When Do Ty And Amy Start Dating Season 3?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Ty and Amy’s relationship in Heartland begins in season one and evolves as the show progresses.
  • In season three, Ty gives Amy a promise ring in episode three, but tension arises in episode 50 due to Ty’s absence and financial troubles.
  • However, Ty and Amy eventually find their way back to each other in episode six after reminiscing about their past and Amy telling Ty about her promise ring from David Preston. They begin dating and later have a daughter together.

Amy and Ty’s Relationship History

Amy and Ty’s relationship is one of the most beloved storylines of the hit series, and fans are eager to explore the history between these two characters. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key moments in Amy and Ty’s relationship, including:

  1. Their earliest interactions in Season One
  2. Ty’s grand gesture for Amy in Episode Two
  3. The significance of Ty’s promise ring in Season Three Episode Three

The Beginning of Ty and Amy’s Relationship in Season One

Ty and Amy’s relationship started off rocky. He was mad because she snitched on him for stealing from Jack. But, they stayed friendly. As the season went on, Ty grew fond of Amy. She was reluctant to move on from Caleb, who left for Europe with Ashley Stanton. In Season One Episode Two, Ty showed his devotion by jumping into a frozen pond to save a horse. Later, he gave Amy a nice wooden carving of a running horse.

Ty’s Grand Gesture for Amy in Season One Episode Two

Ty does something grand in Heartland’s season one episode two. It changes Amy’s mind about him. Her truck was in an accident. Ty fixes it, showing her he isn’t as reckless as she thought. This act of kindness gets him closer to her and her family.

As they face troubles, their relationship grows. This sets the base for their romance in later seasons. Challenges make them even closer as the series progresses.

Ty’s Promise Ring to Amy in Season Three Episode Three

Ty shows his dedication to Amy by gifting her a promise ring. This marks a deepening of their relationship and their romance. It symbolizes Ty’s love and loyalty – promising to always be there for her. Ty’s ready to take their relationship to the next level and make a long-term commitment.

For Heartland fans, this is an unforgettable moment. It shows Amy and Ty’s true feelings and connection. It sets the groundwork for their future as a couple, including them deciding to date and build a family. Ty’s promise ring is an important milestone.

In Heartland Season 3 Episode 50 Homecoming, Amy finds that Ty’s absence didn’t make her heart fonder. Still, the promise ring is a reminder of Ty’s love.

Heartland Season Three, Episode 50 “Homecoming”

In Heartland Season Three, Episode 50 “Homecoming”, the storyline takes multiple intriguing turns as Ty’s extended absence causes tension with Amy, Lou pays a surprise visit and offers some useful advice, and Caleb and Ashley return with financial troubles.

Ty’s Long Absence Causes Tension with Amy

Ty’s disappearance from Heartland Ranch strains his relationship with Amy. In Season 3, Episode 50 – “Homecoming” – the tension reaches its peak. Amy is unsupported and isolated, leading to arguments and misunderstandings. Her pregnancy adds to her anxiety. Ty’s lack of communication doesn’t help.

Lou notices the tension between Ty and Amy and offers advice to help. Other stressors, like Caleb and Ashley’s financial troubles, still exist. But Lou’s advice to rekindle their romance works.

Lou’s unexpected appearance is always a help for the Heartland crew. Ty and Amy need to prioritize communication and expressing their feelings. This will help strengthen their relationship.

Lou’s Surprise Visit and Advice

In Heartland S3 Ep 50, Lou’s unexpected presence gave Amy much-needed advice. Ty had been away for some time, creating a strain between them. Lou’s visit made Amy remember her bond with Ty, but also made her doubt their future.

As a mentor, Lou told Amy to take it slowly and promised her that if it was meant to be, it would work out. She also said Amy should be patient and supportive with Ty. Lou’s guidance came at the perfect time for Amy, as her connection with Ty was very confusing.

Throughout the show, Lou has been a pillar of strength for the family. She has helped them during difficult moments, both professional and personal. Her expertise in cattle rearing and relationships make her an invaluable mentor.

Caleb and Ashley are bringing more than just their suitcases when they return to Heartland.

Caleb and Ashley Return with Financial Troubles

Caleb and Ashley returned in Heartland Season Three, Episode 50 “Homecoming”, only with a twist.
They had gone bankrupt, after investing their money in a fraudulent scheme.
Now, they sought financial help from Amy and Ty.

This episode highlighted the risks of blindly investing and the importance of financial responsibility.

Amy and Ty had their own troubles, but still supported Caleb and Ashley.
They understood the significance of helping family during tough times.
The characters learned lessons about accountability, responsibility, and friendship.

Seeking professional advice before investing, and having an emergency fund, could help prevent similar situations.
This would stop the characters from going through financial difficulties like Caleb and Ashley’s.

Meanwhile, Nick Harwell’s horse controversy caused more drama in Heartland Season Three, Episode 51.

Heartland Season Three, Episode 51 “What Dreams May Become”

In “What Dreams May Become,” the 51st episode of Heartland Season Three, we see two major subplots unfold. The first subplot surrounds Nick Harwell’s horse controversy, while the second subplot features Lou pushing Jack to get an automatic water system.

Let’s take a closer look at these plotlines and how they contribute to the larger narrative of the show.

Nick Harwell’s Horse Controversy

In Heartland Season Three, Episode 51, the plot thickens. Nick Harwell’s horse is at the center of a controversy. The episode does not provide details, but it can be inferred that there are concerns about its treatment.

Tensions rise between Nick and Amy. He insists his horse is looked after, while she expresses her concern for its welfare. This highlights the importance of responsible horsemanship. It’s our duty to ensure animals are cared for and respected. Prompt and just resolutions to such situations are vital. Society needs to uphold these values in our personal and professional lives.

Jack never thought he needed an automatic water system. But Lou’s push made him realize its importance. Amidst the controversy around Nick Harwell’s horse, let’s not forget to prioritize animal welfare.

Lou Pushes Jack for an Automatic Water System

In “Heartland” season three, episode 51, Lou champions efficiency on the ranch. She suggests installing a new automatic watering system, and Jack‘s uncertain about the cost. Lou explains it could save money by reducing labor. After some research and talking to an expert, Jack agrees it’s worth the investment. Lou stresses horse care is important, and also mentions Nick Harwell’s mistreatment of horses.

Glory Days

The “Glory Days” section brings us to a nostalgic trip of Tim and Jack, where they indulge in their past memories. This section also explores how Ty’s past comes back to haunt him, and how Ty and Kit deal with a pregnant mare together.

Tim and Jack’s Nostalgia

Tim and Jack’s sentimentality leads them to confront their pasts. They recall youthful moments, happy times and missed opportunities. This sparks a thought in Ty: he wants something more serious with Amy. He opens up to Jack, confused about his next step.

Good communication in relationships is key. Active listening, without assumptions, can help uncover true feelings. Honesty is also important to find any hidden issues.

Tim and Jack remind us of the importance of cherishing memories. Ty’s past shows the significance of understanding oneself and relationships.

Ty’s Past Resurfacing?

“Glory Days,” Episode Four of Heartland Season Three, looks into Ty’s past. Tim and Jack, two old rodeo buddies, come to help with a pregnant mare. But, the memories it brings up for Ty make him think about his own childhood. He used to be involved in illegal activities, like drug trafficking.

This discovery leads Ty to reconsider himself and decide what future he wants. He deals with the mare, opens up to Kit, and realizes he has to be the best version of himself. It’s ok to make mistakes, but they don’t have to define you.

The message of “Glory Days” is that it’s possible to accept and learn from the past and look forward to a brighter future. Heartland Season Three, Episode Four encourages self-acceptance and personal growth.

Ty and Kit Deal with a Pregnant Mare Together

Ty and Kit, Heartland Season Three‘s main characters, found themselves in a tough spot with a pregnant mare. Episode “Glory Days” tested their horse knowledge. They tried hard to save the mare and her foal.

The storyline was educational. Ty and Kit used different strategies to solve the equine issue. Ty looked for sensible solutions. Kit used her Shoshone heritage to get spiritual help. Problems arose during birth. Their teamwork let them deliver the foal safely.

This episode helped Ty and Kit develop as characters. They hadn’t had much screen time together. The experience bonded them, and they improved their horse care skills. The audience was gripped by the drama of delivery and post-birth care.

In conclusion, Ty and Kit worked together to help the pregnant mare. They saved her and her foal.

Reliving Glory Days in Heartland Season Three, Episode 5

As we delve into Heartland Season Three, Episode 5, we can’t help but get nostalgic for the past. The episode is full of flashbacks and reminiscing as our beloved characters relive their glory days. In this section, we’ll explore some of the ways that this theme manifests, including Amy recounting her days with Caleb Ashley and Jack reflecting on his own past achievements. Get ready to travel back in time and experience the bittersweet emotions of nostalgia.

Amy Tells Ty About Her Days with Caleb Ashley

In Heartland Season Three, Episode 5, Amy bares her soul to Ty about her past with Caleb Ashley. She tells him how they used to hang out at Caleb’s house and how they had a connection. She also explains how hard it was when Caleb married someone else. Ty listens carefully and reassures Amy that he is there for her. He is glad that she chose him and he will always be there for her.

Jack’s subplot in the same episode involves him reliving his days as a bull rider. This inspires Ty to help Jack regain his confidence by teaching him horseback riding.

The main storyline and the subplot intertwine nicely. This episode serves as a reminder of the importance of listening without judgment and showing your partner that you are always there for them. Just as Ty does for Amy.

Jack Reliving His Glory Days

Episode 5 of Heartland Season Three takes Jack down memory lane. He and Tim chat about their old motocross days, and Jack reflects on how much he’s changed. He longs for the simpler times.

Ty has a hard time with Jack’s nostalgia, since they have to focus on the horses. But they end up bonding over the whole thing.

Amy finally talks to her ex Caleb Ashley with Ty’s help. Lou worries about Automatic Water Systems. And Nick Harwell faces criticism over a horse at the ranch.

Finding a Way Back in Heartland Season Three, Episode 6

In Heartland Season Three, Episode 6, we see Ty and Amy taking a significant step in their relationship. With a promise ring from David Preston and the birth of their daughter, we get to witness the pivotal moments of Ty and Amy’s journey together. Let’s take a closer look at how these events unfold and how they shape Ty and Amy’s relationship in Heartland.

Amy Tells Ty About Her Promise Ring from David Preston

In Heartland Season Three, Episode 6, Amy and Ty’s relationship takes a big turn. Ty finds the Promise Ring from David Preston in Amy’s saddlebag and talks to her. He listens to her story without being mad. This makes them closer. They start dating, and their journey together begins.

Fans must watch every episode to follow their story. They experience life’s obstacles, but stay connected. Later, they make it official. It’s a heartwarming tale of love, friendship and family. So, don’t miss the episode where Amy tells Ty about the ring!

Ty and Amy Begin Dating

Ty and Amy’s romantic voyage in Heartland was full of twists and turns. In season one, Ty surprised Amy by fixing up her family home. Then, he gifted her a promise ring that symbolised his commitment. This led to Amy starting a relationship with Ty.

In season three, Ty was away for a long time, creating tension between them. Fortunately, Lou’s visit and advice helped them reconnect. Things got worse when Caleb and Ashley came back with money troubles. Amy revealed she had got a promise ring from David Preston, but she chose Ty.

A special event in their relationship was when they handled a pregnant mare together in Glory Days. Ty’s past also re-emerged, causing even more stress. Yet, they stayed strong and their love for each other deepened.

In episode five, Amy shared her past with Caleb and Ashley while Jack talked about his glory days. This conversation brought them closer as they learnt more about each other. In conclusion, Ty and Amy’s journey in Heartland was full of love, struggles, and growth.

Amy Gives Birth to Their Daughter

The third season of Heartland sees Ty and Amy’s relationship go through highs and lows, like financial struggles and Ty being away. But, it only brings them closer, finally leading to the arrival of a baby girl!

Viewers get to follow the couple’s journey of falling in love and overcoming obstacles. This highlights the strength of perseverance in a relationship. In episode six, Amy reveals her promise ring from David Preston before they begin dating. Then in episode three, Ty surprises Amy with a promise ring of his own.

Throughout the season we watch as the couple lives life with Jack and Tim. One episode even shows them working together to handle a pregnant mare, proving the power of teamwork in a relationship.

In the end, Ty and Amy’s love remains strong, leading to the birth of their daughter at the close of the season. This marks a beautiful symbol of their love’s growth and endurance.


To wrap up, season 3 of the touching show “Heartland” reveals Ty and Amy’s growing relationship. They sparkle together, until they lock lips in episode 18, “The Starting Gate”. This marks the start of their romance. Additionally, the season is packed with interesting stories. For instance, Caleb Odell’s entrance and his connection with Ashley Stanton, plus Lou Fleming’s dilemma with the Dude Ranch’s sale and her ex-husband Peter coming back and causing trouble for her and her husband. As TV Guide put it, “Heartland” is a Canadian show that follows Lauren Brooke’s books, giving viewers an emotional and positive experience.

Five Facts About When Do Ty And Amy Start Dating Season 3:

  • ✅ Amy and Ty’s mutual attraction started in season one of Heartland. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Despite ups and downs in their relationship, Amy and Ty always find their way back to each other. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Ty and Amy share their first kiss in the season one finale of Heartland. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Ty gives Amy a promise ring in season three episode three. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Unfortunately, Ty’s untimely death ends their romance. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about When Do Ty And Amy Start Dating Season 3?

When do Ty and Amy start dating in Season 3?

Ty and Amy had already been dating in previous seasons, with some bumps along the way, but they were still together in Season 3. In fact, in episode 305 titled “Glory Days,” Amy tells Ty that she loves him, which reaffirms their relationship.

Do Ty and Amy share any special moments in Season 3?

Yes, Ty and Amy share many special moments throughout Season 3. In episode 305 titled “Glory Days,” Ty and Kit work together to help a pregnant mare, which brings them closer together. Ty also gives Amy a promise ring in Season 3 Episode 3, which is a special moment for them.

Who is Chase, and how does he affect Ty and Amy’s relationship in Season 3?

Chase is a character introduced in Season 3, who is a horse trainer that Amy works with. The tension comes in when Ty feels jealous of their relationship and doesn’t trust Chase. However, they eventually work through these issues and find their way back to each other.

What happens in episode 305 titled “Homecoming”?

In episode 305 titled “Homecoming,” Ty returns after being away for nine weeks with a female friend named Blair. This causes jealousy in Amy, who has been working with Chase and his horses in secret. Tensions rise when Lisa invites Blair to ride in a cross-country race, but Lou offers Amy some advice to help her deal with the situation.

Who wrote and directed episode 50, “Homecoming,” and episode 51, “What Dreams May Become”?

Episode 50 titled “Homecoming” was directed by Grant Harvey and written by Heather Conkie. Episode 51 titled “What Dreams May Become” was also directed by Grant Harvey and written by Ken Craw.

What is the plot of episode 305 titled “Glory Days”?

In episode 305 titled “Glory Days,” Tim and Jack are reliving their past glories, while Amy suspects that Ty may be revisiting his own past. Ty and Kit work together to help a pregnant mare, and Amy reaffirms her love for Ty. Meanwhile, Lou hounds Jack about installing an automatic water system which he and Caleb try to install themselves.

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