Signs A Woman Is Falling In Love With You

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When it comes to matters of love, there’s no denying that it can be on the tricky side at times.

No one said love was easy, as let’s face it, when you add a large dollop of feelings into the mix, then things instantly become more complicated.

I get it. You don’t want to confess your feelings to her, only to face rejection.

No one wants to say: “I love you,” and be met with dreaded silence! 

So, how do you tell if she’s falling in love with you?

You’re in luck as the signs of love are easy to spot. You just need to know what you’re looking for.

So, keep on scrolling to discover the little things and the hidden signs that hint at her true feelings toward you.

Spot the signs

Life is pretty much a dot-to-dot. The clues are there. We just need to join them together to see the bigger picture.

So, you’re falling in love with her and want to know if she’s falling in love with you too?

Get the invisible ink out and connect those dots together to solve the mystery of that all-important question. Is she falling for me?

1. It’s in the smile

No, I’m not talking about those super awkward smiles when we nervously don’t know how else to react.

I’m talking about a pure, unforced smile. If you catch her beaming whenever you’re around her, then this is a good sign that she loves spending time with you.

And is a great indication that she has feelings toward you.

Forced smiles are obvious – but the real deal is precious. If you make someone feel that way often, then that’s something special.

2. Her eyes are on you

Are you asking yourself does she like me? Simple, look into her eyes.

When we like someone, then we want to look at them all of the time. Seeing them makes us feel all squishy inside, and if we could, we’d never stop looking at them. But we don’t, as this would be creepy!

For instance, say you’re both on a romantic date, and as you both reach for your glass of wine, your eyes meet, and in that moment of eye contact, you feel something, and you’re pretty sure she feels it too.

Yep, eye contact is powerful, and it provides a strong indicator that she’s falling in love with you.

3. Goodbye, Tinder

Maybe you met on a dating app, or maybe you didn’t?

Either way, a big sign that she’s serious about you is if she deletes all of her dating apps. In doing this, she’s sending you a sign that she’s into you, and she wants to invest in your relationship.

Think about it; people don’t delete their dating apps for just anyone. They’re a gateway to meeting new matches – so, in deleting them, she’s showing you that she wants to take a chance on you.

So, if you like her back and you haven’t already deleted your dating apps, then my advice would be to do this ASAP! 

You’re probably not the only one who’s trying to spot the signs of love; the likelihood is she’s trying to spot them too.

So, if you keep that dating app on your phone, even if you aren’t using it, it’s sending out the wrong signals to her.

4. She wants to hang out

Let’s face it; no woman will go out of her way to spend time with someone she finds boring.

So, the more of her free time she chooses to spend with you, then the more she probably likes you.

I get it; people all lead busy lives. So sometimes, however much we like someone, it’s impossible for you to meet them at a specific time.

The thing is, though, if we really like this person, then we’ll make it clear that even though we can’t make that specific time or place, we want to hang out with them soon.

When someone goes out of their way to be around someone else, then it’s probable that she likes them. That, or she gets some weird thrill from hanging out with people she finds boring!

Yeah, this is unlikely.

Time is precious, so the fact she wants to see you is always a good sign that your love life is on the up.

5. The future is bright

When she talks to you, does she say “we,” or “I”?

If she’s constantly saying things like: ” I can’t wait until I go to that concert,” instead of things like: “I can’t wait until we go away next weekend,” then it sounds like she’s still in the single mindset.

We, we, we.

This small little word holds a lot of meaning – if she’s constantly using it, then it’s a sign that she views you as a pair, and she wants to make plans with you.

Let’s face it, people don’t make plans with just anyone, as this is a massive waste of their time.

So. if she can envisage you in her near future, then this sounds to me like she’s also picturing you in her life.

6. You and only you

The other guys have gone from her messages. Instead, you’re her only focus!

When a woman openly messages more than one guy, then this is a clear sign that she’s keeping her options open by making that commitment to just one guy, then she’s made her choice.

So, if she’s chosen you, and only you, then it’s clear she wants to see where your relationship is going.

If you really like this woman, then stop messaging other girls (in the romantic sense) as if she catches you doing this, her feelings will be hurt, and her trust broken.

Start as you mean to go on and invest your time into her.

If you really believe she could be ‘the one,’ then don’t let another woman tempt you away…not even for a second!

7. Meet the family

This is a big deal! Her family and friends are an important factor in her life, so if she wants you to meet them, then she’s basically sending out a pretty big, neon, flashing sign that she wants to make your relationship work.

Don’t panic! Instead, take a deep breath, and keep your cool. As scary as meeting her friends and family may seem, it’s also really awesome that she wants you to meet them.

Clearly, she likes you a lot! and she envisages a future with you. So, if you feel like you’re falling for her too, then go with the flow.

Is that wedding bells I hear in the not so distant future?! Ding dong!

8. Common ground

You tell her your favorite pizza topping is pepperoni and mushroom, and she excitedly replies: “mine too.”

You’ve found common ground, and this gives you both an instant connection.

If she reacts overjoyed when you both find out you have a love of midnight strolls through the park and watching trashy horror films, then the signs are in your favor.

Think about it. If she didn’t care about you, then she wouldn’t care about what interests you share.

While if she likes you, then she’ll want to show you that you have common ground to build your relationship on.

9. News time

Did she call you up straight away after she got that job promotion? When she managed to get two tickets for that theatre show she’s desperate to see, did she eagerly tell you about it?

If she’s falling for you, then it stands to reason that she’ll want to share any good news she has with you.

Life’s not always sunshine and roses, and love is all about taking the good with the bad…

If she believes your relationship is going somewhere, then whether her news is good or bad, then she’ll want you to know about it.

10. Flawless

Okay, so no one is perfect, but a big sign that a woman is falling for you is if she sees past your flaws.

In fact, she may even like them. Love makes our minds go soppy, and things that aren’t usually considered attractive traits suddenly become ‘cute’ and ‘endearing.’

If you slurp your coffee, then she’ll think this is cute.

If you have clown feet that cause you to trip over everything, then she’ll lovingly tease you about this.

She’ll find your fondness for jam and marmite on toast unique instead of just plain weird!

Basically, if she accepts you for you, flaws and all, then it sounds to me like she’s falling in love with you. Love allows someone to see past their oddities and appreciate the unique aspects of a person.

11. The green-eyed monster

Human beings get jealous. We can’t help it! If that woman likes you, and I mean really likes you, then it’s likely she’ll feel jealous of the other women in your life.

If you mention how one of your female friends likes something and she wrinkles up her nose, then this sounds like jealously to me.

Or if you talk about how funny your female work colleague is and she rolls her eyes, then yep, jealously.

No one wants to be with a stalker…but if she’s giving out subtle signs that you mentioning other women makes her feel jealous, then chances are she’s falling for you.

Therefore, she wants you to mention her and what she likes, not one of your female friends.

And she wants you to think she’s funny, not your work colleague.

Think about it – you like her, right?! So, it’s unlikely the mention of her hilarious male co-worker would amuse you.

A case of the green-eyed monster works both ways and is a strong indictable of how someone feels toward you.

12. It’s the Little gifts

That holds the most meaning

No, I’m not talking about a Ferrari or a first-class trip to Hawaii.

Did she buy you a good luck charm to take with you on your important work meeting?

Or maybe she searched in 5 different sweet shops to find you that bag of candy you said you loved as a kid?

If she’s put thought into her gift-buying, then you’re on her mind, and she wants to put a smile on your face. She’s thinking about you, and she’s doing cute things to make you happy.

When it comes to the matter of love, then it’s the personal things that stay vivid in someone’s mind, long after the thrill of big, flashy gifts wears off.

13. She confides in you

When it comes to solid relationships, then this is our life partner – so naturally, if something is bothering us, then we want to confide in our loved one.

If she goes out of her way to tell you what’s on her mind and hear what you have to say on this, then she values your opinion.

While if she seeks out her friends, family members, or even that guy who works in her favorite bar over talking to you about it well, this doesn’t look great.

You should always allow for exceptions – perhaps she’s sought advice on a topic that she’s just not ready to share with you yet?

But if she avoids confiding in you on a regular basis, then the signs are in, and they aren’t overly good.

As much as this sucks, you need to remember that a relationship is a partnership, one where you should both feel comfortable confiding in each other and strengthening the foundations for a long and loving life together.

14. She likes teasing you

Not in a mean way. As no one wants to date a bully.

But friendly teasing breaks the tension and shows she has personality.

Life’s too short to be serious all the time, so if she teases you on your obsession for odd colored socks and laughs about your messy cupboards, then it sounds like she’s into you.

Teasing is a defense mechanism that people use to hide their true feelings.

Think about it; she doesn’t just want to stare at you with soppy eyes all the time, as she knows excessively doing this is likely to send out weirdo vibes!

There’s a fine line between teasing out of affection and teasing to just be plain mean…so it’s important not to confuse these two things. Trust me; you don’t want to end up in a relationship with a bully!

But being in a relationship with someone who sees the fun side of life, now, that sounds good to me!

15. It’s in the glow

If she’s happy when she’s around you, then trust me, you’ll know about it.

Happiness brings out the natural glow in a woman, so if she radiates happiness when she’s around you, then boom! It’s pretty clear she has strong feelings for you.

Love is in the air, and it’s glowing!

16. Touchy-feely

If a woman likes you, then she’ll want to feel close to you. And what better way to do this than by brushing her hand against yours.

Cuddling you on the couch, kissing you, and so on

This isn’t just a sexual thing; it goes beyond that. It’s a connection thing, and if she can’t get enough of you, from the simple touch of your hand to more, then it’s likely that she’s falling for you.

17. 100% real

Life is, at times, complicated and how we act around people is also complicated.

How we are around our work colleagues, acquaintances, friends, and so on isn’t always how we actually are.

We have to filter ourselves to make sure we say the right thing for the right situation, but when a woman is 100% comfortable around someone, then she isn’t afraid to be herself around this person.

If she’s at ease around you, then she’s let her emotional barriers down, which means she feels relaxed around you. Not only is this a great feeling, but it’s also a pretty big sign that she’s falling for you.

18. Always there for you

It doesn’t matter what she’s doing. If you urgently need her, then she’ll go out of her way to be there for you.

If a woman really cares about you, then if you have a problem, she’ll want to be the one to comfort you, even if it means rushing to yours straight from work, leaving a family meal, or canceling her plans with a friend.

Being there for you is important to her because you’re important to her.

19. She tells you

Erm yeah… This sounds simple, but that’s because it is.

It’s a well-known fact that some people find it hard to believe that their partner is really in love with them. Come on; you want a sign, what bigger sign is there than her telling you those three little words?

If you’re cuddled up on the couch together, and she looks up and you and says: “I love you.” Then newsflash, it’s pretty obvious that this woman is crazy about you.

Think about it; why would she risk rejection if she didn’t actually love you? So, stop filling your head with doubt and go with it. Oh, and tell her how you feel back!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is she in love?

So, how do you know if she’s really in love? The signs are there. You just need to decipher them.

If she goes gooey-eyed whenever she talks about this person, she longs to be close to them but often clams up when she is, and she finds their annoying habits attractive.

Then it seems to me like she has pretty strong feelings for them.

2. How to know if a girl loves you secretly?

If your female friend is harboring a secret crush on you, then it’s likely she’ll do the following?

  • Smile at you all the time
  • Catch your eye
  • Fiddle with her hair
  • Go out of her way to be around you
  • Like your social media posts
  • Change her appearance
  • Her friends giggle when you’re around
  • She’s jealous when you mention another woman

3. Does my girlfriend love me?

Well, if she tells you she does, then this is a big indicator that she loves you.

Signs to spot are she will worry about you, know pretty much everything about you, and always be complimenting you.

She will also go out of her way to spend time with you, and she’ll want to introduce you to the people she cares about (her family and friends, etc.).


Falling in love with someone is scary. It is foolishly scary! 

But it’s also thrilling, exciting, magical, and spectacular. So, if you’ll falling for her, then don’t panic.

As if the signs are there, then it seems evident that she’s falling for you too.

So, my advice is to follow the signs, follow your heart, and see where this relationship leads you.

None of us know what’s going to happen in the future, but life’s for a living, and you can’t do that to the best of your ability if you always chicken out of things!

If you think the signs are there, then what’re you waiting for? Perhaps it’s time you told her how you feel?

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