How to Get Unbanned From Tinder Without Losing Your ‘Swipe Right’ Charm

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Dating apps like Tinder can be a tricky business. Not only can one wrong move land you with an unrequited match, but it could also get you unceremoniously banned from the app altogether. And while there’s no magic bullet that will guarantee your return to the realm of right-swiping potential partners. There are few steps you can take to get unbanned from Tinder. 

Swipe Wisely – What (Not) to Do on Tinder 

The best way to ensure that you don’t break Tinder’s user policy is to be aware of what not to do in the first place. A few of the biggest no-nos include recycling old messages as well as sending unsolicited sexual messages or nude photos. Keep in mind that something may seem harmless to you, but can still violate the rules. Try to exercise caution whenever possible.  

Follow Tinder’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines 

If you break Tinder’s terms of service, then there’s still hope for getting unbanned. That is if you follow Tinder’s community guidelines. This can include not using offensive language or manipulating the system through automated bots and fraudulent accounts.  

Don’t Take ‘No’ For An Answer – Contacting Tinder’s Support Team  

If you feel like haven’t done anything wrong or have been unjustly banned from the app. Then, don’t be afraid to reach out directly to Tinder’s support team to clear up any confusion about why your account has been blocked. Send a message explaining your side of the story clearly and politely, and remember to keep your cool!  

Live and Swipe Again – Getting Unblocked On The Fly

Once you’ve been unbanned from Tinder (as long as it’s not due to a repeat offense) it’s time to start doing things differently. This means being especially mindful of what you post on your profile and not cutting any corners when it comes to swiping right or left. Trust us, a slow and steady approach is often the best route when it comes to navigating sophisticated digital dating grounds like Tinder!

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