5 Dating App Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Signing up for a dating app or site is an excellent way to dip your toes into the waters of modern dating. However, as with everything tech-involving, dating apps have a steep learning curve, and it’s easy to get something wrong and completely ruin your chances of connecting with the right person. This article discusses some of the most common mistakes made by online dating greenhorns and how to avoid them.

1.    Failing to make a proper first impression

Dating app users tend to base their decision on the first snap they see. You want to make sure all photos on your profile are high-quality, with your face, skin, and body all giving a reflection of your true self. The best dating apps allow you to upload photos in their highest possible quality and come with built-in filters and enhancement features.

2.    Being too specific

Being too specific in your searches is akin to looking for reasons not to connect with people. There is nothing wrong with having a preference, but bios are limited in nature, and it’s impossible for your perfect match to highlight all their best qualities in their profiles. The idea is to use the algorithm to simplify your search for a date, not to let it choose a match for you. Cast a broad net, get in touch, meet in person, ask questions, and weigh your options before deciding.

3.    Not communicating what you are looking for

Listing the features you are looking for in a potential date is just as significant as stating your own qualities in a dating app bio. It helps you filter out incompatible users and attract individuals willing to align themselves with your conditions. This doesn’t have to be an entire paragraph detailing a single prerequisite. A simple line like “has to be American” or “looking for something casual” will do the trick without making you come off as insufferable, picky or toxic.

4.    Pretending to be someone you’re not

Not being yourself is setting the relationship up for  disaster regardless of how well you start off with a date. Misleading others only leads to contradiction and embarrassment in the long run. Everyone has their flaws, and embracing yours is the first step to finding someone who will love you for who you are.

5.    Expecting too much

People are on dating apps for various reasons. Some want to find long-term partners, some want sex, and others are looking for adventure or money. You don’t want to play into the hands of a gold-digger disguised as someone seeking romance. Whatever you are told or promised on a dating app, take with a grain of salt, and brace for disappointments.


Online dating is the future of dating, and it’s highly likely that you will go down that route if you are still searching for a romantic partner. Hopefully, these tips help you tread the unfamiliar terr

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