Back in the Dating Circle: Top Qualities of a Good Woman to Look for in a Potential Lover

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At some point in your life, you may be serious about meeting that special someone.

Although, it isn’t easy getting into a relationship, let alone, finding a good person.

Something as serious as a long-term relationship can take time.

One of the best things you can do is ask yourself what you want in your future lover.

If you’re interested in finding a good woman to settle down with, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll help you think of qualities to look for in a female lover.

This way, you’ll have an easier time as you re-enter the dating circle. And you can verify that the woman you’re seeing truly is a good woman.

Men Look for in Women

Let’s face it: every man has different wants and needs in a relationship.

However, there are generally several things that a majority of men all look for in a woman.

In the opinion of millions of males, the qualities of a good woman include:


A lot of men don’t know how important it is to find a woman who is passionate.

There are many things a woman can be passionate about.

Maybe she’s passionate about caring for animals or helping the homeless.

She could even be passionate about children.

Other women might be passionate about politics or doing good things for the planet.

Find yourself a woman who is passionate about the things you’re passionate about.

Hard Worker

Not all men necessarily want a working woman. In fact, many may even prefer a woman who stays at home.

However, a woman can still be hard-working without having a job.

How do you know if a female is a hard worker?

Maybe she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and likes to take on new projects.

Perhaps she sticks to a regular work-out routine.

She might pick up after herself and be very organized.

A hard-working woman can also be someone with motivation who frequently sets goals.

Friendly to Strangers

If you really want to know a woman’s true colors, pay attention to her overall attitude.

One of the greatest qualities of a good woman is friendliness.

But not only must she be friendly to you but to others, specifically, people she doesn’t know.

Is she demeaning to waiters and waitresses? Does she roll her eyes at strangers on the streets when they ask her for directions?

If she isn’t kind to people unfamiliar to her, she may not be a good woman for you. Eventually, she’ll treat you the same way.

Positive Mindset

Not everyone is 100% optimistic, and that’s okay.

But nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to date a Negative Nancy.

Does the woman you’re dating or talking to complain about every little thing? Does she always seem down in the dumps?

Is she always nagging you? Does she only focus on the bad outcomes of every little life problem?

The truth is, a woman who’s pessimistic will only bring you down. And you’ll always feel incomplete as you can never truly help her or uplift her spirits.

You should instead surround yourself with people who are positive.

Great Communicator

Sometimes people are an “opposites attract” type of couple.

That said, one may be more talkative than the other or vice versa.

Although, the best women to date are those with great communication skills.

This doesn’t mean your dream woman needs to be outgoing and talk a lot.

Instead, this means she knows how to communicate.

She should express things that are bothering her. She should be willing to talk out disagreements. And she should be clear about her wants and needs (e.g., children, marriage, etc.).


There are many good qualities in a woman to look out for.

But out of everything, men tend to crave a woman who’s confident.

Men perceive a confident woman as sexy, strong, and optimistic.

Don’t take this the wrong way; even a good woman can suffer confidence issues.

Although, finding a woman who does happen to be confident can lead to a better relationship.

After all, a woman who’s confident is often happier. And a woman who is happy can better take care of both you, herself, and children.

To top it off, a confident woman knows her worth. She may make you put up a bit of a fight to get her, but chasing her will make you crave her even more.


Nobody wants a stick in the mud or a partner who can’t take a joke.

Every good woman knows when it’s time to be serious and time to have fun and goof around.

If you want a happy life with your future lover, get a woman who loves the little joys in life.

Better yet, find someone who likes the same hobbies as you or hobbies that you might wish to take on one day.

A woman who loves to laugh and have fun will easily make her way into your heart.

Those memories will last forever and help you create a strong, lasting bond.

Qualities of a Woman to Avoid

No woman is perfect.

Quite frankly, even a good woman is going to have flaws and poor qualities, no doubt.

However, if you notice any of the following in a woman, you may not want to pursue a long-term relationship.


A woman who

  • refuses to wait in a short line at the store,
  • gets nasty with a service worker for taking a long time…
  • yells at you for being five minutes late…

Impatience isn’t considered a good quality in any lover.

Her complaints will only drive you crazy and give you a constant rush of urgency and anxiety.

Not to mention, an impatient woman isn’t someone you want to raise kids with.


Trust is the basis of just about any relationship.

How can you love someone if you can’t trust them?

Women don’t have to be dishonest in relationships to be a bad partner. A bad female lover can also be one who is dishonest all around.

A woman who steals from stores, lies to her friends, or makes up stories to strangers is a red flag.

Someone who is dishonest in other areas of their life is likely lie to your face, cheat, or even steal from you.

Extreme Jealousy

They say jealousy is the ugliest trait. And that may be true.

It’s only natural for humans to experience emotions such as jealousy. Although, extreme jealousy can be very detrimental to a relationship.

In severe cases, jealousy can lead to control or abuse.

This isn’t a person you can ever feel happy with or safe around.

Good people will admit to their jealousy and find solutions. However, they won’t hold their jealousy against you or victimize themselves.

Lack of Stability

Life can take crazy turns. Because of how life works, we won’t always feel stable.

However, stability is a crucial trait in a good partner.

Emotional and financial stability are two types of stability a woman should have.

Even if one doesn’t have an income, financial stability can come from spending habits and debt.

As for emotional stability, don’t settle with a woman who is unsure how she feels about you. And stay away from the woman who doesn’t have a solid grip on her emotions.


It’s great when a woman has control over her own life. Like, for instance, she may have control over her emotions, finances, and life in general.

However, a woman who’s controlling is a whole different person from a woman who’s in control. And she won’t be a person you’ll want to spend forever with!

Controlling women not only want to control their own lives but also yours.

Prepare for frequent nagging and hearing from them want you can and can’t do.

She might not let you hang out with your friends. Or, She may take charge of your finances without your consent. She could even prevent you from talking to your own family.

This isn’t a good woman. This is straight-up toxic.


There’s nothing wrong with turning to your partner when you’re going through a crisis.

And there’s nothing wrong with women who stay at home while their partner is the breadwinner.

But there is a problem with dependency.

A woman who

  • only seems to be enticed by your financial stability…
  • can’t do anything for herself and doesn’t wish to…

believes other people should wait on hand and foot for her…

Keep away from these women!

Frequently Asked Questions about Dating Women

1. What are Feminine Qualities?

What men look for in women aren’t always feminine qualities.

Although, men tend to prefer mostly feminine traits in a woman.

Feminine qualities of a good woman can include sensitivity, gentleness, and warmth.

She may even be tender, cooperative, and supportive.

These are all qualities of a good woman. However, not all good women may display such feminine qualities.

2. What are Good Features of a Girl?

You can decide for yourself what you consider to be favorable traits in a woman.

Based on your past dating experiences, you might recall a particular trait in a lover you hate.

Thinking about such experiences, this can help you decide what to look for in a girl.

But, generally, look for a woman who is kind, loving, caring, and giving. In other words, look for mostly positive traits in a woman.

A female should make you feel happy, safe, and secure.

When it comes to searching for “the one,” don’t ever settle for a bad person.

3. What Defines a Woman?

We all have our idea of what a woman is and isn’t.

But, generally, a woman should be someone who is mature and responsible. She should be someone you can trust and who you can see having a lasting connection with.

You know you’re with a girl and not a woman when she doesn’t have the qualities of a good woman.

A girl may be selfish. She may be extremely jealous and controlling. She might even be uncertain about her feelings towards you.

Fortunately, good women aren’t any of the aforementioned things.

Find yourself a stable, positive woman. This way, you can enjoy a long and healthy relationship.

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