When Did Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Start Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s relationship started in 2011: The couple met on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man in December 2010 and began dating the following year. They were together for four years before breaking up in 2015.
  • Their breakup was attributed to long distance and busy careers: Sources suggest that difficulties in maintaining a long-distance relationship and work anxieties were factors in the couple’s decision to split. Despite the breakup, they remain close and supportive of each other’s successes.


Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had a romantic and touching love affair, but how did they start their relationship? Let’s delve into the backstory of these two incredible actors and uncover how they met, what drew them to each other, and what made their love story so special.

The backstory of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s relationship

The tale of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s romance is enthralling. It began when they both featured in The Amazing Spider-Man in December 2010. While filming, people noticed the strong connection between them. In 2011, they made it known that they were dating. For the next four years, they were one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples.

More on-screen moments with the two came when they filmed another Spider-Man movie. They even traveled together to promote it. Despite their hectic lives, they stayed devoted to each other. Unfortunately, their long-distance relationship couldn’t last and in 2015, they split. Even so, fans still fondly think of their love story. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield will always be remembered as one of Hollywood’s most cherished couples.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s relationship timeline

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s relationship has been a topic of interest for many fans. Their love story had its share of ups and downs, and this section will explore the timeline of their relationship. From their chance meeting on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man in December 2010 to their breakup in 2015, we’ll take a look at the milestones, experiences, and challenges that defined their romantic journey.

Meeting on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man in December 2010

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield met on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man in December 2010. They played Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker respectively. Their chemistry was undeniable. Garfield even called Stone a “stone cold fox“. Then, their connection grew stronger.

In 2011, they started dating. They kept it private for a while. Later, they debuted officially as a couple at red carpet events. Garfield spoke highly of Stone in an MTV News interview. He said it was a “dream come true” to work with her. He praised her generosity and spirit.

While filming the sequel, they travelled to London and Tokyo. But, troubles emerged when they had to be apart. They split in 2015 due to conflicting schedules. Yet, they stayed friends.

Interestingly, producer Amy Pascal warned them not to get romantically involved. She said it could make the movie franchise awkward if they broke up.

After their split, Garfield kept his private life private. But, he stayed supportive of Stone’s career. Despite their romantic split, they maintain a close friendship.

Starting to date in 2011 and being together for four years

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield‘s romance started in 2011. It began on the set of “The Amazing Spider-Man”. They had amazing chemistry both on and off-screen. They were often seen together at award shows and red carpets.

They starred in Spider-Man movies together and traveled around the world promoting them. Fans adored their lovely paparazzi moments as they were out shopping or drinking coffee.

Long-distance issues eventually caused their break-up, but they stayed good friends. Fans still get excited when they see them hanging out or supporting each other in Hollywood.

In short, their relationship lasted four years and was loved by many!

Filming another Spider-Man movie together and traveling the world

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had a special bond. They were even cast together in a Spider-Man movie! They went on world tours to promote the movie. Fans got to see their personal lives too.

They visited many countries like Australia and France. They also went to famous tourist spots like Bondi Beach. They were not shy about showing their love for each other.

The two enjoyed their time together while they traveled. Unfortunately, in 2015, they split after four years of dating.

Andrew Garfield has stayed private about his life since the break-up. He has been supportive of Emma Stone’s success though.

The relationship ended due to their busy schedules. Fans will remember the moments they shared while filming and traveling.

Breaking up in 2015 due to long distance and busy careers

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's relationship sadly ended in 2015. The couple had been together for 4 years, but filming movies in different locations around the world caused a physical strain on the relationship.

Their hectic careers meant they were apart for months, making it hard to maintain a healthy relationship. In an interview with WSJ Magazine, Emma Stone said she felt “too sensitive” due to her work schedule.

Even though they tried to rekindle their romance, their demanding careers made it too difficult. But thankfully, breaking up in 2015 did not ruin their friendship. They still support each other’s ventures throughout life.

Reasons for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s breakup

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s romance was the epitome of #relationshipgoals, but their fairy tale came to a heartbreaking end. In this section, we will explore the reasons for their breakup, which left their fans in despair. From speculations of a long-distance relationship to busy schedules and work anxieties, we will examine the factors that led to the demise of their once promising relationship.

Speculations of difficulties in a long-distance relationship

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had a long-distance relationship, which caused speculation and difficulties. Sources stated they were struggling to keep it healthy due to their busy schedules. Although they were together for four years, their careers took them in different directions.

Despite the distance, they stayed supportive of each other. Sadly, it couldn’t survive. They kept the difficulties private, never speaking publicly.

In 2020, Emma Stone married Dave McCary, ending all speculation of a reunion with Andrew Garfield. Fans still have love for both of them.

Overall, long-distance relationships can be very hard. It’s important to understand individual goals while nurturing relationships. What matters is giving it your best, without regrets or fear of something better, even if it doesn’t work out.

Sources suggesting busy schedules and work anxieties

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s split is thought to have happened for various reasons, such as sources saying busy timetables and work stresses. Both stars were in the entertainment industry, which needed them to balance multiple jobs at once, causing chaotic work schedules that usually kept them away for long periods. Because of this, the media reported that the couple was dealing with their jobs and also attempting to have a long-distance relationship.

Even though they had an unbreakable bond on-screen, Emma and Andrew’s real-life issues were said to be caused by the pressures of their different careers. Their different filming commitments for movies added pressure in balancing their personal and professional lives, making it hard for them to have quality time together.

This wasn’t the first time they faced job obstacles in their relationship. In 2011, when they shot ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise, similar difficulties arose. Despite the difficulties, they made the most of it by travelling and exploring new places around the world hand-in-hand.

To manage such anxieties, one can consult a therapist or counselor who could give support in controlling stress levels and prioritizing relationships. Planning regular check-ins with each other may also help during hectic working times. Additionally, finding healthy outlets to manage stress like learning coping skills or mindfulness exercises could improve mental health.

They say time heals all wounds, but for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s breakup, it has given fans a lot of time for analyzing. In the end, it is important to remember that busy schedules and work anxieties can have a huge effect on relationships. It is essential to take proactive steps and find ways to manage stress to look after these connections in chaotic times.

Breaking up several years ago, giving fans enough time to contemplate what went wrong

Years ago, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s famous romance ended. Fans pondered why. The two met on The Amazing Spider-Man’s set in 2011 but had to split in 2015. Distance was mainly to blame. Emma travelled for work and Andrew stayed in London for shoots. Plus, their busy schedules created added stress.

Since then, they’ve kept their private lives hidden, but supported each other’s successes and stayed close. Amy Pascal, the Spider-Man producer, warned Emma and Andrew not to date before filming. It could lead to problems.

Fans learn from Emma and Andrew’s timeline. Dedication and attention are key in a successful relationship. Don’t forget yourself or career goals.

Andrew Garfield’s private life and relationships after the split

Andrew Garfield has been a well-known actor for a while now, but his private life has remained relatively low key. However, after his highly publicized split from Emma Stone, people became increasingly interested in his relationships and personal life.

In this section, we will take a closer look at Andrew Garfield’s private life and relationships after the split. We’ll explore how he has managed to keep his private life out of the spotlight, while still remaining close and supportive of Emma Stone’s successes. We’ll also examine Emma Stone’s recent marriage to Dave McCary and the birth of their child in March 2021.

Keeping his private life out of the spotlight

Andrew Garfield values privacy, especially when it comes to his personal life. Despite being in a public relationship with Emma Stone for four years, he never talked about it. There’s not much info available about his life during that time.

Garfield stays silent when it comes to discussing relationships, family, or friends. Even after the breakup with Emma Stone in 2015, he kept quiet. He knows that opening up his private life can have long-lasting impacts on his mental health.

Fans are curious about Andrew’s current relationship status, or possible interests post-breakup. Despite the pressure, Garfield remains focused on prioritizing privacy. He won’t let the spotlight get to him, even if it means staying away from it.

Remaining close and supportive of Emma Stone’s successes

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone had a high-profile breakup in 2015. But Garfield still supports Stone’s career successes. He compliments her talent and effort in interviews. Even though they are not romantically linked, they remain close friends.

Garfield attended the premiere of Stone’s ‘La La Land’ film. He even sent her flowers to celebrate her achievements. It’s clear he still supports her. Both have moved on since their relationship ended. Stone married Dave McCary and had a child in 2021. Garfield has kept his personal life private, focusing on supporting Stone and living his own life.

Fans can tell that Garfield and Stone still share a strong bond and friendship. This is heartwarming, even though they are no longer romantically involved.

Emma Stone marrying Dave McCary in 2020 and welcoming a child in March 2021

Emma Stone, a Hollywood actress, married her partner Dave McCary in 2020. Then, in March 2021, their child arrived. Stone’s private life has been a secret since her break-up with ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield. She met Dave when she hosted Saturday Night Live in December 2016.

Fans were thrilled when the couple announced their engagement in December 2019. They chose to have a quiet ceremony, away from the media.

The pandemic made things difficult, but the couple kept their pregnancy hidden. It’s better to keep personal life away from the public and media to avoid pressure and scrutiny that might be disruptive for relationships or careers.

It looks like Spider-Man isn’t the only one dealing with tricky relationships!

Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal’s warning to not date each other

The Hollywood world is no stranger to co-star relationships. But recently, when Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield started dating while filming Spider-Man, producer Amy Pascal was concerned.

Rumors and potential distractions caused her to warn them not to date. This was justified: Hollywood has seen many on-set romances and their break-ups led to production delays and poor quality films. However, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield defied the odds and started dating in 2011, as you can read in this timeline.

When two stars get together, their personal lives can interfere with their work attitude, leading to a drop in team morale. Pascal’s warning was a sensible move to prioritize work.

The Stone-Garfield romance sadly ended. This caused a lot of stress and affected the quality of the film. Even after they finished filming, their on-off relationship caused discomfort.

Producers need to remind their cast and crew to put work first, to make sure focus isn’t lost and performance isn’t compromised.


Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s tumultuous relationship has been the talk of the town for years. In this conclusion, we will address their infamous breakup and how it affected their current friendship, leaving their fans wondering whether love can ever truly die.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s breakup and their current friendship.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were an item for four years before their relationship ended in 2015. Distances and hectic work schedules were said to be the cause of the split. Despite this, they have stayed close as friends and celebrated each other’s successes.

Interesting fact – Amy Pascal, Spider-Man producer, warned them not to date while shooting the movie. Nonetheless, they fell for each other on set in December 2010.

Fans are eager to know what is going on between them now. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer. Will they spend time together again or will they give their romance another chance? Emma Stone has since married Dave McCary in 2020 and had a baby in 2021, while Andrew Garfield prefers to keep his personal life private. We will have to wait and see what happens between these two celebrities, but it is obvious that their breakup did not harm their friendship.

Some Facts About When Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Started Dating:

  • ✅ Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield started dating in 2011. (Sources: Distractify, The Sun, People)
  • ✅ They met on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man in December 2010. (Source: People)
  • ✅ They played each other’s love interest in The Amazing Spider-Man. (Sources: Distractify, The Sun)
  • ✅ They remained close friends even after their breakup in 2015. (Sources: The Sun, People)
  • ✅ They were privately discussing marriage the previous year before their breakup. (Source: Distractify)

FAQs about When Did Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Start Dating?

When did Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield start dating?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield started dating in 2011 while working on The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

How long were Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield together?

They were together for four years, from 2011 to 2015.

Why did Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield break up?

The reason for their breakup was speculated to be due to the difficulties of a long-distance relationship as Andrew was filming a movie called Silence in Taiwan while Emma attended award ceremonies solo. Sources suggest their busy schedules and careers may have also played a role.

Did Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield plan on getting married?

They were privately discussing marriage the previous year before their breakup in 2015.

Did Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have any children together?

No, they did not have any children together.

Are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield still in love?

While there is no clear indication if they still have romantic feelings for each other, they have remained close friends after their breakup and have expressed their love and respect for each other in interviews.

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