open in case the perfect one comes along.

Make sure you tell your date that you’re looking for something casual. If one person thinks it’s serious and the other thinks it’s casual, many a fight will ensue.

To be successful in the relationship game, it helps to be open and honest with your partners about what exactly you’re looking for.

Exclusive dating

So, you’ve tried online, speed, double, and casual dating. You’ve found the person you want to be alone with. Everything is going according to plan. Now, it’s time to become exclusive.

Exclusive, or serious, dating is where you and the other person only date each other. There are no friends-with-benefits on the side, late-night hookups with strangers, or swiping right on a Friday night.

Exclusive dating is the goal for plenty of singles out there. Everyone wants to find their perfect partner and settle down in a monogamous relationship. Well, maybe not everyone, but most people.

Exclusive dating comes after you get to know the person on a first date. If things go really well, a first date might turn into exclusive dating, but it takes a little time for most people.

Nowadays, there is no rush, and most people want to get a sense of what’s out there before settling down.

Relationship Types For You

Whichever type of dating you decide to try, you want to put your best foot forward every time. Always treat your date with respect, listen to them while you get to know them, and always laugh at their jokes.

Even if it’s the worst date in the history of the world, do them a favor and give them your best self.

Dating can be a minefield, but if you know what type you’re looking for, and are familiar with the different types of relationships and dating that exist, you’ll have a far better chance of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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