When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Hinata had feelings for Naruto for a long time: From their initial interactions, it was clear that Hinata had a soft spot for Naruto. This was evident in many of their missions and encounters throughout the series.
  • Naruto’s maturity helped him realize his feelings for Hinata: As Naruto grew and matured, he began to see Hinata in a different light. He realized that her loyalty, kindness, and strength were qualities he was looking for in a partner.
  • Their dating and marriage was confirmed in “The Last”: In the movie “The Last,” Hinata confesses her love to Naruto, and he accepts. The two start dating and eventually get married, confirming their relationship after years of buildup and anticipation among fans.


Naruto is a popular anime series that has captured the hearts of anime lovers worldwide. One of the most talked-about topics amongst fans is the romantic relationship between Naruto and Hinata. In this section, we’ll explore Naruto and Hinata’s initial interactions and delve into Hinata’s feelings towards Naruto. Get ready to experience the rollercoaster of emotions as we unravel the romance between two of our favorite characters.

Naruto and Hinata’s initial interactions

Naruto and Hinata’s story began in the 2002 anime/manga show Naruto. Hinata was timid and admired Naruto’s energy, but was too scared to tell him her feelings. Naruto, however, thought of her as a kind-hearted person and didn’t realise.

Naruto had a crush on Sakura, but his attempts failed. He began to appreciate Hinata more and more. This became clear when he protected her during a Chunin exam.

Surprisingly, Naruto and Hinata hardly interacted, until later in the series. The creator wanted Naruto and Sakura to be together, but based on feedback and the plot, he changed his mind.

Hinata had feelings for Naruto way before it was popular.

Hinata’s feelings towards Naruto

Hinata Hyuga is an essential character in the popular anime series Naruto. She is in love with the protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. Hinata was shy and introverted, making it hard to show her emotions. The Naruto she observed showed determination, bravery, and passion which drew her in.

The reasons for Hinata’s love for Naruto were his kindness, strength of will, and heroic acts. She faced numerous obstacles, but remained devoted to him and was jealous of other girls’ interest in him. As the series went on, Hinata became more mature and her love for Naruto only got stronger. Her aid and encouragement for Naruto’s trials were clear signs of her strong feelings for him. Ultimately, Hinata’s love for Naruto was pure and powerful throughout.

Naruto’s realization of his feelings

Naruto’s journey from being a brash and impulsive ninja to a mature and complete one is a story to reckon. In this section, we will delve into Naruto’s realization of his feelings, accompanied by his growth and emotional maturity. Furthermore, we will discuss how Naruto recognized Hinata‘s feelings and how it impacted Naruto’s decision to reciprocate.

Naruto’s growth and emotional maturity

Throughout the Naruto series, we observe the protagonist dealing with emotional maturity. He oftentimes fails to pick up important cues and maintain relationships. But as the series progresses, Naruto matures and forms stronger connections with those around him. This newfound understanding gives him the ability to deal with romantic relationships with more ease, including Hinata.

A defining moment in Naruto’s emotional growth is during his battle against Pain. In the midst of the fight, he grasps Hinata’s feelings for him, which is a surprise. This realisation makes him think about his own feelings and become aware of his own love for her.

Despite external issues, Naruto is devoted to Hinata. He appreciates their bond and chooses to preserve their memories, although other women express interest in him. This displays an impressive level of emotional intelligence and maturity.

In conclusion, Naruto and Hinata’s story shows that growth and emotional maturity are achievable, even in tough times. Naruto learnt to interpret and recognise vital emotional nuances and thus, found joy and fulfilment in his relationship with Hinata.

Naruto’s realization of Hinata’s feelings

Naruto’s emotional and mental growth made him comprehend Hinata’s deep love for him. It took a while, but he finally began to accept her true feelings and the tender way she interacted with him.

A few times, her encouraging words gave Naruto courage and strength during his toughest fights.

However, it wasn’t until the Pain invasion arc that Naruto comprehended Hinata’s emotions. When she bravely fought Pain to shield Naruto, even though she had no chance of winning, Naruto was deeply touched by her love.

Hinata’s declaration of love for Naruto re-affirmed his understanding and stirred a mix of emotions – surprise, confusion, and joy.

This was an important time in their relationship, as they overcame personal struggles and moved closer to each other. Fans were delighted when Naruto and Hinata declared their love in The Last, officially beginning their dating journey.

Naruto’s realization of Hinata’s feelings was a key moment in their story, allowing them to better understand and appreciate their love for each other.

Confession and dating in “The Last”

Confession and dating in “The Last” will be the focus of this section, as we delve into Hinata’s confession and Naruto’s acceptance in the movie.

Hinata’s confession

Hinata Hyuga always had admiration for Naruto. It took her time to get the courage to share her feelings. But, in “The Last,” Hinata finally confessed to Naruto. This was a defining moment in the series. It showed her emotional growth and how she could express her true feelings. Toneri Otsutsuki took Hinata captive and put her in a deep sleep. When Naruto came to save her, she woke up and told him what he meant to her. She expressed how much she had loved him and been inspired by him. Through tears, she said, “I love you.”

This confession was key for their relationship to blossom. Also, it demonstrated Hinata’s bravery and emotional development, as she was willing to tell him despite uncertainty of his feelings.

In conclusion, Hinata’s confession was essential for Naruto and Hinata’s relationship.

Naruto’s acceptance

Naruto’s growth and maturity allowed him to become aware of his own emotions for Hinata. During the time leading up to “The Last”, he had an awakening and comprehended the love she had been expressing. This made him open his heart and recognize his own feelings.

When Hinata confessed her love, Naruto accepted it. He knew he’d had feelings for her all along. This acceptance set off a beautiful, devoted relationship.

Unique details? The movie showed their deepening bond and was a turning point. It showed them supporting each other through difficult times, which demonstrated their commitment.

For those looking to follow in their footsteps: communicate honestly with your partner. Being truthful with yourself and your emotions will foster mutual respect. Appreciating each other’s differences, strengths, and weaknesses can help create an everlasting bond – like Naruto and Hinata’s.

Naruto’s acceptance was a key moment in their relationship – he could recognize and return her feelings. This led to a strong and loving bond.

Continuation of their relationship

Naruto and Hinata’s bond has been growing in the Naruto series. It’s more than just love. She admires his strength and he worries about her safety. In “The Last: Naruto the Movie” Naruto confesses his feelings for her and their romantic relationship begins.

But there are issues. They both have missions and responsibilities. Still, they never lose sight of each other and remain supportive.

The unique part of their relationship is the strong friendship and understanding between them. They trust and communicate with each other. This helps them overcome obstacles.

We can learn from them. Open and honest communication is important for a long-lasting relationship. Show your partner you understand and support their goals. Appreciate them and value them to have a loving relationship like Naruto and Hinata.


Fans had been guessing for years about a romance between Naruto and Hinata. Then, finally, in the movie “Naruto: The Last”, they got their wish. Two years after the Fourth Great Ninja War, Hinata confesses her love to Naruto. He then confesses his feelings and asks her to be his girlfriend.

The movie doesn’t just show their romantic development. It also explores the Otsutsuki family and their link to the Divine Tree. It adds depth to the Naruto storyline. And it is considered canon.

Surprisingly, the creator Masashi Kishimoto had originally planned for Hinata to end up with Kiba. But, due to fans wanting Naruto and Hinata together, Kishimoto changed plans and wrote them into the storyline. This pleased fans and led to their marriage, revealed in the Naruto epilogue.

Confirmation from the creator

Masashi Kishimoto, creator of Naruto, has confirmed when Naruto and Hinata’s relationship began. Kishimoto has expressed this in interviews and manga. He wanted their relationship to be natural and not rushed, so he used subtle hints and interactions to slowly reveal it. Although their relationship is not the main focus of the story, many fans have been shipping them for years and appreciate it. Kishimoto has shown his skill in crafting a complex story with well-developed characters and relationships. The confirmation from the creator adds to the legitimacy of Naruto and Hinata’s relationship.


Naruto and Hinata’s dating timeline has been a hit with fans of the Naruto franchise. Data shows their relationship developed over time. Hinata’s love for Naruto was clear from early in the series, though they only got together officially at the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Several moments led up to their romance. During the Pain Arc, Hinata declared her love for Naruto. Also, Naruto recognised her courage, which had an effect on them becoming a couple during the War.

Though their relationship wasn’t the main point of the series, other important plot points were present throughout. Naruto and Hinata’s romance remains a fan favorite. Its gradual development gives more depth to both characters. Ultimately, their love story is an integral part of the Naruto franchise, which continues to fascinate fans.

Some Facts About When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?:

  • ✅ Naruto and Hinata officially start dating in the movie “The Last: Naruto the Movie”. (Source: Baret News Wire)
  • ✅ Naruto realizes his feelings for Hinata after being trapped in an illusion and spending time with her in the village of Otsutsuki. (Source: Baret News Wire)
  • ✅ Naruto and Hinata get married in the final arc of the series episode 500 of Naruto Shippuden. (Source: Baret News Wire)
  • ✅ Hinata admitted her love for Naruto in episode 166 of Naruto Shippuden. (Source: Baret News Wire)
  • ✅ Kishimoto took ample time to develop their relationship. (Source: Fantasy Topics)

FAQs about When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?

When did Naruto and Hinata start dating?

Naruto and Hinata officially started dating in the movie “The Last: Naruto the Movie” where they confessed their love for each other and had a happy ending.

When did Hinata confess her feelings to Naruto?

Hinata admitted her love for Naruto in episode 166 of Naruto Shippuden during Pain’s assault on Konohagakure.

When did Naruto realize his feelings for Hinata?

Naruto realized his feelings for Hinata after being trapped in an illusion and spending time with her in the village of Otsutsuki, as shown in the movie “The Last: Naruto the Movie”.

How long did it take for Naruto and Hinata to start dating?

It took 500 episodes for them to emotionally accept their feelings for each other and start dating, as seen in “The Last: Naruto the Movie”.

Do Naruto and Hinata get divorced?

There is no information or indication that Naruto and Hinata get divorced, and in fact, they continue to be together throughout the series.

When do Naruto and Hinata get married?

Naruto and Hinata get married in the novel “Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding” which takes place after the events of the series.

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