Why Dont I Have Fb Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Ensure that your Facebook app is up to date: One reason why Facebook Dating may not be showing up is due to using an outdated Facebook app version. Updating your Facebook app can help resolve this issue.
  • Check your internet connection and notifications: Having a strong and stable internet connection is important for using Facebook Dating. Additionally, it is important to ensure that your notifications are enabled for the app.
  • Clear your cache and cookies: Clearing your cache and cookies can help improve the functionality of your Facebook app and potentially enable the Facebook Dating feature if it was previously not showing up.


Facebook has been connecting people with friends and family for over a decade, but did you know that it’s now offering a dating service? In this section, we’ll explore how Facebook Dating works and give a brief overview of its features. We’ll also define what Facebook Dating is for those who may not be familiar with the platform. So, if you’re curious about whether you should give Facebook Dating a go, keep reading!

Definition of Facebook Dating

Are you on the hunt for love? Facebook Dating, launched in 2019, might be the perfect solution. It uses data from your Facebook profile to match you with potential partners. This service promotes more authentic connections.

Setting up a dating profile is easy and separate from your main profile. You can browse potential matches based on location and shared interests. You can also chat and share photos with users.

It’s important to remember that Facebook Dating is a separate feature within the main app. To access it, you need to opt-in. Then you can find the Dating icon in the app’s top menu.

Are you ready to try online dating? Give Facebook Dating a go. Just know that love in the digital age can be complicated. Swipe and settle for less.

Overview of how Facebook Dating works

Facebook Dating is an amazing in-app feature. It’s for Facebook users who are 18 and above. This platform offers people the chance to find potential romantic partners within their region and other places.

To access this feature, users should select the horizontal-lines symbol at the top right corner of the Facebook app. They will then see a list of options including the ‘Dating’ icon. Clicking on it will let them set up their dating profile.

When creating their profile, users need to select their preferences. These include gender, age, and location. Facebook Dating will then suggest matches based on these preferences, while keeping their regular Facebook profiles separate.

Reasons why Facebook Dating may not be visible to some users may include:

  • Outdated versions of the Facebook app
  • Poor internet connection
  • Notifications not enabled
  • Clearing cache
  • Not meeting age restrictions
  • Not enabling location permission
  • Using a computer instead of an Android or iOS device
  • Not being from an authorized country
  • A weak internet connection
  • Facebook being under maintenance

To create a dating profile, users should click on the horizontal-lines symbol on their homepage’s top menu. Then, select ‘Dating’ and follow the instructions given. This includes selecting an interesting topic, or taking picture prompts. After setup is complete, wait for recommendations.

If you have issues with your account, contact third-party online support platforms or search for help centers of friend-recommendations. In conclusion, Facebook Dating is a great feature to link individuals who are looking for love using the popular Facebook app.

Reasons why Facebook Dating is not showing up

Are you having trouble finding Facebook Dating on your app? Look no further! In this section, we will explore the different reasons why Facebook Dating may not be showing up on your account. Whether it’s an outdated app version or connectivity issues, we’ll break down the potential causes and solutions for you. So, let’s dive in and figure out how to get Facebook Dating up and running!

Outdated Facebook app version

Are you having trouble with Facebook Dating? It might be because you have an outdated version of the Facebook app! You need to update it for new features and bug fixes.

Check your device’s app store for updates. After you update, restart your device and open the app. See if Facebook Dating is now accessible.

Plus, remember to periodically check for updates and install them quickly. This keeps you up-to-date with features and ensures the app runs smoothly. Not updating can cause problems.

If updating doesn’t fix the issue, there could be other reasons Facebook Dating isn’t available. Check these out!

Internet connection and notifications

Stable internet and enabled notifications are key for users who want to use Facebook Dating without any technical issues. Unstable or slow internet connections can cause problems with accessing Facebook Dating. Plus, if their phone doesn’t allow push notifications from Facebook they could miss messages from potential matches.

Issues with internet and notifications mean the user won’t be able to access or receive notifications. To avoid these issues, users should have a fast and reliable internet connection. They should also make sure their notification settings for the Facebook App are on.

Checking the notification center regularly helps make sure no updates about Facebook Dating matches are missed. To sum it up, stable connection and proper notifications are essential for any dating app experience. Always check these things first before seeking solutions elsewhere.

Clearing cache

Experiencing Facebook Dating issues, like slow or unresponsive app? Clearing cache could be the answer! To do it:

  • Android users – go to Settings, Apps & notifications, select Facebook app, tap Storage & cache, then Clear cache.
  • iOS users – go to Facebook app settings, select General, then Storage. Tap Clear browser data and select Cache and cookies.

Bear in mind, clearing cache may cause some pages to take longer to load. If this doesn’t work, other solutions may be needed.

Age restriction

Facebook Dating has an age limit: 18 and above. Your account age is shown when you sign in to the social media platform.

You must be 18 or over and provide true info to use the services. If you don’t meet these conditions, you can’t use it.

For those who want to try Facebook Dating, updating the app may help. This gives you the latest version of the app, making sure your device runs perfectly when using Facebook Dating.

In short, you must stick to the age limits and give real details to use Facebook Dating. Updating the app is also recommended.

Downloading app on Android or iOS device

  1. Start by opening Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Look for ‘Facebook’. If the app isn’t already downloaded, pick ‘Update’. Already have it? Choose ‘Open’ then.
  3. Log in and select the horizontal-lines icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Finally, click the Dating icon.

Remember, you need to be 18+ and have the latest version of the app. Plus, you must live in a country where Facebook Dating is available. Don’t forget to give location permission to get accurate matches. Follow the steps and meet the requirements to see the Dating option in your Facebook menu. Make sure you have all the right permissions, so you don’t miss out on finding your perfect match. Start swiping right and dating today!

Additional reasons for Facebook Dating not showing up

Have you been wondering why Facebook Dating isn’t showing up for you? There could be a variety of reasons beyond the obvious eligibility criteria. In this section, we will explore some additional factors that may be preventing Facebook Dating from appearing on your account. From location permissions to unstable internet connection, we will take a closer look at the potential roadblocks you may be facing.

Location permission not enabled

Facebook Dating heavily depends on location data. If a user doesn’t have the location permission enabled, the app may not show up. It’s important to make sure the device’s location services are turned on and Facebook has been granted access. Also, check if the GPS is working correctly for accurate matches.

Apart from enabling location services, users must keep the app updated. Furthermore, have a stable internet connection to avoid any app-related issues. Although, it’s not available in all countries yet. However, online dating platforms offer a way to meet people from anywhere.

According to Pew Research Center, 50% of American adults believe online dating platforms are safe. This makes it more convenient to use Facebook Dating and find love or companionship. Therefore, enabling the location permission is key for the app to work.

Using a computer

Computer users won’t be able to access Facebook Dating. It’s only available on the app, not for desktop computers or web browsers. If you want to use it, switch to a mobile device with the updated version of the app. To use it, open the app. Then click the horizontal-lines symbol at the top of the screen. Locate and press the Dating icon. Follow further instructions.

It’s important to remember: if you don’t live in an eligible country, you won’t be able to use the service. Even if you view it on a computer. To take advantage of Facebook Dating, you’ll need to travel to a qualifying area. So sorry, love knows no borders – but Facebook Dating does.

Not from an eligible country

If you’re not from an eligible country, you may not be able to access Facebook Dating. It hasn’t rolled out in your region yet. This could be the reason you can’t find it. Sadly, there’s no quick fix. You’ll have to be patient until it’s released in your country. For now, focus on improving your internet connection. This could be more helpful than trying to find a date!

Unstable internet connection

For smooth access to Facebook Dating, users must have a strong internet connection. Without it, attempts to use the feature could fail and result in problems. It’s crucial to remember that the internet connection is really important for accessing Facebook Dating, same as any other online activity.

If you experience issues while trying to get into Facebook Dating, the first thing to look at is your internet connection. Using a more dependable network should enhance your chances of success. Also, apart from an unreliable internet connection, various other things must be taken into account. Location permissions on the device must be turned on. The user must be located in a qualified country. And age limits are significant too.

It’s clear that unstable internet connections can cause disturbances with online activities, including social networking and dating apps. Thus, having a dependable internet connection is necessary to ensure a successful experience on Facebook Dating.

Facebook being down

Users might not be able to access Facebook, due to maintenance activities. This can cause temporary interruptions in access and certain features, such as Facebook Dating. Glitches or technical issues can also result in sporadic shutdowns.

If people have a problem accessing Facebook Dating, they should check if the issue is due to these factors. They should wait for the platform to resolve any issues before trying again.

Stats from Tech Crunch show that, in February 2021, over 1.5 billion people used Facebook daily. It is possible for Facebook to go down, even with so many users. Keeping calm and waiting for the platform to resolve the issue is important.

Enabling Facebook Dating

Enabling Facebook Dating is a simple process, and once activated, it unlocks a wealth of dating opportunities. By selecting a few options and following instructions, you can quickly access the Dating feature.

Selecting the horizontal-lines symbol on the app’s top menu

To use Facebook Dating, you must tap the horizontal-lines symbol on the app’s top menu. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  2. Log in.
  3. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  4. Select ‘Dating’ from the list.

If you can’t find this symbol, or if you’re having trouble accessing it, there could be a few reasons. You might need to update your Facebook app. Location sharing restrictions might also prevent you from getting started. Facebook Dating is only available in certain countries. If your location isn’t eligible, the feature won’t show up. You may also need a stable internet connection and for other notifications to clear.

By following these steps and updating your app, you should be able to access Facebook Dating without any problems.

Pressing the Dating icon

To unlock Facebook Dating, users need to press a heart-shaped icon on the top menu of the app. This makes it easy to find and is the key. Just press the dating icon and set up a profile for dating, then start viewing potential matches.

When the dating icon is pressed, users must create a dating profile, enter preferences, and search for potential matches. Facebook Dating uses algorithms to match people based on interests and similarities.

Note: Facebook Dating is only available in certain countries. Users must meet age criteria and enable location permission to use the feature. If the dating icon doesn’t appear, try clearing cache or updating the app. If it still doesn’t show up, there may be an internet connection or Facebook server issue.

One user solved the Facebook Dating problem by enabling location permission and restarting the app. After that, the dating icon showed up, and they were ready to find love. To access Facebook Dating, follow the instructions and meet criteria.

Following the instructions given

Facebook Dating has a special way of helping users find potential partners. Shared interests, mutual friends and individual choices are highlighted. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Tap the horizontal-lines symbol on the top menu.
  2. Tap the “Dating” icon between “Watch” and “Marketplace”.
  3. Follow the instructions to create a profile. Add preferences and connect with matches.

Remember, you must be at least 18 and live in a country where the service is available. Enabling Facebook Dating may take some time, so stay calm. Follow the instructions and you might just find the perfect match!


To sum up, we explored “Why Don’t I Have Fb Dating?“. It is clear that some things can stop people from getting it. A big one is that Fb Dating is only around in specific countries and areas. Also, users must be suitable and agree to use Fb Dating. Important to know: Fb Dating is only for those 18 and older. And, people blocked or forbidden to use Facebook might not be allowed. Finally, having an old app can also prevent Fb Dating from being used. Knowing these possible issues can help users make sure they can get the feature.

Five Facts About Why Don’t I Have Facebook Dating:

  • ✅ Facebook Dating is a new feature added to Facebook that allows users to meet potential partners using their Dating Profile. (Source: The Droid Guy)
  • ✅ To use Facebook Dating, users need to log in with a single email address and create a separate profile for the dating service. (Source: The Droid Guy)
  • ✅ Issues with Facebook Dating not showing up can be caused by outdated app versions, location permission not enabled, or corrupted cache files. (Source: Instamber)
  • ✅ Users who are under 18 years old cannot create a Facebook Dating account. (Source: The Droid Guy)
  • ✅ If Facebook Dating is not showing up on the Facebook app, users can enable the feature by selecting the Dating icon on the top menu and following the instructions given. (Source: Cellular News)

FAQs about Why Dont I Have Fb Dating?

Why isn’t Facebook Dating showing up?

Facebook Dating may not show up for a variety of reasons, including outdated app versions, disabled feature, incorrect age, corrupted cache files, unstable internet connection, or Facebook being down.

How can I fix the issue of Facebook Dating not showing up?

To fix the issue of Facebook Dating not showing up, update the Facebook app, enable Facebook app notifications and location permission. Also, check your internet connection, clear cache files, and try using an Android or iOS device.

What should I do if I’m not of the right age to use Facebook Dating?

If you are not of the right age to use Facebook Dating, which is 18 years and above, you won’t be able to create an account. The only solution for you is to wait until you are of age.

Why is the Facebook Dating feature not visible on my computer?

The Facebook Dating feature may not work on a computer. To use it, you need to download the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device.

Can I use the image from the wikiHow article on finding the best love message?

No, you cannot use the image from the wikiHow article on finding the best love message without written consent from wikiHow, Inc. This image is copyrighted.

What do I do if Facebook Dating is still not showing up after following the guide?

If Facebook Dating is still not showing up after following the guide, it may be because of technical issues on Facebook’s end. Wait a while, check if Facebook is down, or contact their customer support for assistance.

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