When Do Eddie And Jamie Start Dating?

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Key takeaway:

  • Eddie and Jamie’s relationship on Blue Bloods did not have a traditional dating phase, leaving some fans confused and disappointed with the quick transition from “I like you” to “will you marry me?”
  • Some fans believe that the show missed an opportunity for dramatic tension by not exploring the dating phase of Eddie and Jamie’s relationship.
  • Despite the lack of a traditional dating phase, Eddie and Jamie’s romance is authentic and meaningful, with small moments making up the foundation of their relationship.


Fans often get curious about the dating life of fictional characters. One such question is when Eddie and Jamie from the TV show ‘Blue Bloods’ start dating? The show follows the Reagan family, who all work in law enforcement in New York City. Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan are two of the main characters.

At first, Eddie and Jamie’s relationship was strictly professional. They worked together as partners and had each other’s backs. But, over time their friendship grew and a chemistry became apparent. Sparks flew, but they didn’t start dating until season 8. In episode ‘Pick Your Poison’, they shared a kiss and their romance began.

As the series progressed, Eddie and Jamie shared more romantic moments. Even with obstacles, they remain one of the show’s most beloved couples. Their relationship shows that strong friendships can turn into amazing romances.


Lack of Dating Phase in Jamie and Eddie’s Relationship

Fans of Blue Bloods series have been in a tizzy over the lack of a dating phase in Jamie and Eddie’s relationship. In this section, we’ll discuss fans’ confusion over the couple’s quick transition and what has led to their enmeshed professional and personal relationship on the show.

Fans’ Confusion Over the Couple’s Quick Transition

Fans of “Blue Bloods” are perplexed by Jamie and Eddie’s romantic journey. They went from “I Like You” right to “Will You Marry Me?” in a short time. This sudden transition has left many people wondering why it happened so quickly.

Some argue that their job partnership had an impact. However, others don’t find this explanation enough. Many fans are frustrated that they didn’t get to witness the typical milestones such as their first date or kiss.

Jamie and Eddie also fight often. This makes it even more puzzling that they chose to get engaged quickly. Fans desire to see the couple’s dating phase, which would add more depth to their characters and relationship.

Ultimately, viewers are concerned they are missing out on key development. Everyone wants a better look at Jamie and Eddie’s romance.

Why Some Fans Believe the Couple Skipped the Dating Phase

Eddie and Jamie’s relationship has been a mystery to many viewers. Could it be that they skipped dating? As work partners, they had mutual respect and understanding. This allowed them to build a strong bond without the pressure of dating.

Fans think this approach is what made their love story so special. On the show, they took their time before admitting their love. They faced the difficulties of being work partners, but also grew closer.

Their confession of love was very meaningful to fans. If you’re new to Blue Bloods, do not miss out on this unique love story! As the show continues, it is a great time to watch old episodes. Don’t miss the electric chemistry between Eddie and Jamie and why people believe they skipped dating!

Critiques on the Unusual Leap from “I Like You” to “Will You Marry Me?”

The TV show Blue Bloods has viewers mesmerized by the romance between Eddie and Jamie. However, there have been critiques that their relationship moved too quickly from “I like you” to “will you marry me?” without much in-between.

Still, the show portrays Eddie and Jamie’s relationship as respectful and supportive. They become friends first, then progress into a romantic relationship. But, many are left confused and upset by the rapid move to an engagement. People want more understanding of what made them decide to get engaged, as the lack of development leaves some people puzzled.

It is important to remember that the show does not focus only on the relationship. So, the quick progression may not have been a priority for the writers. But, viewers who care about the characters would appreciate more explanation and growth.

Noting the Couple’s Frequent Fights

Questions about Eddie and Jamie’s relationship timeline arise due to their frequent fights. An article titled “When Do Eddie and Jamie Start Dating?” can provide answers. It can explore their relationship’s evolution from their first meeting until they officially began dating.

A suitable heading for this could be “Analyzing the Tumultuous Aspects of Eddie and Jamie’s Relationship.” This can include a chronological account of conflicts, disagreements, and challenges they faced in the early stages.

The impact of external factors can also be investigated. These may be coworkers, friends, or family members who influenced their interactions. The heading could be “Understanding the Impact of Social Networks on Eddie and Jamie’s Relationship.” This angle can show how other people’s opinions, expectations, or interference affected the couple’s struggles.

All in all, this article shines light on the couple’s story. It can show internal and external factors that impacted their relationship dynamics.

Fans’ Desire to See the Couple Date

The hit TV show Blue Bloods has fans waiting on pins and needles for the on-screen couple, Eddie and Jamie, to start dating! People are longing to see the two characters express their love and take their relationship to the next step.

The longing for this much-desired romance increases more with each passing season. Fans ponder when it will finally happen.

The chemistry between Eddie and Jamie is plain to see, and their evolving relationship has kept viewers riveted. Everyone is eager to see their first date and hoping they’ll take the plunge.

The show’s writers, however, are taking their sweet time with this story. They are letting the relationship develop slowly and naturally. This builds up the excitement and anticipation even more.

It’s noteworthy that the Blue Bloods writers prefer a realistic approach to storytelling. They are not rushing Eddie and Jamie’s relationship. This is to make sure their storyline is both gratifying and believable.

The Show’s Missed Opportunity for Dramatic Tension

In Blue Bloods, Eddie and Jamie decided to date in Season 4 and fans were ecstatic. Their workplace colleagues’ reactions could create a lot of tension and conflict.

However, the writers decided to focus on the romance, leaving audiences wanting more. This missed a great opportunity to add depth and complexity to the storyline. If they had explored more, it could have given the show an exciting dynamic.

Sadly, the show overlooked the chance to create dramatic tension and conflict when the couple started dating. Hopefully, they will consider exploring this further, to give viewers a more meaningful portrayal of their relationship.

Jamie and Eddie’s Relationship Timeline

Jamie and Eddie’s relationship has been a highlight of Blue Bloods for many fans. In this section, we’ll dive into the timeline of their relationship, from their first meeting on the season 4 premiere “Unwritten Rules” to Eddie’s confession of her true feelings for Jamie on “Personal Business” and Jamie’s admittance of his feelings for Eddie. We’ll explore the highs and lows of their relationship, including their undercover operation as a couple on “Lost and Found” and their first kiss on “Secret Arrangements”.

Meeting on the Season 4 Premiere “Unwritten Rules”

Jamie and Eddie met for the first time on the season 4 premiere episode of “Blue Bloods.” It was a brief encounter on the streets of New York City. Nothing seemed significant then, but it was the start of something special.

As they solved cases, their chemistry grew. They felt something for each other, but didn’t admit it until later. They finally went undercover as a couple in “Lost and Found.” This showed how they complemented each other’s skills and personalities.

In “Personal Business,” Eddie finally said her true feelings to Jamie. Her words were genuine and heartfelt. Every development in their relationship felt real and earned.

Do undercover couples really count as dating? No matter what, their meeting on the season 4 premiere episode set the stage for a beautiful love story.

Going Undercover as a Couple on “Lost and Found”

The fourth episode of Blue Bloods‘ fourth season saw Jamie and Eddie undercover as a couple. It aired on October 11, 2013, and was directed by David Barrett. The mission: solve their relationship issues and uncover a drug operation.

The unique detail? Despite feeling uncomfortable, they work together effectively. Eddie remains focused on the mission, even with Jamie’s awkward flirting attempts. This episode marks a crucial moment which laid the foundation for a romantic storyline.

Fans wondered why Jamie and Eddie progressed rapidly in their relationship and skipped dating. This episode shows how they’d formed an undeniable friendship. This friendship transitioned into romance, making sense to viewers once they saw the dynamic from previous seasons.

This episode is key. It helps viewers understand character arcs, storylines, and chemistry-building moments. Missing out would leave them confused.

Their First Kiss on “Secret Arrangements”

Finally, in the fourth season of Blue Bloods, it happened – Eddie and Jamie shared their first kiss. For some time, viewers had watched them form a strong bond as they worked together as partners and confidants.

People had been rooting for them to get together. As they dealt with personal issues and went undercover, their friendship grew and the possibility of something more emerged.

The scene between them was shot with close-ups, showing the emotions between them as they expressed their feelings. This first kiss marked a new chapter in their relationship, going beyond friendship and setting the foundation for their story of love.

It was a beautiful moment that fans had all been waiting for – and it did not disappoint.

Eddie’s Confession of Her True Feelings for Jamie on “Personal Business”

Season 4 of Blue Bloods had a notable episode – “Personal Business“. Here, Eddie Janko revealed her true feelings for Jamie Reagan. This was a huge moment for both characters. After being held hostage together, Eddie decided to tell Jamie she had feelings for him. It surprised Jamie and he began considering his own feelings for Eddie.

The romance between the two was captivating and many viewers were rooting for them from then on. It also showed that Jamie and Eddie had emotions beyond their work at the NYPD. Plus, their friendship had been growing for a few seasons prior.

In the end, Eddie’s confession marked the beginning of the beloved couple’s romance on Blue Bloods.

Jamie’s Admittance of His Feelings for Eddie

Jamie’s hidden feelings for Eddie were finally revealed on the show! This created a climactic moment that fans had been anxiously waiting for. Jamie and Eddie were getting closer and working together. He realized his feelings were more than just professional admiration. In a vulnerable moment, Jamie confessed his genuine affections for her. This was the start of taking their relationship to the next level.

Throughout the season, viewers watched Jamie and Eddie’s relationship evolve from colleagues to something more. Critics had doubts about the speed of their romance, but it was clear their feelings were real. Jamie’s revelation was a pivotal moment in confirming their connection and going from platonic to romantic.

What made this moment even more powerful was Jamie’s attraction to Eddie from the start. A subtle chemistry had been there since they were paired up on a case and it grew stronger as they worked together. Fans had spotted this and were eagerly waiting for Jamie to confess his true feelings.

Vanessa Ray (who plays Eddie) said in an interview with Parade Magazine, “I think there is something really cool about two people working alongside each other every day who slowly realize how they feel about each other after doing so for years.” The authenticity of their romance is what makes it so special for viewers.

Jamie and Eddie are still partners in their job at the NYPD. This dynamic adds complexity to their relationship but also demonstrates their commitment to both their careers and each other.

Overall, Jamie’s admittance of his feelings for Eddie was a monumental moment in solidifying their romantic connection. It showed the authenticity of their love story, while adding surprise and excitement for fans.

The Authenticity of Eddie and Jamie’s Romance

The romance between Eddie and Jamie on Blue Bloods has been a major focus for fans. What makes it unique is the gradual transformation from a partnership to a romantic connection. The show portrays their relationship in a realistic way.

The show has dropped hints of their feelings for each other over 6 seasons. The actors’ great performances have added to the chemistry between them. One great feature of their relationship is their ability to communicate and work through disagreements. They stayed strong when faced with difficult situations, like Jamie’s undercover job and Eddie’s father’s death.

This story has resonated with many viewers because it shows real love that grows over time. It emphasizes the value of open communication and growth in a partnership. The story of Eddie and Jamie demonstrates the strength of respect and love in any relationship.

Small Moments Making Up Their Romance

Eddie and Jamie’s relationship in Blue Bloods is a special example of how small moments can create a strong bond between two people. They started as NYPD partners and gradually developed as they faced diverse issues and worked together to solve them.

All through the show, we see their relationship grow through their informal talks at the end of work and their secret dates. These important moments demonstrate their connection and emotions for one another.

As their partnership blooms, Eddie and Jamie try to manage the difficulties of dating someone in the same job. They share private experiences, observe milestones, and help each other in hard times. One of their most noteworthy moments of romance was when Eddie proposed to Jamie while they were on patrol – a heartwarming demonstration of their love and the importance of their work as partners and now, as a couple.

To sum up, Eddie and Jamie’s journey from partners to lovers is a reminder that love can sprout even in a tough and exacting job. Their affair is evidence of the potency of small moments, making up their amazing story of love.

Becoming Partners in Season 4

Eddie and Jamie become partners in season 4 of “Blue Bloods”. They patrol together and become good friends. Their relationship transforms into something more romantic. But they must keep it a secret from their colleagues.

They stay professional. They set clear boundaries and have a plan. This shows their commitment to their jobs and partnership.

For others in a similar situation, they can set boundaries and have a plan too.

Eddie and Jamie’s story in “Blue Bloods” Season 4 shows how to successfully navigate a romantic relationship while staying professional.

Jamie’s Interest in Eddie from the Beginning

Jamie, a driven NYPD officer, is noteworthy in her character development throughout the hit TV series ‘Blue Bloods’. She values her work and strives to improve her community. When it comes to her love life, however, things are more complex.

It’s obvious from the start that Jamie has an interest in Eddie, her fellow NYPD officer and partner. Throughout the early seasons, her admiration and respect for him are clear. It’s evident there is more between them than just professionalism.

As time goes by, Jamie’s feelings for Eddie become more apparent. Their chemistry and dynamic reveal her interest in him. People start to talk about it, and it becomes a topic of conversation.

In Season 8 of the show, Jamie and Eddie finally start dating. It’s a storyline that had been building for years, and viewers were delighted to see them together. Jamie’s interest in Eddie from the start proves the strength of their relationship and how they overcame obstacles to become one of the show’s most-loved couples.

Vanessa Ray’s Perspective after Eddie and Jamie Got Together

Vanessa Ray’s thoughts on Eddie and Jamie’s relationship were highly anticipated by the audience. She played the role of Jamie in Blue Bloods and her chemistry with Eddie (Will Estes) was well-received. As the plot progressed, their relationship got stronger and Vanessa’s portrayal of Jamie was amazing.

Her perspective was unique. She showcased an inner conflict, hesitancy, and vulnerability through her performance. Her chemistry with Will Estes was captivating and the audience rooted for them.

Besides her acting, Vanessa aimed to keep the audience engaged in the storyline. Her goal was to make Jamie’s emotional journey genuine and real.

Vanessa Ray’s perspective was a testament to her exceptional acting skills. Her performance left a lasting impression and made her a fan-favorite on Blue Bloods.

Significance of Eddie and Jamie’s Romantic Relationship

Eddie and Jamie’s romantic bond is very important to the plot of the popular American show, Blue Bloods. They are both cops and start dating in season 4, adding an extra layer to the show.

This relationship reflects the difficulties of combining career and love life. As Jamie is Eddie’s work partner, their romance also presents a new take on the siblings’ dynamic and their family’s opinion of them.

It is noteworthy that it takes many series for Eddie and Jamie to become a couple, stirring up anticipation in the audience. Their path to love emphasises how important family values and loyalty are to Blue Bloods.

To sum up, Eddie and Jamie’s romance in Blue Bloods is more than just extra drama. It is a fundamental part of the story which illustrates the complexities of work and personal life while showcasing the family dynamics and loyalty which are key elements of the show.

Still Working Together in the NYPD

Eddie and Jamie are two characters from the popular American police drama, Blue Bloods. Despite facing internal challenges at the start, they still work together in the NYPD. They show teamwork and commitment to their job, making them a valuable asset to the department.

In the eighth season, their relationship took a romantic turn. This tested their ability to balance their work and private lives, yet they stayed professional.

To summarise, Eddie and Jamie still work together in the NYPD. Their devotion to each other and the department is remarkable. Their unique dynamic and romantic relationship adds interest to their professional relationship. It also demonstrates their strong moral and professional standards.

The Show’s Ability to Keep Things Fresh for Fans

The TV series Blue Bloods has truly perfected the art of keeping viewers captivated and amused with fresh content. Introducing new characters and storylines is one way of doing this. Additionally, the show incorporates timely social and political issues into its plotlines which furthers its popularity. Furthermore, the interesting relationships between characters, like Eddie and Jamie’s romance, keep fans interested.

Additionally, the show has been praised for its accuracy in depicting New York City. Using real-life locations and covering true-to-life issues such as police misconduct and violence, the producers have enriched the show’s realism. These elements keep the viewers engaged and invested.

If you’re looking to have a show as successful as Blue Bloods, remember its knack for tackling complex matters in a realistic, nuanced way. This is essential for any show that wants to stay exciting for its viewership. So, incorporate current events or develop complicated relationships – these are ways to keep your show new and engaging for fans.


Eddie and Jamie of ‘Blue Bloods’ have fans buzzing. When did these two lovebirds start dating? The show hasn’t said exactly.

It all began with Eddie and Jamie as police recruits. They worked together for years, having a few flirty moments. Then, in Season 8, they confessed their love.

The pair had to work through work and family issues. But they stuck together and became stronger. Finally, in Season 11, they got engaged, and fans can’t wait to see what happens next!

Eddie and Jamie’s love story has been a favorite for viewers. Their journey from partners to lovers was beautiful to witness. Fans are excited to see how it ends!

Some Facts About When Eddie and Jamie Start Dating:

  • ✅ Eddie and Jamie first become partners on “Blue Bloods” in season four and Jamie is interested in her from the beginning. (Source: RissiWrites.com)
  • ✅ Jamie and Eddie admit their feelings for each other in season seven, and start a romantic relationship. (Source: Country Living)
  • ✅ The couple’s first kiss happens on “Secret Arrangements,” after which Jamie makes it slightly awkward by telling Eddie to go inside. (Source: Country Living)
  • ✅ Fans of “Blue Bloods” have criticized the lack of a dating phase in Jamie and Eddie’s relationship, with some believing that they would have broken up if they weren’t married. (Source: Outsider.com)
  • ✅ Despite criticism, some fans believe that Jamie and Eddie stand a better chance than similar real-life couples. (Source: Outsider.com)

FAQs about When Do Eddie And Jamie Start Dating?

When do Eddie and Jamie start dating in “Blue Bloods”?

Eddie and Jamie skip the dating phase in their relationship and go straight from confessing their feelings to engagement. This unusual leap is criticized by some fans as a terrible way to start a relationship. However, some fans suggest that the couple skipped the dating phase because they had already gotten to know each other well on the job.

Was the show criticized for skipping the dating phase in Eddie and Jamie’s relationship?

Yes, the show’s writers missed a dramatic opportunity by skipping the dating phase in Eddie and Jamie’s relationship. Some fans would have liked to see the couple date, while other fans believe that the couple’s frequent fights and unusual leap from “I like you” to “Will you marry me?” would have resulted in a breakup if they weren’t already married.

When do Eddie and Jamie first meet?

Eddie and Jamie first meet in the “Blue Bloods” Season 4 premiere “Unwritten Rules” while responding to a shooting of a fellow officer.

What was Eddie and Jamie’s first undercover assignment together?

Eddie and Jamie’s first undercover assignment together was on “Lost and Found.”

What is the nature of Eddie and Jamie’s relationship in “Blue Bloods”?

Eddie and Jamie’s relationship in “Blue Bloods” is a romantic one. They become partners in Season 4, and Jamie is interested in her from the beginning. Their romance is built around small moments and is more authentic and real than most shows on air today.

How did Eddie and Jamie’s relationship change the show?

Eddie and Jamie’s relationship signaled a significant turning point in “Blue Bloods” and changed how the show operated in Vanessa Ray’s mind. Despite no longer being partners, they still work together in the NYPD. The show has managed to keep things fresh for viewers over a decade into its run.

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