From Beast to Beauty: How to Be More Feminine Today

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You want to become a more feminine woman or man? We hear ya!

Bringing out, let alone embracing, your inner femininity can be tough. This is especially true when your masculine side seems to dominate every time.

The good news is, you can learn to ignite that soft, feminine energy you’ve been hoping for all along.

How Can I Be More Feminine and Girly?

It’s much hard to become something that you feel you’ve struggled to be or never were to begin with.

However, if there’s a will, there is a way! In the case of becoming more girly, there’s no single thing or set of rules you must precisely follow.

But it’s always good to have a guide to teach you the ropes.

That’s why we’ve included some tips and tricks to help you become more womanly in time.

Seek Inspiration from the Right Feminine Figures.

The best way to become more feminine is to find influential figures to teach you about all things woman.

Fortunately, feminine figures don’t have to be people in your personal life. You can discover individuals with strong feminine energy on different social media platforms.

Sources of inspiration might come from Instagram, YouTube, or even from podcasts.

Try to follow and subscribe to beauty gurus, fashionistas, and nail or hair artists. These figures can not only teach you about how to feel beautiful in a feminine sense but also how to act like a woman.

By observing these role models, it’ll be easier to see what feminism is. It’ll also be clearer what femininity isn’t and what you admire the most about it.

Start to Really Take Good Care of Yourself.

When we say take care of yourself, we’re referring to good hygiene. It’s something every feminine woman and man values.

Proper hygiene isn’t just about brushing your teeth and bathing on a regular basis. Every woman and feminine man knows self-care goes beyond that.

Another way to boost hygiene includes using a sweet-smelling body spray or perfume.

Likewise, ensure your nails are well-groomed (and painted, if you desire). In addition, consider visiting your hairstylist every six to eight weeks.

It pays off to take care of yourself, but it takes time and work. However, it may just give people the impression that you’re more girly. After all, self-care tends to be a feminine characteristic.

And, to top it off, when you take care of yourself, you can receive the confidence boost you’ve been lacking.

Remember: self-care is self-love, not self-indulgent.

Prove to the World that You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin.

There’s a misconception that femininity equates submissiveness and weak ego. This couldn’t be further from the truth, at least in our modern world.

Representing to the world that you’re comfortable in your own skin is by far one of the best ways to feel girlier. Likewise, your confident energy can allure the positive attention of others.

If you don’t already feel confident, you must live as if that confidence is already there.

Whether it takes an added spring to your step or direct eye contact, there are many ways to prove you feel good.

Females with confidence are dominating forces! Nobody can hold them back.

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How Do I Look More Attractive?

One of the most common reasons people don’t feel like they’re very feminine is simple. They don’t find themselves beautiful in the girly sense.

Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways you can feel good on a physical level. In the process, you can feel more feminine overall.

Consider the following:

Captivate with the Color Red

The color red is a captivating color all around. And although it isn’t meek and mild like pink, the hue is what people consider a feminine yet powerful color. And, it’s one that tends to attract men!

Just what about the color is so attractive for men? For one, red is the color of love and romance. Secondly, it’s said that men subconsciously think about sex when they see a lady wear red.

In addition, the bold, energizing color screams “confidence.” That said, don’t be afraid to add some red to your wardrobe, or even opt for a nice, red lipstick. Consider selecting reds such as crimson, scarlet, candy apple, or cranberry.

Flash a Smile

As cheesy as it might sound, a smile instantly makes anyone look more attractive. We love to see “happy” spread across someone’s face.

But what does a smile have anything to do with looking more feminine and attractive? A lot!

Research used Tinder photos to discover what attracts men about a woman. Most men were more attracted to females who displayed characteristics of benevolence.

This is true partly because men prefer women who are capable of caring for offspring. And, of course, nobody is going to view a woman as benevolent and a good mother figure if they look intimidating.

One way to give the impression to a man that you’re benevolent is to flash those pearly whites more often. (Or, you can simply curl your lips upward if you’re not a teethy type of person.)

Regardless, a smile is a nice look!

Experiment with Makeup that Best Suits Your Features

Not every feminine individual needs to wear makeup; it’s not a requirement.

However, it can certainly enhance certain features of your face. Makeup can bring out innately feminine features while making masculine features appear girlier.

But what types of makeup products should you try to look your best feminine self?

Everyone is different regarding their makeup preferences.

Although, we specifically advise a few things. Go for a couple of sweeps of mascara, perhaps a little bit of blush or highlighter, and a dollop of shiny, pink gloss.

Sometimes less is more. Just ensure that when applying makeup, you’re doing it for one reason: to intensify your beauty. The goal should never be to drastically change.

Applying makeup in this manner is the best way to be comfortable with the person you were born as.

How Do I Get in Touch with My Feminine Side?

Years ago, feminine traits weren’t dominating. Quite the opposite they were. So, it’s no wonder that both men and females today sometimes concern about coming off too womanly!

The good news is, getting in touch with your feminine side no longer means the same thing as it once had.

With gender roles changing and alternative genders now normalizing, embracing femininity is easier. It’s also more beautiful and more appreciated than ever before.

Follow the steps below to get in touch with your womanly traits.

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Step 1: Reflect on the Idea of Femininity.

Let’s face it, we all have a little different opinion of femininity and what it means to be a woman.

Then how can people perceive you as someone with greater femininity than masculinity?

It’s important to focus on what you personally believe womanhood consists of. That said, try to come up with a list of things you’d like to become in order to bring out your girly side.

In addition, it’s also important to write down the things you don’t currently do that many girls do.

The purpose of this time for reflection is to see what you’re doing “wrong.” Likewise, it’s a way to find out what you can do to change yourself into the soft, girly person you’ve been aiming for.

Step 2: Try to Get More Involved in Nature.

There’s nothing like back to basic.

One easy way to let your femininity shine is to go out in the great outdoors. But how can nature help you become more womanly?

Well, nature has a plethora of feminine influences. These include flowers, softly-chirping birds, cheerful sunshine, and slowly-flowing streams of water.

It’s no wonder many artists go outside when they need a little inspiration or boost of creativity! The outdoors are a free source of that.

Whether you go on a short hike or simply sit outdoors, there are qualities Mother Nature can help bring out in you. So, make sure to make nature a big part of your inner transformation.

Step 3: Participate in Activities that Foster Femininity.

Whether you’ve recently lost touch with your feminine side or never felt it, there’s hope. Honestly, here’s no harm in faking it ’til you make it.

Either way, start partaking in many different girly activities.

Get your nails done. Go to the salon for a new ‘do. Enjoy a day at the spa. Talk with a group of females. Attend a dance class. Go on a shopping spree.

You get the drift! The point of these activities is to get you comfortable with your feminine identity.

Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, time and practice make perfect.

Step 4: Start Letting Your Vulnerability Shine.

We know you don’t want to hear it, but being vulnerable requires you to wear your heart on your sleeve. And, quite frankly, being emotionally open is what we equate with womanhood.

So, rather than avoiding sentimental emotions and repressing thoughts, prepare to open up.

Start to express and communicate what you feel on the inside (in a healthy manner, of course!).

To ignite vulnerability, start by watching romantic comedies or listening to emotional music. Also, take note of the times you put your guard up in certain situations to see where you’re going wrong.

Only by trying new things and getting rid of old habits can you push forward to become more vulnerable. And, in turn, you can become a more feminine individual overall.

It’s going to take some practice, but in the end, it’ll allow not only you but others to view you like a more feminine woman or man.

Step 5: Return to the Realm of Dating.

Have you noticed that when you’re dating, it automatically brings out your soft side?

For many folks, this holds true, no matter how young or old they are. That said, if you want a girlier personality, one of the best methods is to start dating. In other words, fall in love again!

If you’re already in a relationship, aim for cranking up the romance up a notch.

Love has a special way of making us vulnerable. How? Perhaps it’s because it encourages us to express our emotions. Either way, it lets out a side of us that we forgot we had or didn’t know was in us.

What are the Feminine Qualities?

It’s hard to become girlier when you don’t quite know what femininity involves.

Maybe you lacked a good feminine figure in your life. Or, maybe you’re simply confused as to what it takes to truly feel like a woman.

No two females are alike. However, the following feminine qualities are generally universal when defining femininity.


A study found that empathetic responses are stronger in women than in men.

So, those wanting to let their inner femininity loose should showcase more empathy.

What exactly is empathy, though? It’s the ability to understand others’ feelings, even if they’ve never been in their shoes.

There are many ways to show you’re empathetic. Be a great listener, acknowledge and reach out to those struggling, and be a positive support.

In a world where empathy is rare, knowing how to embrace it is everything.


Over the years, femininity has changed drastically.

In the past, women were essentially considered the secondary gender. They were dependent on their husband for money. In addition, they lacked voting rights and received less pay than males.

Today, all of that is quite the opposite. In fact, a recent survey found that over half of women in the UK now consider the modern woman to be independent.

But what does it take to be more independent? There are different things you can do to be a more independent woman. Maintain financial control, think for yourself, and upkeep everyday responsibilities.


Everyone has their own way of communicating and expressing themselves.

But did you know that women have communication that differs from masculine beings? It’s true.

Research in the IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science makes this clear. They found women are more nurturing, indirect, and tactful when communicating than men.

There are other key characteristics of women’s communication patterns. These include showing cooperation, keeping harmony within groups, and maintaining closeness during conversations.

Knowing how to communicate as a woman doesn’t always come easy. But, it’s a great way to gain femininity.


It’s apparent that women are more nurturing in their communication styles than men.

They do this in several ways. They may use healthy visual cues alongside verbal communication to express their point. They might also maintain a balance between listening and talking.

Likewise, women tend to take charge of their negative emotions while conversing.

Besides communicating, how can women appear nurturing, so people can recognize her femininity?

We know of a few ways! Community participation, random acts of kindness, and dependability are all nurturing qualities.

Nothing is more attractive than a woman who is caring, capable, and considerable of others!

Easy on the eyes

Being gentle on the eyes doesn’t necessarily mean being textbook-definition “beautiful.”

Although women experiment with different styles, nothing’s more feminine than a soft appearance.

To look soft, adorn yourself with various shades of pinks and purples, soft hues, and cozy textures. In addition, aim for neat, clean, coordinated garments.

When going for a feminine look, try to avoid rough textures. Also avoid darker hues like deep blues, dark grays, and black like the plague.

The goal of looking “easy on the eyes” isn’t to have people doing a double-take in disgust or intimidation. The goal, instead, should be to leave people thinking in their head, “Wow, what a beaut!”

So, make sure to drop the all-black clothing and studded combat boots. Instead, go for a dainty dress and perhaps a pair of pink, bejeweled stilettos.

Even if you don’t feel feminine, dressing the part can somehow bring the inner female out in you.

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