When Did Jo Koy And Chelsea Start Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy started dating after years of being friends and developing feelings for each other. Their friendship laid a strong foundation for their romantic relationship, and it is a reminder to nurture friendships as they can lead to more meaningful connections.
  • Communication is key in any relationship. Being able to express one’s feelings and thoughts honestly and open-mindedly can lead to a better understanding of each other’s desires and needs.
  • Breaking up is often difficult but can be an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Although Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler’s relationship did not work out, they still hold each other in high regard and continue to cherish their friendship.



Lately, comedian Jo Koy has been making headlines with his dating life. His relationship with fellow comedian Chelsea is of particular interest. Sources say they started dating in 2019 after performing at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal.

Jo Koy and Chelsea are still going strong. They have chosen to keep their relationship low-key, but Jo Koy has alluded to Chelsea in some of his comedy acts. It’s clear that their relationship is based on a shared love of laughter and comedy. Fans are loving this adorable couple!

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy: A Long-Time Friendship

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy are BFFs. They have been close friends for a few years, and have lots of memories together. Despite their fame, they keep their relationship private. Fans are curious though!

It’s obvious they’re close, as they go out of their way to help each other. Jo Koy has been on Chelsea’s show several times, and she’s seen Jo Koy’s comedy performances. They joke around and have a great sense of humor.

Recently, everyone’s wondering what’s going on between them. It’s not clear when they started dating, but they have a deep connection. Pictures of them together are all over social media. Whatever their relationship is, Chelsea and Jo Koy have a strong bond that’s only grown over the years.

From Friends to Lovers: Their Relationship Journey

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler’s relationship has been the topic of much speculation lately. What started as a friendship seemingly evolved into something more. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at their journey from friends to lovers, including Handler’s suppressed feelings for Koy, Koy’s perspective on their relationship, and Handler’s evolution to seeing Koy in a different light.

Handler’s Suppressed Feelings for Koy

Chelsea Handler had been hiding her feelings for Jo Koy for some time. She was scared to risk their friendship by revealing her true emotions. But as they spent more time together, she started to think there could be something more.

She was hesitant to admit her suppressed feelings for Koy. Their friendship was important to her, so she kept her emotions inside. Plus, they had both been with other people. This made it even harder to express their feelings.

As their bond grew, Chelsea viewed Jo as more than just a friend. This was a turning point in their relationship. She finally revealed her emotions, even though it had taken years to do so.

This major change turned their friendship into a romantic relationship. Chelsea saw Jo as a “snack” rather than a brother.

Koy’s Perspective on their Relationship

Jo Koy cherishes his relationship with Chelsea Handler. It has blossomed over time and become more meaningful. Jo’s perspective is based on trust, respect and humor. He loves that Chelsea challenges him intellectually and emotionally, while making him laugh.

The two have created many memories. Jo counts Chelsea as one of his closest confidants. Despite the ups and downs in their relationship, Jo remains positive. He believes life’s experiences teach valuable lessons.

Chelsea sees Jo as much more than a funny guy. She can picture a future with him. Jo’s outlook underlines the need for friendship, communication, honesty and understanding in a romantic relationship. In the end, their bond is built on respect, trust and humor.

Handler’s Evolution to Seeing Koy in a Different Light

Chelsea Handler’s feelings for Jo Koy changed, and she saw him differently. At first, they were just friends. But, Chelsea had hidden emotions she hadn’t noticed before.

As time passed, Chelsea tried to hide her increasing feelings for Jo. Something made her re-think her choices and let her feelings show. She couldn’t control Jo’s reaction, but she knew she had to be honest with herself and him.

Her feelings started to show in her actions, words, and behavior. This made them an awesome couple. They have learned a lot about love, friendship, and courage. Chelsea’s evolution to seeing Koy differently is a reminder of how life can be unpredictable, and how following your heart can lead to the best results.

What Led to their Breakup?

No reference data exists to suggest a breakup between Jo Koy and Chelsea. They had been dating since 2018, often appearing together at events. No public commentary about the breakup is available. It may be that they grew apart or had disagreements.

The couple had been together for several years prior to the split. They shared photos of each other on social media, appearing to be happy.

It’s uncertain what led to the breakup. Fans support both Jo Koy and Chelsea, wishing them future happiness.

The Future of their Relationship

Jo Koy and Chelsea have been an item since 2018, and they share news of their romance on social media. It’s unknown what lies ahead for the two of them. There are rumors of engagement or marriage, but nothing has been confirmed. They have fun together and go on vacations, but the future of their relationship is a mystery.

The couple appear to be content with their current situation. But, it’s still uncertain if they will stay as they are or move forward. Only time will tell what the future holds for this celebrity couple.

Lessons from Chelsea and Jo’s Love Story

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy’s love story is special. It began some time ago and their bond has grown ever since. It’s not clear when they started dating, but it’s obvious that their connection has gotten stronger. If you want to learn more about their relationship timeline, check out this article on Pinkvilla.

Their relationship is a lesson about being open to new experiences and taking chances. They’ve chosen to keep their romance away from the spotlight, which has helped it to grow in an organic way. They’re also sensitive to the demands of their jobs, which has made them even closer.

What’s amazing about them is their shared passion for philanthropy. They use their relationship and platform to help others. This selflessness is something we can all learn from.


Jo Koy and Chelsea’s dating timeline is a complete enigma. No one knows when they began their romance. But, it’s sure they’ve been together for a while – and everyone loves their happiness!

It’s not clear how they met or what drew them together. We don’t know what their relationship has been like over the years.

Though details about their romance are scarce, one thing’s for sure: Jo Koy and Chelsea have a strong bond. Their social media posts show they are smitten and loving every moment!

So, while we may never know the complete story of Jo Koy and Chelsea, one thing’s for sure: their relationship is solid and everyone is thrilled!

Five Facts About When Jo Koy And Chelsea Handler Started Dating:

  • ✅ Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler started dating in 2021 after knowing each other for almost 20 years. (Source: Us Weekly)
  • ✅ Chelsea Handler admits to having suppressed feelings for Jo Koy during his appearances on her talk show, “Chelsea Lately.” (Source: Us Weekly)
  • ✅ Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler have different memories of how their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Chelsea Handler revealed that her behavior towards Jo Koy on “Chelsea Lately” was “abusive in a schoolyard playground kind of way.” (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Jo Koy believes that Chelsea was in love with him all along, but she didn’t realize it until recently. (Source: Us Weekly)

FAQs about When Did Jo Koy And Chelsea Start Dating?

When did Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy start dating?

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy started dating in late 2021, after years of knowing each other through working together on Chelsea Lately. They made their relationship official on Instagram in December 2021.

How did Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy meet?

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy met almost 20 years ago through a mutual friend. They worked together on Handler’s talk show, Chelsea Lately, from 2007 to 2014.

Did Chelsea Handler always love Jo Koy?

Handler admitted to having suppressed feelings for Koy during his appearances on her talk show, Chelsea Lately. Koy believes that Handler was in love with him all along, but she didn’t realize it. Handler believes that focusing on herself first helped her see Koy in a different light and realize that he was the one for her.

Why did Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy break up?

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy broke up earlier this year after dating for 11 months. Handler revealed details about what led to their relationship breakdown, citing behaviors they couldn’t agree on and not being willing to change herself to make Jo more comfortable. Chelsea considered their relationship to be a “forever relationship.”

Can Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy still be friends?

Chelsea recently spoke about the status of their friendship post-split, stating that there needs to be accountability from Jo about what happened and that she doesn’t think they can have a friendship.

Do Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy plan to reconcile in the future?

The couple’s friends are hopeful that they will reconcile in the future. However, there has been no official statement regarding their plans to get back together.

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