When Did Ludwig And Qt Start Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Ludwig Ahgren and QTCinderella are popular Twitch streamers and content creators, known for their unique personalities and engaging content.
  • Despite rumors and speculation about their relationship status, Ludwig and QTCinderella have been confirmed to be dating since early 2021, after the Subathon event that made Ludwig a household name in the streaming community.
  • The couple has addressed the behavior of other streamers attempting to shoot their shot with Ludwig, and QTCinderella has observed gender differences in the “guy code” and its absence among women.


Ludwig and Qt’s dating history is intriguing! As early as 2012, Ludwig used Qt for projects. However, it was not until 2015 that they began dating. As they worked together, they became inseparable.

The partnership was perfect: they both had interest in creating top-notch software. Qt was great for Ludwig’s cross-platform applications. And Qt found Ludwig was a good programmer, able to create rich applications with their software.

For years, their relationship has grown. Ludwig and Qt are always exploring new ways of working together. Their partnership shows the power of collaboration and the advantages of the right software tools.

Ludwig Ahgren and QTCinderella’s popularity on Twitch

Ludwig Ahgren and QTCinderella have become huge Twitch stars. Their sharp gaming skills, funny personality, and clever wit make Ludwig stand out. QTCinderella is known for her captivating content and engaging presence. They have earned a massive following due to their chemistry and rapport. Their streams offer a mix of gaming, music, and other activities. Fans are curious about their relationship status. Rumors say they might be dating, but there is no proof. Their success proves their talent, personalities, and content are something special. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and entertaining Twitch experience, Ludwig and QTCinderella are the ones to watch.

The Truth about Ludwig and QTCinderella’s Relationship

Ludwig and QTCinderella are the talk of the town! Everyone is asking, “When did they start dating?” It began as a friendship. They share a love for gaming. After streaming together, they realized their compatibility and formed a romantic connection.

The couple is very private. They haven’t made any announcements, but hints on social media and streams suggest that they are in love.

QTCinderella’s Expose on Thirsty Streamers Sliding into Ludwig’s DM’s

QTCinderella recently exposed the “thirsty” streamers who are sliding into Ludwig‘s DMs – a popular Twitch streamer. It is well-known that Ludwig is a big name in the entertainment industry, and his DMs are filled with messages from fans and other entertainers.

QTCinderella‘s news has caused a stir in the Twitch community. Many are debating the murkiness of online streamer interactions. Some have even requested tighter regulations. Though, Ludwig has yet to speak on the issue. It is clear that the “thirsty” streamers are a large concern.

It is essential for all people to know the importance of healthy boundaries in online conversations. Being a public figure brings challenges, and it is everyone’s duty to respect boundaries and act in a professional manner. Inappropriate behavior or messages without consent is not acceptable; anyone guilty should be held responsible.

Pro Tip: Social media is a great tool for networking, but remember that boundaries still apply. Always ask for permission before entering private conversations and be sure to be professional and respectful.


Ludwig and Qt are quite a new couple, having only started dating in 2021. They’ve been together a short time, but seem very content. Ludwig has posted about Qt on social media, and they’ve been seen at multiple events. Rumors of their relationship began when Ludwig put up pictures of them on Instagram.

Ludwig’s fans have been encouraging and thrilled for them. They’re delighted they have a strong bond. Ludwig and Qt keep details of their relationship close. They haven’t shared much with the public, including plans for the future. Ludwig made it clear he wants his relationship to stay out of the spotlight, while he focuses on his career. Privacy is important to them both; their fans should respect that.

Some Facts About When Ludwig and QT Started Dating:

  • ✅ Ludwig and QTCinderella are a popular streaming couple on Twitch. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Ludwig and QT went on their first date at the Santa Monica Pier. (Source: Ginx TV)
  • ✅ The exact date of Ludwig and QT’s relationship is unclear, but rumors suggest it started in late 2019. (Source: RepublicWorld)
  • ✅ Ludwig confirmed on Twitter in May 2020 that he and QT are dating, but she has not officially confirmed it. (Source: SVG.com)
  • ✅ Despite being in a relationship, QTCinderella has called out other female broadcasters for sliding into Ludwig’s DMs. (Source: Dexerto)

FAQs about When Did Ludwig And Qt Start Dating?

When did Ludwig and QT start dating?

Ludwig Ahgren and QTCinderella started dating in the summer of 2020, according to QTCinderella’s podcast with 100 Thieves’ BrookeAB. It is unclear when exactly they started dating, but speculations suggest it may have been in late 2019.

How did Ludwig and QT meet?

Ludwig and QT Cinderella are both popular content creators on Twitch and had previously enjoyed collaborating on several videos together. They went on their first date at the Santa Monica Pier, which Ludwig recounted during a recent broadcast.

Did Ludwig and QT kiss on their first date?

According to Ludwig’s hilarious fake version of events, they kissed on the Ferris Wheel. However, QT corrected him and revealed that they didn’t kiss, but they did hold hands.

Are Ludwig and QT a couple?

In May 2020, Ludwig confirmed on Twitter that they are dating. Although QT Cinderella never officially confirmed it, they have made special Christmas videos together and are considered one of Twitch’s prominent streaming power couples.

Have other female streamers tried to flirt with Ludwig despite him being in a relationship with QT?

Yes, according to QTCinderella. She called out female broadcasters for sliding into her boyfriend Ludwig’s DMs after they started dating. Despite this, she noted that men seem to have a “guy code” and respect other men’s relationships, while women may not always do the same.

How did Ludwig gain popularity on Twitch?

Ludwig gained popularity in early 2021 due to his “Subathon” on Twitch. The Subathon involved Ludwig streaming as long as people continued subscribing to him. He gained over 200,000 subscribers and almost broke a record set by Ninja.

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