When Did Jennie And Kai Start Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Kai and Jennie’s relationship was announced in January 2019, confirming rumors that had been circulating for weeks.
  • The announcement sparked a debate among K-Pop fans about the challenges of dating in the industry, as well as concerns and criticisms about the impact on the couple’s careers and the industry as a whole.
  • Despite the controversy, some fans praised the couple for challenging traditional gender roles and humanizing K-Pop idols, leading to a broader discussion about the intersection of fame, gender, and relationships in the industry.


November 2018 saw rumors of a possible relationship between Jennie and Kai, two K-pop stars. Fans were very intrigued, and Korean media got involved. Then, the agencies representing them finally confirmed the news. But, neither Jennie nor Kai commented until January 1st, 2019. Kai wrote on social media to assure his followers of his wellbeing. Sadly, the couple split in January. Even though their relationship was short, fans still talk about it today.

The Jennie-Kai dating rumors sparked conversations about idol’s personal lives. It also highlighted the pressures of the Korean entertainment industry, and how they should be respected.

The Announcement of Kai and Jennie’s Relationship

When news broke of a relationship between K-pop artists Kai and Jennie, fans were taken by surprise and eager to know more. In this section, we explore the announcement of their relationship and delve into the details surrounding it.

Explanation About the Announcement

Blackpink’s Jennie and EXO’s Kai, after news of their relationship, released statements confirming they are dating. They thanked each other and apologized for causing any confusion or worry. They asked for understanding and support.

Why did they go public at this time? Common practice: K-Pop agencies confirm relationships when leaked or reported. This helps protect them from further intrusion and keeps fans in the loop.

Fans have high expectations for K-Pop idols. When news broke, mixed reactions. When Did Jennie And Kai Start Dating?

Pro Tip: Celebrity privacy is important, but being open about relationships fosters healthier fandoms and gender roles in Korean culture.

Love in the K-Pop industry? Pick-up sticks in a tornado!

The Challenges of Dating in K-Pop Industry

Dating in the K-Pop industry is not an easy task, as idols are expected to maintain a pristine image for their fans. In this section, we will explore the challenges faced by K-Pop idols when it comes to dating, focusing specifically on Jennie’s dating history and public response to her relationship with Kai.

Jennie’s Dating History

Jennie, a member of K-Pop group BLACKPINK, has turned heads. Not just for her musical talent, but also her relationships. Reports say Jennie has had quite a few celebrity partners, but she’s been hushed about them.

In 2018, there were whispers about Jennie and EXO’s Kai, but she denied. Yet, in January 2019, Dispatch broke news of them together on dates, so it was confirmed.

Though Jennie tried to keep her dating life hidden, when her and Kai’s relationship was public, people started wondering about her past ones. A rumor was that she dated BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, but neither of them admitted it.

We must remember, although it’s interesting for people, Jennie’s love life shouldn’t outshine her music. Fans should be backing BLACKPINK for their songs, instead of digging too deep in their private lives.

This topic has caused a divide between Jennie and Kai’s supporters. Some ship them, while others prefer them to focus on their careers. However, if you’re curious about When Did Jennie And Kai Start Dating, check out this article for more information.

Public Response to Kai and Jennie’s Relationship

Kai and Jennie’s relationship announcement sparked mixed reactions. Fans both supported and were disappointed by the news. Many took to social media to share their thoughts. Discussions ran high in fan communities. Some argued that idols should be allowed to date who they want, while others felt it hurt the image and appeal for fans.

But, some praised the couple for challenging traditional gender roles in South Korea’s conservative society. Idols usually have to maintain an image, especially concerning dating. But, Kai and Jennie’s relationship defied this.

A pro tip: K-Pop idols should be aware of their image and influence. Still, their personal lives should be treated the same as any other person’s.

Impact of the Relationship on the K-Pop Industry

The highly publicized relationship between Jennie and Kai has had a significant impact on the K-Pop industry. In this section, we will explore the various reactions and responses from K-Pop fans around the world, including concerns and criticisms, praise for challenging traditional gender roles, and an overall debate among fans.

With the help of data and insights from industry experts, we will examine how this relationship has affected the perception of K-Pop idols and their personal lives.

Concerns and Criticisms

Kai and Jennie’s relationship sparked a lot of criticism and worries in the K-Pop industry. People were concerned about how it’d affect their careers and their group’s image. Some thought dating should be banned, because it might cause a drop in album sales.

The timing of the announcement also raised questions. It was close to Blackpink’s international tour, which made many think it was just a publicity stunt. Fans were worried about their management companies who don’t usually allow relationships.

On the other hand, some fans welcomed the romance. It showed that people could express themselves without fear of judgement.

The debate around Kai and Jennie’s relationship continues. Fans are discussing it on social media and it’s still a controversial topic. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop and how it affects their projects.

Kai and Jennie’s relationship is a great progressive change. Fans are loving it and the way it challenges gender roles in K-Pop.

Praise for Challenging Traditional Gender Roles

Kai and Jennie’s recent announcement of their relationship in the K-Pop industry has been met with great praise. It used to be taboo to openly date in this industry, but times are changing.

They are both idols, expected to portray a certain image. So, their decision to openly date and show their love for each other is a huge step towards promoting healthier views of relationships.

Their relationship shows that gender should not determine one’s worth or capabilities. More idols are starting to challenge these norms and be true to themselves.

The aim is for the K-Pop industry to be more accepting and inclusive of all artists, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Instead of debating about Kai and Jennie, let’s discuss something more exciting, like which BTS member would win a dance battle!

Overall Debate among K-Pop Fans

K-Pop fans are debating about Kai and Jennie’s relationship announcement. Some believe it’s natural, but others think it violates industry rules. Some have praised them for challenging gender roles, while others have criticized them. Fans are concerned about how their companies will handle the situation and its effects on their careers. Discussions and controversy about Kai and Jennie’s relationship continue.


Jennie and Kai caused a buzz in the K-pop world when their relationship was announced in January 2019.

Surprisingly, they had been getting to know each other since October 2018. Both are members of two of the biggest K-pop groups, BLACKPINK and EXO. This showed how close idols from different groups are in the K-pop industry.

The current status of their relationship is unclear, but one thing is certain – fans still support them and they had a good time while together.

Some Facts About When Jennie And Kai Started Dating:

  • ✅ Jennie from BLACKPINK and Kai from EXO were confirmed to be in a relationship on January 1, 2019. (Source: Soompi)
  • ✅ The news was confirmed by SM Entertainment, Kai’s agency. (Source: Soompi)
  • ✅ Dispatch reported that the couple was seen on a late-night date in November 2018, leading to speculation among fans. (Source: Soompi)
  • ✅ Both Jennie and Kai are hugely popular K-pop stars with millions of fans around the world. (Source: SCMP)
  • ✅ Jennie and Kai broke up in January 2019 due to their busy schedules. (Source: J-14)

FAQs about When Did Jennie And Kai Start Dating?

When did Jennie and Kai start dating?

EXO’s Kai and BLACKPINK’s Jennie were officially confirmed to be in a relationship on New Year’s Day in 2019.

Was it difficult for the stars to date?

Yes, it’s difficult for K-Pop stars to date due to intense scrutiny from fans and the media. Many music companies set “dating bans” for their artists, including BLACKPINK. Jennie’s dating scandal with Kai in 2018 even led to death threats and a statement from her music company.

How did the EXO band reveal the new relationship?

The news was revealed by SM Entertainment, the agency managing EXO and Kai, who confirmed the relationship on January 1, 2019.

Why did Jennie and Kai break up?

According to a source, the two broke up in January 2019 due to their busy schedules.

What happened when they were spotted on a date?

Jennie and Kai were photographed on a date in December 2018, confirming their relationship after speculation from fans. YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s agency, stated that they were not aware of the dating rumors and were looking into the matter.

What was the reaction of fans and the media to the relationship?

The news caused a stir among fans of both groups, with some expressing support and others expressing disappointment or anger. Some fans speculated that the relationship had been kept secret for some time, based on various clues and interactions between the two stars. Overall, it sparked a lively debate among K-pop fans and observers, highlighting the complex and often fraught dynamics of idol culture and celebrity relationships in South Korea.

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