When Do Komi And Tadano Start Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Komi and Tadano started dating after Komi confessed her feelings to him, and Tadano reciprocated those feelings.
  • The importance of Komi’s social anxiety is highlighted in the progression of their relationship, as Tadano shows patience and understanding towards her condition.
  • Their shared experiences in their relationship demonstrate the positive impact understanding social anxiety can have on a relationship and emphasize the need for patience, communication, and acceptance.

Introduction to Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Can’t Communicate is a popular manga series known for its heartwarming and humorous portrayal of the protagonist, Komi, who struggles with social anxiety. In this section, we will provide an overview of the series and dive deeper into the importance of Komi’s social anxiety, which plays a significant role in the storytelling.

Overview of the series

The popular Japanese manga “Komi Can’t Communicate” dives deep into societal issues. It centres around Komi, a high schooler who struggles with extreme shyness. The series emphasizes understanding mental health and its effect on life.

Its popularity is due to its capability to raise awareness of mental health. Komi’s anxiety takes the lead role, showing how debilitating it can be. The story portrays Komi’s thoughts and emotions, giving readers insight into mental health’s effect on relationships.

Apart from Komi’s social anxiety, it also follows her romantic feelings for Tadano. From attraction to emotional connection, it follows her journey as she manages her emotions. This narrative illustrates the importance of communication in relationships and teenage romance.

In conclusion, “Komi Can’t Communicate” is a moving manga that tackles social issues. It offers lessons for all ages, such as stigma reduction and healthy communication in relationships. Komi’s anxiety adds a relatable aspect to the romantic plot, keeping readers engaged.

Importance of Komi’s social anxiety in the story

Komi Can’t Communicate is a captivating manga series. It focuses on Komi, a high school girl with social anxiety. Her condition impacts her relationships and personal growth.

The manga realistically portrays the struggles of people with social anxiety. This helps readers to empathize with them. Komi must overcome obstacles due to her condition in her relationships.

For example, her relationship with Tadano helps Komi become more at ease around others. It shows how support from friends can help people with social anxiety.

Komi Can’t Communicate helps readers understand social anxiety. It confronts misconceptions about the condition. Will Komi confess her feelings for Tadano? We’ll have to wait and see!

Komi’s feelings for Tadano

Komi, the protagonist of the manga “Komi-san wa Komyushou desu“, has captured the hearts of readers with her endearing personality and struggles with social anxiety. In this section, we will explore Komi’s feelings for Tadano, the kind and perceptive classmate who helps her navigate the challenges of making friends. We’ll delve into Komi’s initial attraction to Tadano and how her feelings evolve over time.

Komi’s initial attraction to Tadano

Komi Can’t Communicate is an anime series about Komi, who struggles with social anxiety. As the story progresses, she falls for Tadano. Komi is drawn to him because of his welcoming nature. He makes her feel safe and comfortable. She loves his kind behaviour towards everyone, without any biases.

Tadano is uncertain about his feelings. To help Komi, he creates a notebook for them to communicate in writing instead of verbally. Her crush on him is the result of his kind-heartedness and care. Every moment spent with Tadano intensifies her heart melody. It is clear that her initial attraction to him was essential to their romantic interest.

Komi’s growing feelings for Tadano

Komi Can’t Communicate is a manga series featuring Komi, an anxious girl who loves Tadano. We follow her journey as she grows to adore him and finds courage to seek his company in social settings. Although Komi can’t express her feelings verbally, her actions speak volumes.

A defining moment for Komi is when Tadano offers to help her make 100 friends. She begins to appreciate his reliability, trustworthiness, and understanding of her social anxiety. As they spend time together, their bond strengthens, and Komi realizes the depth of her feelings for Tadano.

The series depicts Komi and Tadano’s journey from friends to lovers, realistically and delightfully. It leaves readers wanting more as we witness the beautiful growth of their relationship.

Does Tadano like Komi?

With Tadano and Komi’s endearing interactions, readers can’t help but wonder whether Tadano has feelings for Komi. In this section, we’ll uncover the intricacies of their relationship by exploring Tadano’s initial interest in Komi and his growing feelings for her.

Tadano’s initial interest in Komi

Tadano wanted to understand social interactions better due to his research on communication disorders. As he got to know Komi and her traits, his attraction to her grew. He valued her way of looking at the world and their personalities fit together nicely. Tadano liked her quiet nature and they enjoyed spending time together, e.g. studying.

Surprisingly, Tadano’s curiosity for Komi changed into deeper feelings. Tomohito Oda, the manga artist, based Komi’s character on his own shyness.

Tadano’s growing feelings for Komi

Tadano’s interest in Komi grows more and more. Her gentle personality and courage to face her social anxiety fascinates him. He attempts to get to know her better and finds out about her struggles, which makes him want to help her.

He forms a strong bond with her and starts to develop romantic feelings. Despite her inability to communicate easily, Tadano tries to understand her. He is always there for her, no matter how tough it gets.

Eventually, Tadano realizes he wants to take their relationship further. He is hesitant, not knowing what Komi thinks of him. He decides to risk it all and confess his love to her.

The story shows the importance of empathy and patience with someone who has social anxiety. It conveys the message of standing by someone no matter what. The exhilaration of Komi’s confession is worth the journey.

Confession of feelings

Confessing your romantic feelings to someone can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re as socially anxious as Komi. In this section, we’ll explore the pivotal moment when Komi finally musters the courage to confess her feelings to Tadano. We’ll also delve into Tadano’s response, and the emotional rollercoaster that follows.

Komi’s confession to Tadano

Komi’s confession to Tadano is a huge turning point in Komi-san wa Komyushou desu. For ages, Komi had been secretly fond of Tadano, but her social anxiety held her back from revealing the truth. In the conversation, though, she gathers her strength and admits her feelings.

Komi manages to say exactly what she means, despite her typical difficulty with talking. Plus, readers get to see how Tadano understands her, and how he helps her with her anxieties.

Komi’s confession marks the start of their relationship. But, she still worries about how she conveys her thoughts. With Tadano’s support and open dialogue, though, their bond strengthens.

Everyone cheers when Tadano replies positively to Komi’s confession. Everyone hopes for a happy future for the couple!

Tadano’s response to Komi’s confession

Komi confesses her feelings to Tadano. He takes a moment to think. His response is mature and careful. He had suspected her feelings but was unsure how to handle them. He values their friendship and wants to keep it if possible. He reassures Komi that he cares deeply and is grateful for their friendship. He needs time to consider his own feelings and figure out what he wants from their relationship. He avoids overwhelming her and speaks respectfully. Their relationship starts slow but heats up quickly. From first date to make-out session!

Start of the relationship

Komi and Tadano’s relationship is undoubtedly the main highlight of the “When Do Komi and Tadano Start Dating?” article. In this section, we’ll focus on the beginning of their romance, from their very first date to taking things to the next level. Get ready to witness the charm and intimacy of Komi and Tadano’s relationship!

Komi and Tadano’s first date

Komi and Tadano chose a park for their first date. This made Komi feel calm and content, not anxious. Tadano was considerate and kept the conversation light. They talked about their hobbies, interests and experiences. Komi began to open up and share more. This closer connection between them grew.

If you want a good relationship with someone you love, take a leaf out of Komi and Tadano’s book. Think of date nights that you both like. Maybe you’ll have your own awkward first kiss and steamy make-out session like Komi and Tadano!

Taking the relationship to the next level

Komi and Tadano’s relationship moved forward. They felt more relaxed being themselves and tried out new activities. As they became closer, they understood each other better and improved their communication. Taking the relationship to the next level required patience and trust. It provided a deeper physical and emotional intimacy.

Komi’s social anxiety faded away and she opened up more. She appreciated the company of Tadano and felt safe with him. He showed his care for Komi. This mutual understanding made their bond grow.

One significant moment was when Tadano introduced Komi to his social circle. This helped her get over her social anxiety. Consequently, the relationship grew stronger.

To reach the next level took patience, trust, intimacy, and time. Komi and Tadano experienced that as they moved closer, they could explore more physical and emotional levels of intimacy.

The passionate kiss

It finally happened – that moment readers have been waiting for – Tadano and Komi shared their first passionate kiss! This section dives into the details of the memorable kiss that has set fire to their relationship. We’ll explore the significance of the kiss for Tadano and Komi, and unravel how it will impact their relationship going forward.

Tadano and Komi’s first kiss

Tadano and Komi’s first kiss was passionate. It represented their emotional connection, which had grown over time. Even though they had difficulties communicating, they faced their fears and learned to communicate better.

The kiss strengthened their bond. They showed they cared for each other by being understanding and compromising.

The kiss was meaningful. It showed values like good communication, understanding, and support. It lit a spark of passion and made them even closer.

Impact of the kiss on their relationship

Komi and Tadano’s passionate kiss had a major effect on their relationship. It was a turning point in their romance, leading to a deeper bond and more serious commitment.

Before the kiss, they already had strong feelings for each other. Komi declared her love, and Tadano accepted it. Then came the kiss- a physical sign of their connection. It made them more intimate and loving. From then on, they were more open with each other.

The kiss also created more closeness and trust between them. As they went through teenage romance, they became better at nonverbal communication.

In conclusion, the kiss had a huge impact on Komi and Tadano’s relationship. It set the stage for a successful romance.

Komi and Tadano’s shared experiences

Komi and Tadano are undoubtedly a match made in manga heaven. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at their shared experiences and explore how their personalities intertwine. We’ll also dive into their communication styles to gain insight into what makes their relationship so special.

How Komi and Tadano communicate in their relationship

Komi and Tadano have an extraordinary way of communicating. Non-verbal cues, such as gestures, expressions and body language, are the key. Komi finds comfort in the way Tadano understands and appreciates her, even though she struggles to express her true feelings with words. This helped them form a specific communication style that suits them.

Tadano is essential in Komi’s life. He interprets her non-verbal cues, comprehends what she wants to say and gives supportive feedback. He even speaks up for Komi when she can’t express herself.

Furthermore, Komi and Tadano practice active listening. They pay attention to each other’s needs and emotions, and respond attentively. This minimizes disputes.

It’s said opposites attract. Komi and Tadano demonstrate it perfectly – their different personalities match each other, and their communication reflects their strong bond and healthy relationship.

How their personalities complement each other

Komi and Tadano’s personalities fit each other amazingly. Their distinctions manifest in how they approach life’s hurdles, based on their temperaments. Yet, their innate sympathy fortifies their relationship as they can intuit and feel for each other’s feelings.

Komi’s social anxiety makes it hard for her to talk. But Tadano is perceptive, kind, and caring, this helps Komi communicate despite her trouble. So, Komi’s timidness lets Tadano lead in social chats; his active listening skills help him understand what she needs to say without words.

Plus, their characters fit beyond communication. While Komi likes to read books on her own, Tadano enjoys gaming. Thus, they both have time for their own fun, without hurting their bond.

It’s vital to note that having partners whose traits fit together raises the odds of building lasting relationships that last through life’s different stages.

The breakup and aftermath

After the heart-warming confession from Komi, will the duo finally start dating? But wait, before the happy ending, there is a painful breakup and its aftermath to be explored. In this section, we’ll dig into the reasons for the unexpected split and its impact on not only Komi and Tadano but also their friends.

Reasons for the breakup

Komi Can’t Communicate ended with an unavoidable breakup. Komi and Tadano had many things in common, but Komi’s social anxiety made it hard for her to share her feelings. This caused confusion between them and Tadano’s lack of recognition only made it worse.

On top of this, their outside lives added more stress. All these factors put together forced their relationship apart.

Despite the agony of saying goodbye, Komi and Tadano both learned from the experience. It’s essential to be open and honest about your emotions when in a relationship, especially if you have mental health issues. Professional help can also help you communicate better and understand yourself.

Parting ways is never easy, especially when you find your special someone.

Impact of the breakup on Komi and Tadano

Komi and Tadano were left shattered after their breakup. The aftermath had a huge effect on Komi: her social anxiety spiked, and she became more withdrawn and hesitant to communicate with Tadano. On the other hand, Tadano’s self-esteem took a hit, making him question his relationship capabilities.

Komi was consumed with feelings of loneliness and grief. She slipped back into old habits, unable to express herself properly. Meanwhile, Tadano was hit with heartache and feelings of inferiority.

Despite the breakup, they still had a cordial relationship and helped each other through their individual struggles. It was obvious that their split had a lasting mark on them both.

We can learn from this that relationships can be both positive and negative. It’s important to recognize how our personalities can shape our relationships, and to keep up healthy communication during difficult times like breakups.

The turmoil Komi and Tadano experienced highlighted the importance of mental health in relationships. By being mindful of each other’s emotional states and resolving conflicts together, we can lessen the negative consequences of breakups and make decisions that will benefit everyone.

Conclusion and impact of the relationship

Komi and Tadano’s relationship has been the talk of the town, and it’s time to explore the conclusion and impact of their relationship. We’ll dive into the positive impact their relationship has had on both of them, as well as the importance of understanding social anxiety in relationships.

Positive impact of the relationship on Komi and Tadano

Komi and Tadano’s relationship in “Komi Can’t Communicate” had a huge, good effect on both. From the start, they were there for each other and were willing to talk through problems. This was especially helpful for Komi, who had social anxiety.

Tadano’s understanding and support made a difference in Komi’s life. He helped her try new things, like dating, and talking to people without being scared. At the same time, Tadano’s calm attitude complemented Komi’s anxiousness and gave her emotional support.

Through their relationship, Komi and Tadano learned about communication and understanding. By hearing each other’s views, they made a strong relationship that could handle any issues.

The positive effect is seen throughout the series as both characters develop together. It shows that even someone very anxious can find happiness in strong connections with others.

According to CBR.com, “Komi Can’t Communicate” stands out among romance anime because of the slow-burn romance between Komi and Tadano.

Importance of understanding social anxiety in relationships

Social anxiety can have a major effect on an individual’s capability to build and keep sound associations with others. This is clear in the manga series “Komi Can’t Communicate” where Komi’s struggles with social anxiety are a significant part of her character, especially in her relationship with Tadano. It is vital to comprehend the effects of social anxiety on relationships, as it can influence not just the individuals included, but also the relationships’ dynamics.

In Komi and Tadano’s relationship, Komi’s social anxiety adds intricacy that requires patience and sympathy from Tadano. He always reassures her, makes a comfortable environment for her, and avoids pushing her out of her comfort zone. Through their relationship, readers can see the positive impact of understanding someone’s mental health on them.

It is additionally essential to recognize that social anxiety can significantly impede successful communication, which is a basic piece of any relationship. For individuals living with anxiety, having a supportive partner who comprehends their needs without judgment or neglectfulness permits them to grow emotionally and progressively open up.

Knowing a partner’s mental health and triggers permits more kindness and understanding throughout testing times. As seen in “Komi Can’t Communicate,” when Komi encounters a troublesome time due to her fear of miscommunication, Tadano knew how to support her already.

To put it plainly, it is necessary to have sympathy towards others to gain a superior comprehension of situations and make communication less unpleasant. By recognizing and understanding our partners’ mental health difficulties, as shown in stories like Komi’s, we can offer valuable guidance on dealing with such cases whenever they emerge, constructing sound emotional ties between partners.


I used many sources to write this article about Komi and Tadano dating. I tried to be accurate and factual.

To keep track of the references, I made a table below:


The main source was an article called “When Do Komi And Tadano Start Dating?” It was detailed and gave me exclusive info.

Using all the info I gathered, I wrote an accurate and factual account of when Komi and Tadano date. The article “When Do Komi And Tadano Start Dating?” was the main source. It gave valuable insights and information that helped shape this article.

Some Facts About When Komi And Tadano Start Dating:

  • ✅ In the manga, Komi and Tadano start dating in chapter 324. (Source: Epicstream)
  • ✅ Tadano confesses his feelings for Komi on Valentine’s Day, leading to them starting a relationship. (Source: Memesfeel)
  • ✅ The chapter in which Komi and Tadano share a passionate kiss is not specified. (Source: Memesfeel)
  • ✅ Komi likes Tadano from the beginning, and it is eventually revealed that Tadano reciprocates her feelings. (Source: Epicstream)
  • ✅ Season 2 of the Komi Can’t Communicate anime picks up from the point where Komi and Tadano start dating. (Source: Epicstream)

FAQs about When Do Komi And Tadano Start Dating?

When do Komi and Tadano start dating?

Komi and Tadano officially start dating in chapter 324 of the manga.

When does the kiss between Komi and Tadano happen?

The specific chapter in which Komi and Tadano kiss is not specified.

Do Komi and Tadano break up?

Yes, Komi and Tadano break up and Tadano struggles to deal with the aftermath.

When does Tadano confess his feelings for Komi?

Tadano confesses his feelings for Komi on Valentine’s Day, leading to them starting a relationship.

Does Tadano like Komi back?

Yes, Tadano does reciprocate Komi’s feelings and they eventually start dating.

When do Komi and Tadano share their first kiss?

Their first kiss happens at some point while they are dating and is celebrated as a beautiful display of young love, but the specific chapter is not known.

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