When Was Blk Dating App Created?

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Key Takeaway:

  • BLK Dating App was created in 2017 with the mission of connecting black singles on shared interests and values. The app is owned and operated by Affinity Apps and has gained popularity for its community-building features and exclusive benefits for premium and elite members.
  • BLK Dating App has a strong emphasis on serious relationships rather than hookups, which sets it apart from other dating apps. The app also prioritizes user privacy and has clear terms of use.
  • The app’s impact on the black community has been positive and has provided a platform for dialogue on social and cultural topics through its #BLKVoices campaign. Jonathan Kirkland, the Head of Marketing and Brand, has been instrumental in driving this campaign’s success.


The Blk dating app is a new development in the world of online dating. It was created especially for Black singles. Recently, it has drawn a lot of attention due to its unique approach. The app’s goal is to bring together Black people and provide an avenue for meaningful connections and potential love.

Blk dating app stands out for focusing on Black singles. It gives them a secure space to make connections with confidence. There are features like profile customization, messaging, and a GPS-based location search. This serves a market that had not been catered to before.

In just a short time, Blk has become a viable option in the online dating market. Users are glad to have an app that meets their needs.

BLK Dating App: An Overview

BLK is a dating app specifically for black singles, developed in 2017 and owned by Match Group. This company also has several other well-known dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid and Match.com.

BLK provides a safe, user-friendly platform for black singles. Users can swipe profiles left or right, chat, filter matches based on location, age, preferences, and add up to six photos to their profile. What makes this app unique is its focus solely on the black community, providing an opportunity for users searching for meaningful connections with other black singles. BLK has been highly successful in matching users and fostering relationships.

As stated in a Forbes article, in 2020 the BLK app had been downloaded over 3 million times, and had helped initiate tens of thousands of successful relationships. This demonstrates the popularity and effectiveness of the app in the black dating world.

The Founding of BLK Dating App

The BLK dating app was established in 2017. It was created to address the lack of black singles in the online dating market. The app provides a safe, inclusive space for black people to find love and meaningful connections. BLK puts the needs of its users first, many of whom have found it hard to find compatible matches on other dating sites.

Despite being new, BLK has made a big impact in the online dating world. It has a large user base and many success stories. Its mission is to create a space for black singles – making it an essential tool for anyone seeking meaningful relationships within the black community.

Features of BLK Dating App

BLK dating app, founded in August 2017, is a top-rated dating app designed for Black singles, with over 3 million registered users. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the features of the app, including its emphasis on community building, exclusive benefits for premium and elite members, and its privacy policy and terms of use.

Community Building

BLK Dating App puts community building at the top of the list for Black singles seeking to link up with those who have similar tastes and values. By giving a safe space where people can form significant connections within their community, the app promotes a feeling of belonging and solidarity.

Chat rooms, events, and groups based on shared values are all features of BLK Dating App. These activities give folks the opportunity to express themselves and their opinions, as well as learn from others who may be in the same position.

The app’s algorithm is also an essential part of community building. It customizes the user experience according to individual preferences. This means users are more likely to meet people with compatible profiles, encouraging a sense of togetherness.

At the end of the day, BLK Dating App is devoted to setting up a strong community for Black individuals to build long-lasting relationships rooted in shared values. Plus, those wanting even more options can take advantage of the app’s exclusive benefits for premium and elite members, making the pursuit of love a bit more affordable.

Exclusive Benefits for Premium and Elite Members

Tired of regular dating? Look no further than BLK Dating App! Our premium and elite members get exclusive benefits. Such as advanced filters to tailor matches to individual preferences. Plus, no restrictions on swipes – take your time to explore options.

Plus, priority support from customer service experts. And if you want to be seen, become a premium member. Get boosted profiles with more likes and matches. And show off your in-app badge to signify your status. Plus, no ads – focus on finding the perfect match.

At BLK Dating App, we believe the best experience is for all! Sign up today and enjoy our platform!

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

BLK Dating App takes safeguarding their users’ personal information and privacy seriously. To ensure this, they have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in place. The Privacy Policy explains what data is collected, how it is used, and the safety measures in place to protect it. The Terms of Use outlines the expected behavior on the platform, creating a respectful atmosphere for all. To use BLK Dating App’s services, users must agree to both policies.

The company has implemented technical and organizational measures to secure user data, such as encryption and user verification. Moreover, a dedicated team is in charge of monitoring and dealing with any privacy or security issues. These efforts guarantee that BLK Dating App offers a secure and safe online dating experience for their users, who can enjoy the platform with peace of mind.

BLK Dating App: Connecting Black Singles on Shared Interests and Values

Connecting black singles based on shared interests and values is the objective of BLK Dating App. Are you curious about whether it emphasizes serious relationships or hookups? Do you know who owns and operates BLK Dating App? Let’s dive into the sub-sections to learn more about Serious Relationships vs. Hookups and who owns and operates this widely-popular dating app.

Serious Relationships vs. Hookups

Dating apps have revolutionized the dating scene, making it easier and more convenient. BLK Dating App – built specifically for black singles – has become a hit platform for connecting with similar people. An important consideration for users is whether they’re looking for serious relationships or casual hookups.

BLK Dating App offers something for both types of users. Their “What Are You Looking For?” feature in profiles helps them filter based on their preferences. This makes it easier to find people with similar relationship goals.

The app also encourages meaningful connections beyond physical attraction. While some users may be into hookups, others might prefer long-term partnerships. BLK Dating App provides a secure space for black singles to explore different options.

Premium and elite members get exclusive benefits, like unlimited swipes per day, advanced filtering options, and invisibility mode. This helps users find people with their interests and values.

The app also focuses on community building for those interested in deeper connections. People can join groups and participate in virtual events hosted by BLK Dating App.

In conclusion, BLK Dating App-owned and operated by Affinity Apps- is the perfect platform for black singles seeking serious relationships or casual hookups. It guarantees a safe, supportive environment for exploring different options and finding like-minded individuals.

Owned and Operated by Affinity Apps

Affinity Apps created BLK Dating App in 2017, driven by their love for technology and desire to help people find true love. BLK Dating App is now more than a matchmaking tool and is popular amongst Black singles due to its exclusive features.

#BLKVoices platform is one of the outstanding features, where members can discuss social issues. The app provides premium members with exclusive benefits and takes care of the requirements of elite members.

BLK Dating App is distinct from other dating apps as it focuses specifically on Black singles. Its user-friendly interface, dedicated approach to creating genuine relationships between Black singles, makes it stand out.

Head of Marketing and Brand, Jonathan Kirkland, has played a key role in embracing both diversity and inclusivity in the features of the app. With over one million downloads since its launch date in August 2017 according to App Annie statistics, BLK Dating App is uniting Black singles and building a stronger community.

BLK Dating App’s Impact on the Black Community

BLK dating app has caused a big stir in the black community since its launch in August 2017. Primarily targeting young black professionals, it was created to help people make meaningful connections.

It’s been a game-changer in the online dating world, providing a safe and comfortable place for black singles to meet. Thanks to the black community, BLK has connected thousands of people and created a thriving black dating community.

The app has also offered a great way for black-owned businesses to reach potential customers. By partnering with these businesses, BLK is helping to provide economic empowerment and support the community.

Overall, BLK has revolutionized how young black professionals connect and find love. It’s provided an inclusive space for black singles, and an avenue for black-owned businesses to flourish. The app is now an important tool for the black community to make great connections and help each other out.

#BLKVoices: A Platform for Dialogue on Social and Cultural Topics

#BLKVoices is a platform that encourages open dialogue on various social and cultural topics. This section focuses on the positive response that the platform has received from its users, particularly through the insights shared by Jonathan Kirkland, the Head of Marketing and Brand.

Jonathan Kirkland: Head of Marketing and Brand

Jonathan Kirkland is the head of marketing and branding for the BLK Dating App. His remarkable skills have set the app apart from its competitors. Jonathan’s experience has led to collaborations with companies that are appealing to the black community. This means exclusive benefits for users and an improved dating experience.

Not much is known about Jonathan. But, his efforts have had a huge impact on the marketing reach and brand identity of the BLK App. He created #BLKVoices, a platform for dialogue about social and cultural issues. This platform encourages members to share their thoughts on meaningful topics. Jonathan is committed to making a positive impact on society while elevating the reputation of BLK as a socially conscious company.

The Positive Response to #BLKVoices

BLK Dating App’s #BLKVoices initiative has been met with a great reaction from the Black community. It shows how apps like BLK can be powerful tools for raising social understanding and cultural exchange among young people.

The platform gives a safe space for users to converse about social and cultural matters through articles, videos, and podcasts. Jonathan Kirkland, the Founder of BLK Dating App, also expresses his opinion on the platform.

Though BLK Dating App’s main purpose is dating, its #BLKVoices venture has effectively become an avenue for diverseness and inclusion. Members value the chance to come closer and enhance their awareness of each other’s backgrounds. BLK Dating App obviously prioritizes enabling successful connections between varied communities besides just relationships.

The positive feedback for #BLKVoices shows the need for more apps like BLK, which give a platform for open and respectful conversations. By encouraging diversity and inclusion through meaningful conversations, apps like BLK can support young people to make a more fair and inclusive world.

BLK Dating App: Past, Present, and Future

BLK, the dating app, has made a splash in the online dating world since its launch in 2017. It was created to be a platform for Black singles to meet. The user base and features have grown significantly. Now, BLK is known as a niche dating app for Black folk. Its popularity keeps increasing. BLK has plans to grow its reach, become more inclusive, and give more features to serve users better. To make this happen, they are committed to helping people make meaningful connections through various engagement activities. If you’re a Black single searching for love, don’t miss the chance to join BLK and take advantage of all it offers now, and in the future.


Blk dating app was created on December 17th, 2017. Its goal? To provide Black singles with a platform to connect. It wanted to fix the underrepresentation of Black users on other dating apps. Blk has features that make it stand out from other apps. Features like Black Love, Joy, and Culture. It’s made a supportive and empowering community for Black singles. So if you want an app that celebrates your Black identity and culture, Blk is the one.

Some Facts About When Was Blk Dating App Created?:

  • ✅ BLK dating app was launched in 2017. (Source: DMagazine)
  • ✅ The app was founded by Raïssa Tona and Brian Gerrard. (Source: High Street Arts Center)
  • ✅ BLK is a subsidiary of Match Group, which also owns Tinder. (Source: High Street Arts Center)
  • ✅ BLK is the largest dating app for Black singles with over 3 million downloads. (Source: DMagazine)
  • ✅ The app has an in-app engagement called #BLKVoices to encourage education and dialogue around racism and discrimination. (Source: DMagazine)

FAQs about When Was Blk Dating App Created?

When was BLK dating app created?

BLK dating app was launched in 2017.

Who is BLK dating app for?

BLK dating app is designed specifically for black single men and women to find meaningful connections with people who share similar interests.

What is the swipe system used in BLK dating app?

The swipe system used in BLK dating app is swipe right for “Yeah” and a swipe left for “Nah” to show if the user is interested in the profile presented.

What is an exclusive community in BLK dating app?

All members in BLK dating app can become part of an exclusive community to customize their preferences and find a perfect match.

What are the premium features of BLK dating app?

Premium members of BLK dating app can send Super Likes, rewind on profiles, boost their profile, and have an ad-free experience.

What efforts is BLK dating app taking to promote education and dialogue about systemic racism?

BLK dating app launched an in-app engagement called #BLKVoices to create a space for users to express their views on social and cultural topics and uses its platform to encourage education and dialogue around racism and discrimination, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. BLK dating app also plans to launch an integrated marketing campaign based on user feedback to act as a resource for future conversations.

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