When Do Barry And Iris Start Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Barry and Iris officially become a couple in season 2 of The Flash, after their first date ends abruptly due to an emergency call from Joe.
  • Their second date also gets interrupted by an emergency call, but Barry agrees to a redo and the date ends with a romantic goodbye kiss.
  • WestAllen is an integral relationship on the show and has had many romantic moments, including a top ten list of their most romantic moments and a “liberation” moment in season 6. However, fans will have to be patient for more romantic scenes, as the show won’t return until January 2021 and will only feature occasional kisses for now.



Barry and Iris’ romantic connection has been a fascinating part of The Flash! People ask when they start dating, so let’s explore their journey.

Friends at first, their bond grows deeper. It’s obvious they share something special. But the timing isn’t right, so both have romantic struggles.

Eventually, in Season 2, Barry and Iris start dating. It’s a huge moment for them. Their relationship keeps changing, and they face many challenges. But their love story is still the show’s most compelling aspect.

It’s exciting to see how they go from friends to lovers. The road wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Barry and Iris are a fan favorite, and their story keeps drawing viewers in.

WestAllen Becomes a Couple

WestAllen fans, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the start of their romantic journey!

In this section, we’ll explore the pivotal moment when Barry and Iris become a couple. We’ll take a closer look at their first date, the complications that arise when The Flash gets in the way, and how a sudden emergency interrupts what could have been a perfect evening. Let’s dive into the world of WestAllen and relive the magic of their first steps towards romance!

Their First Date

The romance between Barry Allen and Iris West, also known as WestAllen, was officially introduced in the Flash TV show. During their first date, they had a good time until Joe’s emergency call interrupted them. Barry was worried about being late and showing up in his superhero gear, but Iris’s personality soon made him feel better. They shared secrets and stories, both wanting more when it ended.

Barry wanted to try again and was all set for a do-over. But, Joe’s call got in the way again. Before leaving, he took a chance and kissed Iris goodbye.

Their relationship has been an important part of the show over multiple seasons, with various romantic gestures.

It began in the DC Comics universe in the 1960s as a beloved couple.

As it turned out, their first date was not smooth sailing, as The Flash had to remind them that saving lives can take precedence over romance.

The Flash Makes Things Awkward

Barry and Iris are enjoying their first date, but it takes an awkward turn when the Flash suddenly appears! The Star Labs alarm goes off while they’re in the middle of a kiss. Barry informs Iris he must leave to deal with it. She understands, but is disappointed. This serves as a reminder that Central City is always threatened.

This interruption creates a challenge for WestAllen’s relationship. It highlights the struggle between Barry’s dual identities as a superhero and having a love life. Balancing the two is a continuous theme.

Despite this, WestAllen persevere. On their second date, Joe calls Barry again. But before leaving, Barry takes a chance and kisses Iris goodbye. Their kiss symbolizes the growth of their relationship – from Barry’s unrequited childhood crush to a mature and loving partnership.

The Date is Cut Short by an Emergency Call from Joe

Barry and Iris were ready for their first date. But, Joe’s emergency call ruined their plans. Despite a strong attraction, they had to separate due to their duties.

But, they weren’t discouraged and planned a second date. Barry expressed his feelings for Iris, but Joe called again. So, they had to end their date early.

What makes them different is that they prioritize their roles as superheroes before their own desires. They love each other with respect and understanding, which makes them beloved by fans. Barry and Iris may have interruptions, but their commitment to each other and society still shines through.

Their Second Date

The start of Barry and Iris’ romantic journey began with their second date, which was full of unexpected twists and turns. Despite some setbacks, such as a sudden emergency call from Joe, the date still had its fair share of memorable moments, including a romantic kiss goodbye from Barry.

Barry Agrees to a Redo

Barry and Iris wanted to try again after their first date was cut short. In episode 13, “The Nuclear Man,” Barry wanted a redo with no interference from his powers or past feelings. During the second date in episode 14, “Fallout,” an emergency call stopped them again. But Barry had already started to have deep feelings for Iris. He kissed her goodbye before running off to help Central City.

This moment began WestAllen’s epic love story. Through multiple seasons they had ups and downs. Until January 2021, fans can look back on romantic moments between Barry and Iris.

The Date is Also Cut Short by an Emergency Call from Joe

Barry and Iris’s second date was interrupted with an emergency call from Joe. This wasn’t the last time their date was cut short due to something urgent. They accepted these interruptions, understanding their roles as superheroes. Instead of being awkward, they shared a kiss. This showed mutual respect and support. Barry had learned how to “speed” up the romance game.

Barry Kisses Iris Goodbye Before Leaving

On their second date, Barry and Iris were having a great time. Joe called with an emergency, so Barry had to go. Before he left, he kissed Iris goodbye. This kiss was more than just a simple goodbye. It showed the deepening connection between them.

Fans had been waiting for this moment. The chemistry between the two had been growing. The kiss left a lasting impression on both of them. It showed they were ready to take their relationship to the next level.

This moment set up an exciting future for WestAllen shippers. Let’s go through the top ten most romantic WestAllen moments because these two are the ultimate #couplegoals. It all started with Barry’s sweet goodbye kiss to Iris.

The Most Romantic WestAllen Moments

Barry and Iris have been a core relationship in The Flash since its inception – let’s dive into the most romantic WestAllen moments with a list of the top ten moments, including season 6’s iconic “Liberation” moment.

Their Relationship is Integral to the Show

The Flash wouldn’t be the same without Barry and Iris. Their connection is vital to the show. It’s been featured a lot throughout each season. Their love story adds much-cherished depth to the series. The actors’ onscreen chemistry has created many iconic scenes that keep viewers captivated.

Without Barry and Iris, some of the storylines wouldn’t exist. Fans eagerly await their moments together, supporting their relationship and wishing for them to succeed. As the show continues, expect more romantic moments from the pair. Don’t miss out!

To appreciate their relationship, take a look at the top ten most heart-melting WestAllen moments in The Flash.

The List of Top Ten Romantic Moments

WestAllen’s relationship on The Flash has been a fan-favorite since the beginning. With swoon-worthy romantic moments, viewers stay on the edge of their seats!

The List of Top Ten Romantic Moments highlights the ten sweetest scenes between Barry and Iris.

  1. First on the list is when Barry declared his true feelings to Iris on Earth-2 and asked her to dance.
  2. Second is their beautiful wedding with bells and whistles, plus an appearance from Supergirl!
  3. Third is their first kiss in “Enter Flashtime,” leaving fans breathless.

To WestAllen shippers, these moments offer validation that true love can conquer all.

They have also faced difficult choices and separations. Despite these, fans know their love will always prevail.

Season 6’s “Liberation” Moment

Season six of The Flash gave fans a moment they dubbed “liberation” for Barry and Iris’ relationship. Realizing that love can’t always keep them together, Iris discovers her new Mirrorverse existence while Barry confronts Eva McCulloch. When they reunite they understand they have to let each other grow and be heroes.

Iris tells Barry it’s okay to prioritize saving people over their time together. Barry assures her she’s his home and he will never quit fighting for their love. The scene showed the strength of their bond, but also the difficulties of being a superhero’s partner. The Flash combines action, passion, and romance into one show.

Fans will have to wait until 2021 to see WestAllen’s future. Until then, little kisses will keep us dreaming.

Future of WestAllen

With “When Do Barry And Iris Start Dating?” keeping fans on the edge of their seats, it’s the perfect time to speculate on the future of WestAllen. In this section, we’ll explore the possibilities of what’s to come for the beloved couple, including the impact of The Flash Season 6 cliffhanger. As we’ll discuss, fans will have to wait until January 2021 for new episodes, but we’ll analyze the occasional kisses we can expect until then.

The Flash Season 6 Cliffhanger

The Flash season 6 finale left us with no clues about the future. Fans wonder what’s next for Barry and Iris. Will they stay together? Can they make it work? We can only speculate – there are no certain answers.

Show Won’t Return Until January 2021

Enthusiasts of ‘The Flash’ eagerly await the return of the show in January 2021. They’re curious to see what’ll happen to their beloved characters, especially WestAllen.

Though the creators of the show have remained tight-lipped, viewers hope for romantic moments between Barry and Iris.

This delay in production may lead to changes and surprises for WestAllen’s relationship. But, only time will tell what lies ahead. Fans still remain hopeful for a thrilling season!

Fans Will Have to Be Happy with Occasional Kisses for Now

WestAllen fans, rejoice! You may have to wait a while before seeing more of Barry and Iris’ romance. Scattered kisses and romantic scenes have been sprinkled throughout the show. But, with the season 6 cliffhanger, their future is uncertain. Fans must be patient until January 2021 for new developments in their relationship.

Creators recognize their importance to the storyline. And, the “Liberation” moment cemented their status as one of TV’s most beloved couples. So, for now, enjoy the occasional kisses. There’s still much to cherish about WestAllen’s love story.

While you wait for more story arcs, bask in the past romantic moments. Sure, there may be ups and downs, but Barry and Iris’ love will always prevail.

Five Facts About When Do Barry and Iris Start Dating?:

  • ✅ Barry and Iris (WestAllen) start dating after two seasons of build-up. (Source: Bustle)
  • ✅ Barry tries to make their first date perfect with an expensive restaurant and elaborate flowers, but Iris just wants a normal date. (Source: Bustle)
  • ✅ The Flash (Barry’s superhero alter ego) makes things awkward on their first date. (Source: Bustle)
  • ✅ Their first and second date are cut short by emergency calls from Joe, but they have occasional kisses throughout the series. (Source: Bustle)
  • ✅ Barry and Iris’ relationship, known as WestAllen, is integral to the show and has had many romantic moments throughout the series. (Source: CinemaBlend)

FAQs about When Do Barry And Iris Start Dating?

When do Barry and Iris start dating?

Barry and Iris officially start dating in Season 3 of The Flash.

When do Barry and Iris first meet?

Barry and Iris have known each other since childhood, but they reconnect in Season 1 of The Flash when Barry returns to Central City after being struck by lightning and gaining superhuman speed.

When does Iris finally agree to go on a date with Barry?

In Season 4 of The Flash, after Barry returns from the Speed Force, he calls Iris “Lightning” and she agrees to go on a date with him.

Do WestAllen shippers need to have patience?

Yes, WestAllen shippers have had to have patience throughout the series, as Barry and Iris’ relationship has been a slow burn. However, their patience finally paid off when they got together in Season 3 and have had many romantic moments since then.

When does Iris visit Barry in the Speed Force?

Iris visits Barry in the Speed Force in Season 4 of The Flash to try to bring him back to reality.

What is the most romantic WestAllen moment?

There have been many romantic moments between Barry and Iris throughout the series, but one of the most romantic was in Season 6’s “Liberation” when Barry discovered Mirror Iris was not his wife and vowed to return to the real Iris.

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